2010-07-14: Freezer Burn



Date: July 14, 2010


Taine gets a little case of freezer burn while Erin's still recovering from power loss.

"Freezer Burn"

Taine's Apartment

Erin still isn't one hundred percent better, but at least she was released from the hospital. Actually, it's probably the slow recovery that saved her a lot of questioning. The hospital was calling it a bad reaction to medication, though who really knows? …Except for those close to Erin.

With the slow return of her ability, she's detecting other things - things in both green and, occasionally, even red, though the latter are far fewer. Unfortunately, she can't hold onto them long enough to really get a fix on what they are…

But she has a few good ideas.

Still sniffly, though not nearly close to death like she was in the hospital, she's stretched lazily across Taine's couch on her stomach, eyes half open, with one hand dangling to the floor. It feels good to be out of a hospital bed, though she still doesn't feel great. At least her body isn't slowly shutting down. Smiling, she lets her eyes close and thinks about getting up to get herself some water. Alas that the kitchen is exponentially so much farther away than it was when she was feeling good. Still, she forces herself to her feet, stretches, and heads for Taine's kitchen.

"Hey, I'm still in the apartment— you could have just asked me to get it if you wanted something," a soft Australian accent says from one of the other rooms, moving across from one of the side rooms, where he was getting some paper work done. Yes, Taine does bills and other such things. And he has to worry about filing for citizenship once he gets married to her, but that comes later. Right now he's looking into a joint apartment or townhouse, and other things.

Like what ring to buy. He has a webpage up, with some examples, but he at least knows better than to buy from the internet.

"What did you need? You should have some soup. You're still showing flu symptoms." Oh, this is a twist… once upon a time, he was the sick one, made sick by her. And now she's sick… Because her ability decided to shut down.

Admittedly, Erin never thought she'd be married. Celebrity weddings never last, and she didn't want to deal with the hearache of a breakup. But Taine… probably knows her better than anyone. It was never about lust for them. Well, maybe it was for Taine — at first. But that all changed.

"M'fine." She manages a tired smile back to him as she opens the cupboards to get a glass. "But if you wanna make soup, I won't complain. Just make enough for both of us so I'm not eating in front of you." After finding a glass, she holds it up. "Just some water."

As she runs the glass under the faucet, she very much appreciates the coldness of the water against her skin. Or, well, the coldness of the water through the glass, which is against her skin. As soon as said glass is full, she holds it to her forehead. "You could get an ice pack, if you want. Think I still have a fever."

"I have some really good brocolli cheese and rice soup that you'll probably like," Taine says, having not cooked for her often, but a bachelor can't eat out every night. Or eat take out either. So he had to learn how to cook, mostly things from boxes. Boxes are easy enough to handle. Instead of going to prep the soup, though, he walks to the counter and pulls a plastic bag from a drawer so that he can get some ice out of the freezer for her. The dispenser pours full cubes into the baggie, but suddenly there's a curse and the bag, and the ice, drops to the floor. Like he'd just touched a hot potato.

"Bloody hell," he says, shaking his hand and looking down at the floor. His fingers are reddish, as if he'd just hit his hand against a wall, or something…

Taking a drink - the water seems far colder than it is coming from the tap because of her fever - Erin watches Taine as he gets the bag of ice. When he drops it, she quickly sets the glass down on the counter. "What, did it shock you?" she says, reaching for his hand, looking it over, and seeing the bright redness on his fingers. "How the hell old is this fridge? Wonder if there's…" She trails off as she looks at it, muttering something about a warranty while not touching it. She doesn't want to be shocked, too.

Looking down at the floor, she closes her eyes and sighs. Now? There's ice all over the place. "Well, help me clean this up, then we can call Sears." Kenmore fridges usually come from Sears, right? That's their brand. "Maybe there was a recall we missed or something."

"Maybe, yeah, but it's never happened before," Taine says, walking over to the sink to turn on the tap. Rather than cold water, he keeps it mild and warm, allowing it to flow over his fingers, before he looks at it again. A little better, like a sting, but— "It's been here as long as I have. I'll call the land lord and tell him the freezer is going. Maybe he'll get me another one.

"I think my fingers are burnt," he says with a frown, pressing his finger tips together. Not blistering or anything, just reddened. Grabbing a towel from the sink, he bends down and starts to pick up the fallen ice, so he can stick it back into the plastic bag. It's not like they're eating this ice, so it can still be used for icepack…

This time, nothing seems to go wrong with his attempts to help her.

"Well, you got shocked," Erin says, femininely wiping her arm across her nose as she puts ice back into the bag. Despite the illness, she's been filming when she can. It's probably what's saved her job. There were only a couple days when she was absolutely too sick to leave the hospital, and they fell over a weekend.

Once the ice is in the bag, she places the whole thing on the back of her neck, and sighs contentedly. Sometimes you don't realise how warm you are 'til you take actions to reduce the warmth. "It'll be awesome when this fever breaks," she mutters.

Sliding down to the floor, she sits against the counter, with the ice pack held up between her shoulders and the cupboards. The floor is cool, and the cupboards are also cool. "Never thought I'd be sick again. Maybe my power shuts off once in awhile just to remind me that I'm mortal, like the rest of you." A smirk is added to this. Erin's hardly mortal, even with her ability. She is kind of super-human, though. "I've been seeing green now, too. And red."

"Like the rest of us, huh?" Taine says with a laugh, sticking his finger back into his mouth for a moment as if saliva would fix all of it. "Well, you were never really like the rest of us, anyway— you've always been a little bit of a diva, you know." There's a teasing sound to his voice, before he goes to wipe his finger off, to get rid of some of the saliva. "If you're starting to get better, it's probably just another coupld of days before everything is back to normal again. You're kind of normal, at least."

Cause what they consider normal isn't what other people would consider normal. Ever.

Though it's even closer to normal then the characters they play on television, at least. "The rumors on the internet is that they're writing us out of Afterlife, cause we show up less and less in the main subplots. But we know the truth." Their off screen life is hecktic. "I think it leaked that I proposed, though. I bet one of the nurses told— we still have to get that ring to make it offical."

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