2007-07-15: Friends Forever!


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Summary: It's a long trip just to tag someone.. but this is Doug we're dealing with.

Date It Happened: July 15th, 2007

Log Title Friends Forever!

Primatech - Cells, Hartsdale Facility

Anyone looking for Megan knows exactly where to find her these days. At least, the people who brought her here. When you're trapped in a single room with a locked door, there's not very many places you can go. As such, the box that Nova gave her is untouched and on the floor and she's lounging on her bed, kind of staring up at the ceiling. Without any other form of entertainment, she'll just have to use her imagination.

Benjamin would be more than happy to provide Megan with entertainment, books, magazines, etc.. But she's busy /hating/ him now. He doesn't blame her. Keeping Nova's verbal ass kicking in mind, and not liking it, he heads for her cell. The erase board is in hand, and an ever present fixture with him.. for the next week or whenever he can talk again. Cleaned up, in a fresh suit, ID tags clipped to his jacket pocket, he walks up to the glass window of Megan's cell. He doesn't make an attempt to get her attention. It won't work. He knows this.


Doug is listening to his Walkman again, this time singing along with The Proclaimers. It's clipped stylishly(?) to his belt. As usual, the volume is cranked up loud enough that anyone in a fifty-foot radius can easily make out the lyrics, despite his occasional propensity for mangling them badly. He's all elbows and knees as he dances his way down the hall, getting mentally prepared for today's assignment the best way he knows how.

By busting a move.

When he approaches Megan's cell he pushes the Walkman's stop button and pulls the headphones down around his neck. Today he's got on workin'clothes: black slacks and shoes, white button-down neatly rolled back to the elbows and a slim black tie. A Company-issue pistol is strapped into a shoulder holster around his chest. A second pistol-like object is tucked into a sheath at one hip. It's much bulkier than the first, and differs just enough in appearance that it's clearly not a conventional firearm.

When he sidles up next to Benjamin, he's wearing his Ninja Turtle grin. The tips of his upper and lower lips touch in the middle, but his too-white teeth are very exposed on the side. "Ahaha!" He giggles, stroking the weapon at his hip. "Look familiar? Why don't we head inside and give your girlfriend the hot beef injection?"

From inside her cell, Megan can hear the Proclaimers blasting, but it luckily stops after not too long. It's enough to make her curiously glance up, but as soon as she sees Benjamin in the window, her face darkens again and she breathes out angrily. Dropping her head back onto her pillow, she goes back to staring at the ceiling. She's not about to take anything that /he/ has to offer.

Benjamin fixes Doug a /look/ when the man dances his way up, then phrases things so crassly. He writes on his board, 'I was unconscious when tagged.' He feels the need to point that out. Not that he's bitter much. 'And I know what the guns look like,' he adds to the board. A lot of his training has been controlled, and a good portion has been 'throw the guy in and let him sink or swim.' As much as he wants to put up a fight.. he /did/ sign the papers.. he is here of his own accord, and damn him to Hell for it all. Another look is made at Doug before he unlocks the cell door and goes in.

Though his grin doesn't waver, Doug's eyes take on a decidedly unsavory sparkle as he follows Benjamin inside. He strides right over to Megan and plops down beside her unceremoniously. "Hi! I'm Doug Butabi! It's nice to meet you, Meg! May I call you Meg?" He holds his hand out for shaking.

The moment the door opens, Megan doesn't get up, she doesn't even look in Benjamin's direction. So Doug dropping right next to her on the bed startles her. Appropriately, the Scotswoman quickly slides to the edge of the bed, far enough that she's pressed against the wall. This scary little man is, well, he's scary. Nothing in this place is friendly or inviting and she's not about to pretend like any of this is okay for her. "No, ye cain't." Needless to say, she doesn't reach out to shake Doug's hand.

Benjamin flashes Doug with a nasty look, but doesn't intervene. That'll just get him into more trouble. 'Doug, stop it,' he writes on his board and holds it up. Which.. is probably getting ignored by both parties as he ventures a little closer.

Doug does glance Benji's way, though. "Benny-Ben, you've already embarrassed me enough with your compassion…" He purses his lips distastefully around the word and flails his arms as if describing something unthinkably icky. "If you can't control yourself, I'll have you removed and spanked by a retarded giant." As preposterous as the claim is, he's just the sort to carry it out. He doesn't wait for an answer or response before he turns back to Megan. He studies her intently, though he eyes don't linger around breasts and thighs as most mens' might. Without breaking eye contact, he reaches up to key his earplug microphone. "I need a package of markers, a scalpel, and an apple. Now."

The mention of Benjamin's compassion deepens the already present frown to Megan's face as she glances over to see what the hell he's talking about. She reads the dry erase board quickly, but doesn't comment on it. Right now she's more preoccupied by what can only be an insane person sitting on her bed asking for strange requests. Oh God, do they think she's insane? Is /that/ why she's here? Is this what they're going to try and turn her into? Nothing that's been said so far garners any sort of verbal reaction from the woman. Instead, she's just inching as slowly and cautiously as she can away from him. Maybe if she gets far enough away she can dash away. Far away. Where people don't ask for apples, magic markers and scalpels. Or talk about retarded giants.

Benjamin's eyes narrow at Doug's rebuke. He says that as if compassion were a bad thing. On his board, Ben writes, 'Bring it on. I'll put you all to sleep.' Oooh.. Big words.. and he'll do his damnedest to back it up too. If he has to. Don't say he has to. He's not that good at his power. The request Doug makes earns another frown, which results in another one, from pain.

It's a matter of moments before a uniformed security officer slips through the door to the cell. As requested, he's holding an apple, a fresh, sterile scalpel, and a pack of permanent markers in several basic colors. He hesitates in the doorway, then bolts inside, dumps everything on the bed, and takes off again without saying a word.

All the while, Doug's eyes are fixed on Megan. He glances at Ben when he hears the squeak of marker on eraser board. "Okay! We'll do this! Every time you do something stupid, I'm going to punish your girlfriend. Meg, give me your arm," he says to the woman. His tone makes it clear that it's not a request. "The broken one."

Oh, screw this. Megan may be a prisoner, but she's not about to comply with commands that she /knows/ is going to put her in pain. "/M'not/ his girlfriend," she feels the need to hiss at this little threatening man. Abandoning her slow retreat, she quickly scrambles up from the bed in an attempt to get away from him. "Ye stay the fuck away from me." Being called Agent Winters' girlfriend is just another stab as far as she's concerned. Using him to get to her - for whatever reason they wanted her - and now pretending like it meant something.

Okay. Now Benjamin's full attention is on Doug. Great. So this is how it's going to be. 'Megan, he's not going to hurt you,' he writes on the board and moves in close enough to try and get Megan's attention. If she's going to get hurt, it sure as hell won't be because /he/ did something foolish.

"What? Benny-Ben tells me that he's been pushin' your cushion for some time." Guilelessly, he peers over at Benjamin and frowns. "You weren't lying, were you? About doing the sex with her and another girl in a motel bathtub?" At the same time, he points a skinny finger at Megan. "If you do as you're told, I won't hurt you. Physically. This is your only warning. Now give me your arm."

When Benjamin tries to close in on her, Megan takes a large and purposeful step away from him. "Ye already have," she glowers at him and then Doug. She doesn't trust these men and she surely doesn't trust that they won't hurt her once they get a hold of her. "Ye dinna give anyone any reason to trust ye. Jus' leave me alone." While Doug both does and doesn't look like the sort of man that should be obeyed, she doesn't want to get anywhere hear him. "Go 'way."

Benjamin takes a step towards Doug, eyes flashing with wow.. anger.. but he stops and thinks better of it. He tries to look towards Megan with a pleading expression. Doug's /lying/. Doug may be crazy, and his partner, but if he does anything waaaay out of line.. Ben just might drop the small man. 'Megan… :/ Please just cooperate. It makes things easier.'

"I'm bored with this." The muscles in Doug's jaw clench and unclench several times. He glances over at Benjamin again. "Benny-Ben, this is your last chance to convince her before I start getting creative. I'd make the most of it." Pointedly, he picks up the apple and scalpel and leans back against the wall. Then, painstakingly, he begins removing parchment-thin layers of peel with smooth, slow strokes.

"Jus' leave me /alone/." Trapped in a room without any idea of why she's there or knowing what these people want from her, Megan still isn't keen on letting him have her broken arm. Especially when he's peeling an apple with a scalpel. That's just wrong. "Make thing's /easier/?! Ye've go' me locked up in a cell for no goddamn good reason. Ye've broken me arm and now yer /threatenin'/ me with I dinna even know wha'. Jus' fuck off! The both of ye!"

'Convince her of what?' Benjamin starts to write.. then erases that message in favor of, 'Cooperate. It's the best way, now do as he asks.' No more please. He's already pleaded with Megan. Once he pretty much makes sure she sees that message, even if he has to push the board in her face… he writes, 'Things are worse if you don't.' He makes a sound that could be frustration that Megan just won't cooperate. He wants to /talk/ dammit. 'Megan. You have a power. That's why you're here. I was kidnapped too.' Again, he writes and tries to shove the board in her face. Look! READ.

CRUNCH! Doug takes a bite from the now-peeled apple. As he chews, he turns it to inspect his work. His precise cuts have left it almost perfectly smooth. He swallows, then casually tosses it aside and stand. He's smiling again, and it's not a pretty thing to look at. "Time to see how you respond under pressure," he says to Ben, his tone airy and cheerful. He draws his issue pistol and aims it at Megan, then glances at his watch. "Put her out, or I'll kill her. You have sixty seconds, starting… now."

"I dunno wha' yer talkin' abou'!" Megan growls at Benjamin when she reads something about powers. As far as she's concerned, that's something only between her and Lachlan. As long as she keeps denying it, she can keep herself safe. Suddenly, her separation from Benjamin and Doug is working against her. The moment the gun is pulled on her, she's not going to be sticking around to see if this man is serious. Bolting, she ducks behind Benjamin and shoves the taller man at Doug. He sold her out to these people, now he can make it up to her by acting as her shield to get her the hell out of here. Or at least knock the little man over so that she can get the gun away to safety.

Benjamin turns and /stares/ at Doug. You are one crazy ass little man. He doesn't know Doug all that well, but can easily assume he will do as he says. The pressure doesn't help his focus when he tries to use his ability. He's getting better, but not well enough to just do things at the snap of a finger. He grunts as Megan ducks behind him and gives him a shove. Not that he really budges at the shove. Just.. he was /shoved/. But he's happy to shield her against Doug. He is.. however trying to knock her out to sleep.

Doug doesn't hesitate. As soon as Megan makes her move, his programming kicks in. MUST PROTECT FELLOW AGENT, EVEN IF HE'S A PUSSY.

Doug squeezes the trigger, aiming for center mass. Rather than a sharp report, his pistol emits a low PHUT! and a tranq dart.

Doug's dart is a little over-kill. Because Benjamin's power kicks in and simply knocks Megan out. Even as she's shoving him, she's getting sleepy. And then, as soon as her weak shove is over, she's continuing to topple over into unconsciousness. The dart that hits her is just sealing the deal that she's not going to wake up for a little while. The poor girl didn't even get to retaliate.

Benjamin is not happy that Doug decides to just.. tranquilize Megan. He was /working/ on it okay!? Dropping his board, he whirls around to catch Megan so that she doesn't crash unceremoniously to the floor. Looking quite upset with Doug, he picks up Megan and carries her back to his bed. Even with her 'dead' weight, he's not having much difficulty in carrying her that short distance. Gently, he lays her down before retrieving his board and angrily scribbling, 'THAT WAS NOT NECESSARY'.

Doug watches Megan go down without any visible trace of emotion. He holsters his sidearm and draws the pneumatic injector from his hip. He tosses it to Ben with a murmured, "You write too much. Shut up and tag her." Then he goes about the very serious business of retrieving a red marker and drawing a veiny, half-sized (Doug-sized) phallus on Megan's cast.

'You have issues. Don't take them out on her,' Benjamin writes before dropping the board. He's had a gun tossed his way! Catching it with a little fumble there, he eyes it with pure loathing. He looks ready to throw the injector back at Doug, but thinks better of that plan of action. Throwing one nasty look at Doug, he marches over to Megan, and hesitates.. probably for far too long. When it looks like he's about to refuse, he finally does it. The injector is pressed against Megan's neck.. taking care to put the mark where she can easily hide it from view. (At least he's doing a SMALL favor here.)

"Geez. Don't be such a girl." Doug pauses in the process of writing 'I <3 ——>' next to the penis. "You complain when you get humped by monkeys. You complain when I draw on your girlfriend. Don't you like to do anything fun?" Grinning, he leans up, black marker poised to give her face an impromptu devil's goatee.

Benjamin picks up his board, and smacks Doug with it. That's a no. Then he writes, 'You're being unprofessional.' HA. He gets to use that line right back at someone. 'I can have fun. What you do? Not fun.'

Doug winces and rubs the top of his head. "OWWW!" he whines. "Fine. I'll content myself with 'I love penis.' But only because she's your girlfriend. Speaking of, she doesn't seem to like you much. Are you sure she didn't burn your penis with acid?"

'She's not my girlfriend and won't be. Thanks to Max and Nova,' Benjamin writes, looking well, angry about this. Then he scribbles over Max and Nova, then writes 'Us' next to it.

"That's right. Us. You're a part of us now, Benny-Ben." When Doug meets Ben's eyes he looks driven. Devoted. "And once we have someone, we never let them go. You and I will be friends forever." He jerks his head toward the door, leaving everything but the scalpel behind. "Come on. They're serving sloppy joes in the cafeteria."

Benjamin's eyes narrow at Doug. He is no friend of his. Not now, not ever. They have to work together. That's all there is. Before he turns to stalk out of the door, he turns back to Megan, back to Doug so that hopefully he doesn't see that a folded note is tucked into the woman's hand. Fine. Let's go to the cafeteria. He's not hungry though.. can't eat them anyway. Eyes still narrowed, he strides out of the room.

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