2007-05-14: From One El To Another


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Summary: Elle makes a surprise visit to the Gomez Apartment, bearing gifts and food. Elena returns the gestures the only ways she knows how. She finds out a little more about Elle's past, and later introduces her to her father, who tries to make Elle feel better in his own manly way.

Date It Happened: May 14, 2007

From One El to Another

The Gomez Apartment, Queens, New York

Despite the fact that it's summer vacation, Elena seems to be in full on study-mode. There are books piled on the coffee table in the living room, and all were hard science. Her current read is a large tome on Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, poring through the passages with a highlighter and her cats eye glasses perched on her nose. She looks like she's having one of those rare, at-home days, as she's in a tanktop and a pair of hip-hugging yoga pants. There's an almost untouched glass of orange juice next to her, her legs curled underneath her as she taps her highlighter busily on the spine of her book.

Elle makes her way to Elena's place. She's returned because, oddly enough, Elena is really the first person to ever forgive her for something…and that makes her close enough to a friend in Elle's book, and well, she doesn't have many of those. So, it's a blonde with accompanying bags in hand that makes it to Elena's door, with a knockknockknock.

"Just a sec!" Elena calls out from where she's seated. She reluctantly pries herself away from her book, and pads over to where the door is. Spying through the peephole, she blinks, seeing the petite electroblonde standing there. So she unlocks the door, and opens it. "Hey, Elle, what's up?" she asks, and while there's a smile, the expression is a little perplexed. What's she doing back here so fast? "Oh…I got the package you left from Jack, it's very cute, thanks a lot." The little statuette is, at present, sitting on the desk in her room.

Elle is not sure how to open this discussion, and she looks a little awkward while standing there. "I wanted to thank you for the other day, and I thought that if you weren't busy, maybe…" Maybe she could come by. There's clearly food in one of the bags, the smell of chinese comes up from it.

"It's a slow day for me today," Elena says, somewhat surprised, but she does let out a laugh, opening the door further and letting Elle in. She'll see the pile of books on the coffee table. "I was just doing a bit of light reading." …that was light? "Come in, I'll clear up some space." She walks over, and yanks the books off the table so she can dump it in the kitchen table instead. While she's there, having not missed the smell of chinese, she pulls a couple of plates from the kitchen and walks over to the living room. "We can eat out here," she decides. "How was your day?"

The blonde comes in, looking a little relieved that she didn't have to try and find the words. She's not so good at the social things. The question looks like she's a bit surprised at the question. "I…mostly good. I guess. There really wasn't a whole lot to it. Unless I'm on an assignment, it's not like I have a 9 to 5 job." She sets the other bags down, and lifts the food bag. "I didn't know if you have a food preference, so I got a couple vegetarian things, and a couple not." Elle tends to overspend when she has the penchant to buy things, partly cause she doesn't know what is appropriate.

"That's fine. I love food, I'd eat almost everything," Elena tells Elle, grabbing a couple of huge throw pillows so they can sit on the floor and have a real chinese experience….well, as real as anyone can get in a small apartment in Queens anyway. She plops on one of them, and helps Elle unpack the bags. "They all smell great, and now that you've brought food in, I'm starving." Even if Elle is awkward, Elena moves on as if she isn't. She's talkative enough for five people. "It's really considerate of you, though, to think of whether I eat vegetarian or not. Most people tend to skip that step." The more conscientious side of her doesn't forget to compliment Elle on showing her more human side. Positive reinforcement and all.

Elle starts taking out the food. Tofu with pea pods and broccoli, General Tso's chicken, fried rice, chow mein, and sesame chicken. It's easily enough food for twice as many people. "I hope you didn't get in trouble with your work."

"…well it's….how I got the job was a little weird," Elena says. "But it all worked out. I just told them I was sick and I was so out of it I couldn't use the phone." Which was, if one thinks about it, pretty true. She just left the kidnapped, handcuffed, and electrocuted part. She hands Elle a pair of chopsticks. "So I know you're not really busy unless you have an assignment…" It's good to be the Boss's daughter. "….so what do you do -outside- of work? Anything fun?" She is careful, of course, not to talk about Company stuff. The last thing she needs are more conflicts of interest.

The blonde looks a little awkward there. "Well, I didn't really have the chance to do much outside work till lately. So, shop, a lot. Go out with Peter when I can, and hang out with Jane…" In other words, not a real clue. She lifts the other bag, and then passes it over to Elena. "Shopping." She came with presents.

"….shopping's a great hobby if you have the money for it," Elena says with a grin. "My family's pretty poor, so I have to spend money carefully— eh? What's this?" she asks, taking the bag. Wow. Looks like she really likes shopping. "So what's your shopping vice?" she asks, with a hint of a grin and trying to coax Elle out of her…well. Shell. Or at least trying to get her less awkward anyway. "Every girl's got a shopping vice, you know, the thing that they always buy every time they go out on a trip to the mall. For some it's makeup, others underwear…bags, shoes, jewelry. When I go, I usually come home with some sort of accessory."

Elena also pokes at the bag, wondering what's in it.

Shoes. Elle's passion, the girl owns entire closets full of heels. She's good at estimating sizes, and there are several different pairs of high heels in boxes there, all expensive an stylish. "Mostly shoes." she admits. "I like buying shoes. Clothes, too, but it's hard to find nice ones." Because not so many stores cater to the very petite.

When she opens the bag, Elena's eyes WIDEN. "Jimmy Chu? Dolce & Gabbana? Salvatore Ferragamo? Wow….you -do- know your shoes," she says, impressed as she inspects a rather pretty pair of snakeskin slingbacks. "And you bought these all today? Wow, what party are you going to?" she teases, winking at Elle. She doesn't really get a lot of presents, so she doesn't assume they're for her. "These are the sorts of shoes I just tend to drool over whenever I walk by Park Avenue," she says with a laugh. Glancing at Elle's feet, she smiles. "Heels, huh? Every day? I don't know how you do it."

Elle smiles a little. "It helps me not feel so short." she admits. "I hope you like them." That answers the "if they're for her" question. "Besides, I think they make me look nicer." The young woman does tend to be a fashion maven. "What do you do? I mean, like to do. When you're not working."

And then she blinks. "….wh…wh…what?" Elena's jaw drops. "But….these cost…Elle, I mean it's so nice of you but these are so expensive…" That same feeling of guilt remains there. She's always like that though, when Jane dragged her for a spa outing she paid for herself to celebrate finishing her first year of school, she protested until Jane shoved a pear in her mouth and told her to can it. "And…you don't really need to look any nicer you know. You can wear paper towels and still look dynamite." She winks. "You have the classic golden look a lot of girls really want these days." At the last question, she laughs. "I read," she says. "I read a lot. I'm kind of nerdy that way. And I cook. I dance, too, competitively. I'm part of the University's street team. We battle around the state."

Elle shakes her head. "Don't worry about the cost." She doesn't. "My dad turns things to gold. Money kind of isn't an issue. Jane's trying to teach me how to cook. I'm not very good at it. Peter took me dancing once, but I don't think I'm very good at that, either." She does smile at the compliments, though. "Thank you, by the way. You're really pretty too." It's part of what helped make her jealous, when she thought…yeah.

She grins. "Thanks," Elena says simply. "And thank you too for the shoes…and…." She blinks. "Really? Wow. So you guys never had to worry about anything financially, huh? That's really cool. Midas Touch and all that." She smiles. "And it's not about being good at something when you're doing stuff outside of work anyway….the important thing is you have fun." She pauses, and she grins, standing up and setting aside her General Tso's chicken. "Wait here," she says. "I have an idea." She pads towards her room, vanishing for a bit.

When she comes back, she has this….big wooden box that looks like it's bursting with stuff. She walks over to where Elle is and sits across from her, setting the box on the floor and opening it up. When Elena said she tended to leave a store with some sort of accessory, she isn't kidding. Bangles, earrings, bracelets, necklaces - they're all not terribly expensive, but they all seemed to fit the young woman's colorful, funky sort of style. "I'm…not rich," she tells Elle, looking a little apologetic. "But I do have cute things at least, and in exchange maybe I can give you something too. Most of these mean something to me. Some of these have stories attached to them."

She picks up a set of three bracelets. Over a black base, each, they look like they're made with a strange, but natural sort of material that ripple under the light. Iridescent blue with interspersed white that shimmers where it turns. "These reminded me of your electricity. They're made of something called Kapis in the Philippine Islands, the stuff in seashells that actually make the pearls, which is why they have different colors and they shimmer the way they do. I have a friend in college who introduced them to me and I thought they were pretty so…here. I'd like you to have them."

Elle nods. "It's one of the Company's income sources, though there's obviously lots of more normal financial ones. Investments and the like." Elle watches Elena go off, and blinks, as she looks over at the box full of accessories. She looks very surprised at Elena's offer. Apparently she isn't used to getting given anything. "Really?" Wide-eyed, she looks back to Elena, and then picks one up, and puts it on her wrist. In her other hand, she calls up one of her little lightning balls, comparing it to the bracelet on her wrist, with a smile. "It's very nice."

"I'm glad you like 'em. They're non-conductive too, so….if you…do that…" Elena says, watching the lightning ball with a hint of fascination in her gaze. She can't help it, she was a scientist - or a budding one anyway. What she marvels at secretly was the -control- Elle had on her element. Lightning was notoriously volatile. It struck randomly and wildly in its natural environs. That level of control, to turn it into a ball and leave it stationary over one's palm - that wasn't just skill. It was….a scary sort of mastery. "They'll keep its shape." She pauses. "Besides, I feel bad about what happened too, you know," she confesses quietly. "I don't like….getting rough with what I have." She doesn't regret getting mad, but she does feel bad for hurting someone. It wasn't in her nature.

Elle sees Elena looking at the lightning ball. She smiles, and looks at her. "Put out your hand?" she asks. She doesn't seem to have the evil expression, but more…almost a bashful one.

A test of trust already? Elena hesitates - she can't help it, she knows what Elle can do. But if anything, when challenged she doesn't back down at least - even if Elle looks more shy than anything. It seems the expression is the one that sells her into doing what she does. Setting aside the box carefully, the latina puts out her hand, palm up as asked.

Elle dispels the lightning ball, and then reaches out and puts her hand under Elena's, pressing her palm to the back of Elena's hand. Long ago, Nicola Tesla used to entertain his guests by having electricity dance over his body. Elle can do that easily enough. Little tingles go through Elena's hand; not painful, just tingly. And then the lightning ball appears in Elena's palm instead.

"Whoa!" Elena doesn't jerk back in surprise, and as for the tingly sensation - they're familiar, as she had felt them even though she was using her pain blocking abilities to keep from succumbing to Elle's Palpatine-esque attack. That was how powerful the blonde was, when even her own powers specifically designed to -block pain- still couldn't block them out entirely. She looks startled, wide-eyed, and then she slowly puts her face closer to the blue-white ball, watching it crackle and revolve around her palm. "That's….that's…that's so awesome!" She can't help it. She was heavily invested in research, and Elle's power was…well. The prettiest she's seen so far. Pretty and deadly. "Is it difficult?" she asks. "Making the current jump through like that?"

The blonde shakes her head. "Not so much. I've been training since…well, as far as I can remember. So I learned to do lots of things." The lightning ball is stable there in Elena's palm. "It's pretty cool, most of the time. I can do neat things with it." She lets the ball roll up to Elena's fingertips, "jumping" with a crackle from one fingertip to the next in an arc.

…as long as you can remember?" She frowns a little bit. So that means she was really young when she…started training? She didn't really know much about Elle, except she was a little disjointed from what was considered normal social graces. "….wasn't it dangerous…? I mean, this….this is pretty strong." She's a little hesitant asking this. She could already sense the can of worms. But she doesn't look fascinated there. She doesn't even look like she's pitying Elle. She just looks a little concerned.

The electricity flickers, crackles…and then dies out as Elle loses her focus. Emotion. She lowers her hand, and shrugs just a bit. "Some. I don't really remember anything before I was eight, and I only remember bits and pieces for the next eight or so." Her memory is heavily swiss-cheesed, thanks to the Haitian. "And…some." Her voice goes a little flat as she tries to not show emotion. "I…took some damage when they were training me. Found it in my records."

"When you were -eight-?" Elena says, and she can't help it. The golden flecks of her eyes glint a little more ferally from deep within the mostly brown-black irises. She can't help it, she's incredulous. Elle mentioned a father. Jane mentioned Elle's father worked for the Company (though she doesn't know he's the head honcho). She can't help it, the rise of sudden temper. It shows on her cheeks. "But that's….that's…that's….that's -irresponsible-! You were -eight-. Maybe even younger, I— didn't anyone -stop them-??" Juanita, her youngest sister, -just- turned eight. And she couldn't imagine letting her cross the street on her own, let alone experiment on her using LIGHTNING.

Elle looks taken aback by Elena's passion. Peter and Jane know, but both of them took it quietly, and there wasn't a reaction like that. "I…was dangerous. I caused some accidents. I needed to learn control." But even as she says it, it doesn't sound like she believes it as strongly. It sounds more like she's repeating things other people told her. "My dad was just trying to keep things safe." Yep, that's right, her own dad did it.

When Elle mentions the last part, especially, Elena stares at her, horrified. It was plain on her face. Angry, and horrified. Unlike Jane and Peter, the young Gomez girl was a spirited one, an openly passionate creature. Probably it was the main reason why she got into the things she did. It was so strange, hearing about Elle's, and even Peter's fathers. Peter's father practically disowned him when he wanted a different career path. Elle's father ALLOWED dangerous experiments on his own daughter when she was eight or younger. If anyone, ANYONE, tried to do that to her while her father was around and alive, they'd be reduced to the mental development of a five year old in a heartbeat, he'd be so pissed. Ramon would -kill anyone- who abused his children in such a way. He would kill them, and run over their pets with a van.

"Elle….no. -No-. That's unacceptable!" She shakes her head vehemently. "Not that young. I mean I can understand it if it gets out of control, but they should've been teaching you to -stop- the urge before it starts. And that does -not- result in 'some damage' like what your file says. It should've been later. When your brain was fully developed to handle— when you're that young, your brain hasn't even -finished-…." Oh my god. Oh my god. That wasn't right! That wasn't -fair-!

Elle looks back at Elena, seeming uncomfortable in this position. "I…they…" She flounders a little. The reason it's hard to justify is that, well, it's hard to justify it to herself. "They needed to know…how much electricity I could put out." The mention of her brain causes a wince. She repeats the bit from her file she read, and her tone makes it more obvious it's a quote. "Brain damage caused from electrical trauma as a result of output testing."

"No they didn't!" Elena exclaims. Part of her wanted to grab Elle and shake her. "You were -eight-! What they should've concentrated on is making you learn how to -stop-. That's it. That should've been it until you were old enough. They should've waited! They should've…they should've…" She takes a deep breath, to try and calm herself. She stands up, and rubs her hands over her face, pacing around. She's tight around the shoulders, but she's trying so hard not to let her temper go out of control. Elle already looks uncomfortable. She exhales loudly, and flops back on the floor in front of her. "I'm sorry," she says in a calmer tone, though her eyes were still bright with ire. "It's just…" She pauses. "I have a little sister," she explains to Elle. "She's the youngest. She's….she just turned eight, the middle of last month. We….we don't know if she is one of us yet but…if my calculations are correct…she could be something."

She pauses, and looks at Elle seriously. She hesitates, before she reaches out to take both of Elle's hands into both her own. "Elle. Listen to me. The only reason why I sort of flipped out is because when you're that young, your brain is still developing. When you get that sort of trauma that young….the damage isn't just damage. The damage is irreparable. Brain cells aren't like normal cells in the human body. They don't regenerate." Unless you're Claire or Peter. "When they're gone, they're gone. There's no getting it back."

Elle looks away, finding a spot on the ceiling really interesting. Must be bright, too. S'making her eyes water. Either that, or she's trying not to cry. "It…I…" Words hard. "Daddy did what he thought he needed to." She still tries to defend him some. "I…it wasn't so bad." Or at least, she doesn't remember the worst parts. "I more just missed the things I didn't get to do. That's part of what's so nice about being with Peter." A smile. "He took me on my first date. And I think he's going to take me to an amusement park." Cause she's never been.

The mention of Peter, at least, helps douse some cold water over her passionate ire. Elena looks over at Elle….and oh god. Were those tears? She lets go of her hands gently, in favor of putting them over her shoulders. "I'm sorry," she says softly. "I didn't mean to fly off the handle like that. I just…..Papa. My Papa. He's so different you know. He'd….he'd kill -anyone-. ANYONE. Who'd do that to me. Or my other brothers and my sister. So I just….I mean I know your father loves you too. He was probably concerned about what you could do to other people, and things. Lightning is volatile but….at the same time he should've known better than to test…test…" She nearly spits out the word. "How you -generate output- at eight years old." She sighs, hanging her head a bit, but she smiles faintly. "I recommend rollercoasters by the way," she tells Elle softly. "They're my favorites. You might like them."

Elle looks over at Elena, managing to not cry. She blinks it back. "I'm looking forward to it. I've never been on one." A wistful smile. "He took me to an arcade last time. But that's one of the things I don't remember now." She assumes that Elena knows about her recent memory-wipe.

"I know…" Elena says, and slowly removes her hands from her shoulders. "I'm sorry you lost so many things. I told…" She was even hesitating in saying his name. "I told Peter…" There, it's out. "That even if you did, you two….can always make new ones." She gives her a brief smile. "Rollercoasters. At least -one- water ride. And make him win you one of those giant stuffed monkeys they have in those throwing games." She winks at her.

The front door bangs open. Ramon comes in rustling grocery bags. In and out he goes, dumping them on the kitchen tables. He considers grocery shopping his duty, but the women who cook have to keep the list. The final bag is brought in with a pair of bbq tongs which he'd grabbed from the kitchen counter. "Elena," he calls. He wanders back to the living room with the plastic baggy swinging back and forth and held at arm's length.

The blonde looks up at the new arrival. She blinks, and wipes at her eyes, trying to get any hint of the tears gone. She smiles a little at Elena. She also takes a moment, and takes out a piece of paper and a pen, and jots down a number. 283-4658. "If you, in case you wanted to call me." She says, sounding a little like she hopes Elena might.

There is a pause….and Elena takes the paper, and gives Elle a small smile. "I will," she says simply. And then, she looks over to smile at her father. It is an expression Elle might find familiar. Love, adoration. In a sense aside from the similar-sounding names, the two women probably have a lot more in common than originally thought. "Here's mine." She tears off a piece of the other paper, and borrowing the pen, she scrawls her own number: 283-9721. "In case you need it, okay? Come," she tells Elle with a smile. "I'll introduce you."

She helps Elle up, and gestures for her father. "Papa, this is Elle. Elle, this is Papa. Papa, this is…Peter's girlfriend."

"Nice to meet you, Elle. Elena, these are your…your…they're your /things/, chiquita, please take them." He sounds anguished, like the /things/ in the bag are going to DO SOMETHING to him. And then he eyes Elle keenly. He spotted the little eye wipe. So he passes off the tongs (bearing a bag bearing feminine items) to Elena, and then says, "You are welcome in my house." He stomps into the kitchen and withdraws an entire gallon of chocolate ice cream. He opens it. Sticks a spoon in it. And stomps out to pass the whole thing to Elle.

Cause when girls are upset, he's pretty convinced they do this.

"There. Fresh." He nods sagely. "Nobody's even been in it yet. I should have rented you girls movies." Like…they're 14. Having a slumber party or something. But he sometimes has problems with the idea that Elena is growing up.

Elle looks at the gallon of ice cream, blinking. Ummm…lots of ice cream? The tiny blonde looks back up. "Thank you, sir. It's nice to meet you." She offers as she looks to him, then to Elena, still holding the ice cream. Help?

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