2008-01-08: Fruit Of My Loins


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Summary: Rose makes a spectacle of herself, Ben embarrasses her, Kory's day gets worse and KeLyssa is the ever helpful employee!

Date It Happened: January 8th, 2008

Log Title Fruit Of My Loins

Secret Lair

KeLyssa can't help but notice the arrival of Rose. Not with the chiming of the door-opening buzzer-chime, or the fact that the door was opened with a lot of force, or the heavy foot falls. Not even with the loud talking. She peers up towards the front of the store and smiles at Rose. "Evenin', Miss. If there anythin' ya might be needin', just let me know, I'll help ya find it. Alright?" He southern accent is obvious.

"Riiight." Rose raises her hand in a mock-salute as she saunters straight on past KeLyssa, barely acknowledging the girl's presence. "Won't need it." She doesn't even make an attempt to sound less impolite than that comes across. With the neck of her guitar becoming a bit of a hazard to others as she strolls by, Rose sets about wandering the aisles of the store as she waits for her friend. With each step, her feet fall loudly still: thunk, thunk. For a tiny girl, she's… noisy.

KeLyssa raises an eyebrow at Rose but merely shrugs it off, going back to the chat she was having before. "So look, I ain't complainin' none, but it would be a li'l nice if ya bought somethin' every now an' again, alright? Good." She smiles at the guy she was talking to before heading to the front. She looks around to where Chewbacca, the dog, is usually laying. She frowns. He's not there. He can't be far, mind you, he hardly leaves the store. She whistles for him. "Chewbacca? Where are ya, boy? Time for some dindin!"

Cue a derisive snort from Rose as she runs her hand along a rack of graphic novels, barely even looking at the titles. "Chewbacca." She has no idea who or what Chewbacca is, but that is an exceptionally stupid name, she has decided. …and that chick who works here just whistled for him, which ought to tell Rose something about the beast being called to dinner. Too bad she's distracted, thinking about the ridiculous names people give pets (and children), to consider what's about to happen.

In the neighborhood, Benjamin detours into the Secret Lair. There were a couple of old movies he wanted to pick up, plus take some time to look around. You never know what items of interest will be found. Unaware that the fruit of his loins is inside, he goes into the store. Sunglasses on, hair still freshly dyed and feathered following a night of drinking, he's also looking to perhaps fake out Kory with his appearance. Frowning some in disappointment that Kory's not in sight, he takes off the glasses and pockets them as he starts to look around.

KeLyssa ducks behind the counter to fill up a dog bowl of dog food and one of water, and brings it out to Chewbacca's bed. Laying them down right there, she whistles again. "C'mere Chewbacca! Where're ya at, boy?" She pauses to look around. That's when she hears his padded feet coming somewhere from the back. Apparently she didn't hear Rose's little snort at the name. She smiles as she sees Chewbacca. "Good boy!" She ruffles Chewbacca's ears while he starts eating up the food. Hearing the door-chime, she stands up and looks towards the door. She smiles at Benjamin. "Evenin', sir. If there's anythin' ya need, just give me a shout."

Chewbacca. Whistling. Footsteps that sound suspiciously like large paws. Whirling around, every last bit of sass is stripped from Rose's face at the sight of the dog. "Oh holy hell," she says suddenly, backing up so quickly to get away from the dog passing by her that she runs straight into a display. WHAM. Her heart is racing now, and even though the dog is happily occupied with its food, Rose is not satisfied with the distance between them. In a matter of seconds, she scrambles to the back and onto one of the tables there, whipping her guitar off her back and holding it as if she might swing it at something. "What the freaking hell is that thing!" …if Benjamin didn't know she was here before, he does now!

"Will do," Benjamin says over to KeLyssa with a grin for her and the dog. Aaaaand.. distracted from checking out the movies he came to get by his daughter's shouting, he looks in her direction. Well. That's something he didn't know about her. Dogs. "I believe it's called a dog, sweetheart," he says playfully as he turns to walk to where Rose has scrambled up onto a table. Amused by this? Why yes he is.

To say she's a bit surprised by Rose's reaction to Chewbacca would be an understatement. "It's only a dog." KeLyssa states. "An' his name's Chewbacca. He's harmless. He wouldn't hurt a fly none, Miss. Let alone a human." She shakes her head. "Ya ain't got nothin' to fear of 'im." She grins slightly. "Now, why don'tcha get your pretty li'l self down off the table an' calm down a bit, hmmm?"

"No thank you," Rose replies quickly to KeLyssa, never once taking her eyes off the beast that has so terrified her. "People always say 'oh hey don't worry about this, it's just a dog that's smaller than a housecat, he won't hurt you' and then the dog goes apeshit and attacks me." Gripping the neck of her guitar in both hands through the soft case, she's trembling slightly as she stands on the table. The dog probably hasn't even bothered to look at her. "And you." She glances sidelong at Benjamin as she addresses him; the quick look is enough to make an unintelligible sound come out of her mouth next instead of a real word. "Christ on a cracker, what did you do to yourself?"

"I have a feeling she's genetically high strung," Benjamin offers helpfully to KeLyssa in regards to Rose's reaction. Walking up to the table, he holds up a hand for Rose to take if she wants help getting down.. which. doesn't look likely. "So I guess I shouldn't go back to the shelter and adopt the dog I was looking at the other day, huh?" There's a twinkle in his blue eyes as he teases Rose. "What? This? It seemed like a good idea at the time. Now come on down from the table. The young lady over there said the dog won't hurt you."

KeLyssa chuckles and shakes her head at Rose. "Well…Chewbacca ain't exactly the size of a house cat, none. An'…well, he's 'round people all the time! Just ask anyone 'round here of the regulars. They'd tell ya he ain't nothin' to worry 'bout. Plus, he's eatin' some dinner. He ain't about to come up to nobody when he's eatin' food…much like how the 'real' Chewbacca is, come to think 'bout it." She says with a wide smile. She giggles slightly at Benjamin. "Ah, I suppose that'd explain a few things, eh? I was wonderin'…"

"That young lady is out of her freaking mind and I'm not taking any advice from you, Captain Fancyhair," Rose squeaks as she stays right where she is, perched atop the table with the guitar poised like a weapon in her hands. When the dog makes some small movement - shuffles a foot, perhaps, or wags his tail - she whimpers in a way she will deny later and takes a step backward. Except there isn't any more table left. Three feet seems a lot higher when you're falling backwards, and Rose yelps out in surprise. She lands hard, not even remotely on her feet, with the guitar in her lap and a dazed look on her face.

Kory walks in, rather distracted. She is looking much like herself again; anyone who saw her three days ago would've seen her looking a bit fatigued … but she almost never seems tired. Now, though, she looks worried. She goes directly to the store phone and dials into it, not even pausing to spare a cheery hello for Benjamin, KeLyssa, or the usual gaming crowd. She listens, and looks up, distessed, as someone falls. "Omigod!" The phone is dropped to hang from its cord. "Are you okay?" She's vaulting the counter and dashing over to the fallen young woman.

"He seems more interested in his dinner than people at the moment anyway.. so c'mon Rose.. honey.. he's harmless." Benjamin just shakes his head at Rose's behavior, secretly enjoying seeing that something /does/ make her visibly freak out. She's such a hard nut to crack most of the time. He looks to KeLyssa, slightly puzzled however, "What do you mean, that would explain a few .. Rose!" He turns back to look at his daughter upon hearing the crash and rushes around to check on her. With all the injuries he's dealt with within Company business the past few months, he's getting better with first aid situations. Like this. "Lay still, you didn't fall far, but…" He trails off a little and looks up as Kory comes over.

KeLyssa rushes down an aisle to the fallen rose, much like the others, not having paid much attention to the arrival of Kory, more intrigued by Rose. She kneels beside the girl. "Are ya okay? Anythin' hurtin' badly?" There's definite worry in her eyes. Not to mention no one has gotten hurt while she's worked before. She's extremely worried.

Oh, her pride is injured more than anything, and Rose wears the grumpy expression to prove it as she sets the guitar on the ground beside her and gets up to her feet. Blatant disregard for her father's suggestions. "Chill out, Benji," she grumbles beneath her breath as she dusts herself off, for the moment preoccupied with recovering from her fall to remember the giant dog nearby. "Probably busted my guitar up." She snatches the instrument from the floor, her attention drifting back to the dog partway back to standing; she stays like this, hunched over, guitar in-hand, eyeing the dog like it's a tyrannosaurus rex in a staring contest. "How sure are you that he's not going to hurt me? Has he ever bitten someone? Maybe a little kid in the park who pulled his tail? Chased someone? Looked at you like you were just a stuffed turkey dancing in front of his face and he was barely restraining himself from devouring you then and there because you weren't completely done yet?"

The last person hurt here while Kory was working was … well, she can't think about that now. The store is insured, and the girl was up on the table hiding from the dog who wasn't doing anything threatening. She's read some law but not enough to know what the liability is in this situation. "KeLyssa," she says in a subdued voice, "Call 911, please." She says it as three words, not two.

"I've known the dog," she interjects, looking solemnly at Rose, "since I was thirteen, and he is as gentle as a lamb. He has never bitten anyone who hasn't provoked him first by doing things like poking him with Krazy Straws or doing HeroClix in his ears while he was trying to sleep."

Benjamin frowns at Rose, and her attitude. There's little sense in arguing with her, this is just how she is. When Rose gets up, he does too. "If your guitar is damaged, we can try and get it repaired, or I'll get you a new one." He knows how important music is to the teen, and really, she could treasure worse things. "Rose.. stop overreacting, okay? It's not as if the dog's a pitbull, ready to charge. Listen to Kory and her employee. And.. if on the unlikely chance Chewbacca there wants to attack you? I won't let it happen. Alright?"

KeLyssa she shakes her head. "Nah, he ain't gunna attack ya. Don'tcha worry none." She frowns deeply, nodding to Kory even as Rose starts standing. She walks up to the front of the store, places the phone back on the hook before lifting it up again to dial for an ambulance.

"Oh, what?" Flashing Benjamin an incredulous look as he vouches for the dog, Rose stands with her mouth agape. "Did you see that thing? It's the size of a fricking horse!" Or, you know, a dog. She hasn't attempted much movement yet, but the thought of an ambulance sets her even more on edge. "Oh, they are not taking me in an ambulance. I can walk fine! Can't you drive me?" She turns now to get a good look at Benjamin. "You're my fath— ho-LY, you look completely ridiculous." Babble, babble. She ventures a step forward to try and ruffle his strangely feathered hair, but the step is painful, eliciting a grimace.

"It's a dog, a harmless dog and you are overreacting," Benjamin's amusement is starting to return, but quickly vanishes at the wince. "Oh I think we should go in the ambulance. I'll even hold your hand with you in the back. Kory /does/ have a liability issue, so you know, for legal reasons to keep her covered and us as well.. I think we should go in the ambulance." He doesn't stop Rose from ruffling his hair, but if she's not careful.. He just might pick her up and make her sit down. "I think you should sit down before you hurt yourself further."

"You fell in my store, and you hit your head," Kory says, in a tone that brooks no attitude. "If you hadn't been on the table, trying to get away from the harmless dog, you wouldn't have fallen. So now, unless your adult guardian says you're okay, you're waiting for the ambulance." She gives Benjamin a very level look. "You've probably sprained or broken your ankle," she adds to the young woman. "Which means you're going to sit in that chair and not move until the ambulance comes." Kory points to a chair not far from the table itself. "Is. That. Clear?"

KeLyssa finally gets connected to the operator. "Hey, I need an ambulance to <insert Secret Lair address>. A gal done fallen off a table. Yes. Thank you. Much appreciated, ma'am. How long? Thank you." She hangs up and hurries back. "It shouldn't take long, I've called 911 and they're on their way as quickly as they can make it here."

No, that's not the Fastest Ambulance in the World, it's just George: who hangs out just inside the entrance, finishing up a cell phone call. "No, I don't know how long it'll be. —Yeah, as soon as I hear anything, you'll be the first to know, meanwhile just send it to the office. Okay." Clapping it shut with visible annoyance, he takes another step, but then stops again to get his bearings on what else is going on.

One line in particular garners a response from Rose and she turns, in as much as she's capable, to fix Kory with a glower fit to kill. "He's not my legal guardian," she quips matter-of-factly, crossing her arms over her chest, her head held high. For a long moment she stands in silence, staring Kory down - but 'long' means something different in Rose-time than it does for most, and it's a matter of seconds before she snorts loudly, trying to stifle a fit of laughter to no avail. With a sideways look to Benjamin, she whispers (loud enough for others to hear, undoubtedly, as she thinks she's being quieter than she is), "She's so serious."

Kory scoffs. In New York City on a winter night? For a fall? It's a lucky thing Rose didn't crack her head open and bleed. "Thanks, KeLyssa," is what she says, for all her taut expression indicates they're probably at the bottom of a very, very long list. But her expression was taut when she walked in. "Yes," Kory says to Rose, humorlessly. "I am serious. Because this store belongs to my best friend. And because my customers are usually not ill-mannered caniphobics who can't listen to reason. And if you don't sit down, I'll tell the paramedic you're tripping and dangerous so you get a nice big needle full of sedative." Is she joking or just threatening? Even the regulars in the back aren't sure, by their shocked expressions.

Just a year ago, Benjamin would have pleaded with Rose to sit still. Begged, then backing off at her stubbornness. Now? Not so much. Perhaps it's the words 'not my legal guardian' that feel like a slap, even if they are true. He has no legal claim, just a DNA test. "Yes she is, because she just had a customer injured in her store. Now sit. Please." Or he might have to just make her sit. "I assure you Kory, a sedative won't be necessary." Unless Rose is high, she just might catch his drift.

KeLyssa eyes Rose. "Yeah, well she's got perfectly good reasons to be serious. Ya don't see other people gettin' freaked out by a dog who ain't gunna do ya no harm. Ya ain't seein' no one else climbin' on a table an' fallin'!" She shakes her head. She does seem a little taken aback by Kory's words, but /tries/ not to let them get to her. She looks up as someone enters the store. She gives George a wave. "Evenin' sir. If ya need anythin', just ask!" She says before looking back to the little scene.

George nods vaguely to KeLyssa. "Don't worry," he offers, "I see you've got your hands a bit full here." He makes a point of heading over to one of the aisles further away from the upset teenager, shuffling idly through titles.

"Jesus eff, fine." Making no indication whether it was Benjamin's words or Kory's which finally persuaded her, Rose directs herself to the suggested chair in a series of small hops. She has yet to look at her guitar, but now she lays it out on the table in front of her, hesitant to open the fabric case and see the damage she might have done to it. "Not my fault if you have a beast running loose in the store."

Kory clenches her jaw, but after three deep breaths, she's not retorting to the teen at her level. "Don't blame the dog for your behaviour, kid," she says, voice almost a monotone. Chewbacca has finished eating and is now lying in the doorway to the office. "We're all responsible for our own actions."

George crosses Kory's line of vision, and it takes her a minute of gazing blankly at him before it clicks where she remembers him from. "Hey. I remember you," she says quietly to him, relieved to have something other than a mouthy teenager to focus her attention on.

"A dog that was posing no threat to you, Rose, oh fruit of my loins," Benjamin says dryly as he oversees the teen taking a seat. "If you hadn't overreacted and been an idiot, you wouldn't have gotten hurt." Now in this current litigious society, how often do we hear /that/? He moves to open the guitar case to look over the instrument for damage, "Let's see if you broke anything on this."

KeLyssa sighs and shakes her head. Placing a hand on Kory's shoulder, she says, "I'll be at the counter if ya need anythin', Kory. It ya need anythin', I mean anythin', call me over, 'kay?"

Benjamin couldn't have picked a better moment in which to use a line quite like that one; while Rose is incensed by the horrendous term which calls unwanted images into her brain, she hs no desire to rise from her seat and stalk over to slap Benjamin in retaliation. No, she's sitting in the chair Kory all but placed her in herself, looking none too pleased about it. "You did not just call me that," she stats plainly, allowing a shiver to take over her spine.

"Thanks," Kory says to KeLyssa, nodding her head politely. She watches a moment longer to see if Benjamin truly does have his brat in hand, then turns to look at the phone again. She shrugs, sighs, and shakes her head, before returning to sit in the chair she usually occupies when she's working. "If you need a break, Lyssa, I got it."

In the back, the one who went by Gareth last week, is gazing reverently at Kory. Like the display of temper only fanned the embers of his nascent crush. The object of his affections is currently too distracted to notice, though.

Benjamin looks up from inspecting the guitar and says to Rose, "What? It's true. You're my child, my daughter, my progeny. Your mother and I did the drunken mattress dance and you were born. Want me to paint you a candy picture with lollipops and a stork?" Wow, what the heck has gotten into Benjamin tonight? Stress. It does lovely things to a person. Not waiting for Rose's answer or reaction, he looks towards KeLyssa and Kory and asks, "Do you have an accident report form or similar that I should fill out?"

KeLyssa shakes her head. "I'm fine, Kory. Don'tcha worry 'bout me none." She pauses for a moment, sorting through some things before looking up again. "Oh, an' by the way, Kory. That friend you mentioned that I should talk to? I spoke to him, he said he'd get right on it." She says with a gaze that she hopes Kory understands to which she is referencing. She leaves the accident report form info to Kory.

Even with most of a book display between him and the others, George can still be clearly seen clapping a hand over his mouth. To disguise his own wave of nausea, or perhaps inappropriate amusement over seeing Rose's? The world may never know.

Hit by a wave of embarrassment as Benjamin speaks, Rose can feel heat as her face flushes. It's rare that something could make her blush like this. She'll blame the fall. Whimpering again, this time for a different reason than before, she clamps both hands over her ears and hums just loud enough that she can no longer hear Benjamin speak.

Kory does have such a form. It takes her a minute — and only a minute — to find it, thanks to Nima's immaculate filing. "Here you are," she tells Benjamin. She glances at KeLyssa in abject confusion for a few seconds, before there's an almost audible CLICK. "Oh. Yes. Thank you. I appreciate that. No news, then?" Her normally cheerful face is knitted in a frown, which softens slightly as the kid decides to quit arguing.

KeLyssa smiles at Benjamin as Kory hands over the form, and also sorta glad that she's hearing no more complaints. She shakes her head at Kory. "Nah, ain't seen 'im since I spoke to 'im 'bout it." She says with a light shrug. "But he knows an' he's workin' on it." She smiles and takes a seat behind the counter.

Benjamin smirks just a little at silencing Rose. Somewhat. "We had to try at least once you know," he gets in a final stab.. in case that is audible over the humming. The guitar case is closed and latched shut, just in time for the ambulance arrival. "Thank you," he says, taking the form. "Do you mind if I fill this out in the emergency room? I'll put it in the mail slot afterwards." Of course, there's really no time to wait on an answer as the paramedics come in. While they handle getting Rose out to the ambulance, he carries her guitar case and gives Kory and KeLyssa an apologetic look on the way out.

With the father-and-daughter crisis now safely out of the way, George makes his way back out again, leaning down to get a better look at the shop's ground level. He, at least, takes Chewie's presence in stride. "So is it usually this Grand Central Station around here?" he asks, straightening up and looking to KeLyssa first, then Kory. "And yeah, good to run into you again," he adds, now that her attention's also freed up some.

Kory sighs. "Of course, Benjamin. And thank you. And…sorry." Thank you for not suing. Sorry….what? Sorry your child is a hellbrat? Sorry the dog scared her? Well, whatever; Kory's being polite at least.

And once Benjamin departs with said hellbrat and the ambulance pulls away, she can answer George. "Yeah. How were your holidays?" she dredges up a wan smile for him.

KeLyssa finally lays her chin down on the counter. "Oi, I hope we never gotta deal with /that/ again." She says in a soft whisper, looking around.

George shakes his head, stuffing hands into pockets. "I wouldn't count on it. Holidays were good— New Year's was good, especially. Been getting some payback for it since then, though."

"Payback?" Kory asks, tilting her head at George. And she smiles wryly at KeLyssa. "I hope not too, hon."

"You were like the wrath of the storm," the young man preferring to be called Dusk this week offers to Kory, dreamy-eyed.

"Uh. Thanks," she tells him, trying to remember his moniker-of-the-week. "That's nice of you to say." She doesn't feel like a wrathful storm, that much is obvious in the slump of her shoulders.

George glances over at Dusk in passing, smiling faintly for a moment, before returning his attention to the others. "Work's been… busy, more so than usual. You know how it goes." And that's the extent of the small talk, so far at least.

"Yeah," Kory agrees, smiling tightly. "Hopefully you don't have crazy people throwing themselves off furniture where you work."

Dusk smiled genuinely at Kory's attention; an expression which takes most of the sullen out of his features. But now, he looks both worried and calculating at her usual cheerful mood being so diminished.

KeLyssa sighs and stands, stretching. "Hey, Kory? I think I'm goin' to head home, kay? I'm tired. Been a long day."

"I think after all the drama, closing up early is the best idea," the manager tells KeLyssa. "I was hoping for a distraction after the day I've had, but this has made me feel worse." She walks over and flashes the lights. The dismayed groans of Dusk and his game group rise up, but Kory is not displaying her softheartedness tonight.

"George, wasn't it? Can I get you anything before we wrap up?"

KeLyssa smiles kindly at Kory. "If ya need anythin', Boss Lady, ya know where to find me." She nods, heading out.

George shakes his head. "Thanks, but I'd need more time to window-shop, and I don't want to keep you. You and your boy should probably go get some comfort food, relax." It's an easy enough mistake for someone who doesn't know the others well enough. With a parting wave, he moves to head out after KeLyssa, and figure out what to do with the rest of his own evening.

Kory winces as if George had jabbed her with a sharp stick. "He's just a friend," Kory says to George. And of course, that results in 'Dusk' wincing as if Kory had jabbed him with a sharp stick. "But the rest of the advice — yeah. I think Sir Ben and Sir Jerry are gonna come to my rescue tonight, if I can find an all-night bodega." She cuts the lights as the gamers file out before her.

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