2007-10-17: Frustrated Phone Call


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Summary: In his frustration at Nadia's death, Peter calls one of the Company Agents whose number he has to take out some of his frustrations and helplessness feeling out on.

Date It Happened: October 17, 2007

Frustrated Phone Call

On the Phone

PHONE: The other end answers, "Hello?"

PHONE: Peter sounds hoarse, winded, and perhaps even upset to an extent, "Agent Ivanova? I'm Peter Petrelli— we met the— about a week and a half ago at a crime scene? The Liquor Store? I wanted to ask you if you have any leads on the… the escapees yet?"

PHONE: Felix answers crisply, "The park, last night,"

PHONE: Peter mutters. "I meant after that. There's— I know someone who was killed in that. And I trusted that your people would be able to stop this kind of thing from happening…" There's definite frustration in his voice. He's not even trying to hide it.

PHONE: Felix's voice remains cool. "You need to understand, Mr. Petrelli, I am by no means high up in the organization I work for." Might mean the Bureau, might mean the Company. "But to my knowledge, no. Do you?"

PHONE: Peter says, "Do I what? Trust them to be able to handle this kind of thing?" It's a question, but he might be hearing what the Agent says wrong. "Not anymore I don't. If you're not the one I should be talking to, then maybe I should come in and talk to your boss."

PHONE: Felix says, "Do you have a lead on where they might be now, or how they might be apprehended. I can pass your request up the chain, if you like, but I make no promises."

PHONE: Peter takes in a slow breath and seems to calm down, because his voice levels out. "I don't have any leads right now. Somebody better take care of this quickly, though. And if it's not your people, it might end up being someone else." With that, it seems very much like he'll hang up if nothing is said quick.

PHONE: Felix is silent, for an instant, before he wonders, "And who might that be, Mr. Petrelli? YOu don't sound much better than you did when I saw you last. I hope you've gotten that looked at."

PHONE: Peter hesitates to hang up. "I'm in no shape to fight them, but if I have to fight them sick, I will. Someone has to."

PHONE: Felix finally has a hint of urgency in his tone. "Don't do that. There are quicker and cleaner ways to commit suicide, Mr. Petrelli. If you do find them, -call me-. Don't go up against them alone."

PHONE: Peter says, "Fine. Now that you have my number, maybe you'll call me if you have a lead that you don't think your Agents can handle."

PHONE: Felix reverts to that previous dispassionate tone. "Understood."

PHONE: Peter lets out another frustrated sigh, but then says, "Good luck, Agent."

PHONE: You end your current call.

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