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Date: June 14, 2010


Making up can be hard. For Jaden? It's easy.


Janet's Apartment

It had only been one night in lock-up for Janet. Parker had bailed her soon thereafter. One of her legal-eagle friends from Berkeley had managed to cut a deal with the District Attorney already. Community Service. Beyond that, the doctor had been somewhat of an asset to the other prisoners. Unfortunately, telling people you're a doctor has the unhappy side effect of them telling you of every ailment they've ever had. Meh. At least Janet was relatively safe, even for being the smallish pansy woman she is.

That was two days ago. After much ribbing, a hot shower (that got the remnants of melted ice cream out of her hair and off her skin), and a self manicure, Janet is feeling like herself again. The residence itself is quiet right now as Parker is out and Carrie is rarely around anymore. Dressed in her blue jeans, and a button-up red blouse, Dr. McCarty leans back against her couch and nurses a rather large cup of coffee. It's a day.

Jaden Cain has made a mistake. He's made quite a few mistakes, to be perfectly honest. And he's not about to make anymore. What the heck is he doing over here? Well, he's come to make sure that everything is going according to plan and well and that nothing is going to ruin his chances with tapping that one more time or two.

The classic Shave and a Haircut knock is given to the door, as Jaden stands around. He's carefully trying to balance an absolutely huge Superman Ice Cream cake in his arms. Thankfully, the knocking was done by another Jaden, but that Jaden has faded into the ether of life and well, the only thing that anybody's going to see when they open the door is Jaden's jeans, Chucks and a GIANT CAKE OF DOOM!

The knock at the door is met with an arched eyebrow. "I'm coming!" Who nocks like that? Certainly not Mrs. Rodriguez or Jorge. Eww. Jorge. She shudders slightly after shuffling towards the door and peeking through the peep hole. Her eyebrows furrow a little as she calls through it while unbolting each of the locks in turn, "I'm sorry, but I think you have the wrong address…" She peeks out through the crack left when the chain link lock remains bolted— the only one that allows it to open while still peeking outside.

"Oh! Well, if the woman of my dreams doesn't want this EPIC and EXPENSIVE SUPERMAN ICE CREAM CAKE then I guess I'll just have to take it up, up and away!"

Jaden's tone is trying to be overdramatic, but he can't help but to laugh a little bit with his words. Turning slightly, his profile can probably be seen as he gets ready to try and wobble-walk with the huge cake back towards somewhere not here!

What? That voice! "Ahhh! Just a," Janet tugs at the door, only getting it stuck on the chain. "…ahhhh! I don't kno— " she tugs at the door harder, yanking at the brass chain that keeps it closed. "— why won't it— " she tugs HARDER now. Smart or not, she is too anxious to realize until. "AhhH! Ooops…" Her cheeks flush a little as she closes the door, unhooks the chain and opens it.

She leans against the frame, tugs at the bottom of her shirt and crosses her arms over her chest while offering Jaden an easy enough smile. Craning her neck, she chews on her bottom lip and sizes up the ice cream offering. "That looks… really good…"

"I'm really hoping you're not talking about the cake."
Jaden cannot help himself. He's always been one of those huge flirts and now he's even flirting whilst holding giant cakes. Which could be considered a talent, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. But he's not about to let all of his secrets out of the bag.

"You know, I'm a vampire. I can't really come in unless you invite me." Waggling of eyebrows come next. Oh Jaden.

The vampire line earns Jaden a suppressed giggle. "Of course you can come in— or…" her eyebrows furrow a little as if Janet is considering something for a moment. But the moment passes as quickly as it came, "— come in." She steps out of the frame of the door and into her apartment. It's not huge, but it's big enough. The foyer leads into a big enough living room complete with a smallish television, PS3, Wii, couch, electric keyboard, and a smallish coffee table.

"Uh… follow me… that probably should go into the freezer… or we could eat it… or the freezer." She flushes a little. "I'm sorry, I'm kind of off today— " Understatement of the year. Prison isn't exactly a delight.

"Freeze half. Eat half." Jaden has solved the issue just as quickly as it was even an issue in the first place. He brings himself off to following her, making sure to add a third and fourth hand underneath the cake to make sure it doesn't slip. But nobody's paying that close attention to his hands right? "Yeah. I can kinda' tell there's something not right. It's like my Scooby Sense is tingling." Jaden's frowning. "I mean, you're still beautiful. But something's wrong. Did something happen? Do I need to use my extended influence and incredible wealth to make someone disappear?"

Janet wrinkles her nose a little as she nods and finds the larges knife she has in her kitchen tno cut the cake with. With a broad grin sure enough half is put into the freezer and the other half left out on the counter. "Weeeell…" her cheeks flush a little. "…I owe your personal shopper a really really large apology… and you one. Probably." SHe stares at the floor as a much more sheepish smile spreads on her lips. THe smile turns into a small frown as the incessant quick chatter begins to explain the story, "So okay this started like a few weeks ago when this political guy like talked to me in this coffee shop and then we walked out and there was this ting on the TV that you were with some new girlfriend in Paris, but I never saw the picture and I was like am I totally out to lunch and I could be, I mean I've been out ot lunch before— but then I learned that Hallis Van Cortlandt was the girl you were in Paris with and I punched her in front on an ice cream stand and gave her a black eye before she told me she is/was(?) your personal shopper and that you were just shopping which really makes perfect sense, but… I ended up spending a night in prison… community service… blah blah blah…"




Jaden Cain cannot believe what he has just been told. In fact, he can't even bring himself to grab a spoon to dig into ice cream that is probably going to be melting soon. Instead, he just kind of continues trying to figure out what the correct response to hearing such news would actually be.

"First of all, that's awesome. That you even like me enough to punch out another girl for me. Like… super awesome." Jaden then has to wag his finger in somewhat of a mocking bad girl manner. "But! If we're gonna' be together, you can't go around knocking out all the girls that work under me. It's just not right!" Jaden grins just a little bit. "So, here's what's going to happen, Young Lady. You're grounded. For two whole weeks you can only go out with Yours Truly. Oh and Parker. But that's it! No boys!"

"I know! I feel like such an idiot! Seriously I'm such an idiot!" I'm normally like sane and rational, but I just… I punched her. And I connected. And… it actually felt good…" Janet exasperatedly throws her hands into the air, but flushes again and inches towards him. Her hands wrap around his neck as she manages just a little pout and puppy dog eyes, "Forgive me?" Her lips quirk upwards into a rather flirtatious smile, "I've been a naughty girl~" And then she glances at the cake before arching an eyebrow, "Why the cake?"

"Because you're you and you deserve to have your boyfriend bring you a cake whenever he feels like bringing you a cake?" Jaden lets the lie roll of his tongue so smoothly that he even believes what he's saying himself. But then, he can't have her trying to weasel out of her punishment so easily. "I dunno if I forgive you yet. I mean, Id' be less than a man if I didn't take advantage of this opportunity to make you work so, so very hard to get back into my good graces." Uh oh. There's his Jaden the Menace smile.

Janet sidles a little closer towards Jaden, closing the gap between them. She plants a soft kiss on his cheek. And then one on his opposite cheek. "And what would endear me to your good graces again?" Janet flushes further, but she's smiling. Flirting doesn't come as easy to her as it does to Jaden. Her fingers linger along the back of his neck, drawing unidentifiable patterns lightly on his skin.

"Maybe we should put the rest of the cake in the freezer too. I mean, for what I have planned… it's gonna' get very, very hot in here." That would be Jaden trying to be a smooth operator or something. Which probably isn't going to come out too well, considering that he's a huge dork. "Your roomie's not due home for… how long?"

Janet's fingers walk down from Jaden's neck down to his chest. "He won't be home for awhile," she quips coyly with that flirtatious half-smile that softens and then grows into something warm almost like chocolate. "Jaden Caine.. you are amazing." She leans forward and presses her lips against his.

"And we ain't even started yet." is the response that's quickly quipped, before Jaden's head gets tilted so that his lips can meet the ones that are on Janet's face. He can't believe this is working out so easily. This being a player stuff is a piece of cake.

Speaking of… it's melting.


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