2009-10-30: Full Access



Date: October 30th, 2009


The Senator's advisor has a lot to tell him. Beyond the advice that goes along with her job, some of what is said causes tensions to rise.

"Full Access"

Senate Offices - Capitol Hill

Washington, D.C.

"Ah!" Tracy gives a high-pitched and dismissive gasp. "No, what you need is more publicity. The more they know you and your priorities, the more they'll love you." Cue advisor and politician, walking through the building of the Senate Offices. Tracy waves a hand as she moves briskly along the polished tile alongside Ivory, on the way to his office after emerging from some meeting or another. She's in full-on advisor mode. She has pressing questions, but they'll have to wait for just a minute.

"You don't have any problem with the far right, they love you these days. It's the other side of the spectrum you have to focus on. You don't have a problem now but there's something to be said for momentum! If you ask me," which is what she's technically paid for, "You need some strategic publicity in the right places. More press conferences, Q&As, appearances that paint you in a positive light. Charities. Volunteer work. People love that stuff."

"They also love to find someone to blame for all their problems. And if I'm the only thing the public sees for the next six months, guess who's going to get blamed for everything from Global Warming to Smallville getting renewed next season?" Ivory just kind of keeps his talking light as he gets with the walking to keep up with Tracy's longer legs. He's more or less just trying to get himself into a position that can lead them to his office, where he plans on taking a little break for a while. With his squeeze. One of them anyway. "Besides, I've already got one leggy blonde eating out of my hand. What could I possibly do with more?" Ivory actually spins around and walks backwards to give Tracy the hungry for her bod look. "Unless you're into that…"

Tracy represses a smirk and gives Ivory a roll of her eyes. It's not entirely serious; there's a glint in her eye. Her reply, however, stays right on track, going on with her impassioned counsel. "You're missing the point! That's exactly why you need to play up your strengths. They'll have a harder time blaming you for the state's problems… or the world's— " Such as global warming and Smallville. "If you're saving babies on volunteer days. Hell, try to stop global warming while you're at it." As they near the office door known well to be Ivory's, Tracy comes to a stop puts a hand to the Senator's elbow. "All I'm saying is: preventative measures."

Ivory sighs and just kind of leans up against the door to his office. One hand is on the knob, as if he's pondering whether or not to go inside. "Alright, fine. Set the stuff up. But I want my first stop to be at the nearest colleges. I'd like to get to know the sororities of our nation." Ivory's grin could be considered one that's just teasing his advisor, before he twists the handle and kicks the door open, disappearing inside and immediately heading for the desk. Where he may have a bit of time to keep himself away from the evil freezer.

"Actually, not a bad idea." For reasons other than what Ivory is probably thinking of. Smirking lightly and looking pleased, Tracy follows into the office. She doesn't go very far for the time being, however, simply easing the door shut behind her and lingering near it. Now that they have privacy… "I need more, Ivory." Someone's bold today. "I paid a visit to Building 26 this morning. Only, my access is … limited. I met a guy named Swan, said he was the resident … physician? I told him you could get me more clearance. I'm working to get to the bottom of this Rebel business for you and Alpha Protocol, and I'm making progress, but I'm getting conflicting stories." There's little judgment in her voice. Her tone is plainly straight-forward, as earnestly dedicated as the advice she was so recently pushing. "To help you, I need more," the 'evil freezer' repeats. "One of my sources is under the impression a man named Peter Petrelli was … captured. Is that true?"

Ivory has taken to planting himself in his chair so that he can get to his silent alarm faster if he needs to. He pulls his chair closer to the desk and just kind of listens to everything that Tracy is blabbering on about. He sighs and looks down at the desk, not quite sure of how he's going to explain some of this stuff. "First of all, you don't need to be in Building 26. It's no place for you. And it's dangerous. Those terrorists could get loose at any moment and if they hurt you… I'm going to jail for what I'll do to them." Ivory sounds very determined in regards to that. "Just stay away from there, okay?" That might be a little bit of worry in his voice. But now he's bringing his hands up to rest underneath his chin. Sigh. "It's possible. I haven't gone over the reports thoroughly, But I may have seen his name mentioned with the people that attacked our convoy. If that's the case, he is being detained until we can trace him back to whoever the head of this particular sect is. Then we can take care of this problem at the head and Alpha Protocol can be disbanded and we can all get back to our normal lives."

"I'm more than capable of taking care of myself. Besides, security was following me the whole time." More than she knew once upon a time not so long ago. "I'm sorry, but I've gotta know how the whole operation works if I'm going to be steering this… 'sect', as you called it, away from us."

She moves closer to the desk. "Look— I know who Petrelli is. He tried to kill a friend of mine. I'm not surprised he's a terrorist. And, I have the name of a person who attacked your men. Her name is Kitty Hanner, she's the CEO of Hanner Enterprises. She phoned me today, she thinks I'm on her side. She threatened to hurt more people— to put a bullet in your head even, these people are seriously off their mark." Tracy sighs, an imploring nature to her focused look to Ivory. "I know for a fact that they both have … powers, like… me."

"Are you on their side?" Ivory asks, almost as if he's kind of offended that she's even in here questioning him. "Look, I'll give you full access to Building 26. There. Happy?" Ivory's a little upset at the moment, probably because he is not happy about hearing that his life has been threatened or something like that. In fact, he's even fidgeting with the stuff on his desk now. He's not happy. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I have some paperwork to pretend to do." Ivory's even starting to feel used at this point. How can he possibly be a target for assassination when all he's done is try to help the nation? So ungrateful. Oops, there goes a pencil breaking.

"Of course not!" Tracy says through a bitterly incredulous laugh. Dark blonde brows frown — she actually looks a hurt at the accusation whether it's an earnest one or not. "But— I'm like them, aren't I? They have abilities. It keeps coming up. I know, you said that this wasn't what the operation was about— and I'll believe you if you say it again. But if it is… look. Ivory, it doesn't matter." Strangely, she doesn't sound horrified by the possibility at this point. She might really do anything for Ivory. Who's to say? She sighs, glancing down at the floor just in front of Ivory's desk before looking up to say: "…Lately, it just seems like I'm getting more information from the people we're fighting against than … you and the Protocol. Now I have to separate fact from fiction." She tenses, looking back toward the door, but she doesn't want to leave like this. The woman's voice quiets. "C'mon. You gotta know I'm on your side, I…" Tracy halts suddenly as if only now realizing what she was about to say; whatever it was, she trails away from it without finishing her sentence. Instead, she says: "Thanks for the full access."

"I do what I'm told. From now on, I'll be completely and openly honest with you." Ivory sighs, looking down at the floor and tries to figure out what in the hell he's gotten himself into. "I trust you, Tracy. Perhaps more than I should. But that's your fault. You've got me under your spell." Sighing, Ivory just kind of relaxes, picking up the pieces of broken pencil and flings them into the trash can next to his desk. "I just don't want you to get hurt. Some of the things I'm asked to do are not… well, I don't want you to have to deal with them. I'm trying to protect you." Ivory looks up, his eyes already welling up with fear. "You said it yourself. They want me dead. My death I can handle. Yours… would kill me."

Looking into Ivory's eyes prompts Tracy to approach the desk instead of back away from it, as she had been poised to do moments ago. She moves around it, to the Senator's side, leaning her back(side) against the edge of the desk to face him more closely. "No one's going to die," she says with conviction. "All I want is to do everything I can for you. And your office. But mostly— " Adamant blue eyes are no less adamant, but take on a softer edge as the consultant looks down and slowly reaches out to touch one of Ivory's hands, then take it in hers. Looking back up at Senator Wynn, she says, "Mostly for you. I'll do whatever you want besides step back."

Ivory isn't quite sure what to do when his hand is taken. Especially because he was just so vulnerable a moment ago. But now that he's been assured that Tracy is all about him and making sure that, well, he's happy and taken care of… he just kind of smiles a bit more. It's almost as if his fears are starting to fade away. But is it the fear fading away or is it more the fact that Tracy is all up in his personal space. "Whatever I want? No matter what it is?" Ivory's grinning now, mostly because he's finding himself thinking about things he shouldn't be thinking about in his office. But then again, it has been a while since they've… used his office.

Now that the fear and tension seems to be on its way out, the Senator's loyal advisor smiles with relief, pleased— and a bit slyly, for his sake. She lets go of his hand, only to turn and sit on Ivory's knee, leaning back with an arm about his shoulders, likely causing the handsome office chair to lean back as well. A contradicting elegant and suggestive pose in a pantsuit. "I thought you had paperwork to pretend to do. … I'm not doing your paperwork."

Ivory is all comfortable now. He's got a Tracy on his knee. This is awesome. There's nothing else that he's worried about at this particular moment. Not while he's too busy having the hot blonde getting all sly with him. His own lips are quirking into a hungry grin. "It's not my paperwork I want you to do." There just might be some waggling of eyebrows happening also.


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