Peter Petrelli (2012)
Peter Petrelli (2012)
Portrayed By Milo Ventimiglia
Date of Birth December 23, 1979
Date of Death June 29, 2008
Age 32
Aliases Scarface, FutureMan
Occupation Time Traveler
Known Relatives Same as Peter Petrelli of 2008
Significant Other Niki Sanders (Complicated)
Known Abilities Empathic Mimicry (overloaded)
First Appearance No Time Like The Present
Last Appearance The Guardians of Forever


From sometime in the year 2012. Who knows how many abilities he's picked up in that time. He definitely has displayed time travel.

His goal in 2008 appears to be discovering what went wrong to cause the future he comes from, and to fix it. All of which seems to center around Pinehearst, and the troubles there. So far, he seems more interested in warning and pushing the people of this time to fight against it, than taking action on his own.

It is known that a lot of what went wrong centered around Pinehearst's quest to complete the formula that would give people abilities. How this destroyed the future and turned it into something terrible, he has yet to reveal. It appears he retains close ties to many people in this future of his, but he has certainly become darker and walled off. This may have something to do with his imprisonment in Level 5, or the fact that he obtained Sylar's ability and has lived with the side effects for the last four years.


  • "I'll be around. There's a lot that I need to do. I don't know which move will change the way things are yet. When I stop coming back, you'll know I fixed it."


Empathic Mimicry allows him to copy and utilize the abilities of people he meets. His abilities have overloaded, but before that happened he displayed the following abilities:

  • Time Travel
  • Teleportation
  • Dream Walking
  • Invisibility
  • Night-vision
  • Pyrokinesis (blue)
  • Telekinesis
  • Intuitive Aptitude
  • Clairvoyance
  • Telepathy
  • Object Relocation
  • Omni-linguistics
  • Cellulokinesis (self and other)
  • Illusion
  • Animal Telepathy
  • Super Strength
  • Electrokinesis
  • Regeneration
  • Phasing
  • Biochemical Control
  • Self-Replication
  • Memory Manipulation


  • He has a scar across his face of unknown origin.
  • He appears to be heavily sleep deprived, and he's actually constantly drugging himself with biochemical control.
  • He carries a complex multi-dialed pocket watch. He gave it to Gabriel.
  • He is a popcorn thief.
  • He wears emo-bracelets on his wrists. He gave one of them to Niki.
  • Peter of the Future is far more a Capricorn than Peter of the Present.
  • The Past and Present Matter : Peter Petrelli
  • Futures Change : Peter Petrelli (Dark Future)


03/15 No Time Like The Present Peter of 2012 pays Jack a visit. There is work that needs to be done.
03/16 To Be Marty McFly'd This time it's Rochelle's turn to get a hint of what is to come, and what she may need to do.
A Moment In Russia A trip to Russia is all because of a girl. And a father. And a mother. Family drama has never been so complicated.
03/17 Stolen Time Sometimes time travelers are selfish.
03/18 Time For The Twilight Zone Stepping into a comic book store, Peter leaves contact information, hints of what is to come, and tries to tell them not to rescue him. Let's see if they listen.
03/19 Melting Point After a long time of being separated, Peter finally gets to see his niece and she helps melt the walls he's put up.
03/20 Every Second Counts Someone who will give everything to save the world still needs reminders of what he's fighting for. Especially when every second is a battle with himself.
03/21 Synchronize When Niki calls him, Peter finds out his brother is back. Logan. Nathan. It doesn't matter which one. Something needs to be done. There needs to be a plan.
03/23 Meet Future Man Peter continues to try and position people for the greater benefit of the future.
Cheating Time Some cheaters don't get punished. Peter's trying for a do-over. He moves more dials around.
03/24 A Little's Enough Not everything has to involve huge world-ending moments. Some times a little rescue is enough.
Time Is Running Out A time displaced romance can only lead to a single conclusion. It will have to end. There's no fantasy, no illusion. And time is always ticking away.
03/26 Sitter Search Mariska and Felix have agreed to assist, but they need to find a babysitter first.
03/27 Time For A Change Peter sets Heidi up with her new identity.
03/28 Still There Peter finally goes to see someone he hasn't seen for a long time. Some things about the reason he's as dark as he is are revealed.
03/29 Ten Minutes Lost, Four Years Gained Peter gives a reporter an important mission. Dangerous. But still important.
Stage Set Peter comes face to face with the son of the man he killed all those years ago. And poor Niki doesn't understand the tension. At least Claire's blood is getting destroyed.
Circle of Reliance There's a secret that Peter had been trying to keep that comes out. More than one. But he makes a promise that someone can rely on him.
03/30 I Prefer Not There's certain things about time travel that can't be done, but certain things that can. Like teaching someone to learn from mistakes they haven't even made yet.
04/05 The Meanwhile A mistake is corrected, while another group of people are sent to spring a trap.
The Magic Feather While his more optimistic clone is babysitting, he takes the uber-child to visit Kory in hopes of jump starting her ability again. And also hoping to show Sasha that her power doesn't have to make bad things happen.
04/08 Learn and Live Peter stops in to visit an artistic puppeteer. While he can't tell him what he's worried about, he tries to plant seeds to keep the eventual direction from coming to pass. Or so he hopes.
04/11 Here And Now After trying to stay away from Niki for a while for her own protection, he ends up going to visit her in her own home for a change. She needs him there too, but sometimes he doesn't hear as well as he should.
04/15 Finally The plan to force Nathan out of Logan begins. Peter starts to show some of the tensions he's managed to keep hidden so far.
Forever Peter of the Future finally gets to speak to Nathan of the present. Though if Nathan realizes who he's talking to is left to interpretation.
04/16 Time To Go Tensions mount between an already complicated relationship, causing it to self-destruct.
Time Travel Ruins Grammar Peter begins to remove his necessity in the past by pushing The Muse into her destined position earlier than it would have otherwise happened. The introduction of 'The List'.
04/18 Time To Be, Place To Stay Having worn out his welcome with Niki, Peter seeks to stay at the Deveaux Building with the assistance of Hiro. He also plants seeds to try and get Hiro to help the him of the present. In the near future.
04/21 Spring Cleaning After avoiding the possibility of a confrontation, Peter of the future speaks to his brother. Both of him.
04/23 The End of the World in 2012 Peter of the future returns to one of his old haunts hoping to find something that he doesn't. Instead he drops a warning.
04/24 The Shadow Out of Time When Heidi makes an observation, instead of hiding from it or running away, Peter chooses to make confessions. Of motives, feelings and selfishness.
04/25 Four Years Overdue Even if they wait a while, some things eventually have to happen. Including a heart-to-heart between brothers.
04/28 Catch Me If You Can While trying to sneak around Pinehearst unseen, Peter takes the time to "catch" the uncatchable.
Ripples People don't always like Peter's methods. They disturb the normal flow of time and create ripples.
05/03 Never Will Be Love does not always equal trust, and it isn't as unconditional as some people might like it to be.
05/12 Closure At the end of a busy day, Peter seeks closure for something that he's needed closure to for almost five years…
05/16 The Face Of Our Siblings While trying to take care of some pieces of his brother's life, Peter — or one of his clones — meets a woman who looks just like Niki. Her sister, Tracy. While he's disguising himself as his brother.
Promises To The Muse After a few exchanged text messages, Peter drops in to discuss a topic he'd rather not have needed to discuss, realizing there's a problem he might need to take care of. Again? Perhaps…
Time Is Of The Essence Arthur has found out about Niki's betrayal. After getting a text message from Micah, Peter rescues him first.
Emotional Backlash …and then goes back for Niki.
A Roof Away Even after rescuing her, things are still tense between him and the woman he still cares strongly for.
Pick Up At The Park Micah and Niki are secure, Cam's next.
05/23 Make It A Chevrolet After a couple games of poker and scotch, Nathan agrees to undergo some mental tampering to try and fix his current problem.
05/25 In The Hall Of Thought And Memory Aware he'll be leaving soon, Peter leaves behind a living will in the form of his most precious memories. And a warning in the form of his worst.
05/28 The Myth Of Us There will be a plan, but right now, even the biggest things seem easy in comparison to what Peter has to do.
05/29 Enlightening Dreams Visiting Cass has two reasons. To teach her what has happened to her, and to try and figure out how best to get her out of there.
05/31 Now Or Never Time to fix Nathan and Logan, only something goes a little wrong.
The Meaning of Quiet Being powerless is very strange for Peter from the future.
06/02 Cinnamon Buns While powerless, Peter goes for a walk and runs into a speedster.
Rock Of Gibraltar Peter didn't leave a note, but Kory still believes in him.
06/18 Time Piece A long overdue meeting between Peter and Gabriel. Peter gives him something.
06/22 Share The World Kory takes Peter to the Zoo, after it's fairly clear he won't be getting his powers back.
06/29 The Guardians Of Forever It was bound to happen since he came back in time…
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