Gabrielle Simmons
Gabrielle Eden Simmons
Portrayed By Bianca Beauchamp
Gender Female
Date of Birth October 14, 1977
Age 30
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases None
Place of Birth Paris, France
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Stock Broker
Known Relatives Pierre Simmons (father), Angelique Simmons (sister)
Significant Other None at present
Known Abilities Superhuman Durability (Not commonly known)
First Appearance Murder Incorporated
Other Characters Alfons (Alt), Sarah (Main)

A business woman with a painful history of poverty, abuse, and loss, Gabrielle Simmons had to become hard, and cold, to survive. Now it serves her well in the cutthroat world of money, making deals and breaking them depending on what her calculating mind determines will produce the best possible result… For her and her remaining family. However, Gabrielle lives another life as well. A secret life of blood and revenge, that makes her feel alive as nothing else does.


Born in France, came to America with her family when she was 12. Attended school and college, and graduated with a degree in Business. Now works as a stock broker, rather successfully.



Superhuman Durability:

Gabrielle never seems to get hurt very badly, no matter the situation. Where other people would have broken bones, punctured lungs, bullet wounds, be bleeding all over, bruise heavily, etc. this woman might get a scratch or a light bruise, or a bullet lodged in the outer layers of her skin. She is able to absorb tremendous amounts of physical punishment with only minor injuries to show for it. However, some things simply overwhelm her ability to soak up damage. A nuclear weapon, for instance. Or being run over by a train. Or falling down a very steep cliff, or powerful explosives. Continual extreme pressure, or piercing weapons will eventually break skin, but it will steel feel like trying to cut through concrete to a thug with a knife.

Also, while she can hold her breath for long periods of time, she is still vulnerable to suffocation, drowning, starvation, poison, disease, drugs, gases, extreme temperatures (might not get burned or frostbitten, but can still pass out from heat, or get hypothermia, or frozen alive, etc.) and so forth.

A normal person can break their hand punching someone in the head. Gabrielle can whallop someone in the head repeatedly without even making her knuckles sore, giving her the impression of great physical strength, even when she isn't actually any stronger than a normal person. Likewise, she can batter down a door without suffering injury, just by persistence (though it would still take awhile if it's a sturdy door. A metal door isn't going to budge at all).


  • BAM! - Gabrielle just plain pounds the hell out of someone or something heedless of the potential for physical harm to herself. It may hurt to do this but it may not actually INJURE her. If Gabrielle rolls a Great or higher on BAM! then treat that as the damage roll for her attack and she suffers no harm herself. If she rolls a Good then it causes pain but she is not injured. However she cannot use BAM! again for two or three rounds depending on what she was hitting. A roll of Average means she takes 1 point of damage and cannot use BAM! again for the duration of the scene. Anything lower means she was hitting hard enough or hit at a bad enough angle that she caused serious self-injury. She cannot even use normal attacks with that limb for the duration of the scene and until she has had medical treatment and recovered. The only exception is if another Evolved with healing powers speeds up her recovery either in-scene or afterwards.
  • Intercepted! - Gabrielle attempts to throw herself in the path of an attack which she is within reasonable physical proximity to intercept. If she succeeds then the person the attack was intended for remains unharmed. If she fails then they are harmed for the full damage rolled. How much damage is absorbed by Gabrielle's power is determined by how much she succeeds or fails by. A roll of Great or higher means she takes no harm whatsoever from the attack. A roll of Good means she absorbs all but 1 point of damage. A roll of Average means she absorbs ONLY 1 point of damage. A roll of Mediocre means she takes up to 3 points of damage before the rest is negated. Poor or lower means she takes all the damage rolled.
  • Living Wall - Gabrielle attempts to simply absorb or 'soak' the damage inflicted by an attack using the tough outer layers of her skin to disperse the force across her body. This results in minimal or no visible injuries though it may still hurt. The attacker must +roll the appropriate fighting skill such as Melee, Brawl, Martial Arts, Firearms, etc., against Gabrielle's Living Wall. If she rolls 2 or more higher than the attacker, then she doesn't suffer any harm whatsoever. If Gabrielle rolls 1 higher than the attacker, she suffers no significant damage from the attack. The attacker may roll again for damage, but it cannot go higher than 1 point worth, even if it would have been higher otherwise. If she rolls the same as her attacker, then the attacker rolls again for damage, but that damage is reduced by 1 point. If she fails her roll by 1 then she suffers visible harm, though no higher than 3 points of damage. If she fails by 2 or more she suffers significant harm — depending on the attack — which is equal to whatever is seperately rolled for damage by the attacker. In all cases, striking her physically is like hitting a cement wall for the attacker.
  • Woman of Steel - Gabrielle takes a blow, gunshot, or other attack, without even trying to defend herself, laughs it off, and acts like she is truly invulnerable. Even if it hurts like hell. This may result in the enemy becoming intimidated and/or reluctant to keep on fighting. The attacker must +roll Perception and beat Gabrielle's success level or she gets a bonus to Influence rolls in trying to intimidate her attacker, in the form of 2 effective levels to +roll Influence. This means that if she rolled an Average on Influence, her effective level would be Great instead.




  • Gabrielle rarely accepts dates with guys because they have a tendency to injure themselves if they get intimate.
  • Gabrielle's office has a bedroom adjacent to it, so she doesn't have to go home when she gets off work, and can resume work early in the morning.
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