2010-04-05: Gamma Protocol



Date: April 05, 2010


Something bad happens when two kids wander into what's supposed to be an abandoned Meat Packing plant.

"Gamma Protocol"

Gemini Meats

On the northern edge of Greenwich Village sits something very different from the large and nice buildings that people reside and work in in the Village. It's darker, scarier, but all the more interesting because of that. It's the Meat Packing District.

One of the factories on the southern edge attracts the attention of wouldbe wanderers. A sign up front reads Gemini Meats. But there's other signs posted that read 'Closed'. 'Comdemned'. 'Code Violations'. There's no activity around the building, fences put up to keep people from getting too close to the factory…

Or that would work if there weren't breaks in the fence, like someone had cut them open.

Jamie is out walking with Trent, chatting about this and that as they go. Jamie's wearing a black wig to hide her hair colour, to keep her from being too easily recognized, but she's back to her own colourful fashion sense. As she walks up to the break in the fence, she stops and glances in, then to the nearby condemned sign, then back to Trent. Grinning, she says, "C'mon, let's check it out." Not waiting for Trent's answer, she slips through the break in the fence, heading closer to the condemned building.

Trent doesn't need to be in disguise, really. He's not evolved or anything after all. He keeps up with Jamie and looks to the building and fence then through the opening. He grins as she gets the same idea he had. He looks to make sure no one is watching them then slips in as well. "An old factory.." he murmers, this is going to be fun. Maybe there's some things in there we can use to freak Hallis out with."

Like cow hearts! or livers.

Or big scary hooks stained with years of blood.

The last is more likely to still be in said factory.

As they get thruogh the fence and closer to the condemned building, they see an delivery truck with some rust, and tires that have deflated. An abandoned delivery truck? The first glance in the raised door shows nothing inside, but some suspicious hints of something being dragged…

The door to get inside the factory is locked, but if someone could slip under the cracks, they might be able to get it unlocked…

Jamie takes a moment to run to check out the delivery truck, but after a quick glance she's ignoring it and moving quickly to the door inside. She tries it, first, but then grins and looks back to Trent. She whispers, "Don't worry, I used to do this all the time. Hold the door for me after I open it." Then, like a water balloon suddenly popping, she's water and splashing down on the ground, with her clothes and wig falling to the ground as well. The puddle slips through the crack in the door. Still water, she takes a moment to look around and then back up to the door. She turns back to human inside, opening the lock and opening the door just a crack, so as soon as Trent goes to open it the rest of the way (before he can see her) she can turn back to water. She quickly flows out, retakes human form in her clothes except for shoes, socks, and wig. She grabs those items and slips back inside quickly, grinning.

Trent eyes the truck, follows her over, just in case.. they must stick together as much as possible. Once at the entrance, and she turns into water, which still bothers him a little.. but not so badly anymore. Once she opens it, he holds the door for her, and is decent enough to not look at Jamie while she's nakid. Once she's dressed and in for the final time, he slips in behind her. Once inside, he looks around, just to see what is where in here.


After getting his geek on and playing many hours of Robot Unicorn, Micah switches gears with his laptop after retrieving a glass a water. He refocuses his energy and murmurs to himself, "Back to work." Closing Robot Unicorn manually — the old fashioned way — he places his palm on the keyboard and closes his eyes. He manages to find his way into the Alpha Protocol computers and begins cross-referencing anything and everything. Finally he comes across something that may or not be useful: Gemini Meats.

Furrowing his eyebrows, Micah wrinkles his nose. What on earth is Gemini Meats? Closing his eyes again, he begins to cross-reference Gemini Meats throughout their system. And PING, sure enough it's connected to Gamma. But beyond that… he intercepts a transmission — an active transmission: Site Gemini compromised. Activate GAMMA 01. His eyes widen as he frantically begins to look through traffic cameras around the building in question. Two small, blurry figures appear on the screen. Children. They plan to unleash SOMEONE on children. His eyes widen further. Gabriel isn't here right now, and something needs to be done.

He curses before picking up his phone and closing his eyes again. The text message is sent at lightning speed:


This must be the factory itself they just entered. From the loading doors near the door they entered in, it's the final stage of the processing plant. It's dirty and old, with a lingering smell. A smell that seems very much like what the kitchen smelled like, when people would perpare fresh meat. Metallicy. And sharp. And also the smell of— well— a bathroom. That hasn't been cleaned in a long time.

There's no lights on where they are, and there's a mechanical thing along the ceiling with chains and hooks, that once would help move things along. It may take them a few moments to notice one fact they didn't expect… They are not alone.

Amongst the shadows and dim light, they're easy to miss at first glance, shapes. Perhaps packages. They don't move, except fractionally, five people are lined up against the wall, turned away from them, so only their backs are visible. Dark black jump suits, dirty and suspiciously stained. Their heads are bent down, a soft red beeping light the one thing that may draw their eyes, just around their necks. Collars. Their hair has been shaved close, and at first it's difficult to tell if they're even breathing.

Jamie laughs once Trent closes the door, "We're in!" She wrinkles her nose, though, "Ew, stinks in here." She drops her wig, shoes and socks on the floor and then digs into her pocket. After a moment, she pulls out a penlight, which she turns on and starts flashing around. Not much light, but something. She takes a few steps in, "This place is weird… bet there's got to be cool stuff in… wait, what's that?" Her light has flashed over the shapes, and she turns it more directly on them now, stepping closer. Her eyes widen a little as she sees it's people, but after just a moment's pause, she continues moving closer. "Um… hi? Are you ok?"

Trent's eyes adjust to the dark. He's slept and had been a squatter in places similar to this before. Though not quite as stinky as this one. "Oh gross." he murrmers and brings his shirt up to cover his nose. Though it doesn't do much good, apparently. He sees the people when she pulls the light ad flashes it in that corner. "Oh my, um, careful…" since they are in a strange place, to keep identities secretish.. he uses "Sis." but he's following her over. The lights on the collars catching his attention, he reaches for Jamie's hand. "They are prisonors… I think."


It's not like Dee has much going on lately. She's jobless, because she's too high profile to the AP to be able to work. There's not a lot to do around Laurel's place other than talk to the animals. When she gets Micah's text, her eyes narrow. It's not good that she's heard nothing about the AP for so long, and now this. Not good at all.

«I'll check it out,» she sends back through a Notepad file, before closing the top to her laptop and giving Yossarian a goodbye kiss on the head. Meerkat's stayin' home today. Now she just has to figure out how to get where she's going.


She doesn't hear it.. of course she doesn't. She doesn't even believe anyone is there. No.. not at all. Her head is hanging down and it would seem like she's passed out. Her steady breathing has her shoulders moving up and down. Shackled to the wall, she looks.. wild. Like she's not even human, the red collar seems to make that just as true. A animal, no more then a piece of meat.

A sharp gasp escapes from her lips. Eyes snapping open and her head twists as she tries to move. Her back arches and she lifts her head as high as she is allowed too. Hazel eyes shine before her lips part as the bright blue collar has turned blue. She feels it.. it's back. A feral cry leaves her body and echoes around her. The ground shakes as a wave of telekinetic energy is sent rippling through the whole building.


The shackles shake and vibrate, her muscles grow tense, then they are snapped away from her body, taking huge chunks of the wall along with them. "Peachy." She breathes out as she holds herself up from the wall and looks at the people with a wicked grin on her face. Her pupils dilate and she tilts her head, who the fuck are they?

A dark expression crosses her face and she slowly lifts her head. Any free object in the room is being smashed into the room or thrown around Dex in a whirlwind. Her eyes turn a startling pitch black and no light reflects from them. Something's wrong, she cants her head and licks her lips. Eyes narrowing in front of her.

The free objects would include some random debris, and chains. Chains with big hooks on them, fit for carrying animal corpses. The hooks swing around threateningly, some of the chains ripping from the mechanish. The door slams open and then shut again, debris and glass gets picked up and tossed around. There's relatively little to hide behind…

And the others against the wall get jerked backwards, away from the wall, but then settle back, after a collective scream. They are not getting set free. Their collars still beep red.

Her name… Is Dame Turbojet Ryder of the Fourth Tiberian Dynasty.

The cop that rides her usually just calls her Turbo. And Turbo rarely gets to ride at breakneck speed like this through the city - she's quite pleased about it, and tells Dee on the way how awesome it is to be able to run like this. Of course, Dee also relays the fact that there are children in danger.

Turbo loves kids. They feed her ice cream and sugar and apples all the time!

Dee knows something is wrong as soon as she approaches the place. Animals tell tales, and the ones that inhabit this place - and there are many - are scared and worried. Rats, pigeons, sea gulls, mice, raccoons… All of these hint very strongly that… Something is…

Dee hears the scream as she pulls Turbo to a stop. The horse isn't even tied to the fence - she's just asked to stay put, and no matter what, Dee will return from her. This done, she squeezes through one of the fence's openings and starts a mad sprint toward the nearest door. She can hear the bumping and thumping from inside, and starts gathering a legion of the packing plant's critters to aid her, if necessay.

Jamie glances to Trent, before the figure starts to move, "Well, then we'll just have to set them free." Then she spins back to Dex as she moves and talks, and gives a sort of squeak as things suddenly start flying around. She ducks as a chain goes flying past her head, her eyes huge. She turns towards the door out, perhaps intending to run, but on seeing it flying open and shut she hesitates again, looking around quickly, not really thinking but just searching for any safety.

Trent sees Dex move and ears her speak. "S.. sis…" and he's backing away.. not too pleased with what's going on. Seeing her duck in his perripheral has him turning and ducking. Just in time. He's usually a pretty good kid. No swearing, even when the adults are away, but.. not the case at the moment "Oh fuck!" and he's trying to run for the door. "Timing Jamie.. but then there's the flying glass.. he's covering his eyes, but he's hit in the face in areas unprotected and his arms with some of the glass. He goes down to the floor, where it might be safer. "Sis, floor, we've gotta get out of here!"

"Shut up!!" Dex yells to her fellow captives and then she gives the closet one a look of pure hatred. Though why she doesn't know, "You aren't taking me there!" She yells and the door behind Jamie is ripped from it's hinges and it comes flying towards and then up over Jamie though she may be hit with the door as it flies around her. It comes to a brief stop in front of Dex, who looks at herself in the door's reflection and then she cackles wildly. Her hands now outstretched and she looks towards the prisoner next to her.. "Bad." She mutters.

The door is sent flying into the prisoner and then she yanks the man from his bonds and uses his own chains to wrap around the door. Locking his bloodied body in place. Dextris looks enraged as the man screams and then she laughs. Lifting her hands, the door with the man lifts and floats around the room.

The chains rattle and snap at Trent and Jamie. Laughing the whole time, Dex wraps one chain around Trent and drags him to the far corner of the room, letting him hang there. "Stay ladies." She says in a silky smooth tone, kind of rough though. She hasn't been really talking lately.

Her body lifts into the air as she begins to levitate and hang there. Regarding Jamie with a wild expression, "And who are you?" her voice booms around them.

Dee arrives at the offending door that keeps opening and closing at random. There's no real pattern to it.

Thanks to the fact that it's Micah who texted her, she has a damn good idea what's going on here… Dee's experienced it for herself, after all. Doors don't just open and close on their own! Swearing, she searches for something to shove into the door to keep it open, but that's when the entire door just comes flying off its hinges and— solves one problem.

The next becomes rapidly apparent.

And there's the kids.

Her flock is still amassing. Bringing one or two in now is only going to prevent her from accomplishing anything. «Please. Hurry.» It's a plea to the animals. Fully within their rights to decide, she hopes - prays - that they come to her aid. In the meantime, she goes after the chain that's holding Trent captive, trying to pull him away. First priority is making sure the kids are safe. The second, is preventing more damage; that in mind, Dee's pale eyes look in Dex's direction and narrow.

Jamie, taking Trent's advice, drops to the floor… just in time, really, as the door goes flying overhead. But, as soon as the chain wraps around Trent, she's back on her feet. "Hey, let him go!" She looks back up to Dex then, and swallows, missing Dee's arrival as she answers, "I'm Jamie. Let him go! We'll leave you all alone, I promise!"

Trent's foot is snagged and he's flying through the air, then left dangeling. Screaming himself like he did the day he thought he killed Jamie. He's giving Jamie a look… the fear apparent. Thinking his life is about to end.. he's scrambeling, trying to free himself from the chain.. Then there's Dee, poor Trent hasn't realy seen her yet. "Jamie, get out of here, go get mom.." forgetting she's not, at this point. His tears and the blood that trickles from the cuts on his face stinging his eyes.

"Ah ah ah ah." Dex lifts a finger as she spins to look at Dee. "The Huntress has arrived. But.. does she betray me? Ahh fuck!" she says in anger and throws her hands up, Dee would feel her body being lifted up as she lifts her hands. Dee's on a fast track to the ceiling above her. That can't be good. "I gave you everything, I tried my best to help you! All of you!" she says as she takes the other prisoner next to her and rips her from her bonds, a arm or leg might have been broken. Yeah, that's okay though. She's just thrown into the corner.

"Jenn? Where is Jenn? Do you know?? I have to get to the funeral. Mom will be waiting." She says frantically and then she's clutching her head. Screaming loudly, holes are blown through all the walls around them, the last prisoner is thrown backward along with the wall, yanked by her chains. The whole wall that the door was attached to is blown through and just falls to the ground.

"Let's leave." She says and then she's muttering a few words in French as another chain wraps around Jamie, dragging her up into the air and making her float along with her. Dee's body is pulled along with Trent's. "You lie! You lie! Why would you murder her?! Couldn't she be happy? Couldn't they just love each other?!" she screams, spit flying from her mouth as the ceiling begins to fall in.

A snarl escapes Dex as she regards the three people with her pitch black eyes, soulless and not feeling a thing. "She was pregnant you know.. a sibling of mine." Dex says that last bit with a scream and she blows the other walls behind them. The debris fly all around the room and around Dex, she smashes a few pieces together. When she drifts near another wall, she rears her head back and slams it into the wall. A fierce crack ripping through the wall and making it crumble away as blood comes down from her forehead. Her control lessens for a moment as she puts a hand to her hand and blinks.


//"Gor-am telepaths— !" Dee explains as she's hefted up toward the ceiling. It's about all she has a chance to say before she slams into it; it knocks the wind out of her.

This has to be the same stuff that they tested on her, she thinks, as she tries to suck in a gulp of air. It's hard when her lungs don't want to respond. "Yuh— Hrk— " she attempts, but it's like there's no room in her chest to hold any oxygen. A glance over her shoulder lets her know that this building is going to come tumbling down if she doesn't do something, and fast.

«NOW. Now, now! NOW!!»

An old place like this is just full of rats. They come up through the floors, through the standing walls — they even fall down from the ceiling. Suddenly, where there were no rats before, there are hundreds. Some fall directly on the hallucinating telepath. Others have to go a few steps before they pile atop each other to reach the levitating woman and latch their teeth into her legs. «Stop her. Stop her.»

Meanwhile, Dee is still reaching for Trent, trying to get a hand on him. After that, she has no idea what she's going to do. At least, finally, she's able to breathe, so she speaks. "It'll be okay, guys. We're gonna get outta 'ere."

Jamie blinks as the chain wraps around her, "Ow!" This, though, doesn't cause her to panic. The insane hallucinatory rambles of Dex, though, seems to put the fear in her, though, and it causes her to hesitate just a moment. "Get him out," she yells to Dee, then, though. Then, she turns into water to flow out of the grip of the chains, dropping back to the floor unless Dex catches her liquidness telekinetically.

Trent feels Dee's hands on him, he didn't notice her before now, with his fear. He screams at first, especially since the building seems to be crumbeling around them. "Don't touch me!" Thinking it was Dex. Then tries to rub the blood and tears away.. and it's Dee, "Oh um.. a.. wh.. who are you?" Then he's looking around for Jamie, in time to see her turn to water, again. She's safe, so far but he's in a lot of trouble. "You're not one of them are you?" Afraid of Dee at this point. Her words unheard in his fear.. and the thumping in his head..

"Ow!!" Comes the response from Dex as she is bitten into. Oh, so the pretties want to play? Dex shakes her legs and then rips the rats off her legs, taking bits of her skin but that's fine. She doesn't mind much. Her blood sprinkles onto the ground as Dex cackles and groups the rats together and takes sections of the wall to smash them. Two of the rats float near Dee and they are ripped apart right next to her, blood and bits flying onto the animal lady.

An unseen force makes it so that the rats fall around Dex but not on her anymore. The brief bit of pain does make it so that Dee and the others are dropped.

Good for the kiddies, bad for Dee-Dee. There's a large shard of glass coming her way, and it's coming fast. "Kill the traitors!" She yells as she throws the rats at Jamie, Trent and Dee. "Don't let them dishonor your queen!!" she says with a growl and she's throwing her hands out and about, objects still flying wildly about.

Another wall comes down and this one was the one leading into a spacious room.. Dex zips outside of their current room and she drags everything else out with her, people and objects alike. Though she doesn't keep hold on the people, so they just come flying out. The objects still fly around crazily though. She's not letting her precious things down. She begins to sink to the ground and she stands with hands braced and she looks at Dee. "If you want your freedom.. then you earn it." She says and winks at Dee as she positions herself into a loose fighting position.

The loading docks are totally different then the larger room that they get thrown into. Almost everything has been stripped from the place, but there also happen to be large counters that must have been where people lined up and cut up meat back when this place was open. They are built into the floor, but they rattle under the pressure of the telekinetic. And to think they'd gotten away from the chains and the covayer belt? No— no they did not. There's even more chains, twisting and whipping through the air, pushing away from Dex at first, then whipping back towards her in her insanity.

The cries of the remaining prisoners fade into whimpers and whines, the torn apart one making no sounds at all, as she bleeds out in the corner.
God, those poor rats. That's all she can think of.

And yet, they're doing this because Dee asked. It's almost unfair. They might not look like it, but they have families. Little rat families with thousands of little rat relatives and—

Bugger it.

Time to bring in the air force. She has to let go of trent to shield her face as rats come flying at her, but at the same time, she's bringing in the most hated, despised animal known to man.


Many of them come through the windows, shattering those that are still intact. Dee doesn't know how many she's managed to contact, but it's a good number. They're Kamakazi-dive-bombing Dex's head, sharp little beaks set to kill - not stun.

Freedom? She hears the word. That's when a nice, sharp piece of glass slices right into her midsection.

It's painful. But it must feel worse than it actually is. On the floor now, she pushes herself up on her elbows, then on her hands, trying to take in this new room. It… Kind of feels like she's falling apart, and pressing her hand to her stomach, she can feel why. Her shirt is warm, sticky, bloody. And as she moves her fingers toward the offending gash… It's like a chasm. A chasmy right there across her stomach that — she can feel —

Eyes widen as she comes to the conclusion as to just how bad she's been hurt.

«I can't… I don't know where…»

A seagull explodes into a feathery, bloody mess as the chains tear it apart. A few try to make it through the whirling vortex of stuff to Dex while the remaining rats attempt to reach her again, to bite and draw blood.

…Dogs. «You might die,» she says to them.

Jamie stays in liquid form. Whether it's due to the fact she's safer like that, or the fact her clothes are flying off into the other room isn't clear. Whatever the case, flowing along the floor she quickly moves after Dex and the others. Doing her best to keep up, she flows like a little stream into the new room, not at all caring that rats are around her any more than she cares about the debris when she's in this form. She just wants to get to and help Trent.

Trent was clinging to Dee, but then they are dropped. His hip smacking into the counter, rather hard.. an odd cracking sound can be heard and a yelp of pain. Then he's on the floor in an awkward position the pain pretty bad. "Jamie..?" he murrmers, trying to look for her, but with her a puddle of water, he can't. He's then he's passing out.

Dex screams as the birds don't get to strike her in the head but they do get to her arms and torsos. She's upset, so there goes the bird's legs and wings, now there are bits of bird flying around along with the rat bits. The telekinetic grips her injuries and she leans against the wall and then she throws herself into the middle of the room. Screams leave the woman.

Everything begins to fly around the room, birds and rats making noises as a tornado of things fly around her. It might be a good time to leave now. "No no no!!" she screams over and over as she clutches her head and rocks back and forth.

Dee presses her arm to her stomach. She's seen worse. She's sure she's just scared… And who wouldn't be with all this stuff going on!?

Then, she looks up. «Stop. Out!» she yells to the remaining creatures. «Get out! Now!»

She saw that girl turn to water. All Dee can do is hope that Jamie is okay, because she certainly can't carry water! "This place is— Comin' down…" she mutters, staggering to her feet and literally holding her insides in. There's one thing she has to do before she bleeds out. Reaching for Trent with one arm, she pulls the boy over her shoulder, ignoring any thrashing or protests of pain. He'll thank her later.

The trek out seems to take forever. It's as if the door keeps getting farther and farther away. Finally, though, they're out under fresh air.

Good! Jamie, of course, sees that Trent is getting out of there. Of course, now she has to as well. Flowing fast as she can manage, she stays behind Dex. A few seconds behind, that is. Is it fast enough to get out in time?

Trent doesn't protest, with the head rush before being dropped, he's still passed out. A few bouts of pain from his hip brings him to but not for long. Hopefully Jamie makes it out, but at this point he's not sure what exactly is happening.. other then he's being carried.

As the building collapses around her, Dex's black eyes have tears which fall down her face. "See ya soon.." she says to nobody and then she's looking around and clutching her whole body again, rocking back and forth. As the walls fall and the frame of the place comes crashing down.

One of the seagulls comes flying out of nowhere and nicks Dex in the head, her eyes widen and everything freezes as she blinks. Suddenly, everything, including the bird comes rushing in fast to Dex. Brought together so fast that everything sticks together, a statue of blood and debris. Dex's memorial. The telekinetic field dies down and then is dispersed.

It's all over.

The packaging portion of the plant has collapsed in on itself, though the room that they fled into remains largely stable, if shaking and threatening collapse. The two remaining people chained up against the wall cry in fear, while the other two— well— they aren't crying anymore. A pool of blood gets dust and debris settling on it, as everything slows down and goes quiet. Sirens will likely follow soon after, but right now— right now they have dead rats, dead gulls, blood, debris, and a lot of pain.

A little farther. Just… have to get away from that room. It sounds like a freight train as it falls down behind them. God, the pain…

She holds out for as long as she can before she drops Trent as gently as possible - which isn't very. Giving a groan of pure pain, Dee herself then topples forward, face colliding with the floor - and read rats - as she curls into a forward-facing ball. Both arms are wrapped around the gash across her middle, and her vision is growing hazy.

Turning her head slightly to the side, she looks to see that Trent is still breathing. "Where… Where's the other one…?" she wonders, but she doesn't have any energy left to look for Jamie. «Turbo. If you're still out there… I… Need your help.» She can maybe get the kid up onto the horse's back. She's hoping.

Jamie makes it out just barely in time to keep from getting sucked into that statue. For a moment she stays water, but finally she changes back. After all that, with Trent and this woman that saved him hurt, she just doesn't care about modesty right at this moment. "I'm right here. I'm fine."

Trent is alive and breathing. It's shallow, but he's alive.. in a heap on the floor where Dee dropped him. He is not waking any time soon this time, however. His face bloody from where the glass cut him but the area around his eyes is at least spared.

The horse may be coming to answer her request, but she isn't the only one about to appear suddenly in the room. To say there was a sound effect would be exaggerating the soft sound of the air shifting as space and time folds in on itself to deposit a man in the room. Some of them have seen him, are familiar with him, but the injured boy, less so. The statue of debris would also recognize him, as one of her only friends during her stint in Level Five.

"Oh my god what happened here," the voice says, looking around at the debris, the blood, the dead animals— and the hurt child. Oh, and the one who isn't covering herself. Quickly his coat comes off, to be handed to her, as Peter moves in closer to the two injured ones. "Hey, stop trying to move. I can heal." Even in the debris, he recognizes the woman who taught him, briefly, to talk to animals. He knew her first in the future, when she was almost as damaged as she is now. "Daphne?" he asks, as he lays his hand on the kid first.

The area around Dee's eyes is almost grey by now. There's blood staining her lips. She still manages to turn and see Jamie, though, before she allows gravity to pull her to the floor. That's wet, too. Red. Very red. "There's a…" Her voice rattles a bit, and she coughs. "There's a horse coming to take you…" … "Somewhere safe."

Now she's just going to close her eyes and sleep, and hope it doesn't hurt too much when the time comes. It's nice, actually. She did some good. It made coming back worthwhile.

Her name — one she hasn't heard in awhile — causes her eyes to open again. Of course she recognises Peter Petrelli - vaguely - as the other guy who happened to be able to talk to animals. She's heard his name many times since, too. "Get— Get— I think they're okay. I dunno if— " She wants him to get the kids out of here, but the more she wills herself to say it, the more it feels like she's on some sort of really good sleeping medication. Her eyes unfocus. "Get'emout," she manages, pressing her arms tightly around her.

Jamie looks up at the sudden arrival, and brightens, "Peter!" She gratefully takes the coat and wraps herself up, "Thanks. My clothes are in there." She indicates the collapsed room. "Can you help them?" The last, of course, meaning the two injured ones.

Trent feels a warming sensation flooding through him. The hip was fine, it was the leg socket, that was definetly broke, and the bone was out of joint. Though there is still a crack, and the leg doesn't quite go back into place. Then his other wounds heal, but they are going to scar some. He comes to with not so much pain, and tries to sit up, but with no luck with the leg out of joint. "Jamie?" he hears her and looks around. Trying to sit up. He sees the carnage and cringes. The blood and tears still drying on his face.

The healing done, it leaves him looking a little winded, sweat beading onto his forehead, but Peter doesn't stop, looking once to the fallen debris, then toward the people chained up against the wall. Luckily the power to the building has been cut off, the buzz stopping, so perhaps they won't have to fight the remaining two who whimper quietly against the wall. In their collars.

"What happened here?" he asks, as he looks toward the two dead people, then back at the woman he recognizes, laying his hand on her face despite her telling him to get them out. Her eyes are unfocusing, but hopefully… hopefully he can help with that as he tries again to heal.

Instead of continuing to glass over, Dee's eyes close as the healing touch overtakes her, knitting the critical, nearly-fatal wound across her stomach. One day, she can tell her kids that she met a velociraptor and lived. It's kind of true!

Of course, healing the wound doesn't make all the blood go away, nor does it cure the sick feeling that's slowly making her stomach turn. The ragged gash closes, knits, and leaves a smooth pink scar from one side to the other… But she'll live.

Her lungs don't really appreciate all that fluid inside them, though. She coughs, automatically pushing herself up on her hands and knees. She spits; it's pink, and tastes awful… But not as awful as the bile that follows, which is much better left undescribed.

Breathing heavily, Dee rests back on her ankles, hunched over with her hands on her knees. "The— woman…" She gestures to the other room. "Actin' like they made 'er power go all … wonky." It's about all she can think of to say at the moment.

Pulling the gash in her shirt apart, she looks at the healed wound, touching it. She should say something right about now, like 'thank you.' Instead, she stretches back out on the already slick floor. It's not like she can get any dirtier.

Jamie smiles again as Trent wakes up, "Hi." She looks up to Peter then and explains, in a fast babble, "We just came in to explore and there were people here in collars and one of them woke up and she was all crazy and she moved stuff with her mind, everything and wrapped us up and I turned into water and then she came in and helped get Trent out and I followed and everything fell apart." Here she finally has to stop for breath.

Trent tries to get up, but between the gunk on the floor, and his right hip socket not fully together it's difficult. "Ow ow… hi.." he says to Jamie. he sighs and stays put, for now. "Yeah, what she said." He tries to wipe at his face, with his hand all covered in gunk, between his own blood, and the gunk from the floor, it's a real mess. His blond curls caked to his head, with sweat, blood and what have you. His brain all fuzzy, with everything that's gone on, and Dee having tossed her cookies. It's not making the boy's head think any clearer. "The collars were all red lights, then the woman's one went to blue."

It took more time than Micah had hoped to get down to Gemini Meats, particularly relatively undetected by traffic cameras and the like. His eyes widen at the police horse. "Shhhh," he attempts to soothe it, holding out a hand. "Just hang on…" not that he's talented with animals really. No, his forte is technology. He manages to sneak through a hole in the fence (turns out he's smaller than a police horse).

Once he's on the other side, he slowly enters the building, taser in one hand, cellphone in the other, still unsure of what he'll find, particularly now that the building is such a mess and there's seagulls and rats everywhere. His eyes widen as he scans the warehouse. "Jamie… Dee… Peter…" yup, Micah's a little shocked at what he's walked into.

Finally his gaze lands on a person ripped apart. He stares. Yes, it's rude, but it's what he does.

"You're going to be okay," Peter tries to reassure those present, looking from one to the next, before into the rubble. Many powers could have caused that, but for a moment he can't help but stare, as if he's catching some vision of the past. His mind seems to wander off, his breath quickens. Only Micah's words finally snap him out of it. "I— we need to get the collars off the others. If they remote activated her and she went on a rampage, the other two must also be dangerous. Micah? Time to test your theory." And please, god, don't blow up your hands. Cause he can't heal that.

"We'll need to get out of here as soon as we get them." He looks back toward the rubble, and then starts to stand. "I'm going to go get her body," he simply says.

When she was on the savanna, She never quit. And even now, as tired, scared and sore as she is, Dee pushes herself back to her feet, wobbling, shoes slipping a bit in the mess. Her hand is still pressed against her stomach, as if - if she were to move it - she'd find her insides falling out again. "I can't go out there lookin' like this," she says. "It'll draw too much attention. N' someone already knew we were 'ere." Her expression turns to the kids… Despite being glad they're okay, she's also furious. "What th'bloody 'ell were you two doin' 'ere?? Yah coulda got yerselves kilt. Christ." She runs her hands through her hair. It feels gross, because right now, it is. Looking over her shoulder and spotting Micah, she adds, "If ya woulda sent me that message a minute later…"

Jamie sits wrapped in just Peter's coat, on the floor near Dee and Trent. She looks up to Micah as he comes in, using one hand to keep the coat closed while waving a little with the other, "Hi Micah." She's shaken, but not near as terrified as most other girls her age would probably be, though she refuses to look in the direction of the dead bodies. She does flinch at Dee's berating, though. "We thought it was empty. Just… just wanted to look around. Find something cool."

Trent hears a new voice and looks toward Micah, then hearing his name.. "That's Micah?" yeah, he's in pain, and a mess, but he waves at the older boy as well. But then, there's Dee, scolding them. He looks up at her. "Maybe even something really creapy to freak Hallis out with." noting thay they both did have powers, and Jamie mentioning Micah did too. "and since I am not like you guys, maybe a weapon of some kind, since were all in hiding. Just in case." Though, the mess he's in, Hallis probably won't even let him in. If he could get there. Trying to scootch closer to Jamie. He then looks over at Peter, not sure that the woman is secured or anything. Since he was passed out. "Careful, she's a live wire."

Staring at the ripped apart body really consumes a lot of mental energy. That is, until Micah hears his name. He manages a determined nod. "I… I can do this…" he takes a step towards the whimpering prisoners offers Trent a very quick wave, but before he addresses them he murmurs, "Sorry. I sent the text as soon as I could…" his cheeks flush a little as he nears the pair of collared prisoners. "Hi. I'm Micah. You're going to be okay. I am going to deactivate it using my ability. I talk to technology. And I've seen the schematics. Just stay calm, okay?" he offers them both a reassuring smile — although considering his surroundings, it's very strained before he reaches up a hand to one of their collars and closes his eyes tightly, focusing on the task at hand. He feels his way through the technology, understanding its basic operations as he does so. After a few moments his eyes reopen. "It's deactivated," he's almost certain.

Deactivated? Yes. It shows that when the collar makes a clicking sound, all the lights go out, and it opens up. There's still the shackles holding the poor man to the wall, but he murmurs, pained and grateful.

Peter, on the other hand, isn't visible for a time. There's the sound of crashing, rubble shifts and moves, tossed aside with the same ability that brought it falling down. What he retrieves is barely recognizable as the beautiful yet troubled woman he knew in Level Five, but— he knows.

A shift, and then he's back, arms empty. He couldn't bring the body where they could see it, just like the ripped apart woman in the corner, and the third dead body are also gone, teleported out while time was held at a standstill, somewhere else— somewhere he can deal with their bodies later. Casualties of Alpha Protocol.

Or in this case, Gamma Protocol.

"Did you spend the last few years in Australia?" he asks of Dee, before he walks over to slice the binds holding the poor people against the wall.

And there's the sirens.

"We're running out of time."

Dee's eyes glance over toward the ripped up prisoners now. "I'm almost sure t'was tha' stuff we tested on me," Dee says. "She were talkin' to people who weren't there, I think. Somethin' 'bout killin'. She was 'allucinatin', I bet. Jus' like I did." She pulls the tear in the shirt apart again, as if to mae sure she's healed, before she hesitantly pulls her hand away.

She's so exhausted, though. Losing so much blood will do that to a person. Still, she can't go to the hospital. All Dee can do is go home and drink plenty of water and get some rest. Laurel's going to kill her or something.

About to say more to the kids, she bites her tongue. She's sure they've learned a lesson without her driving it in even further.

Sirens! "Crikey," she mutters under her breath, not even noticing that the bodies are just gone. "S'a long story, Peter," Dee says. She can sum it up in two words, though: "Brain damage."

Looking back toward the door, she wonders how they're going to get out of here without being seen. Dee could do it, but the kids? Actually, as tired as she is - and as bloody - she's not even sure she could slip past anyone unnoticed. "Anyone got a plan? Now's th'time."

Jamie pulls her knees up under the coat, hugging them to her chest as she looks from one person to the next. She looks up and asks Peter as he slices the prisoners free, "Can you get us outta here the same way you came in?" Then she comments, looking to Trent, "Bet Sydney will freak."

Trent looks down as Jamie mentions Sydney.. he bites his lip and then tries once more to get up.. he knows Jamie can't be seen, or the others. "I might go to Juvvie, but go, leave me. Save yourselves, I'm just a regular mortal." the boy tries to be brave. "I.. I'll think of something to tell them." But he can't get up, or move much. Which frustrates him.

The instant the first collar is deactivated, Micah moves to the second, issuing the prisoner that same reassuring smile. "It'll be okay. I promise." Of course, he's a little more confident this time. Reaching out his hand, he closes his eyes again and focuses, concentrating. Reaching out with his ability, he finds his way through the technology, faster than the last time. Just like before, it deactivates. He smiles again. At least he can take out the collars. Now to find a way to do it remotely.

"We're all mortals, silly," Micah says in response to Trent with a smirk. He nods at Jamie, "Can you get us out of here… like the other day at the park?"

"That was my plan," Peter says, while he holds onto the two prisoners, eyes sliding shut. They disappear together. Unseen by any of the kids (and Dee) he puts them to sleep when he gets them where he's going thanks to an old Company friend, before reappearing. "Okay, I should be able to handle the rest of you at once." But he's not a teleporting bus! With most of them young and small, it's easier. "Grab onto each other," he instructs, before reaching out to grab onto two of them.

As the sirens get closer and closer, they disappear from the scene, to reappear in a warehouse that he knows of. Though not the same floor as the bodies he'd dropped off.

The two rescued prisoners are snoring on the floor.

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