2007-10-07: Geeks R Us


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Summary: Despite feeling a little tired, Elena has a few friends over for movies and pizza. The NYU gang contemplates cheesy TV shows, and Halloween costumes.

Date It Happened: October 7th, 2007

Geeks R Us

Elena and Nadia's Apartment, East Centennial Apartment Building

She wasn't feeling very well - in fact she feels a little tired. That doesn't stop her, however, from inviting a bunch of college kids over for pizza and a movie. Elena hasn't seen her friends in a while, and now that she has her own apartment with Nadia out with Leo somewhere, she can have free reign over the place. So while people are coming in, she's ordered a few large pizzas, some soda, and dug out her DVD collection. It isn't much….but she knows Ian has a heftier collection so she put him in charge of picking the movie. No romantic comedies today…hopefully anyway.

She drags a couple of bean bag chairs out of her bedroom. The floors are hardwood so it's easy to slide them along the surface for people to sit on. She also tidies up a little. Not too much, she and Nadia keep the place clean anyway. But while she's waiting for them she also manages to find a few bags of chips and the microwave popcorn.

Romantic comedies, to Ian's mind= Grosse Pointe Blank. Which is among the discs in the folder he brought. There's also the entire Star Wars trilogy, the Lord of the Rings, all sorts of stuff - he's schlepped in a whole CD wallet full of DVDs. "What? I didn't know what you like, and I'm a huge nerd," he says, coming in, throwing up his hands in mock exasperation.

Monica shows up in an NYU hoodie and jeans. Girl dresses simply, and has a twelve pack of PBR in her hands. "Hey, Elena." she calls out. "Who else is here?" She takes a look around the apartment and whistles impressively at the decor. "Who'd you get to do this place up, the Fab Five?"

She had left the door open for her guests to come in. Sure, Elena should be a little worried about the Acid Woman knowing Peter's address - but from what he had also told her, she had been shot by Nathan. Hopefully she's still out somewhere licking her wounds. But when Ian steps through the open doorway, she looks up from where she is after putting out a bowl of Tostitos and homemade guacamole and sour cream. "What? Let me see," she says, peering at the CD wallet…and she grins. "Looks all good to me. Not surprised you brought Star Wars though." She glances over at Monica, and she laughs. "You're….closer than you think. My boss has this…" Don't say Ditto. Don't say Ditto. "…friend who's this huge metro. Won a few interior design awards. I begged and begged and begged until he said yes to helping me out with the place. Come on in. Mi casa es su casa."

"Mi crotch es su crotch," Ian adds, apropos of not a goddamn thing. Apparently he just like messing with Elena. "Well, do we want funny, or adventure, or what? I've got the rifftrax for most of these - Terminator, Raiders of the Lost Ark, the first two Matrices…." he trails off, finally looking around, giving the apartment a beetle-browed stare.

Movie night? This is a foreign concept to him. At other people's places, anyway. But this is an exception from the routine of staying up late working on drawings. Mikhail said he was coming over, but apparently he ran a little over the usual class time (and maybe more) to get things in order. Better late than never, right?

Jogging along, he makes his way over, the messenger bag bouncing in time to each fleet-footed step. Sure, he isn't in his finest, but he doesn't care - it's not like he goes all out every time.

Actually, his clothes are…normal. Like, not his sort of normal. And once he makes it to Elena's door, he catches onto the doorframe and breathes. It takes a couple of seconds to readjust himself. "…Sorry. Laundry day."

She swats Ian's shoulder at that. "You can keep -that-, dude," Elena says with a laugh. "I don't want it. But….ummmmmm. Monica, you pick." Monica? Why Monica? She has a reason - it will be unveiled later. But she gestures to the CD-wallet that Ian brought with her, grinning a little bit at the displaced New Orleans native. Mikhail's voice floats from the doorway, and she turns around with a welcoming grin. "Hi, Miki, we were just…"

She pauses, taking a gander at the pirate outfit.

"…..arr?" she offers helpfully, handing him a bag of potato chips.

Monica puts a hand on her hip and gives Ian an oh really? look before rolling her eyes and grinning. Then Elena is nominating her pick, and as she bends over to look at the case holder, in comes Captain Miki. "Woah. Ya killed Captain Jack and raided his closet." she says in amazement.

Ian just grins real big. "Yeah. It's a very nice crotch, I prom-" He peers at Mikhail. "What're you, a refugee from Disneyworld?" he wonders, handing off the CD wallet to Monica without thinking about it. "You pick," he echoes, as if Elena hadn't said just that.

It's not like he had much of a choice. He knew he should have done the laundry last week. "Yar," he replies with a lopsided grin, taking the bag happily. Ooh, potato chips. Stepping inside, he sniffs, making an amused face. "…It would've looked weird without the hat," he explains further, shrugging a shoulder. "Besides, I make it look good." The hat comes off, leaving the brightly-colored scarf over his head. It gets annoying after a while and it wouldn't be good to have it while viewing a movie. Humming the Pirates of the Caribbean theme, the chip bag is opened. Nice place, indeed. "So. Movie?" he asks, crunching on some of the poor, helpless chips.

"Yes, Miki. Movie. Monica gets to pick." The other young man ALMOST continues that thought, to which she groans at Ian. "Well, the pizzas are in the living room. Nadia's family owns Famous Vitos so we can get a bunch really without paying for it. I went with one cheese, one Hawaiian, and two meatlovers since I know Miki goes into a coma if he doesn't eat anything that didn't used to bleed." Sweet. "Also…oh, wait!" She turns around, and walks back into the kitchen. After digging around the cupboards, she comes out with a small cake, and a small candle on top. She didn't have the time to bake - she bought this on the way home from school, but the words: WELCOME TO NYU MONICA is on the top of the chocolate icing. "Welcome to the fold, Monica," she tells her. "….may God have mercy on your soul."

"Alright, alright!" Monica flips through the case, pauses at one, and then carefully slides one of the discs out. She holds it up for collective approval: Casino Royale, the updated version.

"Vito's. That name makes me laugh so hard every time I hear it," Ian snickers, but he does move in on the pizza. He nods approvingly at her choice. "I love that movie. I love how they do the shot where he comes up out of the water like Honey McWhat'sherface in Dr. No. It's such female fan service," he approves. "Not that I wouldn't totally go gay for Mr. Craig," he adds. "I approve your fashion choice," he adds to Mikhail, with mock solemnity.

Pizza? "Oh, awesome," Mikhail perks, wandering over a la Jack Sparrow. Unintentionally. He's totally oblivious about the crotch thing with that one-track mind of his. The decriptions of each pizza match the visuals perfectly.

Pausing, Miki looks back over at Elena. "Thank you," he says in a small yet happy voice, his eyes almost sparkling.

Back to getting the MEAT pizza. "And as long as we know the connections, we can get…more pizza," Mikhail nods, taking two slices on a paper plate. The bag of chips is set down because he can't hold that and eat delicious pizza at the same time, sadly. By the time Ian speaks of his clothes, the artist glances over with a mouth full of it. "Mrrfpfhr," Mikhail replies. And the movie choice? Well, he just looks curious about it.

"Mmmmmmmmmm. Daniel Craig." Elena fangirls with Ian. Except…well. He was fanboying and she was fangirling, but who's paying attention, right? She puts the chocolate cake on the table and flops on the couch. "Casino Royale it is, then? Awesome, I haven't seen Casino Royale in a while, not since it came out in the theaters." She gravitates towards the Hawaiian pizza. Because she's starving, and she likes pineapple. "So what's been up with you guys? I haven't seen you all lately."

"Studying." says Monica empatically, helping herself to - ooh, Hawaiian! - pizza and then looking for a place to drape herself. "Studying and working like a damn dog. And pulling my hair out over picking a major, even if I don't have to declare for another two semesters."
Well, arguably Ian is fangirling, considering. "YEah, me neither, I think," He shrugs, gracefully. "Not a damn thing. Coasting through classes, missing the surf, watching movies."

Between bites, Mikhail salutes Monica for her entry into NYU and thinks about answering that 'what's up' question. His lower lip juts out a little as the pizza lightly taps against it. Well, it's not like much has happened in between events. Just the usual lull of school and art junk. An easy, already-prepared answer. "The usual. Artsing. Trying to get a theme going." The works?

"You still need to tell me when you're showing your stuff," Elena says, poking Miki's side a bit. And then she takes the DVD from Monica so she can pop it in the player and they can start watching James Bond. Flopping back on the couch, she chews on her pizza. "I think I'm coming down with something, I've just been -tired-," she says, stifling a yawn. "But….uh…yeah, not much on my end either. It's October, so….weather's getting cold. I'm actually half excited, half dreading what my boss is planning as a Halloween party. His last costume party got a little wild."

"If you don't score invites for us, I'm not gonna talk to you for a week." Monica declares, grinning across at Elena. Then to Ian, "You surf? I gotta see that." Yeah, she really does. Her smile widens, a shared bit of not-so-secret. Rocking her head back so she can look at Mik, "You gonna have an art crawl? When?"

"I'm a fucking great surfer," Ian says, even as he flops down on the couch with a plate of pizza held with surprising delicacy in one hand. "What sort of theme?" he wonders of Mikhail, before stroking his chin thoughtfully at the mention of a Halloween party. "I need a good costume this year," he muses. Apparently the STar Wars ones don't count.

Mikhail leans over a little at the poke, his fancy jacket wrinkling with the movement. "Ack, yeah, I still need to ask," he says, sticking out his tongue. Now to answer Monica. "It might be next semester, or it may even be at the end of this one. They're never clear on dates." Pause. "Unless I have to set up one myself and get busted for it." Worth a shot.

He follows Elena over to the couch, settling on…the arm and the backing. A satisfied sigh signals he's ready for movie-watching on his newfound perch. "Um…that's the problem," Miki says in regards to Ian's question. "Typical art-related ones? I've been trying to connect the ones I have in mind, but they're just not working." Vague, he knows. Nothing else is said about the Halloween stuff, but he's interested. Not like he's been planning more costumes or anything…

She laughs. "I'll see what I can do. I work for the PR department at Evosoft, so…" Elena says, flashing Monica a grin. "And I better be able to then otherwise we wouldn't be able to hang during Dance Corps practice." Wiping her chin with a napkin, she starts on her second slice of pizza. "Have you actually tried getting to the surf out here, Ian? Probably not as great west-side though…I hear the waves in Cali can be massive." When Mikhail answers Ian's question, she blinks at him. "Well…you can always go for the mysterious artist thing. You know." She turns her voice into something a little raspier. "There is MEANING in all of these paintings, but the real art is what you THINK it is…" Or something crazy and confusing like that and just paint whatever." The part about costumes causes her to laugh. "Man. I actually haven't dressed up for Halloween in a really long time. I don't know what I'm gonna do for it."

"Something slinky for that boyfriend of yours." Monica says. "Like a naughty nurse or something." She grins across at Elena and notes, "Don't they have surfing on the Massachusetts shore or something? But you're right, not as big, I'll bet. I've seen pictures." She lets out a laugh. "Convince your boss to fly us out for a day to LA or something just so we can watch Ian surf, Elena." Har har.

Ian drums the fingers of his free hand on the arms of the couch, scarfing down pizza like it's gonna end up in some sort of Jack London survival of the fittest dog fight if he doesn't beat the others to it. "I'm gonna be a Chia Pet," he announces, after a few moment's silent cogitation on the subject. And then he nods gravely to Elena. "Not yet. Gotta get my car and my boards out here. I'm confined to shank's mare this semester," he explains, gravely.

Pizza nom. The art student almost gags on the part he's chewing, snorting at Elena's reply. "Oh gosh," he coughs, laughing lowly. It's true, isn't it? "I can, can't I? Man, that'd be great." To con those who come to look at his artwork will be amusing. "Well, I certainly can't say I did it because it looks pretty awesome. Eh. Whatever." He continues to faintly smile as Monica nad Ian talk, again snorting when Ian announces the Chia Pet idea. Still, he shakes his head. Crazy.

"What," Elena says with a laugh. "I don't do slinky costumes! Are you crazy? The last time I tried that, it…" She remembers Secret Lair, and when Jaden conned her into wearing the Robinette costume for Jaden. She groans. "Nevermind, but the LAST costume I wore, I was a female version of Jim West. You know, from Wild Wild West? The remake with Will Smith. Black pants, black jacket…" When Ian says what he does, she chokes. "Too bad I'm not Asian. I could've gone as a chinese takeoout box." Because that's something she would do. What Monica says causes her to laugh. "Maybe one day. Dude, if we had a videocamera we can totally dare Ian into doing the Baywatch thing. You know, run to the water all slow with 'Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'll be theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere' background music."

Monica blinks, sitting up to look at Ian. "No." she tells him solemnly. Like she has the power to ixnay his costume choice. Then Elena suggests Baywitch and Monica starts cracking up, trying not to send pineapple up and out of her nose.

"No, my hand to god, I am serious. It's not hard. Dye a sweatsuit terracotta orange, wrap some fake ivy around me….won't take but a minute. The Sith thing is for year round, I need something sillier for Halloween," Ian insists, pouting a little. And then he stares at Elena. "Do you want to see me in a red Speedo that bad? All you gotta do is ask…."

The ideas…the images…

So not helping Mikhail. It's one thing to think of the Baywatch girls running, but Ian with the girls? Now that was weird. The pirate zones out for a moment with a weird look on his face, his mouth caught between a grin and a look of horror. Now with Chia Pet hair.

"Oh my g-" Mikhail starts, almost falling off the couch with his pizza. It's more of a deep lean over the side.

"They SO did NOT wear red speedos in that show!" Elena cries, laughing as she leans back on the couch. "Stop projecting! Seriously, it'd be funny! We can put you in the credits as Ian Jacksonhoff. God…imagine if they did that though. Americans would cry, and Europeans would be turned on." She takes another slice of pizza out of the box. Between all four of them it's like a race to see who gets to the last slice of pizza. Aaaahh, just like the Gomez home. "But I'll have to take pictures if you're gonna show up on Halloween as a chia pet."

Monica wipes at her mouth with the back of her hand, holding up a hand as if she were witnessing in a Baptist church. "No!" she choke-laughs, shaking her head in denial. She will continue to veto the Chia Pet, though likely without success.

Ian mock-sulks. "Well. If you don't want me to be a Chia pet, you gotta give me better ideas," he says, folding his arms over his chest, having set the now empty plate down on the coffee table.

He finally returns from his descent, the pizza gone. However, he detects there are not many other pieces of the pie left. "Ahah, how about…uh…" Mikhail leans in the other's direction, his hand wandering over the box trying to snag at the pizza. "Um…man, I don't know," he grins helplessly, the image still strong in his mind.

"You should go as a Canadian Mountie, Ian," Elena says with a grin. "If you want silly or dorky. Or….well, I wouldn't suggest a clown, it might get you killed." She rubs the back of her neck. "Screech from Saved By the— no. No, you can't pull it off, you're too cute to be Screech." She tugs on her hair as she thinks about it. "Being Nazgul for Halloween would be REALLY easy too but that's not really silly. If you hit Chinatown before it, you can totally go as Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China."

"Tarzan." Monica supplies helpfully. "Or he could buckle his swash, like a musketeer." She adds with a snicker, "Zorro."

Ian perks at that. "I totally could. Zorro. I used tolove that show when I was kid. That and RinTinTin, and I look way more like Don Diego than I do Rinty," he says, pulling himself up to get soda.

She laughs. "I actually had this crazy dream once," Elena says, picking up a can of soda and cracking it open. "Where my dad just….flew through a window with this dramatic glass breaking sound effect, dressed as Zorro, and he lands behind this dude who's dressed as a squirrel and carved a giant 'R' on its ass. He has this thing about not braking for small animals so….I don't know. It was weird." She takes another sip of her Pepsi. "What would YOU go as?" she asks, tossing a pillow playfully at Monica.

Mikhail grins, leaning back a little. "Not bad. You guys totally helped sway his costume decisions," he says to the girls. He would have said something about the Tarzan thing, but since it wasn't the top priority on the list, it was fine. And since Ian was going to get soda, he should just go and grab the other box of meatlover's. No one else would mind, and the others will have a pizza spared. Not to worry, he'll go when Ian comes back. For now, he listens. And waits.

Monica pauses a moment. "Cleopatra Brown? Oh my god, I just made myself a stereotype. I don't know. Y'all pick, but I get veto rights. I ain't going as a chia pet."

"That would be so hot. I mean, Cleopatra. Not the Chia Pet," Ian says. "Does that make me racist to think so, because really……" he trails off. Where's some pizza to go with that foot? He plunks some bottles of soda down on the coffee table.

"You're impossible," Elena tells Ian, tossing a piece of pizza crust at him. To Monica, she laughs. "I was gonna go say 'One of Beyonce's characters' but I didn't want you to think I was totally niching you or something." She takes a sip of her Pepsi and ponders. "Granted that costume would be really fun to wear I think with the shiny fabric and the boots…" She laughs. "I'll be a total geek though, if we find a bunch of other girls we can go as the Deadly Viper Assasination Squad from Kill Bill."

Like a ninja in pirate garb, Mikhail went back and forth from the table to his perching spot. The box is a dead giveaway of where he's been for that long. He catches the tailend of the ideas, nodding with interest. "And you can probably pull off some stunts while in costume," he adds, scarfing down the meat and cheese bread. "That'd be cool." Very cool. Or hawt. Or something.

Monica ooh's! "Would I be Vivica Fox? Or do we go for laughs and put me in the blonde wig and yellow track suit? Or the eyepatch? Or the kimono?"

Ian has stopped at that idea. Like, stopped cold. Visions of….you don't wanna know dancing in his head. Cue lustful reverie.

"You can totally be who you want to be Monica, though Vivica Fox is really pretty," Elena says with a grin towards her friend. "I dunno who I'd be. Maybe I can be O-Ren." She can't help but laugh, and blinks when Ian trails off. "…Ian…? Ian…." She waves a hand over his face. "….yeah I think we lost him."

Wow. That'd be interesting, too. Nothing wrong with mixing it up. He bets the girls can get away with it too, since they're pretty and all. Mikhail looks over at Ian, eyebrows rising up at the other's state of being. "He's dead, Jim," he finally says with a curt nod. And with that, he goes back to eating.

Monica rises, walks up to Ian, and pokes him in the forehead with her finger. "I like Vivica Fox and all, but she doesn't really have a definable look. You look at Uma or Lucy or Daryl and you know who they are, you know? You should totally be O-Ren, Elena. Then we can mock fight if I dress up as Uma in the yellow track suit."

Ian looks up, embarassed. "Uh, sorry, had to reboot," he says, in response to the poking. "I don't think I could pass as Bill, though."

"Yeah you're way too young looking to be Bill. If we get you a mustache and a sword you can be Hattori Hanzo," Elena points out to Ian with a grin. To Monica, she laughs. "Yes!" she says, pointing towards the other girl in mock victory. "You'd kick my ass though." She would know why, and Elena's a wuss. "But we can really fake it if we studied the DVD." See? Girls can be geeks too. "And we can gang up on Zorro!"

"Do eet," Mikhail responds, sounding sort of clogged with the food. "Do eeeeet~. Just take on the essense of each character! I want this on camera too." He really likes the idea. "Crossovers are great. People like crossovers." And he can say this all with a semi-serious face.

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