Portrayed By Tobey Maguire
Gender Male
Date of Birth November 3, 1988
Age 21
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Genius, Prometheus
Place of Birth Charleston, WV
Current Location New York
Occupation Inmate, Fighting Against The Man
Known Relatives Mr. Kensington (grandfather), Donna Kensington Dinkle (mother; deceased), Rodney Dinkle (father)
Significant Other ? ? ?
Known Abilities Technological Intuition
First Appearance That Crazy Thing Called Youth

Gene Jack Kensington is a mystery to those that don't know him, a young man who hasn't gone to college yet seems to be brighter than most. A teen who makes a decent amount of money yet he refuses to talk about his job. For those that know him and his quirks, he is one of a kind in more ways than one.

Oh, and he's a geek.


Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes, people choose the wrong job. Other times, they let a special person in their lives slip through their fingers and are forced to watch them get married to another. For Donna Bick, it was deciding to marry Rodney Dinkle. Her parents told her that she could do better. She was well-to-do, and was currently debating which aerospace school to go to, more than a few offering her a free ride. She told them that Rodney might be a simple car mechanic, but when he came to tow her car and they talked for the three hours in the truck, there was a special connection shared between them. Their courtship was bizarre, as she was the one that paid for the dates and Rodney usually expressed his affections through animalistic passion, but after a year, Donna was convinced that he was the one for her. They were married in the year 1990.

Shortly after the marriage, Donna found herself removed from the posh Washington D.C. parties of her political father and found herself living in the trailer parks in West Virginia. The man she loved quickly lost work and demanded that Donna not go to grad school that she needed to help provide for the couple while he found work. He never did. While Donna was swiftly having second thoughts about the marriage, the introduction of a son soon complicated the matter. It was only because of the promise of a son that Rodney's pleas of 'I can change' were heard when she threatened him with divorce. Rodney soon got work fixing cars while Donna worked as an office supervisor at a local factory. Until the child was born, things were peaceful and calm. Jack Dinkle's birth November 3, 1991 wasn't enough to save the marriage, only adding a complicated twist to the failed love story.

Donna was concerned about Jack's upbringing. While Rodney promised to get a better job for one reason or another, it never worked out. The two continued to argue and by the second year of Jack's life, Donna had the papers filed and ready to go. Donna's father, Robert Kensington agreed to help take care of his prodigal daughter while the legal proceedings went on and he could have the extra joy of seeing his grandson, who was said to be a smart little tyke. However, things did not go as planned.

The day after Saint Patrick's Day in 1993, a fire consumed the trailer park where the young family lived. While Rodney escaped on his own, fire fighters were unable to save Donna. Like a true mother, Donna used her own body to protect her child. While Jack was mostly unharmed, it's believed the fire is the cause of the serious asthma from which he suffers. While Rodney was arrested and charged for suspected arson, improper handling of evidence made it the case against him fell through. A couple court cases later and two years later, Donna's father was able to sue Rodney for Wrongful Death and gain custody of Gene. Both the murder cases and the civil cases took about two years in total and was in local news for a short time. In the final days before the final ruling, Rodney's defense lawyer told him he didn't have a prayer of winning and he should kiss his son goodbye that night. After a night of drinking, Rodney expressed his displeasure with the case on his son, ensuring the son was taken from his custody and landing Rodney in jail.

While still bearing the scar of the iron that had seared his back, a 5-year old Jack was given a new name and a new life. Given the new legal name Gene Jack Kensington to try and protect his son from the seemingly sadistic father behind bars, the young lad went from poor abused child to upper middle class family. While the grandfather was in politics on a mere local level, it was more than enough to ensure that his daughter's son got the upbringing he needed. He went to a private military school, where his natural academic abilities came to shine. While he showed some promise in the shooting competitions the school held, he was a poor athlete and found himself picked on by a few of his meaner peers. It was not his natural abilities that made him stick out in his grandfather's mind though.

When the lad was young, Gene enjoyed building the Lego kits his loving grandfather gave him. When he was 5, Gene built things that had ' For ages 7-8' written on them. When he was 6, he was working on Mindset Lego sets that had power sources and sensors. By 12, he was already beginning trying to make his own battlebot after being inspired by watching Battlebots on TV. While he was doing well in all his other classes, considered a gifted student, it was hard for the grandfather to keep Gene challenged in the field of technology. He was a sponge. Family friends thought that he was still a mere boy, merely a Mozart of Robots. No one knew his potential until Robert finally allowed him to enter his battlebot at the age of 14 as a father-son team.

Flamez0r was a dumb name for a battlebot, but it surprised the robotic community when the spinning flame-wielding robot tore through the competition. It was compact, responsive, and tough as they come. When officials checked it out to see if there was any foul play involved what they found was ingenious design. While everyone was baffled, a head hunter for Laurence Lancaster soon seized the opportunity. He offered the child a chance to be in an environment where he would be taught by the best in robotics and given the chance to better himself. The grandfather was concerned, but after repeated pushing by the Gene and promises that Robert would be able to visit Gene whenever he liked and it would be for free, the elderly guardian relented.

In just two years, Gene's special tutelage brought him to the 'current' level of robotics. When he asked what comes next, he was merely shown the robotic lab of Lancaster Electronics. He was put in to work with defense contracting, able to use his unique and impressive ability to make new remote controlled and unmanned weapons. While Gene gained much knowledge and a place to explore his special ability; he found he lost just as much as well. While he could keep in contact with his grandfather, the top secret security projects he found himself working on required him to remain mute on most of what he was working on. Gene found that his work and love alienated him from most of his peers that were more concerned about drinking than building better ultrasonic sensors. Still, he loved his work and loved pushing the boundaries of his skill and the field of robotics. Of course, Laurence did all he could to encourage Gene to lay low, not wanting his special abilities to make him a target for rival companies as well as those that would abuse his Ability. Two years later, Gene is still with robotics, merely transferred from the Virginian Robotics Lab to one in New York. The inventor rarely leaving the lab unless wanting to get a breath of fresh air or visiting with his grandfather, waiting for the chance to unleash his creations to the world.


A child wrought with tragedy, Gene is a well-meaning young man with a multitude of quirks. Due to his father's abuse and warnings from his grandfather, Gene is a secretive and careful individual, always worried about what might happen if he tells someone the wrong information or makes his abilities known. However, this is countered by his honest desire to help people and use his gift properly, meaning that he tries to help from the shadows as best he can, only coming out into the limelight if the cravings for attention prove to be too much for him.

When it comes to friendships, Gene often desires close and trustworthy relationships, but is often assumes his friendships are fleeting at best. While he is willing to forgive most slights quickly, he takes the issue of abandonment seriously, linked perhaps to his mother's death as well as the fact that his friendships have been few and far between in his life. However, if there is trouble involving a close friend, he is loyal and hardworking and often is willing to bend on some of his more rigid ways of doing business if given a kind word or a gentle touch. He will do a lot to protect his friends, often viewing himself as the brains of the operation, even if there are those more intelligent around him.

Meaning is important to Gene, and for him, most of it comes from doing good and using his abilities, something he believes is an extension and a part of himself. The idea of not using his gift in day to day living is unthinkable and Gene usually contents himself with making new and better devices or installing equipment, even if it is not needed by the person he is 'helping'. He is also obsessed with planning and scheming, making contingency plans for threats that may never come to pass. While this often annoys his more laid back peers; when trouble comes, those that know Gene usually come to him seeking information or help.


Gene's power is mostly one in his mind, allowing him to understand technology at a highly accelerated rate as well as retain and apply the knowledge he gains to further improve existing technologies or apply them in new ways. While his advances in science will always be constrained by restrictions of physics and human ability, there are a great many things he can do using his ability.

When looking at any technological object, a cell phone or a car, he can understand what it wrong with it if it is broken or malfunctioning. To do so, he must actually seeing the failing part in question or be able to get needed information through other senses (for example, he might be able to tell what is wrong with a car engine by hearing it rev up). Gene can understand new machines or devices, but he will be required to take them apart to see all the working parts inside and see how they work. Once he has had ample time to check the device out (which can vary according the complexity of the object), he can call upon that knowledge whenever he requires. For example, if he studies a diagram for a new cellphone design, he make one of his own if he had the required parts at any time. This memory pertains ONLY to technology. He can remember all the parts of a car, but can still struggle to remember a friend's birthday or what he had for lunch a week ago. When commiting things to memory, it is swift, but he must have total concentration or the entire process is ruined.

Using his genius levels of technology, Gene can create machines that are equal if not above the current level of human technology. Of course, there are restrictions to this. First, he must have the resources to do this. While he can make a bipedal robot with ease, he needs the right servos, power source, metal materials, AND construction materials to make it. This means that in order to make the best stuff, he needs to have the help of larger corporations or people that can provide him the needed goods. Second, they must be in a field he has researched and fully understands. Currently, most of his specialization is in robotic drones in a humanoid and vehicle nature which are piloted manually. Should he want to make a new gun or a special kind of ballistic armor, he will be required to do the needed research to understand the current technology before he can 'improve' upon it. While his ability to absorb technological information is swift, it takes time to gather the information, as well as figure out how to improve upon it. Gene cannot make anything that is currently outside of human comprehension (like a spaceship that travels faster than light), only improving existing technologies to a higher state (such as reducing the power needed by a Roomba by half and attaching a gun to it).


The following is a short list of Killbots that Gene has made and used. As they come up in RP, so too will the secrets of Killbots be recorded here.

  • R2-D2: Having been introduced at Jaden's infamous party, the popular robot from Star Wars is Gene's constant companion. Able to follow Gene's voice commands as well as 'speak', it is clear that this robot is the real deal. But what other surprises is held within its metal husk? Only time will tell.
  • T-1000: Perhaps the most famous Killbot in American History, Gene has been able to construct and use this metal monster in order to help save Heidi through liberal use of a metal bat. Constucted to appear like Arnold, this piece was intented to be a fun little personal toy to test out new robotic systems. The need for a quick muscle gave it a much deadlier destiny. Currently, he uses the killbot to test out new systems for what might be a new line of killbots in the future.


The list of cars, trucks, boats, planes, copters, and hovercraft that Gene has made, modified, or used. As they appears and their abilities revealed, they'll be mentioned here as well.

  • Bumblebee: Gene's 1976 Chevrolet Camaro is based off the leak of what Bumblebee will be modeled after in the Transformers movie. Built mostly by Gene over the last year or so, the car has been used to bus around Elena as well as a Getaway car in the Saving Heidi mission.
  • ????: Apparently an unmanned recon copter, Gene used this in order to spy in on the action in the Saving Heidi mission. It is currently unclear where he got the copter or what abilities it has outside of spying, a powerful spotlight and the ability to play the Terminator theme really really loud.
  • Predator Prototype: Used in yet another rescue effort of sorts, this unmanned recon vessel was used to find Niki was she was kidnapped in Vegas. Sadly, misunderstanding and certain powers meant that this expensive and seemingly irreplaceable (at least at the time) was soon destroyed.
  • The S.W.I.F.T.: Designed for high speed urban transport, the Speed Transport for Important Field Tactics trike was deemed a waste of money by the Marines, who Gene had originally planned to give it to use for the War in Iraq. While Gene kept the prototype due to a 'father's love', it seems like the project might be given new life.

Wonders of Science

This is the list of devices made by Gene for specific functions

  • Portable Scanning Device - Used to detect Evolved by a series of brain scans. While still needing a considerable amount of power, this device is able to preform a few forms of scans. The size is the key, as it is able to be transported in 2-3 briefcases, which is only amazing when one knows that the same machines usually are transported in a full-sized commerial truck.





See who goes where in the complex web of mild mannered Gene Kensington!

Coming soon, Gene's adventures in Pinehearst! Come for the 'Point-n-Click', stay for the killing of fake children!

Gene's Poop List

This is Gene's List of people that he is currently mad at. Unlike most lists, this is not of people he hates, but rather people that irk him in many ways, yet never really voices due to his passive aggressive nature and tendency to bottle his emotions. If he does ever exact revenge on these people, they will either have to continue to earn Gene's irk for months and months or do something serious to get a real response. Otherwise, Gene's act of retaliation may be so minor, they may not know Gene has had his revenge at all.

  • Jack: The first person on Gene's list, when the man got mad at Gene for wanting to help out Drake. While Gene wouldn't hold this against Jack if the geek was given the reason WHY Jack got mad at him, the fact that he never got an explanation NOR an apology gained the Irish the first spot on Gene's Poop List.
  • Desmond: Every time Gene tries to talk to nice attractive ladies in his presence, Desmond must always draw them away with the things Gene lacks. Like wit, social skills, and a sexy bod. Currently, Gene has no idea where this evil man is, but assumes that God killed him. Gene is very careful what he prays these days.
  • Megan: She always steals his favorite seat at Starbucks. Unknowingly, Gene is perhaps on HER Poop List as well. He has no idea what has happened to this woman, but believes that she no longer has a bottom. Gene is very careful what he prays for these days.
  • Trina: While he did crash into her car, there was no need to try and punch him in the face for it. He said he was sorry and willing to fix it after all. Crazy meaniehead. Gene has no idea what happened to this woman these days, but presumed she has no rage and a nice car. Gene doesn't mind if this prayer comes true or not.


  • "Is G-g-g-g-gene gunna have to c-c-c-choke a b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-bitch?" - Gene to a random killer before said killer got capped. Sadly, not by Gene. (Dancing in Blood)
  • "How the heck did you get my address? We're not in the phonebook."

"Um… Um… well, you see… You gave it to a friend of mine who is currently trying to help with stuff. Right now, he's my um…. bodyguard. …Um, I think the future me thought the past me knew Evelyn a lot better than the past me actually does." -Evelyn and Gene over the appartment intercom, with the final part being said to Peter. (Secret Agent Fail)

  • If there is anything /I've/ learned is that if you have better stuff than your oppoent, you can make them your b-word." - Gene to Cass in reference to technology. (Cameras and Colds)
  • "…I can respect that needs of many out weigh the needs of few. I build stuff on that principal," Gene to Elena, discussing a misunderstanding involving his sickness. (Circle of Friends)
  • "The man in the black motorcycle helmet moves through the corridors alone. His leather pants are loose, with red and orange flames at the bottom of the pant legs. He opens doors and peeks inside them, moving through the green and black hallways with a calm stride. After checking the last door on the hallway, he straightens out his black gloves and leather jacket and moves on. Prometheus is on the hunt. He travels alone, in a awesome yet graceful way, looking for truth and maybe some cheesecake. Because Prometheus would like a nice cheesecake. Or some Key Lime cake. Mmmm, Key Lime." - Gene speaking to himself while hacking. (Minds of the Future)


  • Amount of money R2-D2's made at parties in total: 60 bucks. Amount of money Gene has made at parties: 0.
  • Number of times Gene has been vomited on: 1
  • Gene is a horrid dancer and that's putting it lightly.
  • According to Gene, New York City is the place with the nicest group of hot ladies in existence. He has yet to travel enough to properly test his theory.
  • Number of times Gene has been punched since coming to NYC: 1 because Trina has a very long memory and ability to pick up a fight TWO YEARS after she left off.
  • Gene is the personification of the Myers-Briggs INTJ type (Mastermind).
  • Number of times Wikipage was hijacked: 1

Gene's Scorecard

This is the scoring for those that have earned Cool Gene Points, points that are mentally remembered, but rarely discussed by the Gene. While it is not known exactly what gains this points and how much each action is worth, it is clear that this points allow people to get many a cool thing from the Geek. Things that may increase Cool Gene Points are (but not limited to):

  • Dating Gene
  • Having Gene as your sugar daddy (Currently held by Gwen)
  • Saving Gene
  • Being Gene's friend
  • Making Gene be social
  • Being heroic
  • Helping Gene's friends
  • Smiting Gene's enemies
  • Making Gene feel important
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