2009-12-01: Gene's Boxers



Date: December 1st, 2009


The geeks play catch up, plan further.

"Gene's Boxers"

Geek HQ - Echo Base

A flask and a cup both rest on the counter. One is a drug known as propofol, and the second is a cup of MDMA with some plastic stretched over the top. Both are Gene's new 'tools' gained from a human source. After all, his heroing will be a lot easier if he can put the knock out stuff on his gloves, then as he rubs a guy's face he'll KO into his… Okay, maybe he won't use it like that, but the drugs will be useful, Gene knows it!

Having just finished talking with his drug supplier on a new source of possible trouble/help, Gene rests his modified radio down and pick up his laptop, seating himself against the wall has usual. "Time to make… THE ULTIMATE NON-LETHAL WEAPON," Gene begins to plot and plan, whistling 'The Night Santa Went Crazy' by Weird Al. Of course, this is made odder by the fact that he's still in his gi from the spar he had earlier today, but it's Gene… Odder is usually just odd enough.

Toweling her hair off, Bert walks out of the bathroom. Being the tomboy she is, lacking in some modesty, she's wearing Gene's Mario boxers. (Which she just swiped.) The pink tank top she wears with it has the Buffy logo on it. "Non-lethal weapon? Ohnoes, what would Dr. Horrible do?," she asks in a teasing tone as she approaches Gene. Her spirits are up, surprisingly. The recent holiday did have her bummed out, but laying undercover with fellow geeks did distract her.

Leaving the towel draped around her neck, Bert plops down on the floor near Gene and pulls over her own laptop. She's got her own research to tend to as well.

"Likely he would break into song, or write a memo to Evil Horse," Eric quips as he strolls out of the kitchen and holds up a pepsi in one hand and shakes it towards the woman in the boxers and tank top gently and in wordless ofering. It seems that the youngest Lancaster is relaxed as well in a pair of faded jeans and a t-shirt with Chewbaca on it that says 'Let the Wookie win' emblazoned under the angry wookie.

Relaxing with geeks is good for the soul it is.

Looking toward Bert as she makes her arrival, Gene just flushes as he begins to stumble over himself verbally. "He would… um…" Eric's answer is allowed to come in during this awkward lull before Gene finally regains the ability to shift his eyes. "Making the BaThor is not something Dr. Horrible would do. I am good. He wants to be bad. If we got into a fight, we'd be friends and team up against Bad Horse and SAVE THE WORLD. End of story." Apparently, Gene is THAT sort of fan fic writer. Which makes it good that he would never write any.

"So, where are all we at in the progression of SAVING THE WORLD?" Gene annouces, suggesting some sort of theme with the words he is tending to overdramatically focus on.

Bert snickers as she looks up at Eric, waiting on her laptop to boot. "Oooh, I could use one of those," she says about the offered Pepsi and holds up her hands for the catch. She's a bit clueless about what's got Gene flushed and stumbling verbally. It's just Gene being Gene, right? "Hmmmm….. perhaps.. depends on what Bad Horse was up to!" Since Dr. Horrible wasn't a typical bad guy. ANYWAY. "Uhm, not as far along as I'd like. Because I'd like for all of these to be over with us as champions and saviors of the world and evolved kind."

"Incoming," Eric calls towards her as he lobs the soda towards her. He really /is/ trying his best not to stare at just how she looks right now, even if he isn't stumbling over his words as much as Gene is at the moment. "…oh yeah. Bad not Evil…I always get that wrong." He mutters under his breath. "…well I'm trying to keep Hallis away from Sydney and company. Them all moving into her place was not the best of ideas. Trying to convince them to move out…"

Still a little red from Bert's level of hot, Gene focuses his attention on the screen to avoid unnecessary trouble. "Well, not sure you'd want one. This is a melee weapon, I figured you'd want something that would require a little less elbow grease to take someone down…." He pauses to glance up toward Eric before looking down at the computer once more. "Let me know when you have the new building for me to work in. Maybe we could hole up there. Dig in some defenses so if the government comes, we can at least organize a stand to fend them off while we preform a grand escape."

Bert catches the can with a grin. She shifts so that she can pop open the can without splurting the contents on her precious laptop. "Wow. I've got to get out more instead of playing Miss Hacker." She takes a chug from the pepsi and glances to Gene. "Wow, I think I'm a little behind. I need to come up for air more often. It's probably a good idea to relocate when we're able to. In case anyone's tracked us back here, and yeah, what you said." The can is set to the side as she starts tapping away at her laptop. "Anything popping so far on De Souza?"

"Ooooh? Melee weapon? Now that sounds right up my alley," Eric perks up when Gene says this as he turns towards the Genius with a bright grin on his face even as another part of his mind starts to work on the other question he was asked. "Next week I should have a good one for us all. Nice little warehouse that had a cellar at one point. We can convert that into something nice and the upper part carve into living quarters, don't worry about the cost and how we are getting the money I'm taking care of hiding all that in a mountain of paperwork." A grin towards Bert then. "You can even have your won space then Bert." Before he sighs. "Nothing on my end on De Souza, granted I can't ask much at all without people getting suspicious and I don't want that. Jaden and I are two of the only unknowns still and I want to keep it that way."

Putting aside talk of the grand BaThor, Gene sighs as he looks toward Bert, rubbing his hand behind his head. "I haven't had really a chance to deal with De Souza… Been dealing with a lot of other things. First of all, dealing with Ivory and Tracy has been a pain in the behind, then there is the thing with Emily I have to handle tonight. Combine that with the fact that there is some other crazed Evolved running around that I'll need to talk to… As soon as I deal with the stuff on Emily, I'll look into Miss Marilyn a little more carefully. I got some stuff up there from an Evolved me and Eric befriended… Hopefully if we have to snatch anyone or break and enter, we have it all covered with those two things."

"My own space? Really? I just won't know what to do with myself then! I've gotten used to such close quarters with the guys. It's a bit like splitting a dorm room.. only it's all co-ed." Bert glances down to her screen and starts automating a few searches before taking another glug of Pepsi. "Got'cha. I guess I'm feeling a little antsy, cooped up, wondering when we're gonna act.. but patie — What?" She almost drops the can of Pepsi as she turns to stare at Gene. "You what? Back up there Holmes. What's this about the Senator and Tracy?" A muscle starts to twitch in her eyebrow and she goes slightly pale before starting to scoot away from Gene, as if he suddenly was a carrier for a sickness.

"Yes really, your own space…" Eric shakes his head. "And we'll all have a space for training, and building…and that will make a bit of difference." He blinks though before he looks back between Bert and Gene. "…wait. You didn't tell her that you were talking to Tracy and Ivory?" He asks with a blink towards Gene. "…and we found someone else that can reverse whatever makes people obsessed over him." Then a smirk. "…and I can break and enter anywhere you like Gene and I don't even have to pick a lock like Daph would." A pause then before he shaeks his head. "…wait wait…Emily? Wasn't she the one that got her into this mess?"

Again, Gene decides the no comment is a useful thing, this time about the idea of sleeping in the same room as Bert. He does overcome the shyness to place a hand on Bert's leg or arm, which everyone is easier to get before she fully retreats. The grasp is light, easy enough to break off if he catches her and she doesn't wish to be touched. "I still feel exactly the same when it comes to Ivory… I didn't kill him, but I think that was more my desire to do the right thing than actuall concern. I tried to convince Tracy to get tested. She thinks I'm totally wrong and told Ivory about me telling her she needed to get tested. Surprise surprise, she listened to him rather than me and decided she doesn't need it. I was hoping to hatch some deal with Ivory since Tracy claimed he wanted to stop the program too, but he was too busy drinking like a stupid drunk to be any real help that time."

Releasing the hold on Bert if she hasn't pulled away already, Gene sighs, "Yeah, she is. Apparently, she put a guy into a coma-like state when he tried to drug them… She didn't kill him though, so I'm gunna have to go over there and tell her what a good job she did… Then ask her to take him out of his state."

"NO! He didn't tell me!" Bert sets her laptop and Pepsi aside and gets to her feet. "Have you been obsessed with him? Did you get obsessed? Are you fixed? Wait, so it was the Senator doing that thing to us? Did you get some hocus pocus put on you? Are you okay? You're not gonna rat us out to the Senator?" She stares down at Gene, firing off question after question before she shuts up and lets his words sort of sink in. "He gets this program rolling and NOW he's sorry?" She doesn't harbor much sympathy for Ivory, thinking about all he's done.

Wait, Gene's switched tracks. Bert's now looking between Gene and Eric. She drops back down to the floor, crossing her legs indian style. A hand raises and she rakes her fingers through her damp hair. A huff of breath is exhaled, and she still looks a bit off color.

"I was there though I didn't do much of the talking. I had someone check me afterwards and we both wern't affected…so either it wasn't him or he just didn't use it while he was three sheets to the wind." He grumbles. "No I don't think we'll rat any of this out…" Then a snort. "…yes I don't have much in the way of sympthoy for him. He brought all this on himself." He says with a soft growl. "He should have known what all this ment when he started it."

He pauses for a moment before he looks back towards Gene for a moment. "Emily is the one you were hunting to put away isn't she…well I guess if she didn't kill anyone…" This time at least.

"I didn't know what had happened to her when she disappeared. I had assumed she was either in trouble or causing trouble, putting my bets on the second. Sadly, it was the first, and it put into motion everything that's happened. From what she told me, she got away due to the train break out, and possessed Charlotte. After some sort of deal they made went sour, Emily was teleported to a dungeon for awhile. I presume that her experience will teach her not to pull a stunt like that again," Gene points out, shaking his head at the memory.

Bert gets a small smile from the super genius. "As for Wynn… Eric is right, it seemed not to have worked, if it was even there at all. Maybe someone is doing it for Wynn or that it only effects women. If it triggers a chemical response, maybe it needs the extra x chromosone to work or something. Either way, we're safe and I promise I'll do everything I can to keep YOU safe. After everything that's happened to you, Bert, I'd never want to put you in a bad spot like that again… Ever."

The more things are explained, the more Bert seems to calm down. Although her color doesn't come back completely. She's been so freaked by the whole ordeal with Wynn, she even took several pregnancy tests afterwards because she felt so nauseous. Shifting, she draws her knees up to under her chin, wrapping her arms about her legs. "At least I wasn't in prison for no reason," she mutters against her knees. Falling quiet, she rests her cheek against her knees, just listening. That is until her laptop plays the 'Bananaphone' tune. Shifting her position, she reaches for her laptop to check her new email. A frown creases her face and her brow furrows. "Guys.."

Reaching out he settles one hand on Bert's shoulder gently before offering her a smile. "See. We are safe and so are you, now at least." He murmurs before glancing back towards Gene with a slight frown on his face. "…well you don't trust her that much is obvious…but she coudl be a big help if she can posess the right people couldn't she." A thoughtful look before he shakes his head. "What is that teleporter doing anyway?" he adds before he is distracted by the noise from Bert's comp. "…eh? What happened?"

The Geek God gives a smirk to Eric. "Of course not… She has all sorts of odd powers and I have no idea what she would want to do to me if she found out I was Prometheus. Still, she is useful and hopefully, she'll want to help because it's the right thing to do," Gene states, unable to even finish his small before he looks to Bert. "Something wrong?" he asks, putting down his own laptop to crawl near Bert's machine in order to sit himself next to the woman and look over her shoulder.

Bert sets to work on encrypting the image attachment that's with the email. "Got something here from my contact within Building 26." She clears her throat, then reads aloud, "Hey, just thought to drop you a line about something. I know you were looking up things on friends, so just thought to send you this too as something else to think on. Keep your head down, and be careful. This new crew doesn't play nice." Then she turns the laptop around so that both Eric and Gene can see the jpg of middle aged man who just looks flat out mean. (Emile Danko)

"Lovely I feel more safe by the moment," Eric mutters towards Gene before his own attention is taken up by the screen. "…he looks like he doesn't /have/ a right side of the bed to wake up on in the morning. Every side is bad." He adds with a slight grumble before he frowns again. "…doesn't play nice? Thats…something…considering what they were doing."

Gene looks over toward the picture Bert shows and only has one thing to say.

"The new big bad is the guy from Powder?"

Bert barely suppresses a shudder. She may not have a power, but she's still skeeved out at what this could mean for those who do have a power. Looking up, both Eric and Gene are given a look of deepest concern. One that turns into a look for Gene. One that says she's torn between laughing or wanting to chuck the laptop at him.

"…Gene…you did not just say that…" Eric pauses a moment then just facepalms before flailing one arm to snatch a pillow from the couch and waves it vaguely in the direction of the Genius. "Don't make me thwack you." He says with an edge of helpless laughter in his voice.

Pulling back as he gets slammed with a pillow, Gene sighs after getting over his bout of the chuckles. "I'll see what I can find out about this guy… Doubt he'll be worse than this Marilyn woman. I can't put my finger on it exactly, but I think she's got something fishing going on. According to Wynn, they worked closely together… Yet he claims he can't remember a thing on her. Might be lying, but if he wasn't…" The man leads off before his laptop begins to beep a few times.

"Crap, got to get ready, I promised I'd meet her in a couple of hours… Anything else we need to talk about before I head out?"

Bert shakes her head at Gene as she brings her laptop around, screen facing her once more. The email and picture are saved to a file, just in case the email message self destructs.. err.. can get corrupted. Darn data corruption. "I wish there was a name to go with this photo. Yet it's lucky we have this much." Hitting reply, she types out a quick roger and a thank you to the sender.

"I'd say tell her hello, but I want to stay as far from that one as I can," Eric replies with a shake of his head. "Ever since I got shot by someone who was posessed I don't exactly like the whole posession thing very much." He mutters before he shakes his head. "Naw, I'll stay here and work on that list of yours. Freezer is out at my apartment anyway so this place is better stocked than my place at the moment anyway. If you don't mind the company Bert."

"Right… Well, I'll see you both later then." That said, Gene takes a couple of suitcases and proceeds to go into the bathroom. Considering he has to put on the entire Prometheus uniform, he'll be in there working for awhile.

"I'll welcome the company. I don't quite like being by myself much these days. At least this way I know there IS someone waiting to jump out of the shadows at me," Bert says with a faint grin towards Eric. Yes, it's just him lurking in the shadow, and that's a good thing! She watches Gene for a few moments before he ducks into the bathroom. "You better be careful out there, Mister."

"At least its a friendly shadow right?" Eric replies with a laugh and a shake of his head. "Yeah…you be careful Gene, we'll hold down the fort as best we can and I'll start getting us all set up for relocating." With that the young man stands and strolls over towards Bert before he thumps down on the floor next to her. "…so…you got Borderlands on that thing?"

"HA. I wish." Bert says with a faintly grumpy look towards Eric. "I put the largest hard drive this laptop could handle in it. I miss my desktop with its two terrabytes." Oh the sigh of longing she gives. "Besides, we have work to do, mister!"

Groaning Eric drags over his own laptop and smirks up toawrds Bert. "Alright alright. Work first, killing zombies later…but there better be killing zombies somewhere in the future or that will be it. We need stress relief."

Bert smirks at Eric and play punches at him in the shoulder. "Right. Speaking of Zombies.. mind if I play Shaun of the Dead in the background while we work?" Cause there's nothing like watching Brits deal with zombies only the way Brits can.

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