Gene's Relationships

Gene's Relationship Page

John Kensington

  • Who: Loving grandfather and Gene’s legal guardian before he turned 18
  • When: An involved grandparent from day one, Mr. Kensington has cared for Gene since his mother died and his father had his custody taken away by the state of West Virginia.
  • What: While not as deeply involved with Gene’s life as he used to be, Mr. Kensington still manages to keep in touch with his grandson. The advice and encouragement given to Gene has made him the man he is today, though it’s clear he still has a lot to learn from the elderly politician. Gene considers his grandfather his ‘true’ father, his biological father only getting Gene’s hatred and distain.
  • Where: Currently in Washington D.C., where he works in the field of national politics where he serves as a Congressman for Maryland.
  • Geek Level: 2/5. While not much of geek habits himself, Gene’s grandfather encouraged Gene and bought him the needed materials to be the Geek God that he is today.
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