2007-07-29: Genetic Traitors


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Summary: An operation between the Alliance and Peter Petrelli's resistance organization targets government documents.

Dark Future Date: July 29, 2009

Genetic Traitors

The Bronx, New York City

Here stands a woman in her early twenties. Her dark blonde hair falls a little past her shoulders and her hazel colored eyes shaped by beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows. Her skin is not pale, but it is not that tan either. She stands at average height and has a medium muscle build. She is wearing a pair of black shorts, and a yellow shirt with black high top Converse.

This is a dark-haired, slender, twenty-something with a dark-eyed but sly look that complements his significant height. Dressed in loose and athletic-style clothes, it's clear that the man's a runner - a plain blue T-shirt, a Yankees cap, loose black jeans, and battered athletic shoes. The slender messenger bag he carries over one shoulder and the old-style headset on one ear marks him as highly mobile. His green eyes are quick and intelligent, and he moves with rare confidence. When his voice turns sarcastic, it is turning a sharp but well-known corner. A high, Roman nose does little to normalize an unmistakably quirky profile.

This woman is of above average height, topping in at around 5'10"—It's her muscularity that catches the eye. When one is just past 230 pounds of muscle, someone will notice. She is built like a sinewed tank; with a wide and barreled chest, shoulders not unlike an ox, a washboard stomach and powerful back. Muscular legs and arms like snakes finish off her own construction. She is an Amazon, to say the very least. If it were not for her calm demeanor, she could be someone to fear even despite her aura of quietness. Her skin is lightly tanned and slightly weathered in places, and some scars are plainly visible over her roughened hands and forearms. Her face is strong and kind, not particularly a knockout, but pretty enough due to soft lines and good proportions. Her thick, somewhat curly and windblown brown hair seems to always be tied back in an attempt at taming it, half-bangs often surrounding her forehead; sometimes it has blonde highlights but for the most part she remains brunette. Some freckles dot her neck and chest, and her eyes are a playful earthy brown often paired with more neutral expressions and sometimes dumb grins. The woman stands in a proud fashion, and her posture is good; she walks with an almost lazy step, however. She is usually seen in work clothes or casual outfits; not too much thought goes into her layers and she often ends up dressing in a very rural fashion.

(DARK FUTURE: In the Dark Future, Rochelle is much the same; she retains her physical build and stature most of all. Her hair is worn short now, with the top a bit longer than the back and sides; it is also often dyed darker brown or black. Her clothes fit the darker, more dystopian world, though her own look is sometimes more military or simplistic. At this point, it would be futile to try and hide the scars on her body. There are some large, there are some small, some are weathered and some are recent. There is also an inch-long tattoo of The Symbol on the inside of her left wrist.)

Two underground forces have to be very careful when teaming up. The rewards could be extremely significant, but the drawbacks could be equally drastic. The possibility of exposure, betrayal, or even double agents has to be weighed against the very real force multiplier organized action can bring. Delicate communication between agents, via third parties, has led to this joint venture of the Alliance and Peter Petrelli's resistance, with Lee, two nondescript humans from the Alliance, Dextris, two more nondescript humans from the resistance, and Rochelle, who Lee asked along to help 'keep everyone honest'. The ability to turn off Evolved powers and then pummel anyone misbehaving makes her a perfect 'third party' - and she too wants to see the containment policies brought down, so as a participant she's definitely needed.

It's an Alliance plan, that much is made clear from the beginning, but a joint effort. The meetup is at a crumbling diner, the mirror behind the counter shattered, the faux-50s stools scattered and broken, the darkness of New York City's powerless district all around.

The background noises of this part of the city are sometimes strewn with the more bizarre; the darker nature of the place lends a haunting feeling to these, which include a more recent rumbling in the distance. Somber-faced and quiet, Rochelle has to jar the diner door as she opens it, a good amount of crust, dirt, and general disuse making her entrance to the small building a bit more rackety than it should be. Her dark boots have a fresh coat of mud on the treads, shortened hair looking windblown and messy.

Sitting on one of the tables is Andrea or Dextris as she is now called. The woman has on her standard dark clothing. Black tank top, with dark combat pants along with black steel-toe boots. Also, a dark denim jacket is around her. There are plenty of places for Dex to be hiding weapons, from knives to guns and even a grenade. Her hair is in a ponytail and she taps the surface of the table. Bored.

Lee and his two designees come in quietly. One has a handgun, the other an old-school break-open shotgun with a battered stock that shows it's not just for shooting. Lee's weapon of choice seems to be the aluminum baseball bat that half-protrudes from his messenger bag. "Heyyyy." Lee says with a grand, disarming smile, spreading his taped hands wide. "Now this is what I call a party." He addresses an imaginary waitress: "Double espressos all around, waitress, and make it snappy!" He's nervous. Full of energy. Not a professional. No one /ever/ trained him. He had to learn another way. "I'm Lee. This is John and James. No last names, as we agreed? Hey, Rochelle. Glad you could make it." He is withdrawing and laying out a set of hand-drawn maps, fairly detailed, from his messenger bag, getting them in order.

Rochelle has smoothed her shadowy hair back to a less bothersome point, double checking herself before meandering further into the diner. Her own dark green pants are tucked into her boots, and she wears a taut black vest over a tan tank top. As for weapons, Rochelle also wears a double pistol harness much like those worn by policing forces, and there is a long, hard club on her belt; the black, fingerless gloves on her hands also seem a bit heavier than usual, the knuckles protruding with silver nubs.

When Lee and his entourage enters, Rochelle spares him a flickering smile before changing herself to Serious Mode and turning herself closer to where Lee has started lying out his documents.

Rochelle has smoothed her shadowy hair back to a less bothersome point, double checking herself before meandering further into the diner. Her own dark green pants are tucked into her boots, and she wears a taut black vest over a tan tank top. As for weapons, Rochelle also wears a double pistol harness much like those worn by policing forces, and there is a long, hard club on her belt; the black, fingerless gloves on her hands also seem a bit heavier than usual, the knuckles protruding with silver nubs.

When Lee and his entourage enters, Rochelle spares him a flickering smile before changing herself to Serious Mode and turning herself closer to where Lee has started lying out his documents.

Like Lee, Dextris has two companions. Tasha and Lionel. They both carry handguns in shoulder holsters. "Hey daddyo" she grins and leans forward to examine the maps he is taking out. "What we got?" she fiddles with the button of her jacket and tilts her head.

Lee says, "The plan's got several levels and a lot of moving parts, so here goes. This building…" On a map of the surrounding blocks. "…is used as an admin center by Homeland Security. It's fairly low priority but there's usually a lot of thugs there filing out paperwork or reporting in - it's the only place in the area that has power, landline phones and a cell tower. In about thirty minutes, over on the other side of this operational zone, a Homeland Security armory is going to be hit by the Alliance. Well, technically it will be hit by a bunch of fireworks and fake gunfire and so on, but they're going to call for all available backup, since it's a high priority target. That will clear out the place of security personnel. The only ones left are going to be the bureaucrats who are low enough on the totem pole to be on the night shift. There are a total of nine from top to bottom. Two people are going here - John and one of yours. They are going to cut the phones. Two others - James and the other one of yours - are going here. They're going to smash the cell tower. At the same time, the three of us will hit the front door. No backup, nobody called back."

Rochelle places her palms on the edge of the table's surface, leaning just enough to make it lower a touch under her weight. She listens and watches, studying the maps while Lee speaks. Only when he finishes does Rochelle pipe up. "And the building. How advanced is it? We'll do no good if we bust our way in and end up in a lockdown." A small snort escapes her at first. "And how long are they supposed to be gone? I don't wanna be there when they come back, y'see. Is the distraction gonna be enough?"

"So a quick bust up and then we are out? Sounds good to me. I just wish some of those guards would stay behind. I haven't kicked any ass in awhile" Dex comments and studies the maps. "How long will we have to complete this assignment?" She tucks a strand of hair behind her hair and smiles, showing her teeth.

Lee says, "It's an old school building. I used to teach there." In another life. "There's a security station and there'll be between one and three guards manning it, well-armed but the bottom of the barrel or else they'd be out on the high-priority call." He indicates the office on the plan of the building. "It's right near the front door and I intend to shock and awe the hell out of them first. No cameras or anything." He answers Rochelle's other question with a nod to Dex: "We have a twenty eight minute window once we're in the building. I want to be gone in eighteen. Our /fake/ target is a secure box of documents detailing a government agreement with some foreign biotech companies. We're going to crack it with a prybar, dump the docs into the duffel, then bluster to some of the captives about finding 'the rest of the files', which they will probably not tell us about or not know anything about. After we get ourselves and them good and freaked out, I'm going to yell 'fuck it, just take whatever you can grab.' Whatever you can grab just so happens to include every single possible /orange file with 08 on the front/. Orange files. 08. That's containment camp prisoner information that's being processed at this center. Grab 'whatever you can find', but make sure you find a lot of those orange files. We make our getaway, everyone thinks we were after the biotech company documents, they spend all their time changing those plans up, while we prepare to target the camps."

Rochelle seems skeptical about one thing; "No cameras? That's a bit of an undersight." Otherwise she seems content with Lee's plan. Almost. Her next move is to shove a hand in her back pocket, coming back brandishing a black ski mask, wagging it once in the air. "Luckily, -I- have foresight. I'm good, Lee. Sounds like a riot." She says this as she stands straight again, brows raising just a touch. "Do you need me to put up a field, or are we expecting real grunts?"

Dextris' face falls as she hear the mention of a field being put up. She has heard of Rochelle's power and doesn't like not being able to use her ability. She doesn't say anything though. "Well, let's get the show on the road. Time to collect those files" her face is a face of concentration for a moment. Maybe there is information of her mothers in one of the files. She jumps off the table.

Lee says, "I can't tell you, Rochelle…. I'd like to have myself and, ah, Dex, able to hit hard and quick, but if someone turns up that's real trouble, shut them off first priority. I'd like to get this thing done without murder, but broken bones heal, don't they?" He grins. "All right, synchronize swatches. We have nineteen minutes until the distraction starts. Give them ten minutes to leave the area, then the outside teams hit the phones. We'll meet up here when it's all done." And with that, everyone starts moving off towards their goal. Sure enough, John Philip Sousa Junior High School's main building is crumbling, fire-damaged. No wonder he said there's no cameras. You'd have a hard time finding a place where the wall wouldn't collapse if you nailed it up. A hiding place in a collapsed Korean market across the street, shelves askew and empty, a smell of mold from the dark, broken freezers.

A few minutes later, around fifteen paramilitary Homeland Security goons come racing out of the building, dive into their vehicles and go screaming, sirens wailing, out of the now nearly empty parking lot, zooming down the streets towards nothing. A few more anxious minutes tick by. Lee listens on his headset. "There's the landlines….there's the cellular. Let's go, let's go, let's go." He runs for the front door, bat held loose and down low, arm out from his body.

Rochelle sticks behind the mastermind nearly the entire way, finding her own idling spot inside of the empty market, brown eyes much like those of an animal - fixed, attentive. Her hands pull on the black mask only once the men squeal out down the broken road. For all intents and purposes, Lee could be paired with only one woman. Once Lee gives a vocal signal, Rochelle is right behind, invisible fields fluttering low, and boot treads crunching quite dangerously on the concrete underneath.

Dextris runs out after Lee. A grin is on her face and a wicked looking knife is in her hand as the other is ready for use of TK when necessary. She looks around for someone to attack and she moves near Lee and Rochelle, bobbing in and out of the shadows. Dex is getting very excited and she is itching for something to happen.

Lee starts running faster…and faster…until it's fairly clear that he's not just running, it's that some force is pulling him on, like he's falling forward. He hits the door, shoulder down, BLAM. It flies open. The security station is immediately on their right, and it does not disappoint for those looking for action. A be-suited woman is explaining to three Homeland Security goons: "That's what I'm saying, the cellphones are down too." She screams when she sees the trio of intruders, and the goons go for their guns. "Rebels!" one yells. Lee says, "You know, people only really have quips prepared for this situation in movies." They fire on him - the bullets unerringly find their mark in the ceiling, their paths cheerfully arcing upwards at Lee's mental command. He skids around a corner, continuing to attract their attention away from the two women.

The looming figure in the door behind Lee is consequently protected by his efforts at diverting gunfire; Rochelle tosses a glance behind her to make sure of the other woman's status. She trusts her to be able to take them out, what with the lack of negation. She herself is on the leader's heels like a guard dog, also making sure to give the probably bewildered guards a dangerous glance. Readying herself for the building ahead, one hand reaches up to dislodge a pistol from its place.

Entering the room, Dextris takes the guns from the men and throw them out of the door. She slams the guards and woman against the wall and as one of them tries to get up. His arm is stuck to the wall with a knife that she telekinetically slammed into him. The guard screams and Dex swiftly kicks him in the head, knocking him out. She yawns and scratches her head. "Next one" she states and draws another knife from her boot. Her head cocked to the side and Dex glares at the woman as she starts to talk, "Hush, before I crush your windpipe" she warns and waves her finger at the woman.

Lee grabs the corner of the security desk and flips his feet upwards to land on the ceiling, which he then runs along in a gut-wrenchingly vertiginous view, swinging his bat down (up for Lee) into the final guard's gun-arm with a sickening CRUNCH and CRACK. The gun goes flying, and then the guard does too, catapulting up off the floor to land on the ceiling in front of Lee, headfirst, dazed. Lee kicks him with another CRUNCH, and then the guard falls back down off the ceiling and lands flat on his back unconscious back on the ground. "Let's be clear." Lee says to Dextris' hostage. "We are prepared to use deadly force if necessary." The guard's gun falls off the floor and lands on the ceiling in front of Lee, where he picks it up. "But nobody else needs to get hurt, and if everyone cooperates, you'll all be f…"

His monologue is interrupted by a female voice: "What the FUCK is this?" It appears to be coming from a young blonde girl, no more than 18 years old, wearing the uniform of a Homeland Security paramilitary commando. The combination of her age and the uniform can mean only one thing: she's Evolved.

"Wait." Lee says, as she raises her arms and yells, "Fucking traitors!" Ice crystals form along her fingers, icicles appear to stab through her hand as Lee screams in pain, holding up his hands uselessly as frozen air surrounds him, his skin almost instantly turning blue.

It's been long enough that Rochelle is able to recognize that particular uniform as instinct; paired with all the obvious things, it is not hard to realize who she is moments before she lets out an attack. Unfortunately for this young evolved, Rochelle had been on Lee's heels until he went 'topside', and in a matter of seconds, the larger, masked woman is rounding the security desk after the girl; the field expands immediately to envelop her. Another unfortunate factor is that Rochelle is not stopping at this relatively full speed, moving to literally grab the young woman by the waist and put a half-gloved palm to her head, mouth, or wherever she can grab first. The closer she gets, the easier it is to turn someone off until further notice, and that is exactly what the power leech is intending to do.

Lee falls from the ceiling when Rochelle's field unexpectedly encompasses him, but he was already getting set to drop anyway, so unlike the guard who fell, Lee lands more or less on his feet and collapses back, holding his semi-frozen arms out in front of him, in shock from the sudden onset of frostbite. "Ngggh!" he gulps for air. The bureaucrat seems just as scared of this development as she was about Dex' threat.

Glaring at the Evolved woman, Dex gets ready to throw a knife at the woman but let's Rochelle handle it. "You all right Lee?" after checking the man she turns back to the Evolved woman with her hostage held psychically now because of Rochelle's field of negation. "Traitor? You bitch, if she wasn't holding you, I'll let Lips here, play with your lips" She sneers and then turns back to Lee.

The Evolved woman is freaking out, screaming against Rochelle's hand in a panic, no longer able to feel things the way she was able to before, but Rochelle can sense she's been turned off, returned to the regular old state of homo sapiens.

Lee is in shock, he can't get out more than 'ngh, ngh' at the moment. At least the room is warm. He's not in any great danger, but he's not going to be able to lead just at the moment.

Due to the sheer difference in both size and raw power, the state of panic from the young woman gets her nowhere quickly. Rochelle's arms are like vices, clamping the girl against her own barreled chest like a shackle to a wall. Her eyes ha ve gone to Lee, brows knitting under the black fabric of the mask. "Your brain ain't frozen—where the hell are we headed, and what do I do with /her/? We're on a timeframe, here, so get your act together." Rochelle removes her one hand from the woman's mouth to remove any backup weapons she might have on her, the other holding tight around her middle.Logfile from Heroes.

"Then let's finish this" Dex says and she kicks open the door of the next room, quite dramatically. She looks back to Lee for further instructions and she holds the hostage tightly, running Lips on her neck softly making sure not to cut the woman.

Lee is actually hurt, it seems, he can't unclench his fingers from around the butt of the gun he had picked up when he was flash-frozen, "I…uh…" he murmurs, then says, "The vault." He even remembers the fake plan, trying to focus through the pain and numbness. "I…the vault, we're here for the vault. The secure vault with the documents about the corporate deal. Secure…secure the workers. Ziptie them." He staggers unsteadily to his feet - not that he's off balance, of course, but that the blood isn't quite flowing all the places it normally would, following somewhat weakly behind the two women.

Having relinquished the icy woman of her backup pistol, Rochelle pushes her forward through the next set of doors Dex had opened; these next rooms annex off into the offices, the main secretary's desk void of anyone behind it. Well, almost anyone. There is a bespectacled young woman already fleeing into one of the office areas, but Rochelle(still bullying the Evolved to move ahead of her) is soon to follow. "Dex! You get the other room. I'm sure you can handle it. I got this'un." BLAM The stolen pistol's round rips through the dry ceiling tiles in the office, which is already in a state of panic. Once the sound of gunfire erupts, it's a few seconds until the workers silence themselves out of fear. "Line up, sit down, and we'll make this quick." Rochelle's free hand dislodges a zip-tie gun from her back pocket, and the pistol keeps the new hostages in place with a simple test of aim. The gun and serious threat of bodily harm and/or death makes this decision easy for the workers - they line up compliantly and allow themselves to be tied hand to hand and foot to foot, et cetera. Maybe it was practice, or maybe it was compliance, but Rochelle has no issues and gets them tied rather efficiently before long. She might not be shooting and yelling, but not all situations call for blatant use of badassery. Getting the job done quickly is more important to her than looking totally cool doing it. That is just how she is.

Going into the next room and now free of Rochelle's negation field. Dex throws her hostage into the room and then looks at the office workers with a cold grin on her face. "Boo" is all she has to say and the workers go into frenzy! Dex kicks one of the guys in the chin and he goes flying. The woman then uses her telekinesis to round up everyone in the room. Ropes tie them extra tight and she places a body bind with her ability on her earlier hostage. "Now everyone, please be nice and quiet or I'll make you quiet". Dex spots a cute guy in the midst of all of this and she winks and walks up to him before pecking him on the cheek. "If only I had time" sighing she glances over her shoulder. "This room is clear!" Ruffling her hair, she goes along with the plan. "Where is that vault now?" she muses. Unlike Rochelle, Dex likes to look cool while getting the job done.

Lee somewhat weakly trails the women into the room. "We're after the secure vault." he says. "I'm having a bad night and your Evolved pal froze a gun in my hand, so things are not looking like they're going to improve for you anytime soon." One of the workers needs no more intimidation - Dex's hostage. She says: "It's over there under the boxes." Sure enough, it's a simple, portable document vault about the size of a large briefcase or a small suitcase. "Crack it." Lee says to Rochelle. He explains: "We're after documents relating to a biotech agreement between the government and foreign investors. Has anyone here worked on that file? Have any documents at your desk?"

Rochelle rejoins the others in a moment, catching the location of the vault and Lee's questions. "Why can't we just take it and dump the case later? That's the problem with buying -portable safes-." She seems to regard this fact as ridiculous, but approaches the vault regardless, prying the steel bar from the back loops of her belt and brandishing it in the air like a club for a second or two. "It's not -safe- if someone can just pick it up."

Dextris looks at Rochelle, "Because that would be way too easy" as she says this hot pain pricks her palm and blood starts to run. "What the hell?" she opens her hostage's jacket and sees the point of a knife. "Since when do you carry weapons?" Dex looks at the palm and shrugs, just a scratch, will heal in no time. She makes sure that her full body bind is still on the woman, "I forgot it was there!" the woman says to Dex who just grins. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you. Even though you wanted me to cut myself on that knife"

Lee says, "Plus, we've been inside for eight minutes, in ten more the whole neighborhood will be crawling with HomeSec goons like this one except competent - and we're not going to want to be weighed down by a safe when we run, just the files." He nudges the ziptied ice-girl with a sneaker. "Froze you up good, gene traitor." she sullenly mumbles. Lee ignores her, which probably makes her even more angry: "All right, hello. Nobody is talking? Come ON now, we've got to get this information! Does anyone else have any files related to this deal? Anyone? You!" He does a good job of sounding desperate and the person he picks out shakes his head terrifiedly. All the while, the real targets - orange files with '08' on them are visible on desks and file cabinets all around - at least a dozen, maybe more. He slowly picks them out, the ones on his side of the room.
Rochelle frowns, both at the safe and at Dextris, the latter moreso. "Cram it, woman." Is her only response before taking the steel crowbar to the safe case. She loves ya, really, but come on. Then, CRACK. The hinges that -were- holding the case together squeal open and pop, leaving the documents and data discs exposed to grab. As for the '08 files, she has seen a few nearby, but for acting's sake has decided to take care of the faux target.

"Oh don't be such a prude" Dex rolls her eyes scratching her head and lets the hostage drop to the floor, knowing that she is secure. Dextris follows after Lee's lead. She looks at the files on the desks around the room she gives Lee a look saying, 'bag these files?'.

Lee takes Dex's prompt. As soon as Rochelle has the 'fake' targets in hand he says, "You know what, we got the main ones. Fuck it. Just grab whatever you can get. We'll torch whatever we can't use." He nods to Dex - those are the ones they want - and throws open his duffel bag to start shovelling files in. Just 'by chance' he happens to grab all those beautiful Orange 08s.

Rochelle grunts. "Notta prude, just don't wanna hear you." She takes the files in hand, turning as Lee gives the go-ahead. The tall woman gives a smirk under the mask, grabbing a couple handfuls of things from the nearer desk, pausing to put the documents from the case in their own folder as well, still looking most interested in those by themselves; she goes to town afterwards, snatching what she can stash under one of her arms, leaving the other free. This includes a few Oranges, of course, and even some meaningless pieces to simply make herself look half-witted.

"Yeah yeah, Leech" Dex grins at Rochelle in good nature and grabs things off of the desk and put them in Lee's duffle bag. She looks around the room and spots some more. You wouldn't think she was picking out single files. It looks like she is just taking /everything/.

Lee says, "Okay, come on, we're fourteen minutes in, let's go, let's go." His arms are almost back to normal. He slings the duffel bag over his shoulder.

"You're all struggling against genetic destiny." whines the ziptied Evolved. "As soon as…as soon as the ice is back…" She's almost ready to cry that she doesn't seem to have any powers. "As soon as it's back, you'll see that…"

Lee just turns his back on her. "I understand. You need a sequel. Me, I intend to get it right without one." he says. "I think that's it. Now everyone just stay cool. Your pals will be back soon to cut you loose." And he begins to move off - quick, but not as fast as he came in.

Rochelle is right behind Lee once again, but pauses at the door to peer back at the Evolved girl once he is done speaking. "Sorry, kiddo—it ain't comin' back." That is only partially a lie; if a mind-bender can get in there, they can turn it back on. Otherwise, the girl is now Human like everyone else. Hopefully one of the pencil pushers will get loose and exact some Karma. Rochelle turns back after Lee again, moving ahead and towards where they had come. The vehicle was waiting literally just around the corner for when they got out of here, provided that Lee can defrost properly.

Dex follows after Rochelle and Lee, but not before smiling at the de powered woman, "You /so/ picked the wrong side" and with that Dex takes a heavy book from one of the desk with her ability and lets it drop of the woman, knocking her out. Shaking her head, she grins. "Success?" She is playing with Lips, pleased at a job well done. She runs to the vehicle and jumps into the driver seat, "Come on!" she yells and starts the car up. She decides to make it easier on Lee and back it up to him. SCREECH! She swerves and stops just before Lee and opens the door from her side. "Your chariot awaits"

Lee dives into the back, backwards, letting sideways gravity yank the door shut behind him, so he doesn't have to use his still-stiff hands, although he did manage to drop the gun when they were running. "Go, go go!" he says excitedly. Everyone gets away. Not one person - on either side - is killed. And the government thinks they're after financial information, when in reality…they just want the /people/. "So what do you think of Alliance ops?" Lee asks Dex. "Not too bad?"
Rochelle can tell before she even gets in the getaway car that this will definitely be a bumpy ride. She has planted herself in the back and relocated the bags of files to sit beside her in the empty seat. "Y'better not distract her while she's drivin'." Just a warning. The Negator leans back in the seat, sighing as she lifts the mouth of her facemask over her nose. Breathing time again. Her arm is also slung protectively over their respective Loot, but only subconsciously.

"If you need me for any other operation I'm sure Pedro wouldn't mind me coming to help. They are /fun/." Dex cackles and pulls out of the lot /very/ fast. She bumps into the fence on the way out and luckily the vehicle is big and can handle it. Rolling down the window, "WOOHOO!!" she screams and punches a hand in the air. "Next stop?" she says as she narrowly misses running into a wall.

Lee names an intersection. "The Alliance has some advantages. Good intel from inside people, and a very, very tactically equipped leadership." he says, implying that he is just a functionary, though he must at the very least be a top lieutenant. "Over there inside that parking structure. That's where we're meeting back up with the other teams. After that, we're splitting up. Any names you want me to look for in these files? You too, 'Chelle. This is probably a good two, three thousand prisoner transfer lists." he says. He adds, "Don't tell anyone I intentionally called it 'The Alliance'. I hate that name. I like Le Resistance."

Rochelle takes a moment to let that question sink in, trying to not latch onto the back of Lee's seat. She does have a hand on it, though. "We're more like Jacobins, anyhow." She still seems to be pondering for a moment. "Yeah. James Knight. Last I heard, they had my brother someplace." That doesn't sound too hopeful, though. "I'm more worried about the masses, than just him."

"Kendra and Jenna Wash" Dex gets /serious/ all of a sudden and she pulls into the parking structure and stops the car. She turns around and looks at Lee eagerly, "My mothers" is all she says. She palms her hair and even puts Lips into the sheath by her boot. Her expression is somber. Please let them be alive, please.
Lee says, in a cryptic kind of comfort to the both of them: "Masses are all people too. Everyone is linked to everyone. A mingled yarn of good and ill together. I'll be in touch." He has packed the orange 08 folders into his duffel, leaving the back seat full of the 'fake' files. "Burn them for me?" he suggests as he gets out.

Rochelle nods quietly, removing her mask and tucking it into the front of her vest. "You know where to find me. Might be by the Labs soon anyhow. We'll see." She glances beside her to the fake files. "Here—Take these too, just in case." The files that she had gotten out of the case and put in the file come out of the car with her, and she promptly hands them off to Lee whether he wants them or not. "Even if we were faking it, they still might be useful." Being all-together and finished with this assignment, Rochelle takes another deep breath before sweeping her hair back and lifting her hand in a departing motion. "Til we meet again." These are the last words uttered, the woman turning heel and taking off into the bowels of the parking structure to locate her own way out again, leaving Lee and Dex to their devices and getaways. At the end of the day, the operation was a definite success.

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