George Dawson
George Dawson
Portrayed By Matt Damon
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 1, 1973
Age 37
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases None
Place of Birth Waco, TX, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation US House of Representatives (D-NY, 14th District)
Known Relatives Michael (father), Julie (mother), Michelle (sister)
Significant Other Alexandra Lambert
Known Abilities Tychokinesis
First Appearance The Lost Cat

Whoever called politics "the art of the possible" forgot to mention that the art in question usually involves juggling lit torches. Good thing George has an ace up his sleeve…


Growing up in the outskirts of Waco, Texas, George made the best of it while he could. Personable, intelligent, keeping company in high school with his fellow honor students but still trying to connect with those who were just marking time; ambitious but patient, having seen a few too many people burn out early.

After a handful of summer jobs - computer filing, cold-calling, stocking shelves - he was accepted at nearby Baylor University, planning to finish out a political science degree there before moving on. That all changed when the Branch Davidian siege went down, midway through his sophomore year; he became certain, though he couldn't yet tell you exactly why, that the need to leave had become imminent.

He transferred to Tulane in New Orleans for his last two years, then hired on with a venture capital firm, learning the real ropes of the business world while helping organize publicity events for the firm's charitable arm, working in conjunction with St. Vincent de Paul and the like. With that experience under his belt, he moved to New York to pursue his original field of interest, starting by getting on board with Nathan Petrelli's controversial but ultimately successful Senate campaign, and most recently being elected in his own right to Petrelli's old House seat.

All that, he'll freely share if asked; he has no major skeletons in his closet, at least not of the conventional sort. What he doesn't mention, for fear of being tagged a Kool-Aid cultist and blowing his career all to hell, is his ability to pull at the strings of fate, to literally make certain things go his way - dangerous if misused, but too useful to avoid entirely. After all, his particular Certain Things are going to be the big ones.


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George can create good and/or bad luck for himself and those around him. He can't change what things are possible, only how probable they are.

  • Twice Is Coincidence. An unconscious manifestation of his ability, this causes something unusual but not particularly helpful or harmful, like two people reaching for something at the same time.
  • Minor Boon and Minor Bane. Exactly what it says on the tin. Low-key, but with no significant side effects to worry about.
  • Helping Hand. Whether by removing obstacles and distractions, or simply helping them find their groove, this can briefly improve someone else's effective skill. Attempting to target another Evolved ability in this way tends to blow up in both their faces.
  • Karma Loan. More outlandish results, but with side effects this time. If anyone is specifically looking for Evolved abilities, this will make him stick out like a sore thumb.
  • Karma Deposit. Similar to Karma Loan, but side effects first and personal advantage second. Useful when the aftermath is expected to already be dangerously distracting.



The trouble with growing up in an inward-looking small town is that, while he wants to be a people person, he got a late start on actually doing it. When it comes to dealing with people outside his own demographic, he's not awkward, but he does have to think about what he's doing. He's also made some major dating mistakes in the past, and remains concerned that they may not all be behind him.


  • "You can't take a subway car to Miami!"
  • "Lamppost."
  • "And what's a gimlet, anyway? Sounds like something you'd use to pry open an engine block."
  • "Watch the rock!"
  • "Hey, since when does New York have barbeque?"
  • "Actually, we're working to lower the top bracket to ninety-five percent."
  • "Ask the treeboffers if they have anything to stand on besides principle, ask Vinnie the Hardhat if there's any other way to fit ten tons of building into a five-ton plot of land."
  • "Mugging, car crash, three-card monte…"
  • "I wouldn't be surprised if some of the targets are expecting it to become King Herod killing all the two-year-olds."
  • "…I'd like to thank Tiffany's for being kind enough to let us borrow that for a little while…"
  • "But being sneaky about it is more fun!"


  • Is not:
  • Has a light Southern accent, though he can play it up for effect.
  • Reacts badly to needles. (Physical, not psychological - not that it matters, he needs laughing gas either way.)
  • Fluent in shorthand. Decent grasp of French.
  • Tried out for high school quarterback at his father's insistence, despite a notably inaccurate throwing arm.
  • Went to school with Jessica Biel for a couple years back in Texas, but has only run into her once since then.



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