George's Relationships
Dennis Crane

George's opponent in the last general election, following in his father's footsteps. Annoyingly familiar with the usual gimmicks, though at least he didn't stoop to mudslinging.

Tipper Crane

Dennis's wife, formerly Miss Texas, and a friend of George and his sister from years back. Perky and cutesy, which suits Dennis's style of campaigning perfectly.


Overbearing but effective PR guru. Telepath. People - Alexandra included - think they're secretly hooking up. And now she's admitted that she'd like to. The logical response would be to pay her severance bonus and move on…


Originally individual at-large members of his staff, later teamed up to counteract Alpha Protocol, a government program to label Evolved as "domestic terrorists" and kidnap them. Retained in case of future threats along the same lines.

Senator Nathan Petrelli

George got to know Nathan and his alter ego Logan as a member of his Senate staff, and met Brayden after he returned from his travels. Reappointed to his old seat as Ivory's interim successor, and cured of his amnesia, he tried to join Alpha Protocol to take it down from the inside. When that didn't work, he eventually blew the whistle on them from the outside, and was promptly cut down for his trouble.

Vested interest in AP: According to Heidi, he could fly.

Tracy Strauss

Was working for Nathan against Alpha Protocol. Previously worked for Ivory. And for ex-Governor Malden, currently accused of embezzlement and killing his accountant, while Tracy was cleared of the same; she's suggested that she really did kill him (something to do with AP) and Ivory pinned it on Malden instead, faking the embezzlement as a plausible motive. Not that he can prove anything. Now she's trying to pin it all on Ivory instead.

Vested interest in AP: She can freeze things. He didn't find that out until later, though.

Senator Ivory Wynn

Original public face of Alpha Protocol, though the protest video attempting to reveal the real targets to the public blamed the president first and foremost. Resigned, later committed suicide (nope, turns out he faked it).

Vested interest in AP: Implied by Sydney to have had an ability himself. No specifics given.

Anais Frazier

May have been encouraged to seek appointment to Ivory's vacant seat. At last count, she was working for Nathan, and seemed to be in on the plans against Alpha Protocol as well. Alas, her schedule is no less cramped than theirs.

Vested interest in AP: None known. Maybe she was just a trusted employee.

KeLyssa Gallagher

Nathan's old receptionist. Southern, chatty, ambiguously flirty.

Vested interest in AP: Ability implied but unspecified.

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