George's Timeline
  • February 2011:
    • Evette spins her recent encounter with Alexandra and random violence, and sets up a PR appearance - on Valentine's Day, but it should be brief enough not to interfere. NO SEX HAPPENS. (Behind the Blue Door)
    • On paper, Alexandra's surprise lunch visit should be, well, surprising in a good way. For some reason, it doesn't work out that way. (Spanner in the Works)
  • March 2011:
    • Another visit from Alexandra, ahead of the cherry blossom season, but just in time to seek support when a foreign crisis renews her worries. (Capital Arrival, Under the Blossoms) Later, things go pear-shaped when Evette stops by and her car breaks down. NO SEX HAPP— but Alexandra is less and less convinced. (Home Invasion) By the next morning, some tabloids have gotten wind, and they're not buying it either. (I Love the Smell of Gossip in the Morning)
    • The latest round of poking fun at each other's past is interrupted by one of the gossip columnists taking another crack at their present. After making her forget, Evette collapses. (Working Too Hard)
    • After Evette pleads her case to Alexandra once again (to no avail), George defends her reaction (to Evette's great annoyance). (You Can't Win) The next day, she admits what's really been driving her. (Crumbling Down)

Alternate futures

  • In an alternate future, George oversees a division of Homeland Security as the Petrelli administration pursues an Evolved-supremacist agenda.
  • In a different alternate future, George attempts to prevent Sierra from being attacked by purveyors of the Boost drug she's been investigating. (Situation Normal All Fouled Up)

Off the record

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