2007-07-09: Get Carter


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Summary: For an angry father, time is running out. It was time to end this.

Date It Happened: July 9, 2007

Get Carter

Several Miles South of Syracuse, New York

July 9th, 4:30 am.

It is still dark, though there are signs of the day breaking just a bit in the farther corners eastbound. Hopefully people are wearing their seatbelts, because if Jack managed to get a van to carry all of them towards the location where Gene said to meet his vehicle of goodies, they would be needing it. When they arrive, just over the crest of a hill, they would see it. The location isn't actually in the city of Syracuse, but rather several miles south of it - a remote area compared to the vast metropolis that is New York City. There is actually some greenery here, but not much, signs of New York State's industrial past showing in the barreness of the earth in some parts. There are a few withered trees.

The warehouse itself is actually a series of warehouses. Gene was right in his first impressions that the complex had been situated there specifically to smelt metal, hence the remote location to keep pollution out and away of the more suburban areas. Gray, dilapidated buildings are surrounded by ruined, rusted fences. A government sign that states that the entire area is CONDEMNED can be seen approaching the property. The main complex itself, a building made of hard concrete with metallic "chimneys" sticking out of the top, can be seen a few yards ahead, surrounded by smaller ones. It looks the most secure out of all of the smaller shack-like structures around.

There is a vehicle carefully parked in one of these smaller structures, covered by a tarp. Those observant enough would be able to see it. And so far, it's quiet, save for humming the more technically inclined would be able to identify easily as the sounds of a series of generators running. So there IS power here. But powering what exactly?

Ramon doesn't give any orders right away. He closes his eyes and starts a mental 'sweep' of the buildings, looking for three things. His daughter, his nemesis, and any additional prisoners or innocents or people there to jump them. Ok, so that's more like six men. He sits very still, looking like he's doing not much of anything, but everyone by now knows that this is him working.

Not really well versed in this sort of search and rescue, Cass has dressed in dark dark blue jeans, a black tank top and a black zip-up hoodie. She figures if it works for burglars, it'll work for rescuers. Plus, dark equals easier to hide! That's good, right? However, even if it's early morning, the nearby lake makes the air humid and that causes her to push up her long sleeves. Studying the warehouse, she sighs and mutters, "Condemned. It's always a condemned building. Why couldn't it a lovely, well lit office building for once?" It's quiet, so she doesn't disturb Ramon. This is her own surveillance. She may not have the ability to scan minds, but she can use her eyes. "I think I see something in that one," she points to the proper building just to make it clear which one she's talking about. The lumpy shape covered in the tarp. "It kind of looks like a car. Or maybe herd of moose that are standing /very/ still. I'm going with car,

The car sits there, all Moose-shaped and ominous.

The drive over for Peter consisted of one phone call (to the house, to inform Heidi as he promised), and a lot of holding on to something. Otherwise he was pretty much silent. Not even the obligatory 'holy crap' when he had to grab onto something at a particularly sharp turn. Worry translates into adrenaline, making his pulse slightly increased. Blood pressure up as well. Yes, those happen to be veins visible on his forehead. The sunglasses he'd worn into the bar hang from the collar of his shirt, not really needed at this point, but the jacket he'd worn actually has a purpose. It's not blistering daytime heat anymore. Still, he says nothing he moves to stand beside the missing girl's father, looking towards him and letting him take care of the telepathy. He's no where near as skilled as this man is, anyway. There's a tense nod to what Cass says. He'll agree with her. Too bad he can't mysteriously see in the dark again tonight.

Gene is not here. Gene doesn't believe in reckless endangering his own life in order to save other people. Gene doesn't mind sending robotic minions to do the work for him though. A copter that appears to be half the scale of a normal helicopter comes in from the skies, flying a large circle around the building. It doesn't have any lights on it, merely using night vision to get a very general look around to see what's up.

Hopefully, the crew waited for the mysterious benefactor to give them the spywear. It was mostly jury-rigged stuff for some of his robot projects, but it's enough to allow him to see through the eyes of four people at once. Not the six that he promised, but sometimes even supergeniuses don't make a deadline. The headset with mini-camera and radio would be transported by Arnie on a motorbike, giving a simple "From Gene" as a gift. If they didn't wait up, Arnie will still be on his way, which his briefcase of goodies to give, Gene complaining about no one listening to plans as he tries to get the killbot there in time.

Lachlan's not really paying attention to what's going on outside of the vehicle. Inside of the vehicle, wherever there's room, are four of the biggest strays he could find at such short notice. They kinda smell like … well, like strays, but they're big. One looks like a Great Dane or Mastiff mix and sits directly beside Lachlan, others look like they might have shepherd or collie. At every sharp turn, the dogs are jostled and send up a chorus of whines. Oh yeah, it's been a fun trip — like the family road trip from Hell. The Scotsman himself is dressed in black and black and black and a ski mask is tucked into his back pocket just in case. He only glances toward where Cass is pointing and grunts softly. "Think s'a car, baby."

Desiree chose clothes similar to Cass, running on a similar vein of logic - hers are a black dress shirt and dress pants, however, making her an elegant fake burglar for the day. She's been quiet for the duration of the ride (mostly), and now she's standing beside Ramon, squinting into the distance, biting her lip. "You gettin' anythin', Ramon?"

Jack parks the van, hops out of the driver's seat, and immediately scurries around to the back to open the hatch. The wooden crate his drags out is large, rectangular, and pasted with labels in German, Russian, Italian, and several other languages. If anyone's a cunning linguist, they'll be able to note that the stickers all read things like 'WARNING!' and 'HAZARDOUS!' He drops it to the ground and kicks off the lid. Inside is a small armory packed in layers of felted cloth. Mostly pistols and small automatic weapons of all shapes, sizes, and descriptions. There are also flash grenades, but other explosives are conspicuously absent.

The Irishman digs out the Thompson SMG he promised Lachlan and tosses it to his Scottish counterpart. After slinging a matching weapon around his shoulders, he stuffs a couple of flashbombs into the pockets of his BDU pants. Like Lachlan, everything he's wearing is black. The final addition is a large, heavy revolver. "Don't be shy," he urges as he crams enormous shells into the revolver's cylinder. "There's plenty for everybody."

RAMON: When Ramon scans for surface thoughts, he would only find two. Someone is humming a song, a deep, smooth baritone that he would find familiar.

~Time….is on my side…~

And the other surface thought is much fainter. It's feminine, and almost a whisper.

~Gene….oh god, the gas….can't…~

The first surface thought comes from somewhere within the complex, to the west and further behind the building - it's a lot fainter than what Ramon could pick up of the other one. Elena's, however, comes at him sideways, a little closer. But there's no denying it, they're all coming from the same, two-story building. Just in different parts of it.

Ramon grabs a pair of the guns he actually knows how to use, checks them, and then puts them in his pants. He says grimly, "He's going to gas her. They're in two locations. So this is how we're going to have to do this. Cass, you're going to take this surveillance equipment of Gene's and stay in the van. Stay in touch with Peter and I by thinking loud. We'll listen in. Peter, you're in charge of Alpha Team. Alpha Team has one objective: rescue my daughter. Cass, your primary goal is to watch out for Alpha Team. Peter, you'll take Dezi, for her paramedic skills, and her precognitive skills might also alert to secondary danger if Cass can't get a warning out in time. Jack, you, me, and Lachlan and the dogs are taking on Carter. Everyone needs to earplug up now. He's not stupid, he'll have tricks up his sleeve, but this way we'll have a good amount of power on both teams. Any objections, thoughts, or things that I've missed with this plan, please speak up so I can adjust."

When Jack pulls out the arsenal, Cass can't help put whistle. "That's…a lot of weapons." She doesn't even go about searching through them because, well, she has no idea how to use any of that. She's more likely to shoot herself than to actually be able to shoot anyone else. As for the her part of the plan, she frowns. Dezi gets to go inside and help. Getting stuck in the van kind of feels like, 'here, play with your crayons, kid, while the grown ups work'. It's childish, sure, but, well, that's her immediate reaction. "What if I can't get a thought to you or Peter?" she asks Ramon. "I trust you guys, but Peter using too many abilities…" Well, it leads to comas and bad things. Coma and explosions and the like. She's got her earplugs out, but she's not about to put them in till everything is settled. Then, s pulls over her equipment so she can start setting herself up.

Gas? Peter's eyes dart immediately towards him, then back towards the building. If his blood pressure and pulse were high before… his eyes aren't quite changing colors, though that may come later. He's seen Elena use that particular aspect of her abilities before… The commands earn another stiff nod, and he reaches into his pockets to get the earplugs, though he's a little hesitant to use them, from the sound of things. "I'll be fine until this is over," he says stiffly in response to Cass, mostly because… he doesn't want to wait too much longer. He should have flown ahead. "Just stay close to me," he adds towards Desiree, before waiting for any last minute instructions and then placing the earplugs in. No guns for him. He's got quite an arsenal at his disposal already. Even if it may lead to coma when this is done.

The GEEK GOD continues to sit in his lab, watching the computer screen. This is so disorganized. He doesn't know people's powers, the plan seems through together. While he likely wouldn't be able to do better than Ramon if put in charge, Gene figures there has to be a better way. Perhaps there is, but now is not the time to ponder such a thing. Watching the building through the computer feed to the copter, Gene waits calmly. While Gene has his back-up plans, hopefully, they won't have to be used.

Lachlan has a big gun. Lachlan is happy. Shouldering the so-called typewriter, he glances into the crate before picking out a couple of flash grenades for himself and then a .45. The fact that Cass is told to wait in the van doesn't upset him one iota. It would've upset him if she wasn't. Giving a nod to Ramon, he pulls out his earplugs and starts popping them in, the four dogs milling about his feet casually. Before placing in the last one, he steps over to Cass and gives her a quick kiss. "I love ye, baby. We'll be fine."

Desiree rolls a narrow shoulder as she eyes the boxes and the many weapons therein that are being passed around. It's a movement unease, no doubt about it. She looks from Ramon, to Peter, to the complex, draws a deep breath and says, "Okay." She pulls the ear plugs from her pockets and looks at them with similar reluctance; she wants to be able to /hear/, after all, but she doesn't want to be mind-controlled, either. She doesn't have any last minute instructions; what she does have, though, is a firm kiss for Ramon. "Y'all be careful," she says - to everyone, but her gaze lingers especially meaningfully on Ramon — after she steps back, hanging close to Peter as instructed. "Here's to hopin' you're all the weapons we need, 'cause I ain't touchin' those guns."

With a flick of his wrist, Jack snaps his revolver's cylinder into place and tucks it into the holser that's belted around his thigh. He nods approvingly at Ramon's plan. It's simple, direct, and involves him dumping dozens of bullets into the guy who kidnapped Elena. "I'm good with that," he replies. He turns to meet Peter's eyes. He can't bring himself to smile reassuringly, but he does give Pete a manly cuff on the shoulder before he earplugs up. "You can do this, kiddo. Bring her back to us."

Where is Eric for all this? Eric is…BACK AT THE LAB! The wonderful wonderful lab. Near to Gene, he stopped pacing awhile back. Now he is just sitting and watching everything unfold with a slight nervous twitch going on over one eye.

…and a secret desire for some popcorn. DON'T TELL ANYONE THOUGH! IT ALWAYS HAPPENS WHEN HE WATCHES TV!

Peter leads Desiree through the dark path to the left....

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