2007-02-21: Get Well


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Summary: Hiro pays Nathan a visit, bearing gifts and news.

Date It Happened: February 21st, 2007

Get Well

Nathan's Room - The Petrelli Mansion

Healing gradually. That's what, apparently, Nathan has to look forward to, and the phrase one of the doctor's brought in was using with far too much optimism. Not particularly optimistic looking, huddled in his bed, Nathan picks up the remote for the TV angled towards his bed and changes the channel. News. More news. Some vapid soap opera. That would do. Not really watching it, Nathan lets his eyes flick over to where a slice of his reflection can be seen in a mirror turned mostly away, slowly healing indeed, and then back to the inane actors on the TV screen in front of him.

When Hiro checked in at Yamagato Industries, he found an envelope on his desk — with this address, and his father's handwriting on it. "A friend of yours," it said, and the note added, "Be careful." Hiro has taken this advice to heart. A few jumps from Tokyo to the Hyde Park neighborhood, to the rooftop opposite the Petrelli Mansion, to just outside the door. He doesn't understand why his father warned him, but he's going to pay full attention.

Knock, knock.

Nathan casts a glance towards the door at the sound of knocking. Most people entitled to be here, after all, just sort of strode on in, no matter what. "Yeah?" Nathan calls out, sitting up a little more and switching the TV off. He glances at the bedrobe draped over the end of his bed, and with a grimace, he tugs it over and pulls it on over the summer pajamas he's been wearing like, you know, real clothes. "Come in."

Hiro pushes open the door, his eyes averted as he steps in. "Hello? Mr. Petrelli?" Not flying man. Hiro's not dumb! That'd be like calling Muhammad Ali punching machine, what with his problem with a crippling disease and all. "It is me! Hiro Nakamura. I came to see you. Shhh!" he adds, putting a finger to his lips, though he's still facing away. "You must be quiet. I am not supposed to be here."

Oh, Jesus. That sums up Nathan's expression - a moment of completely open surprise before clamming up again. "Shut the door," he says after a moment. "Mr. Hiro, good to see you." This comes out more awkward than warm, and Nathan sits further up in his bed. "How'd you get in here?"

"I teleported," Hiro says, leaning in. He holds out a tiny box, wrapped in tissue paper, for relatively effortless removal. Once Nathan takes it — or indicates where he wants it left, he bows a little bit. "I have come to thank you. I said many terrible things to you. I was wrong. You are a hero. You saved the world. And I have come to pay respects to Peter Petrelli. I am very sorry."

Much like a statue, Nathan is very still but takes the box when it's held out, and listens silently. His expression is about as grim as it can get, the injuries only adding to it. "You didn't have to," he says finally. "Come here. I'm not…" For once, he trails off, and despite himself, he pulls away the tissue paper to open the box given.

It's a Gameboy. Specifically, it's a Gameboy DS, with a few games attached. Hiro knows about Gameboy games, so he probably chose very well. There's also a Get Well card. Ando's signed it, too. It's from Japan, so the actual greeting card message is not only in Japanese but seems to revolve around the adventures of a big-eyed cartoon frog. "To keep you from getting bored while you recover," he says, optimistically. He can probably guess at the chances of recovery, but the thought is there. He doesn't want it to seem like a 'putting Nathan out to pasture' present.

Nathan stares down at the Game Boy, then rather carefully puts the item on his bedside table. He flicks open the card and takes that in too. Frog. Giant eyes. Japanese. "That's really thoughtful of you," he states, with, perhaps, a smile, glancing at Hiro, and putting the card next to the Game Boy as well. "Don't be sorry for saying bad things, they weren't so inaccurate."

"They were! A hero is not defined by the path he takes, but by the intent to walk it. You saved everyone." Hiro bows again; he probably feels himself to blame. If he'd been a little faster, a little quicker. "And until you can fly again, I will honor your sacrifice and keep them safe. I promise."

Nathan squints at Hiro at the mention of flying, almost a wince. "Yeah," he agrees, not even half-heartedly. "You do that." He shifts uncomfortably in his bed under the pretense of adjusting his robe, but really, he's just uncomfortable. "And I didn't save -everyone-," he has to correct.

Hiro is silent; he sort of looks at his feet for a second or two. "Y-yes…" he says. "Sorry. I will honor him, most of all. We all will. There are so many of us! Just in the past few days I have met three. Heroes, like you."

Another pained look, this time at the last statement. "Like me, huh?" Nathan says, raising an eyebrow. "That's really great, Hiro, but you know…" He stops there and gives Hiro a speculative look, and seems to give up on trying to inflict his own mindset on the other man. "Listen. Keep safe, alright?"

Hiro nods, emphatically. "Yes. I will be careful," he says. "There may be a new danger. And we must stop the Company," Hiro says, "Who are imprisoning people with abilities. But there are more heroes now than ever before, thanks to you and Peter."

"Are they." Nathan nods slowly, clearly listening to Hiro, but not completely taking in this new information as well as he should. "Seems like a good idea to not go around advertising any 'abilities', am I right? Good." His expression has turned back to grim, and he glances at the switched off TV. "So no talk of flying, or…" Squint. "Bending space."

"Yes, I understand. We must remain secret, just like Peter Parker. I will be careful," Hiro says—

"Mr. Petrelli? Are you alright?" It's one of the nurses. Or a guard, maybe, depending on how Angela is handling this. And Nathan is in the room all alone, of course.

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