2007-02-28: Getting Better


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Guest Starring: Angela

Summary: Noah reunites with Claire, Mohinder brings /another/ dead body to the Petrelli home.

Date It Happened: February 28th, 2007

Getting Better

Petrelli Mansion

There may be doorbells and intercoms and buzzers of all kinds, but it is a gloved fist that Noah opts for, hammering it over and over on the Petrelli door. It will probably leave marks in the morning.*THUD THUD THUD* He was just here and they hid her from him. *THUDTHUDTHUD* Mr. Bennet is not brimming with patience at the moment, and he doesn't wait long before reaching for his gun instead.

It wasn't too long ago that Claire was sitting downstairs with Nathan, enduring awkward silence, unable to sleep. She's upstairs now, in one of the guest rooms, but similarly unable to sleep; lying on the bed, her arms crossed beneath her head, her eyes are transfixed on the ceiling. Until the knocking, that is. That gets her attention immediately, and she sits up sharply, listening. After the second series of knocks, she rises from the bed and heads for the stairs, though she hesitates before beginning to descend.

The hour may be late, but the death of night does not stop Mrs. Angela Petrelli from moving through the expansive mansion to the front door after that second set of insistent knocks. Clad starkly in a neat suit jacket and skirt combo, it's obvious that she never retired for the night, oddly enough; perhaps she expected visitors after Claire's visit. She arrives in the foyer just as Claire begins to linger at the top of the stairs; pausing (very) briefly on her mission toward the door, she looks the girl's way and smiles. There's warning a firm warning in her eyes at the same time: stay there. /Then/ the door is opened so that Angela may greet her impatient knocker. She is not surprised in the slightest to see Mr. Bennet. "Hello," she says, pleasantly enough, lending the impatient man a tight smile.

The gun will remain in its holster under Noah's jacket. He's still dressed in his burglaring outfit, black on black including the leather gloves. There is a determined and wild look in the eyes behind those glasses. The smile is not returned. "I'm here for my daughter."

It takes about half a second for the girl at the top of the stairs to identify the voice. Maybe less than that, even. With little of the gravity exhibited by Noah and a hundred times more relief, she yells, "Dad!" What little hope there was of Claire heeding Angela's warning flies out the window the second she hears her father's voice. She races down the stairs so quickly that at least twice she thinks she might lose her footing, her hand trailing uselessly along the banister. Unless Angela does something to stop her, she's going to go straight through the open door and into the arms of her father.

Angela does nothing to stop the quaint little reunion. In fact, she gets out of the way. What she does do, however, is glance past Noah into the premises outdoors, eyeing the darkness for anyone who may be following the man or acting as an accomplice of some kind. While her smile does not disappear, it becomes more stern, present only for the driest politeness necessary while she watches Claire and Noah. "Yes. I figured as much. We've been expecting you." She gestures further inside, stepping around the pair to prepare to close the door. "Please. Come in."

The rest of the world ceases to exist for a few moments, Mr. Bennet seeing only his daughter running towards him. His arms encircle her in a fierce embrace, eyes closing against overwhelming relief and an absurd urge to become moist. "Your hair," he manages to get out, leaning back just so he can look at her. Angela's voice is like a splash of cold water. They had his girl. "No. We're leaving."

Her arms lace around his waist, and Claire buries her face against her father's chest, much less inclined to keep from crying. She's not quite there yet, but it's likely going to be a short road. She never even stopped to consider that this might not be her real father. "I'm so sorry," she says quietly, holding him tightly, forgetting entirely about the woman standing a short distance away. "This is all my fault." She's likely exaggerating.

"Mm. Is that so." Angela frowns, eyeing Mr. Bennet rather darkly. It's all very touching. Really. Watch her get teary-eyed. After a moment, she poses the question, "Dare I ask where you plan on stealing away that you think will be safe?"

"It's okay Claire, we're okay, it's not your fault," he tells her, a hand touching the strangely dark hair. He stands up straight to Angela's question, and can certainly sense an aura of power about the woman, even if he isn't cowed. "I wouldn't," Noah answers her in a level voice.

"We can't go," Claire replies as she shakes her head, pulling back to look up to Noah with a frown. "I told Nathan" The name still seems strange, like she hasn't quite decided what she ought to be calling him yet. "that you would help him get to Peter." She leaves out the part where they don't actually know for sure where he is. There's something very pleading about her expression as she looks to Noah, adding, "He needs our help."

Angela gives a conceding lift of her brows to Noah's answer - she'll take that refusal and offer a complete disregard, thanks. "Let us help you, Mr. Bennet," the offer of well-meaning assistance sounds an awful lot like an order. She completely ignores Claire's own reasons toward the same end as if she hadn't spoken, save for a passing twitch of her mouth downward. "Claire is quite dear to us as well. We're concerned for her safety just as you are."

Noah frowns at Claire. "I already promised him I would," Noah tells Claire. "But promises went out the window when you lied to me," Noah says, looking up at Angela and blaming her for her son's supposed dishonesty. "I was just here, looking for Claire and I was told she wasn't here. Because of that wild goose chase a good man is dead and Sylar is looking for my daughter," Noah says quite possessively. "We're leaving," Noah says flatly, and tries to pull Claire away.

Resisting the pull, Claire frowns at her father, several emotions flashing across her face. There was a lot of information there, and she isn't quite sure what she ought to deal with first. "Who's dead?" she asks, her voice quiet. She doesn't bother correcting him as to her arrival; some things are more important than that. "What happened?"

Another interruption is made at the Petrelli residence. Even as he's dropped off by Mara, along with the body of one Hiro Nakamura, Mohinder is starting to wonder if this is the right thing.. Telling Mara that someone dangerous is after them and entrusting Molly in her care as the girl is taken to Matt. It was a tough decision and the scientist hopes he doesn't regret it. (Some part of him already does.) A medical bag in hand, himself and a body on the doorstep, he rushes to the door, intent on pounding upon it. He draws up short, seeing Noah still basically standing on the threshold, along with Claire and Angela. "Help, I've got him, we don't have much time left," he pants. It's a lot of work, moving the body of a pudgy Japanese man.

Upon Bennet's accusation, Angela simply tips her head back and regards him down her nose. She looks slightly disgusted, if anything, rather than offended. "I did no such thing, nor did my son. Claire only just arrived this evening, it was a surprise to us all. Claire has been through a lot, I'm not going to stop the girl from reuniting with her" Pause. Quick! Brief! Shh! Pretend it was never there! "father." Oh, timing; a geneticist and a dead body on her doorstep. Flattening a hand to her chest, Mrs. Petrelli steps further to the side to - skeptically - let Mohinder through.

"Claire," Noah says, and he'll accept what Angela says for now at least as far as not arguing the point. He still doesn't step inside. "There's a theory, that the blood from someone…like you," he says finally, "Could have some powerful effects on another person. Are you okay with Doctor Suresh taking some? Not a word to the Company Suresh," Noah warns him. Ever.

Well, that answers her first question. As Claire's attention falls on Mohinder and the dead man, her eyes widen, one hand flying up to cover her open mouth as she gasps. Her eyes are welling with tears, but she wills herself to look between Mohinder and Noah. "I know it does," she replies, ducking her head in a brief nod. "I just don't know if it'll…" She doesn't need to finish that sentence. She raises a hand to brush away the tear that started to trail down one cheek, shaking her head. "As much as he needs."

Mohinder doesn't go into the mansion. Not yet anyway. The last time he was here, it was to deliver Peter's body. How. Awkward. He stays put by Hiro's still form and nods sharply at Noah. "Not a word." Hopefully, he's got everything he needs in that medical bag of his. A nod is given to Claire, "Thank you.. Then we need to get him into the house." In other words. Help? He's a little tapped out.

Angela looks down at the deceased young man on the steps. Of her house. About to be her /foyer/. "What have you brought into my home?" she spits, an accusatory hiss to Noah and Mohinder. Rather than a 'what did the cat drag in this time' variety of question, she's being more general, but the difference is hardly audible. The woman moves to stand behind Claire. She hovers protectively, clutching the girl's shoulders and eyeing Hiro's body. "Claire's special properties have already been used today. You're going to /tire her out/." As if Angela was too concerned about that possibility with Nathan's healing process. But telling them to leave means telling Claire to go with them; the woman stands her ground. "Will someone please explain the meaning of this?!"

Noah bends down to take the upper portion of Hiro's corpse and carry it into the house. It looks like the heavier end, and Mohinder is skinny enough to vanish if he turns sideways. "This man gave his life to save the best chance you have of finding your son," Noah answers Angela with a grunt. "Where's Molly?" he demands of Mohinder. The girl is too important to be lost.

"Stop," Claire says to Angela, wrenching her shoulders free of her grandmother's grasp and turning to look at the woman with sudden disdain. It's an expression the woman is likely familiar with. "You don't speak for me." Briefly, she glances between Noah and Mohinder again, but her attention drifts time and again back to Hiro. There's doubt in her eyes, but she doesn't voice it. "Don't worry about me," she says to Mohinder, her tone faintly defensive. She steps aside, back into the house, to get out of their way.

Mohinder doesn't exactly cower under Angela's gaze and demeanor. There's an apologetic chagrin. "I am deeply sorry that this is the second time I've brought a body to your home. We don't have much of a choice right now as Claire is our only hope of bringing Hiro back." There's a blanch, and a look of remorse as Noah asks about Molly. For now, he'll leave it at, "She's with Matt," as he sets his bag down and reaches to help heft Hiro by the legs. He certainly needs no reminder of Molly's importance, and he's already made a very tough call with her today. "Thank you," is his subdued response to Claire. Yes, he will still worry about the girl's state as this is the first attempt he's made at something like this.

The father and daughter shut Angela up, but only for a few seconds of stunned silence. She's disbelieving. From the get-go. "Do what you have to." Maybe she has other motives. Maybe she just can't stop the convoy from entering. Who knows. Either way, she's not content with it. The woman glances toward the staircase, surprised Nathan hasn't been stirred by the commotion this time, but she makes no move to summon her living son. She folds her arms in lieu of holding Claire. As she watches the anti-funeral procession, her eyes narrow and flicker on Hiro's face, as if placing him, or trying to.

Noah truly believes that he should feel safe with Molly in the hands of a telepath and a cop, and yet. "How long is this going to take, doctor?" Noah asks of Suresh. Noah is nervous, running on adrenaline, is worried about Sylar and he just wants some time to talk to Claire.

Meanwhile, Claire is already leading them up the stairs, headed to the room in which she's taken up residence. There isn't much she can do to help at this point except watch her father and Mohinder with a look of concern, a deep frown settled onto her brow. She, too, can't help but feel like this isn't quite the reunion she had hoped for. There are dozens of things she wants to be saying, but none of them seem appropriate, given the circumstances. "In here," she says, holding the door open for them.

"I'm not sure, this is only theoretical of course." Mohinder states as they work on getting Hiro inside. "I don't think simply taking a syringe or two will work… In my bag, there are items we can use. I would like to start by attempting a transfusion. This isn't a simple matter of healing a wound." Since he's got Hiro by the feet, he follows where led to. "Someone please fetch my bag," he requests as they're lead to the room.

Angela watches the journey of the others up the stairs grimly, thoughts brewing behind those dark eyes of hers. She disappears, for now, into another downstairs room, leaving the guests/intruders to their business.

And she does not get Mohinder's bag for him. Sorry, Suresh. Angela Petrelli does not play fetch.

"Claire, stay here," Noah says, loathe to let her leave his sight. He runs downstairs and is back just as quickly, the bag in his hand. He hovers around Claire, a hand on her shoulder even as he watches the process with some fascination. This can't really work, can it? "Are you okay?" Noah asks, the simple phrase conveying much more.

Luckily for Mohinder, Claire was searching for a way to feel useful! …except she just got told to stay put. She thinks about protesting, but ultimately decides against it, opting instead to stand in the doorway and watch the unmoving Hiro. One hand is poised so that she can chew on her fingernail anxiously. "I think so," she replies to Noah, looking up to her father with a fleeting smile. "Do you think this will work?"

Mohinder takes his bag from Noah and promptly opens it, going through the contents, sorting what he needs. Butterfly tape, oh good, there's tubing in here, syringes, alcohol swabs.. "Pillows, anything for a cushion, I.. or rather, you, will need them. This could take awhile and you might want to be as comfortable as possible." Leaving it at that for someone to fetch the items, he starts to essentially jury rig the items with him for a transfusion, that is, after slipping on a pair of surgical gloves. A sterile environment is probably a moot point with someone who has rapid regeneration, yet old habits die hard.

Noah takes up a sort of guard position near the door, watching everything. It's like waiting for the other shoe to drop. "What was that you were about to give Mr. Gray, Suresh?" Noah asks, already regretting saying the S-word in front of Claire. "When we're done here I want you to call Molly and find out where he is."

There are several pillows in the closet, and Claire is eager to fetch them. There's a wary sort of look given to the different kinds of equipment that Mohinder takes out, her nose wrinkling slightly. This feels familiar. She can't help but look at Hiro again as she nears the bed, setting the pillows down. She doesn't say anything more to interrupt the conversation, she simply divides her attention between her father and the doctor.

"Curare, it's a paralytic. I used it once before on him," Mohinder says as he continues getting things ready. "He might have fallen for it again, he was incredibly desperate." Just about ready now, he looks to Claire, "Make yourself as comfortable as possible. I'll monitor you both." There's just no real way to candy coat the situation. It's not going to be pleasant, or assurances that it will work. Once Claire makes herself comfortable, he'll start with the needles and transfusion process.

Noah watches though he'd rather not. He keeps looking at Claire. Last time he saw her, or someone that looked like her, it didn't go well. He approaches and reaches for her hand. If this works, at least he'll know it's her. "He has to be put down," Noah says, almost to himself.

Dragging a chair over to the side of the bed, Claire settles herself down within range of the apparatus, rolling up the sleeve of her pyjama shirt. Once the transfusion is started - with nothing but a wince to mark the needle piercing her skin - she looks back to her father and asks, "How do you know he's after me?" There's something akin to fear in her voice for a split second, though she's not exactly surprised. When isn't Sylar after her, really?

Mohinder works smoothly, professionally and well, as gently as he can to help ease any discomfort Claire will be put through. It's hard to say who this will be hardest on. His mouth sets into a grim line at Noah's announcement. "I'll have Molly find him. I just hope he remains powerless." Taking some of the butterfly tape, he secures the needle against Claire's skin and does the same for Hiro. "He's under the impression that you're the cure he needs. It's entirely possible that he's right too."

"Cure?" Noah says sharply. He takes a seat next to Claire, still holding her hand. "Cure for what? How did this happen?" He's also supposed to find the other Petrelli boy, but that can wait.

Claire doesn't pull her hand away from Noah as he sits down next to her, instead drawing his hand to her face to hold against her cheek. She tries not to move her other arm any more than necessary. "God, I'm just a blood bank to everyone," she mutters beneath her breath, her rueful tone returning, though it's faint. "He doesn't have his powers?" That, at least, is cause for some measure of hope.

"I'm not entirely certain." Mohinder says musingly as he steps back to monitor both Hiro and Claire. "He showed up at my apartment, demanding I cure him and that I had this cure. I don't know how he lost his ability to use his powers. I was going to draw some of his blood to study while he was out." Gently to Claire he adds, "No he doesn't." He moves over to his bag to produce a penlight and checks the teen's eyes, "How are you feeling? Blood bank aside of course."

"Don't you worry about him Claire," Noah assures his daughter, squeezing her hand in his. It has to be her, it just has to be. "Claire, how did you get here?" Noah asks. "They told me you were being held somewhere, that you had been for…"

"Peachy," Claire replies to Mohinder, the penlight eliciting a wince. She doesn't look any worse for wear just yet, despite there being a steady stream of blood from her arm to Hiro's. "They found us in California," she explains to her father, sounding apologetic, as if it were somehow her fault. "They told me they would kill you, Mom, Lyle--" She's beginning to get worked up again as she tells the story, her tone bitter. "—I couldn't let them hurt you. I came with them. They did… tests and made me do things."

Mohinder's expression remains grim as he listens to Noah and Claire. He moves away from the teen to check on Hiro. A stethoscope is produced from the black bag and he checks for a heartbeat. As Suresh's expression doesn't look promising, things still don't look good. "Claire.. let me know the moment you start feeling ill. We may.. have to stop."

"It's okay, they're okay," Noah says, putting both hands on Claire's face. "They're on the move." In a brand new RV no less. "They might kill each other, but other than that they're fine. /I'm/ fine," Noah says sternly. "We're not going to let them run our lives anymore. Okay?"

It's at this point that Claire seems to break, and she gives in to the tears she's been trying to hold back for the last hour. It only makes it worse when she realizes that she can't move in such a way to hug her father without jeopardizing their little rescue operation. "I was so scared," she says, shaking her head and raising her free arm to brush the tears away with her sleeve. "I didn't know what to do." She's starting to look a little more pale than usual, but it doesn't appear to be anything serious, thus far. "How did you find me?" She is definitely not complaining about that part.

Mohinder trusts Noah and Claire to tell him when something is wrong on the teen's end. He remains quiet, letting them talk amongst each other as he monitors Hiro for any change. The doctor looks up in alarm as Claire's emotions break. Looking in her direction, he almost misses a faint sound on his stethoscope. Wait, there it is again. Faint.. it's there, "My God.. I think .. it's working!" Eyes wide with excitement, an enthusiastic grin splits across his face as he listens. Yes, it's there, a heartbeat! "You're doing fine Claire," he encourages as he checks Hiro's pupils and finds no sign of response to the penlight.

Noah sits next to his daughter so that he can put an arm around her, his other hand brushing her hair away from her face. "It's okay, you're okay now," he assures her. "I'll always find you," Noah says. Looking at Mohinder he holds a finger to his lips, eyes darting around the room. They may be listend to and he's said too much already. Noah looks up abruptly, staring at Hiro. He's overjoyed to be with Claire, but this is a real life miracle. "It's working?"

With a loud sniffle, Claire looks to Hiro at Mohinder's announcement, her eyes widening again. The notion of her blood actually bringing someone back to life seems absurd, despite how many times she's escaped death herself. She shifts her position, craning her neck to try and see, as if somehow seeing him would make sense of the entire situation. "He's okay?" she asks, cautioning a slight smile - until she's not smiling, because her eyes flutter closed and she settles back down again, leaning against Noah. "Ugh. I don't feel so hot."

Mohinder turns to look at Noah and nods, an incredulous expression taking root. "I don't believe it.. Well I say that, but I see things that still amaze me." He continues checking over Hiro's vitals, that hopeful look doesn't fade from the geneticist's face. "Hiro seems to be in a vegetative or comatose state." There are differences, slight ones, between the two. "But his heartbeat has returned, I can detect air flow in his lungs. I really should have him on oxygen, to help his pulmonary functions along.. It's very weak, but it's there. Oh damn." The last utterance is made at Claire's pronouncement. "Keep her awake if you can Noah." Another pair of hands would be nice about now, as it is, they'll have to make do. "Do you think you might be able to keep some water down?"

"Stop the procedure Suresh," Noah says with sudden urgency. "Claire," Noah says, touching her face lightly. "Claire-bear, stay with me now, we're going to get you something to drink and you'll feel better, okay?" Accusing eyes look at Mohinder again. It's somehow all his fault. "Stop the transfusion!"

Of course it's his fault. None of this began until the needle was in Claire's arm. The longer it goes on, however, the more it seems to be affecting Claire. She might be indesctructible, but there's something about significant blood loss that makes her feel nauseated. "I can't feel my toes," she says quietly, almost a whisper, as she sinks more of her weight against her father. It's apparently funnier than it is worrisome, because there's a slight smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. There's another murmur, as if she might have something else to say, and then she's out. Asleep, unconscious, it's not immediately clear which.

"Patience! Not just yet, you're overreacting," Mohinder says, knowing there's probably going to be little reasoning with Noah about now. Something occurs to Mohinder, and he tunes out Noah's demands for the moment as he rolls up Hiro's shirt.. Just in time to watch the transfusion at work, healing the body and pushing the bullet back out the way it came in. "Amazing," he utters as he picks up the bullet and drops it into a glass vial from his bag. Claire's comment grabs his attention back her way again. Something that could be a swear word is uttered in Hindi as he drops the vial into his bag before rushing to her side. Perhaps none too gently, he removes the needle from Claire's arm, holding up the tubing so the rest will drain into Hiro. "Get her laying down, prop her knees up and put a pillow under her head," he instructs.

Noah glares for a moment, but the doctor's orders are probably useful and give him something to do. He gently lays Claire back, cradling her head in one hand until he slides a pillow underneath. He pushes her knees up, then places a hand to her face to check her temperature, then her neck. "What's wrong with her?" Noah demands.

Once the blood has finished training from the tube and into Hiro, Mohinder removes the needle from his arm. The needle, the tubing, they're placed in ziploc bags normally used for samples. It's biohazard material now, and there is still fluid that can be researched. "It's the blood loss," he tells Noah in a calm manner. "She's in a form of shock. We'll need her on an I.V.. Her body will replenish its own blood supply in time." He's not trying to be cold about this, just calm and knowledgable.

"Then give her a transfusion," Noah says, both angry and annoyed. He's already rolling up his sleeve. "She's not supposed to get sick or hurt," Noah says, as if that should explain everything.

Mohinder blinks as he looks towards Noah. "I don't have those sorts of supplies on me. It's not like I carry an intravenous drip with me everywhere. Back at my lab, yes, but where would you like her to stay and be comfortable?" Because honestly, he would like both Claire and Hiro in a facility where they can be monitored better, with IV's, oxygen and other medical apparatus.

"They had Nathan Petrelli on home care for I months now, they can damn well take care of Claire," Noah says, rising to his feet and storming for the door. "Doctor, go to Nathan Petrelli's room." Noah was just there, he can and does give him directions. "Take what you need. I'm going to speak with Mrs. Petrelli."

Mohinder gives Noah a wary look. The man is understandably angry, but surely he had to know that Claire wouldn't just get up and walk around after this? Right? Wordlessly, he gives a nod to Noah then runs to fetch said items. And get help to bring back the equipment should he pass any servants.

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