2009-12-02: Getting Hit On



Date: December 2nd, 2009


Jade blows bubbles, Tiago broke his bike, and a slap-fight happens. So does an arguement, and, as always, Tiago loses.

"Getting Hit On"

Sydney's Apartment

It was just another afternoon. Another boring, boring afternoon in an apartment that wasn't hers. As much as she had a distaste for work, Jade was actually starting to go a bit stir-crazy, and was looking forward to when she could find her own place again and go back to work. She had a sneaking suspicion that there was an eviction notice currently hanging on the door of her own crappy home, courtesy of her unpaid landlord.

But, with a few dollars, the dark-haired girl had managed to find herself a few hours of fun. Having the main room to herself, Jade was currently in the process of dipping a circular object into a small bottle of soapy liquid. Withdrawing it, she swings it through the air in an arc, creating a row of bubbles. It's not too long before tiny, shiny bubbles are taking over the room, being circulated by the ceiling fan, whereupon she goes on a popping expedition.

So this is what her life has come to: spending her days blowing bubbles.

After a while, chasing the bubbles gets too tiresome, and the teenaged delinquent takes to lying on the couch, raising the tiny hoop to her mouth, and lazily blowing them out, seeing how far they could get before popping. The current winner was clinging precariously to the carpet just beyond the opposite edge of the sofa.

And they call Tiago immature! At least he's not the one depositing soapy film all over the living room. In fact, he is nowhere to be found in the apartment at first, though this is subject to change quickly enough. Before long, the front door jiggles open, and the esteemed Brazilian is slipping his copy of the key out of the lock and into his pocket, grim-faced and faintly annoyed.

Now, this isn't out of the ordinary. What /is/ out of the ordinary, however, is the faint smell of singed hair surrounding him, as well as the blackness that covers his already tanned cheekbones and the top of his white t-shirt. It looks, and smells, as thought the lad had been present in a miniature explosion of some sort, or perhaps a fire. And he coughs soot and displaced dust out of his lungs, before grumping and skulking into the apartment. "Ngnn." He grunts to Jade in greeting.

The teen's eyes flick immediately to the door as it begins to open, and the tiny hoop-on-a-stick bubble-wand is quickly slipped under the couch. The bottle of soap itself is hidden quickly behind a pillow, and as the door swings open, the only evidence of Jade's activities are a trio of bubbles, all of them floating in slow motion towards the floor.

"Hey. You, uh, look like crap. And you smell worse. What's up?"

She sits up, careful not to disturb her hidden, opened, bottle of soapy delight, sliding off of the couch, standing up, and crossing her arms. She takes a few steps closer looking the male up and down with something like a cross between a smirk of amusement and a frown of disapproval. "Deal go bad or something. Anyway, uhhhh, I was gonna wash some clothes, so if you hurry up and get out of those, I'll throw them in, okay? And you'd better hurry, because you're going to get the carpet dirty if you just trudge around on it like that."

"…Why is there a bubble in the living room?" Oho, Jade, you're not quick enough for this regular Sherlock Holmes! Gracing Jade with a piercing, questioning stare, Tiago proceeds to shuffle on his feet uncomfortably before being drawn to his own issues by her oh so casual comment. He grows defensive, pouting his bottom lip a little and adopting a sullen demeanor. "I was lookin' for a cheap bike for me ta buy and work on. Found an awesome one, sellin' for like, fifty bucks. Now I know /why/ it was sellin' for so cheap - the damn thing blew up in my face!"

Once he has whined appropriately of his tragic business transaction, the man shruge his in tact jacket off of him, depositing it on the floor without mind for the possible messiness. And then comes the process of tugging the used to be pristine tee-shirt off of his back, and he proceeds to chuck it over towards Jade. After all, she did say hurry.

"Mhmm, thanks…Ima go wash my face and get somethin' else on. Hey! Wait - can I ask ya a question?" Wait for it… "Do I still have both eyebrows?"

"Fifty bucks for a motorcycle? The hell were you expecting? You shoulda saved up and maybe invested in a braincell first. I mean, come on! You should've at least checked it out thoroughly before you went and tried to /ride/ it."

As for the bubble, she spots the last one out of the corner of her eye, floating past her as if trying to get to the Brazilian male and accuse her of immature activities. She pops it quickly with a finger. "Dish-washing incident." This is right about the time she scowls down at the jacket deposited so carelessly on the floor. Her mouth pops open to scold him for his laziness, but she quickly squeals and has to lean to the side, both hands made into fists and clutched close to her chest, as if the shirt he had thrown were some sort of bowling ball meant to maim her.

"GOD! I meant in your room! This isn't your house, you know, you can't just make a mess and expect other people to clean it up!" With a growl, she bends down to pick up the tee, holding it out at arm's length with her thumb and forefinger, as if afraid it would infect her. "Um… I think if you add the remains of both together, you'll equal an eyebrow." Was she lying? Well, he'd find out when he looked in the bathroom mirror.

Tiago shoots Jade a sullen look. "I wasn't /ridin'/ it, I was checkin' out the motor. That's all I really need, 'cause I can get the frame and shit for free. It was /supposed/ to be okay, and it was everythin' else that was totaled on the bike but…well. I guess it wasn't okay none." Understatement of the century. When she jumps away from the shirt, he is momentarily distracted from his sulking in favor of shooting the younger woman a wry, highly amused smile. Her squealing brings him much inner joy.

"What?" He exclaims, feigning ignorance as artificial confusion crosses his face. "You /told/ me ta give it ta you, and fast. Geez, I was jus' doin' what you wanted me ta. Be more specific next time!" Besides, it's clear that Jade was dying for a view of his man chest.

The comment about his eyebrows sends him into a near frenzy, and he lifts his hands to his face, before bolting down the hallway into the bathroom with a cry that sounds something like "AUGH!"

Jade's vengeance for the shirt is to laugh happily as the Brazilian bolts down the hallway, placing a hand on her hip as he disappears around the corner and grinning broadly. After a moment of self-indulging giggling at Tiago's expense, she takes two steps, squats down, and picks up the jacket with the same two fingers she was using to hold the shirt. These are taken to the low table where her laundry basket was set, a small frown growing over her face as she tried to puzzle her way out of this dilemma.

She didn't want his grody clothes touching her dirty, but much cleaner by comparison, garments! After a moment, she sets the shirt and jacket on the table next to basket and turns for the bathroom. "You better not be naked in there! I need a towel to wrap your nasty clothes in. Hand me one." Hovering in the doorway while waiting for the male to comply, ready to bodily abuse him if he didn't, she continues. "Why do you want a motorcycle, anyway? Lemme guess: babe-factor. You know, a car would be a lot safer. People on motorcycles stand out more. And it's pretty obvious you have no idea how to take care of one."

The sound of the faucet water running fills up the background noise, as well as the distinctive splashes of the liquid against skin. It's only after he has thoroughly rinsed the soot off of his face that he bothers turning to Jade, sopping wet from the neck up, and kicks the door open for her benefit. "Stop thinkin' 'bout me naked," he gruffs, before reaching to and fro before producing a towel and moving to chuck it at her face.

After this task is complete, Tiago glances around in order to grab another, and proceed to dry off his head and hair. "Mhmm, wrong. Lena wants a motorcycle, and they're pretty damn cool anyway. I jus' need somethin' ta be able to get me places, since they're goin' ta move us out of the City." This is commented inconsequentially, as he assumes she knows this by now, and he proceeds to frown at his half-naked reflection, poking at his somewhat singed eyebrows as he decides whether the damage is noticeable or not. "I do too. I used ta get pieces of crap and then supe 'em up and sell 'em for cash."

"I can't help it. You can control your dreams, but nightmares are always with you."

Of course, all of this is said with a towel over her face, which she at first makes no move to remove from her cranium. It's not until he begins talking about moving that she takes it off, more like rips it off, of her face, heedless of the way it mussed up her carefully arranged hair, which was styled to look like it hadn't actually been styled, slightly. It's a long moment of staring at Tiago with a confused, questioning expression before Jade figures out that no more information is going to be forthcoming with prompting.

"Then you shoulda gotten your mechanic's license instead of doing… Whatever it is that you do. Don't tell me! I don't wanna be an accessory after the fact. Now what the hell is this about moving!?" Wet, shirtless, whatever, she grabs his bicep and tries to tug his much larger frame around to face her directly. "You guys are leaving? Where are you going? Are… are you coming back?"

Tiago is rather surprised by the sudden contact, and so his attention is easily ripped away from the mirror he was currently peeking into, swiveling his body around to meet her with a look of express shock. Brows arched, he blinks not once but twice, staring down at the distinctly dainty hand at his bicep before lifting his gaze to meet hers. "Huh? Well, yeah - not jus' us, you too. Sydney's apartment is too small, and there's like, a couple of people in the buildin' we gotta avoid, so they're goin' ta relocate everyone inta Jersey and…"

Wait for it. Something has just struck him. And slowly, slyly, he ends up grinning in a decidedly amused fashion. The look he casts down to her is devilish, to say the least. "You were worried! You were worried we were leavin' ya. You /like/ us - you'd freak out if I left ya! Ha! I knew it! I /knew/ you didn't hate me!"


There's an unmistakable little note of outrage and disgust in her tone, as if the Garden State were somehow considered to be the assend of New York, a place where those who couldn't handle the city went to dwell. "Just shut up you overgrown monkey, this is no time to be making a bunch of jokes, okay!?" Of course, as soon as the Brazilian mentions that the dark-haired teenager might not hate him, she goes about disproving that theory, slapping him in the shoulder and chest two or three times. Then again for good measure.

"I can't just move to Jersey! What about my job? What about all my things?" Of course, everything she owned could easily be purchased from a Goodwill, where she'd gotten them in the first place. Everything except her prized surfboard! "How long are we supposed to stay there? Who's in the building? What's going on? Why isn't the city big enough to hide in? There's eight million people in New York! Where… Where… I'm going to get fired!"

"Ow! Ow, cut it out!" Tiago protests verbally, reaching over with a grim frown to try and grab her wrists to keep her physical assaults from escalating. This is, of course, after he gets over his initial react of shying away like a baby. "Stop /hittin'/ me, damn it," For proper effect, he reaches over to slap her shoulder reprimandingly back. Maybe she responds to physical stimulus, since him telling her to stop does nothing. "It's not /for sure/, okay? But they wanna move us jus' outside the city, someplace bigger. It wont be that big of a damn commute, you can still work and shit. Okay? Will you relax now?" He inquires, watching her warily to try and gauge whether he can trust her enough to release her. He begins to loosen his hold on her then, testing her resistance. "Jus'…some people. The bitch that made us move in the firs' place lives here, so we need somewhere else. And hey - since it'd be more permanent, we'll be able ta grab your shit maybe. I'll be great! You'll get your own room! The walls wont be so damn thin!"

For grabbing her wrists, the Brazilian receives a narrow-eyed death glare that promised pain and eyegouging should she be released before calming down. Of course, when he actuall hits her back, her response to physical stimulus is to lash out with her leg, toe of her shoe aimed squarely at the sensitive shinbone.

"My own room?" Jade's expression changes dramatically at the thought, calming down considerably as she's distracted from the assault on her unwilling room mate. "Huh. Well good! Because I don't have any more money to pay last month's rent, so I can't go back to my old place. And Randy said no one's been by the Pawn Shop looking suspicious or asking questions, so… I guess I'm kind of in the clear? Right? You have to help me move." She shakes a chastising finger at the overgrown boy. "You're just lucky I don't have very much stuff. Annnnnnd, this is probably a bad time to ask, but…"

Shoving her hands into her back pockets, holding the towel up by her thumb, she lifts her eyebrows and gives him her best I'm Your Pal smile, "Can I borrow thirty bucks?"

Tiago lets out a grunted oof, wincing dramatically as he curls into himself instinctually at the kick he receives, his expression borderline wry. After all, he should have known that pain was to come of his attempt to control her. "Ugh…" he groans, frowning in her direction and releasing her in favor of bending to rub his shin ruefully. "Why d'you gotta go with the hittin'? Always the hittin'!" Ahem. "Bah - yeah, okay. You're doin' pretty alright, I figure, so you can maybe start workin' again…I guess. And yeah, we'll move your stupid girl shit." Can you blame him for being so sullen? After all, he was assaulted mere moments before.

Her pleading earns a suspicious glare, though. Straightening up to his full, commanding height, he stares down at the younger girl before licking his lips. "…Maybe. Maybe not. What's it to ya? Why d'you need thirty bucks and…what're you goin' ta do for me?"

"It's not stupid 'girl shit', you freaking testosterone-laden ape. I have a couple of really expensive things that took forever to save up for. Do you know what I make at that Pawn Shop? You'd probably starve to death on my pay check!"

The smile vanishes as soon as he fails to simply 'okay' to her pleading for more money. "What the hell do you mean 'why'? You just told me I'm going to be staying in Jersey and have to commute. I'mma need like a week's busfare, and I gave all my money to Randy already." The sweet, too damned sweet, smile returns. "And as for what I'll do for you… Well, I, as a favor to you, won't mention how I let you guys stay at my house free of charge, and against the law, and it ended up with me having to go into hiding, missing work, and now moving to freaking Jersey."

Her thin, dark eyebrows raise fractionally above her smug expression. "Mm'kay? Cash please, I don't want to have to sell a watch." Turning imperiously on her heel, she evacuates the bathroom with her towel in tow, moving back towards the living room and the near-forgotten dirty clothes.

"Like what, your make-up kit?" Tiago returns, reverting to high schoolery as a means of attacking the vicious little creature known as Jade. However, when she harnesses all of her powers of evil into the verbal jabs she expends on his person, the poor, half naked Brazilian can only stand there, fairly dazed. After being hit by Hurricane Jade, the lad can only blink, opening and closing his mouth repeatedly in a show of his overwhelming guilt. "…Yeah, okay," He grumps over to her as she saunters out of the room, and he narrows his eyes at her retreating back. "Fine." With this grumped, he also proceeds to step out of the bathroom, turning into the guest room that he currently occupies.

When he returns, it is with a baggy, blood red shirt thrown over his shoulders and a couple of bills in hand. "Yo, Jade. Catch." Of course, handing her the money is much too easy. Instead, he throws the two twenties in her direction - only to watch them glide towards her, as they have been folded into miniature airplanes.

Pleased with her victory, though perhaps a bit too pleased considering the ease with which it was won, Jade maneuvers next to the table, unfolding the towel and spreading it out. She takes the sooty, singed garments in hand, then deposites them in the middle of the fluffy cloth and proceeds to roll them up, thus protecting her delicate whites, yellows, and other assorted garments from any unsightly stains.

She turns as her name is called just in time to find two mini-airplanes sailing towards her. The first one bounces off her stomach and careens to the floor, while the second goes awry due to some manner of aerodynamic physics she'd need a four-year degree to explain, turning in small circles to land a couple paces away from her feet. Even though the teenaged girl tries to grab the one that bounced off of her midsection, her lack of coordinated reflexes prohibits her from actually grabbing it, instead watching it bounce off of her palm. With a belabored sigh, she squats down, snatches up the first one, then duck-walks to the second and picks it up, too.

"You know," She says while glancing up. "You almost had it right. But you see, what they mean by put a shirt on, is not to just put it on top of you, but to actually WEAR. IT."

Tiago snorts audibly, smirking with pleasure as Jade proves just how uncoordinated she happens to be. After a moment, the lad begins striding over into the living room, all the while cleaning out his ear with a pinky. "Well, damn. I know how much y'like eyein' me over, so I didn't wanna be rude." With this drawl in place, the man rolls his eyes and proceeds to shrug on his shirt and join the vast majority of other clothe-wearing Americans. It's only then that he begins his slow stroll into the kitchen. "D'you know where Lena and Sydney are, yeah? And…" Just to be a brat. "You think you got 'nough soap to clean out those granny panties of yours?"

"Ugh, you know, I was just starting to get in the mood for some food and you had to go and ruin it." As Tiago mentions his chest once more, Jade begins to make fake gagging noises, as if she were about to throw up on the floor. She only stops when questioned about the other occupants of the apartment, shaking her head with a shrug of her shoulders as the cash disappears into her pocket and the towel goes on top of her laundry basket. "Haven't seen them all day."

There's not even any hesitation as the Brazilian insults her underwear and her digging into the pile of clothing and withdrawing a pair of said unmentionables. Turning on her heel, she hooks her thumb and index finger of opposite hands, slingshotting her dirty underpants in the general direction of his head. "Hey, guess what? Shut up." Propping the basket up on her hip, she moves into the hallway, towards the washer-dryer-closet-room.

"Hey, make me a sandwich! Use the turkey. WASH YOUR HANDS!"

"Huh. Maybe I should call Le-WHAT THE HELL!" You'd thing Tiago is used to having women's underwear flying at his head. He's not. Shying away from the flinged material, he looks upon them in horror. "…If this is your attempt ta seduce me, it aint workin'. I /know/ I'm like a rock star, and I guess you can be my groupie if you /want/, but I don't roll that way. So come'n get your stupid underwear. D'you want mustard on it?" And, this is how the common street thug completes his transformation into Total Pussy.

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