2007-12-06: Getting Out


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Summary: Taking their walk, some attempted revelations are made.

Date It Happened: December 6, 2007

Getting Out

Central Park

Being around so many trees was a good thing for fresh air and as Tyson and Ophelia entered Central Park, the young gentleman got a big whiff of it. "Yeah, you definitely don't get this in a fight club. It's like being in a big wooden womb." A statement made in jest, but in truth, whenever he was here, he would feel like he was waiting to be born again, despite being a little cold. "This was a good decision."

GAME: Ophelia has rolled CALM BEFORE THE STORM and got a result of GOOD.
"Well, it is full of life, protective, and nurturing, if that's what you mean. I didn't really take you as much of a tree-hugger myself." Ophelia laughs, looking around a little. While it was a little colder, the girl is working quickly to make it a little more moderate. And there's that sparkle again. "I've always liked the outdoors. Spent a lot more time outdoors than indoors in my entire life, if you can believe it." That much was true, but it wasn't for pure love of the outdoors.

GAME: Tyson has rolled PERCEPTION+SHARP SENSE and got a result of GOOD.
Tyson looks over at Phi at her retort with an amused look, once again catching those eyes of hers. "Just goes to show there's more to us than fists, I guess." Yet while things were starting to feel cold, being around Ophelia didn't make he feel as such. It probably could have been snowing and he wouldn't have noticed. "So what were you doing spending so much time outside? Did you live in the mountains or something? Beating up bears and making friends with bunnies?"

"Nah.. I've been a New Yorker all my life." Ophelia smiles a little as she glances at Central Park. "Been here more than once. But I just didn't like my home so much, so I just spent as much time as possible away. And you can't /always/ go to other people's houses.. so you resort to finding places that are nice and free to be in. Like the park. You could call it a second home."

"Oh, okay." Tyson nods, trying not to look too deeply into Ophelia's recount, finding it exceedingly hard not to. "Well, it's great that you can find such peace in nature… Not so much about the sucking homelike, but yeah, thank god for friends, to help in those times." He winces a little at those words, his own home life not really any better… or worse… "Still, parks are nice… I remember there was this park my Mom used to take me to, with this really big slide, man… So much fun… It really was the highlight of my week when I was younger." He sighs, missing something.

GAME: Ophelia has rolled WILLPOWER+CURIOUS and got a result of POOR.
Chewing on her lip a little, Ophelia notes the wistful way that he seems to be recounting the parks. Unable to help herself, she looks back at him questioningly. "What happened?" She knows something changed, something happened to cause him to reflect so longingly.

Ophelia's question jars Tyson for a moment, obviously her curiosity wasn't tempered. "Nothing, really…" He begins, not even sure himself where to begin what he didn't know about. "I was twelve and Mom and Dad go off on some diamond business- my dad owned a Jewelry Store-, but yeah, they go off and… only Dad comes back…" Tyson isn't looking at Ophelia when he tells his tale, nor does he look at her afterward, he just continues looking straight ahead, lost in his memories and the shift that occured in his family life. "All he said was that she wasn't the same…" He, however, just shakes his head slowly in disbelief about the whole thing.

"Sounds like some sort of mystery to me." Ophelia murmurs, glancing over at him. "I wish it was a mystery to me. My dad got shot when I was three. Mom never told me why he got shot though.."

Hearing Ophelia's response, Tyson is brought out of his little world of memories and making him less tense, "Another mystery, I'm sure." He turns to look at the girl admiring her eyes again as she looked at him as well, "But what the hell are our parents getting into?-" At that he pauses, probably thinking about his own situation. "Not that… what I'm doing is any better… but still."

"I don't know. Who knows. My dad could've been a CIA agent or just a killer or something. But he got shot.." Ophelia frowns and rubs her arms a little. "But hey, it's not so bad. You're good at something and you're doing it. I'm doing the same, so…"

"Shot dad, missing mom, I guess it doesn't matter. It's just funny…" It really isn't funny, but Tyson seems to be laughing anyway, "We're all damned to have messed up lives that hurt everybody else." He thinks about asking Ophelia if that was why she didn't stay at home, but he refrains and looks away from Ophelia, almost turning his body as well, "As for doing what I'm good at, isn't it only a matter of time before we fight somebody out of our league and die…? I mean, I may be just coming off of a deathkick, but I don't want to end up just another sad story for my dad or…" Tyson shoots a quick glance at Ophelia, but doesn't think she'll notice, "somebody else I care about…"

GAME: Ophelia has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of MEDIOCRE.
While Ophelia doesn't catch the glance, she purses her lips, frowning a little in thought. "You aren't going to just die. Besides.. people all have their times to die. If you don't die there, you might just die somewhere else, some other reason. I think that when you die is when you die. Sure, you gotta be safe.. but don't just run around thinking that you're just asking for death." She shrugs a little. "Besides.. either way, it doesn't matter. I never really expected to get this far in life anyways."

GAME: Tyson has rolled WILLPOWER+ALTRUISTIC+CURIOUS and got a result of MEDIOCRE.
To say the least, Tyson is surprised by Ophelia's philosophy, but saw hot it made since for her character; that all together, did nothing but make him want to help the girl with whatever messed up life struggle she had gone to be as such. Had her father's death really gotten to her that much? "Phi… I know… it's none of my business, but… what happened to you?" His tone is deeply concerned, and if that doesn't sell the girl, he turns to face her. He only wants to help and it's all over his face, but mostly in his eyes.

"He was a good dad." Ophelia murmurs, rubbing her arms a little more. Funny enough, it's not even that cold. "Mom got remarried. Guy had a son already. Neither of 'em were so great." She shakes her head, almost seeming to stop. "I just didn't like being at home."

Tyson nods slowly, "Oh… that sucks." He can't tell if there was more to the story of if that was it, but decides not to assume strain their relationship with questions like he was coming up with. "I don't know if I would've liked my dad getting remarried, but it sucks that the kid blew, too…" He shrugs, "At least you were related by blood. There's always a silver lining."

"Not really so great." Ophelia shrugs, glancing around again. She's uncomfortable, so it seems. She rubs her arms again. "I don't even want to go back anymore. It's why I need the money. Getting my own place so I'm not sleeping on the couches of others."

"Well, I'm glad you have a plan, at least." Tyson nods, starting to walk again. "I think, though… we should try and find a better way to make money. If nothing else, I'd like to prolong that eventual end of ours. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm a good brawler, but I'm really just cheating and it's only a matter of time before it catches up with me."

Ophelia frowns. "Actually got a got job at a coffee shop. It's not so great. Can't pay the bills like that. Honestly, I'm just tired of sleeping on people's couches, when they let me. Or in the park."

Tyson laughs, "Well, damn, you're really on you're way, aren't you?" He shrugs, "I guess that means it's my turn…" In that pause, he sighs because he knows what that means. "Looks like I'm going back to the Johannsen Foundation."

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