Gillian Harper
Gillian Harper
Portrayed By Sophia Bush
Date of Birth October 29, 1986
Age 23
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Jill
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Librarian and NYU Student
Known Abilities Astral Projection
First Appearance W.T.F.

Gillian Harper is an intentionally mysterious character. Who shall discover her mysteries! Though freebies, she's a student and NYU and works at the Library there part time, including night shifts. People who frequent the library may hit up about other secrets.



  • A fan of the Lightbringers.
  • Used to have a rare art print that she traded for a Lightbringers CD.
  • She seems to like shopping, but has yet to be seen buying.
  • She doesn't make any sound when she walks, despite wearing high heels.
  • Turns out she's in a wheelchair.
  • She draws an online comic written by a precog and mimics the style of Isaac Mendez, because the comic happens to be a fan comic based on his work… Or actually continuing his work, thanks to Rafael's precognitive abilities.
  • Rafael and his ability are her muse.


Her ability is no longer a mystery!

Astral Projection

Discovered in the years after her disease debilitated her, leaving her partially paralyzed, Gillian can create a second form of herself, one that leaves her physical body and travels around, doing the many things that she no longer feels she can do. The closest description of what she does would be Astral Projection.

This Astral form may be altered to look different than her current physical form, though she chooses to look like how she feels she should look, or how she would expect herself to look. Beautiful and fit. In many ways her Astral form is her ideal appearance, how she wishes she could be, because in many ways it allows her to see and do the things she wishes she could do.

Her range is limited to fifty miles from her physical body, and she can only project one form of herself. Technically she can make herself aware of what's going on around her physical body as well as around the projection, but it limits the capabilities of the projection when she does that.

Her mental projections can affect the physical world with a certain amount of consentration. When she does this, she can not make herself aware of what's going on around her physical body. What affect she has on the physical world is limited to short bursts. Much like someone who phases, her astral body will appear to move right through things unless she's forcing solidification of a certain part of her body. Normally she must choose one part of her, her hand, her finger, her feet.

This ability shares many similarities to dream walking, possession and telepathy, though it should be noted that she can not enter people's minds in any way (including their dreams). She does have the same limitations that her physical body is vulnerable when she is outside of it. To a telepath, or an empath, her astral body is readable very similar to a real person's body, yet not quite. It is vulnerable to psychic and empathic attacks, though she may be nearly immune to physical attacks while in this form.

Her astral form could be considered like reverse phasing. She's always intangible and has to make herself not be if she wishes to touch something. She's also capable of changing her physical appearance, making it similar to illusion, and she can also appear to be invisible, but only for brief times.

It gives her versatility, while still maintaining the same basic fundamentals.

Despite being intangible and non-physical, and thus immune to many things, there are some things that can still hurt her astral form. Besides psychic abilities and empathic attacks, abilities that target senses such as sight and sound can cause harm to her, temporarily blinding or deafening her, and possibly even causing her to lose control and snap back into her body. The same applies to if she takes damage while making her astral body tangible.



10/14/2009 W.T.F. Gillian lingers around a boutique and meets Aaron Michaels of the Lightbringers. A band she has a CD for. Aaron
And Then She Disappeared In another boutique in the city, Gillian runs into another woman, this one's very strange! And she disappears. Gillian, not the woman. Kitty
10/16/2009 Misplaced One person sees through her guises in the museum. Eric
10/21/2009 Please Come Again Once again, Gillian meets with Aaron. Some of her secrets comes out. Aaron
10/27/2009 They Need To Know What's Coming Gillian meets up with a friend who has been missing for a while and offers him shelter. And finds out some things she didn't know. Much of her ability and many of her secrets are revealed. Rafael
11/02/2009 Got a Letter From a Messenger In her first act as Rafael's messenger, she shows up to tell a bugman how to find his lioness. Rudyard
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