Gimmie Dat
Gilbert Franklin Silas Edison White
Portrayed By Method Man
Gender Male
Date of Birth December 25, 1981
Age 26
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Aliases Gimmie, Snatch & Grab, Gilly The Kidd
Place of Birth Jacksonville, FL, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Street Racer, Dude of Hazzard, Car Thief, Delivery Boy
Known Relatives Tanya White (mother), Uncle Flav (uncle), Shaniqua (cousin), Q-Train (cousin)
Significant Other Too Many To Count (aka He's A Virgin)
Known Abilities Driving Under The Influence
First Appearance Get On The Bus

One half of the Dudes of Hazzard, Gimmie Dat is the most criminal of the group. He's not a fighter or a lover, but he does in fact love his car. Dubbed Da' General, as a shout out to the classic TV show, he spends his time either racing through the streets, illegally or smoking weed. Mostly, the latter. Anyway, with no money, comes mo' problems and right now the only thing keeping him out of jail (or the ground) is putting his pedal to the metal.


For as long as he can remember, Gilbert Franklin Silas Edison White has been Gimmie Dat. What's probably the worst name ever has never really been used, other than in school. And he never really spent that much time in school in the first place. In fact, he probably had more absences than he did days attended, but that doesn't really seem to be a big concern. Not for his type, anyway. He's always been the one that's been in trouble, whether it had something to do with school or just life in general. Probably why he got sent to live with his Uncle in Florida.

Jacksonville, Florida to be exact. He and his cousin, Q-Train, were inseparable since the day his Mom and Pops took Q in. So when Gimmie got shipped off, Q-Train went with him. They found a home with their Uncle and he got them jobs… at a Waffle House. A Waffle House that they couldn't get fired from, which is something that they really needed, considering the lack of intelligence between them.

While Gimmie excelled in his Waffle Housing, during the day, he became someone else at night. He had always had a love for cars and speed. Thus, his night life was filled with less an legal activities. Stealing cars, souping them up and racing them. It was a rush. And the only thing that seemed to keep him going. Other than his tendency to get high every day. He's never really been good at anything but driving. And getting into trouble.

Soon, though, came time for Gimmie and Q-Train to move on from burning breakfastses. Not to mention the fact that he already owed people from not throwing races and it just was starting to pile up. There was too much going on in his life and without some kind of major increase in his personal economy, he wasn't going to be living much longer. He had pissed of a few big names and these names were not the type to be forgiving. That only left one option.

"How the hell we gonna' get this dough, Cuz?"
"I dunno. Sell weed?"

Good plan. The cousins forgot to figure out how in the hell they were going to sell weed… when they were potheads themselves. Armed with a trunk full of the finest sitcky icky this side of the Rio Grande, Gimmie Dat and Q-Train took a trip up the coast to deliver it. They never made any of their deliveries. Not one. And when they reached their final destination, ninety percent of the weed was gone.

Welcome to New York. Where everybody can live and a pair of potheads like Gimmie Dat and Q-Train can possibly find a way to get themselves out of the trouble that they've managed to get into. Gimmie's personal life has managed to drag his cousin down with him and that can't be good. Not for anybody. If there was anybody that could help them, it was Shaniqua, they're hairdressing cousin of ghetto fabulousness!

And thus, that's how things turned out. Hiding out with Shaniqua, Gimmie Dat and Q-Train work their asses off to try and not get killed by the Mob, arrested by the police, beat up by random people they piss off, get Gimmie Dat's ex-benefactors off his case… and somehow stay high during all of it. Not exactly good ol' boys, but they're ghetto boys.

The Dudes of Hazzard.


Excellent Adventures

  • Get On The Bus - Gimmie Dat leads the crew on a mission to steal a bus. Why? He's got a money making scheme to start his own public transportation service: The Ghettro.

Bogus Journeys

  • Hell Train - Gimmie Dat is on the subway. Terrorists appear. Gimmie faints.



Stupid. That could be one of the best ways to describe Gimmie. He's not really a smart individual in the first place, so the smoking of weed doesn't really assist in the process of keeping him from looking like an idiot. Mostly, though, this is in the academic realm of things. He's got both common sense and street smarts and can even talk intelligently about things he knows (like weed, cars, movies and television). Beyond the select few areas of expertise, though, he's nothing but a blazed and confused dude that's managed to bite off more than he's ready to chew in the feast of life.

Gimmie loves cars. In fact, that's where he got his name. At a young age, he would waltz around the school or his neighborhood, snatch Matchbox cars from people and say: 'Gimmie That!'. His collection was awesome and his free time went to learning everything he possibly could about them. His pride and joy is Da' General. It's a souped up 2008 Dodge Challenger with the classic 'General Lee' paint job, more or less. It's like his most prized possession. The way he thinks and acts around this car, you'd think it was his girlfriend or something. Could be the reason why Q-Train is the ladies man out of the two.

Speaking of Q-Train, Gimmie is a little bit jealous of his cousin. It never really comes out unless there's an argument that needs to be had, but he feels that maybe he got the short end of the stick here. Q gets all the girls, is stronger than an average pothead and all Gimmie gets is a car and a high ass bill for all the gas he burns up. He's not as smooth and suave as his cousin is, more the type to run his mouth and say the wrong thing at the wrong time. He can only hope to be like his cousin, someday. But he'll never tell him that. Ever. It'd break the code of complimenting a male.

Not to say that he's a scaredy cat or anything, but Gimmie would rather run away than fight. Could be because he's not that good of a fighter. In fact, it's more of the fact that he's good at running. Or at least driving. He's never really had to be the guy that punches his way out of situation. He can't really talk his way out of one either. So it either ends up with him getting beat up or fleeing. Either way, he looks like a chump. But that's what he's got Q-Train for, right?

As one of the Dudes of Hazzard, Gimmie Dat prides himself on living life to the ultimate high! Extreme driving, extreme smoking and extreme partying are all the best things in Gimmie's life. He does whatever he has to, in order to keep himself alive and out of trouble. It just so happens that being a Dude of Hazzard means his life -is- trouble.


Q-Train: Gimmie's best friend, cousin, hetero life mate. Whatever you want to call him. Out of the two, Q-Train's probably the smarter one, but Gimmie makes up for his idiocy with luck and creativity. Together the two are bound to head on many excellent adventures and bogus journeys.

Shaniqua: His fine ass cousin. In Gimmie's eyes, there's Da' General and then there's Shaniqua. Not that she can't take care of herself, but if he ever even thinks he hears about somebody doing something bad to her, the gloves come off and he goes extremely gangsta'. It's actually pretty scary. Beyond that, their relationship is familial.

Cherise: Q's girlfriend, Gimmie's cool with her. They've all been friends for quite some time so Gimmie's just as protective of Cherry Pie as Q-Train is. But in the brother kind of way. He's not completely in the Brother Zone, though, because she do have a phat ass.

Car Trouble

Da' General

Gimmie Dat's pride and joy is the Dodge Challenger that he affectionately refers to as Da' General. There were a lot of cars in Gimmie's history, but none he seems to click with more than Da' General. It was a race for pink slips, in Miami. In addition to the 4,000 dollar buy in, Gimmie took on a side wager against the reigning champ for their cars. Gimmie Dat used a little skill and a lot of NOS to pull out the win and drove off in his new Challenger. That's pretty much the history of him and Da' General.


They've been inseparable for the past year or so. Gimmie has souped it up to street racing standards, by completely overhauling the engine and tweaking it to supreme capabilities. The tires have been changed, the suspension has been redone. Apparently, there's even a chance for this car to make incredible jumps of an acrobatic nature if the situation demands it… and Gimmie can pull it off. It's the ultimate driving machine: and that's not including the twin NOS tanks.

Gimmie Dat will die for this car. And if he's not careful, that just may be a death wish that comes true.


Name Type Acquired Mods Plates
Da' General 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT Pink Slip Race Illegal Street Racing Modifications, NOS HAZZARD
The Ghettro MTA Bus Stolen Pimp Style Cheese Bus Re-Design MVEBTCH

Tricks of the Trade

Name Description Roll Difficulty
Ignition The initial 'start' of a taking a vehicle and speeding off with it. Revved engine or not, this is when the tires squeal dramatically and the car takes off like a bat out of hell. Looks really cool. Takes some understanding of the type of vehicle being driven. Drive + Mechanics (+ Mechanical Genius) Good
Airborne The act of taking a car… into the air. It takes skill and practice to pull this off, as well as speed and something to vault off of. Both of which will decide how long and far the car's jump is. GTA, anyone? Dexterity + Drive + Acrobatics Great
Spin Cycle When going at breakneck speeds, sometimes you have to make it look good. Or you have to try and keep control over the car when it spins out of control and not hit stuff. Slam on the brakes and you might be able to pull this off! It looks really cool if you do this and end up in a parking space too, by the way. Perception + Drive (+ Quick Reflexes ) Great
Back To The Future Here's where the style and grace comes in when it comes to driving. This is doing anything you need to do with a car… in reverse. Parking, driving, speeding down the highway. Don't try this at home, kids. Perception + Drive + (Athletics, Quick Reflexes or Creative) Great
Chicken There comes a time in every driver's life when they have to do that thing where they speed towards another car and try to see who's manlier behind the wheel. First one to pull off… loses. Highest Result Wins. Willpower + Drive + Bluff Good
Bulk Smash Using the car as a weapon has been done ever since cars were in existence. Whether ramming from the side or head on, this is how we see who has the stronger car. Strength + Drive + Brawl Average
This Is A Dodge! Using the car to get the heck out of harm's way is a time honored tradition. Especially, when it comes to bobbing and weaving through traffic. Or even trying to get away from those trying to Bulk Smash. Dexterity + Drive (+ Quick Reflexes ) Good
NOStrodamus Activation of Nitrus Oxide. Also known as Turbo Boost. Drive + Mechanics + Mechanical Genius Great
Two Wheel Motion There comes a time in every street racer's life that they need to show off… or squeeze between a couple of dangerous semi-trailers. That's where driving on two wheels comes in. Dexterity + Drive + Acrobatics Great
Gone In Sixty Seconds Stealing a car isn't as easy at it looks. It takes skill, smarts and maybe even a little bit of luck. Who knows. Intelligence + Crime + Drive Good
Hazzardous Heights Taking Airborne to another level, Gimmie Dat is working on perfecting a much higher and farther jump. It incorporates an incredible amount of speed and the perfectly designed vaulting point to pull off. As well as a crap load of luck. Stamina + Drive + Acrobatics Superb
Drive By Driving and Shooting at the same damn time. Drive + Firearms Good


Gimmie Dat doesn't exactly speak in the normal society way of talking. There's an art to his ebonical revisitations and without paying close attention to the context clues of which he sometimes uses, one could get lost in a whirlwind of his speech. Therefore, this is to assist with some of the words and phrases that come out of Gimmie's mouth. This will be constantly updated as Gimmie Dat integrates his words into the world of those around him.

Ali: Greatest or best; "Yo, dis da' most Ali plan I ever had!"
Blackup: A squad of black dudes, allies; "Yo! I need Blackup!"
Bling: Diamonds, iced out jewelry; "Yo, they got me fo' my bling, dogg!"
Bussin': Shooting a gun; "THEY BUSSIN'! RUN FOOL!"
Church: Agreement of an enthusiastic nature; "Yo, I'll be back. 'Bout to get some nahmean." "Church!"
Clanker: Fat asses. In a good way; "Shake dat clanker, girl!"
Cousin: So closely related a person is like family; "What da' deal, Cousin?"
Cousins Before Ho-zins: Personalized 'bros before hos'; "Cousins before ho-zins, man.
Daffy: Crazy; "Yo, dat fool Daffy. Let's roll."
Dumbledore: When a dude uses his wand on a girl. "Yo, I'm 'bout to Dumbledore dat ho, dogg."
Hypno: Alcoholic beverage named Hypnotiq; "Let me get some Hypno, dogg!"
Ish: Non-vulgar version of Shit; "Pass dat ish!"
Just Blaze: Hot. So hot that it's cool; "Yo, she ain't just hot. She just blaze!"
No Homo: Not Gay; "I love you, dogg. No Homo."
Not Hetero: Personalized version of That's Gay; "Yo, that was so not hetero, dogg. Back up.
NSR: Non-Sexual Reference; "Gilbert Franklin Silas Edison White? Dayum, that's a mouthful." Pause. "NSR."
One: Peace, Bye; "Yo, I'm out. One."
Ramenvous: Ghettoization of Rendevous; "Meet me at da' Ramenvous spot."
Rated R: Across the line. Going too far; "Yo, you Rated R for that one, dogg."
Reverse: Back Up; "Dis fool is too close to me. Reverse, man!"
Rewind Dat: Say that again; "Hol' up. Rewind Dat."
Shift Gears: Change the subject; "Aight, enough of dat ish. Shift Gears."
Straight Elevated: That's right or straight up; "Straight elevated, homie."
Wake and Bake: Smoking weed in the morning; "What, no wake and bake?"
What The Chappelle: Personalized version of what the hell; "What the Chappelle was that?!"



Dudes of Hazzard

Dukes of Hazzard - Waylon Jennings


Just some ghetto boys
Never meanin' no harm
Don't pause, don't need a cause
Been in trouble with the law
Since the day they was born

Rollin' the blunts (yeah)
Tryin' to chill
Someday the mob might get 'em
But the law never will

Makin' their waaaaaaaaaaaay!
The only way they know how!
Runnin' drugs for the mob
No more workin' in the Waffle House

Just some ghetto boys
Wouldn't change if they could
Just tryin' to stay alive, smoke weed
And get out of the hood!

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