Portrayed By Ali Larter
Gender Female
Date of Birth ???
Age ??
Zodiac Sign ???
Aliases Niki
Place of Birth ???
Current Location Nowhere
Occupation Party girl
Known Relatives
Significant Other Cocaine, glitter
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance An Unlikely Guardian Angel
Last Appearance Room Service

The escapist. The newest personality to unexpectedly emerge, Gina was the name Niki took one year when she ran off to L.A., and this personality embodies the same sentiments. Unlike Jessica, who exists to face challenges head-on, Gina runs away from Niki's problems and being an irresponsible party girl.

While Niki was trying to get to the Company hospital in New York, Gina delayed the process considerably by causing detours of the drug-and-alcohol heavy variety until she was paralyzed by Angie. She hasn't been seen since. Good riddance!

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February, 2007

  • An Unlikely Guardian Angel --> A friendly passerby (Benjamin) runs into Gina outside of the nightclub DnA's, where she almost gets hit by a car because she's so under the influence. Realizing that she's high on drugs, he tries to help her somehow, but she dismisses his concerns - and eventually passes out.
  • Higher Than Thou --> Although it seemed like Niki was finally on her way to the Company hospital this time, Gina is at Club DnA's a couple of days later, partying it up while Niki watches on. Attempts by a Company agent (Angie) to persuade her to let Niki get help fail, and the Company is alerted that she's off her meds.
  • Directions --> After using her sweet influence to get Niki Jessica's car out of impound after it was abandoned carelessly during her adventures in NYC, Gina talks to Niki in the rearview mirror until Cass happens by.
  • Room Service --> Just when it looks like Niki is finally on her way to the Company hospital, Gina derails her plans, but the Company derails hers soon after. Niki is found at the Marriott by Anders and Angie, with a man who had presumably ODed. Niki goes with them willingly, but Gina tries to get away. It doesn't work, Gina is paralyzed, and Niki is finally taken to the Company hospital in Hartsdale.

The End

Notable Mentions: Real Truths


  • "Oh come on, Niki. What, would you rather Jessica? Lighten up a little. When did you get so boring?" - Directions


  • Months before ever meeting Niki or Jessica, Jack unknowingly shares party space with Gina for about ten seconds in Higher Than Thou.
  • Niki uses the alias "Gina" to try to trick Sydney in The Heist.
  • Benjamin still things Gina was Niki from when he took her home one night (not like that) and his daughter Rose will probably forever think Niki is some kind of crackwhore hooker.
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