2007-05-27: Girl, Interruption


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Summary: Mara and Mohinder ruminate how they may not be entirely trusted by their respective organisations for various reasons. Marcus arrives to take lab notes. Molly interrupts the tests before they can begin by bringing a bad situation to the doctor and, subsequently, the detective's, attention.

Date It Happened: May 27, 2007

Girl, Interruption

Kirby Plaza, Mohinder's Lab

Enough time has passed for the drug to have left Mara's system. So Mohinder is having her back for another round of testing. He's not comfortable with something of his concotion having an adverse affect.. which he knows can and will happen. It's part of the reality of science. Everything is set up and ready for her, the whole spiel is becoming routine by now.

Once inside Mohinder's lab, Mara abandons the use of her cane, tucking it under her arm as she enters. "Hope I haven't kept you waiting long." According to her watch, she's right on time. But for some people, that's keeping them waiting. "Hope you've got the orange juice ready."

"Not at all," Mohinder greets as he looks up when Mara enters. Even if she had of kept him waiting, he has plenty of work to keep busy with. "Of course I have. Unless Molly drank it all while she was here earlier."

"I'll forgive you if she has," Mara grants as she sets her cane out of the way and takes her usual seat. She's already carefully rolling up one sleeve. Mohinder /always/ checks her blood. "Did you know they have me seeing a freaking shrink before they'll put me back on duty at the department?" Someone's annoyed, and clearly needs someone to vent to. "Why can't /you/ just sign some official document that says I'm not crazy?"

"They do? Hmm.. is it Dr. Eames by any chance? He's quite good, you can trust him." Mohinder doesn't seem bothered by the fact that Mara is seeing a shrink. "Are you upset about it? Because I can't see where it could hurt. Dr. Eames is well respected. I've read that he's tending to a good number of evolved that we've found. It's his speciality." All the while he's talking, he's starting his business with Mara. Checking blood, basic vitals..

"I /don't/ trust him. He's… He's /Company/." Mara frowns and turns her head away as Mohinder does his thing. She generally has no qualms about watching him draw her blood, but she's brooding right now. "There is nothing /wrong/ with me. …Mentally. You're handling my problems. I don't need to see someone else. I'm not crazy." Then Mohinder gets a look from the woman that dares him to say otherwise. "He seems very nice, I'll give him that, but… But /damn/. I don't need to see a therapist."

"Does that mean you cannot trust me either?" Mohinder asks evenly and without a trace of offense. He knows how Mara feels about the Company in general. "I don't believe anyone said that there was a problem with you mentally. You've had at least one session with him then? I can't imagine it went that badly. Try another session, and there's really nothing much I can do except give a recommendation otherwise.. and personally.. I don't see how it can hurt."

"Oh, I have no doubt that if it came down to it, you'd sell me out in a heartbeat. But only if it was to protect Molly. You'd do what any loyal guardian would do." It's just a fact. It's obvious Mara doesn't expect Mohinder to take any offense. "What do you mean it can't hurt. Do /you/ see a therapist? Do you think you /need/ to? Should I be recommending that you spend some time with Eames because it /couldn't hurt/?" Someone is not amused.

Mohinder stiffens slightly as he turns away to run initial tests. He can't really deny the selling someone out, because as he thinks about it.. Molly's safety really does trump all else for him. As for him seeing a shrink? Naah.. it's not for him. Mara on the other hand, well her fascination with Sylar gives him cause for concern, but he's not going to bring /that/ up. "Eames sees evolved patients." That's the end of that. No really. The man starts to frown, but not at the conversation. It's for what he's seeing. "Are you still blacking out?"

"Yeh. Why?" Mara tilts her head to one side. She'd like to tell him he's a liar or a hypocrite or something. But his interest in the initial results of the testing has caused her to forget her ire for the time being.

"Aaaah.." Mohinder says in that manner that suggests 'well that explains that'. "What other effects have you been experiencing? Has it been involuntary blackouts when having a vision? I still want to determine if the drug was causing your temporary blindness."

Marcus comes in with a file and a cup of Coffee for the Doc, after dropping both of them off within his reach he picks up a clipboard and a pen and settles in to take note of Mara's answers.

"They've been… longer. I mean, the first couple I had were normal. Out for anywhere from five to thirty minutes, depending upon the vision… One knocked me out cold for two hours, though. That was a new record since I've started testing with you." Mara shakes her head slowly. "As far as visions go, it felt normal. As normal as being unconscious can feel, I suppose." She falls silent, almost ruminative. There's something she's either not telling him, or she's just not ready to tell him. She gives a glance toward Marcus as he takes his seat. Well, that's new. "Got yourself an assistant, did you, Doctor Suresh?" No, not Mohinder anymore. She drums her fingers on the arm of her chair, pursing her lips slightly.

Marcus looks at the Doc as he makes notes on what she mentions.

Mohinder eyes the cup of coffee Marcus brings over. He's still not much of a coffee drinker, so it goes untouched for the moment. "Thank you Mr. Brooks… I was just about to begin another round of testing on Detective Damaris here. I'm trying to determine if what I created to help her is causing a problem.." A polite smile is made at Mara over her question, "A couple have been assigned, yes." Not through his asking of course. While it's known he prefers working alone, apparently someone thought he required some help. "I have some more items found that we can test you with, Mara. Even if you do black out, the equipment will detect if you temporarily lose your sight as before."

Though Molly doesn't exactly have free reign of Kirby Plaza, she certainly can go a few more places than the average visitor. Plus, with a Company Agent retinue, it's hard to say no with a little girl who has her /own protection service/. There's no joy in this for Molly at the moment - who normally revels in that sort of thing. As she makes her way down to Mohinder's lab, she's out of sorts and worried. It's plain on her little face. And, even though she doesn't have to, she knocks quietly on the door. It's polite. She doesn't know if he's doing something she can't interrupt. Or if he's forgiven her for that one time she hid Nico in the box he kept cotton balls so he would grab him instead of a cotton ball. Either way, she's knocking and waiting like a good little girl.

"So, I see a shrink and you've got assistants. Sounds like neither of us is to be trusted on our own merits, hm?" Mara's lips twist into a sardonic smirk. She has to make humour out of these sorts of situations, or she's liable to get angry with someone. "More objects, huh? Goody. Now I get to faint in front of a live studio audience," she quips. It's not that she doesn't want to test her ability further, but… you know… The audience factor. When Molly knocks on the door, Mara turns her head and actually smiles at the child. She may have a different hair colour than the last time the two saw each other, but maybe Molly will recognise the gap-toothed smile? Poor kid. Kirby Plaza isn't agreeing with her, is it?

Marcus smiles over seeing Molly, he frowns for just a second, before the smile returns and he looks over at Mohinder, to make sure the Doc saw his visitor.

"Perhaps not," Mohinder says quite dryly. Although.. at times.. having assistants is useful. So long as no one gets underfoot. "Come now, Mr. Brooks here is a third party, and it could be beneficial to have his insight." In case Mohinder /just happens/ to miss something. At the knock on the door, he glances towards the lab entrance and smiles at his ward. "Molly, come in." So no, he's not upset about the harmless prank with Nico. As if he could get properly mad and stay as such with the girl. "Mr. Brooks, if you could finish setting up here. I need Detective Damaris monitored by these machines here." The basic monitoring equipment is gestured to as the geneticist goes to greet Molly.

Marcus moves per Doc's orders checking the machine settings and getting things ready for the next step.

Mara's smile is returned with a weak on of Molly's own. It's rude to not smile back at someone who smiled at you! But it fades quickly and the little girl is immediately going to Mohinder's side. If she remembers Mara, it's not clear that she recognizes her through the different hair color. Of course, she'd know exactly who it was if she just used her ability, but that's not what she's here for right now. "Mohinder. Mohinder. I need to talk to you. It's really important." And not important as in Kid Stuff, but Important. "Sorry," she mutters in apology to Marcus and Mara, since she /is/ interrupting.

Mara immediately straightens up in her chair at Molly's worried tone. Serve and Protect Instincts have kicked in. A wary glance is cast to Marcus and for a moment, she almost contemplates unhooking herself from the monitoring equipment. Gotta be ready to spring into action at a moment's notice and all that. She doesn't ask what's wrong, but she's definitely keen to listen.

Mohinder blinks as he looks down at Molly. The seriousness of Molly's expression and tone have his full attention. "It's quite alright. Mr. Brooks, if you could continue.. my notes are there in Damaris's casefile.. Mara, I'm terribly sorry. I shall be right back, you'll find Mr. Brooks quite competent.. Molly, let's go over here.." He puts a hand on the girl's shoulder, steering her to a more private corner of the lab.

Quite willing to be steered, Molly readily moves to the more private corner of the lab. She's fidgeting with the hem of her shirt in the meantime. As soon as they're safely away, she quickly turns around, the worry and the sadness plain for him to see. "You've gotta call Ms. Sanders, Mohinder. You've got to help her. She might hurt Micah." And then, she's crying. "He…he…he called me," she says in between sniffles. "And his dad got killed. And oh /Mohinder/. You have to /help them/."

Marcus nods to Mohinder and turns back to finish setting things up, he comes back and offers Mara a hand, "My name is Marcus, I will be your interrogator today," he smiles big.

Mara fixes Marcus Brooks with a flat stare. "Say something like that again, and I'll break your da…rn nose." There is serious stuff going on here and maybe the part of her that will always be a gossip has to know what's going on. That and anything that has a girl that young so /concerned/ just can't be good. She isn't real keen on the idea of being out cold when there's possible trouble.

Mohinder crouches down to get on eye level with Molly. "What are you talking about? Niki would /never/ hurt her son." He's read her file, he knows about Niki's issues, and that she would never in any alter ego state harm Micah. Intentionally. "Where are they at? I'll help .." As Molly starts to cry with her news, Mohinder falls silent as he stares at his ward, unable to say anything further as he envelopes the girl in a tight hug. "It will be okay Molly.. I promise."

"He said…he said that it's not always /her/," Molly holds on tightly to Mohinder, the news and the worry over her friend easily overcoming embarrassment at crying in front of strangers. "That she has people in her head. And that she can be dangerous. He was so scared." More sniffling and crying. "They were in Las Vegas." Her responses are disjointed and muffled through Mohinder's shirt as she's buried her face in it. But, they're still answers. Hopefully that means he can do something about it. He saved /her/ life. That means he can save Niki's, right? "I knew you would. I told him. I told him you'd help."

Marcus stops his joking as he sees Molly go into full wetworks mode, he frowns, and looks from Mara to Mohinder not wanting to eaves drop, but not able to ignore them.

Mara sits quietly. She's not about to start any testing now until she finds out if Mohinder needs help. Her eyes are on the doctor and his ward now, waiting.

"She wouldn't hurt Micah.. no matter what happens, she won't let herself hurt her son," Mohinder says, trying to assure Molly. He lets the girl sob all over him, as he has no choice, and he doesn't mind it at all. "They were in Las Vegas?" From the file, he knows the Sanders' are from Vegas, but can't imagine why they went back as they were settling in fine here. "All right Molly, let's go see what can be done. Mara, I'm afraid this will have to be rescheduled as I can't monitor just this moment. I'm deeply sorry for this. Unless.. you wouldn't mind another staff member overseeing the testing?"

"But. But. She let herself kill her husband." Molly remembers D.L. And she liked him, too. "How can you be sure she won't hurt Micah?" Then, she pulls herself a little away from Mohinder, though she's still got her arms around him. It's comforting and everything has been in such upheaval ever since Sylar returned. This is just another long string of bad things that has happened to everyone. "Yeah…I think they're coming back though. Micah wanted to be back here." And then, she quiets because he's talking to his patient and assistant. From behind Mohinder, she peers around to look at Mara and Marcus, rubbing away tears from her cheeks.

"But. But. She let herself kill her husband." Molly remembers D.L. And she liked him, too. "How can you be sure she won't hurt Micah?" Then, she pulls herself a little away from Mohinder, though she's still got her arms around him. It's comforting and everything has been in such upheaval ever since Sylar returned. This is just another long string of bad things that has happened to everyone. "Yeah…I think they're coming back though. Micah wanted to be back here." And then, she quiets because he's talking to his patient and assistant. From behind Mohinder, she peers around to look at Mara and Marcus, rubbing away tears from her cheeks.

Mara fixes Mohinder with A Look. Would I /mind/? Of course I'd mind! She starts unhooking herself from the monitoring equipment. "Is there anything I can do? I can't handle this sitting around and doing nothing thing. Just say the word, and I'll do whatever you need from me." She rises from her chair, showing off her best I'm Ready For Anything stance.

Marcus just crosses his hands behind his back, stepping away from Mara a step and putting the clipboard back there he looks over at Mohinder waiting to find out what orders are.

Mohinder frowns at Molly's words, and makes no attempt to rise. Not yet. Molly's still attached like a little monkey, and there is no objection to this. It's like Mara read his mind.. the first plan of action would be verifying Niki and Micah's location. Then an intervention. At the offer, Mohinder looks over at Mara and nods. "Help would be greatly appreciated." Considering she's a detective and all. "If you could, attempt to track down Niki and Micah Sanders current location, if they purchased plane tickets back to New York, if so.. When are they arriving. Mr. Brooks, could you assist Mara out of the sensors and electrodes please?"

Marcus moves to begin unhooking Mara very professonally, very clinically, "Sir, if there is anything I can do, I am at your service as you know."

As Mohinder starts to make plans and generally take things into control, Molly relaxes her grip on him. This is exactly why she came to Mohinder. She knows that he'll be able to fix this and make it better. She doesn't add anything more as they're already on everything. Instead, she watches the proceedings from her little corner.

Mara nods quickly. Once free from the monitoring equipment, she approaches Molly and crouches down to smile reassuringly at her. "Don't worry. I'm going to find Niki and Micah. And I'll call Mohinder as soon as I do so he can let you know, okay?" She takes a card out of her back pocket and holds it out to the girl. "If you hear from Micah again, I want you to call me. Sound like a plan?"

"Thank you for your help Mara.. Mr. Brooks, not at this time… wait.. I might need a strong sedative prepared and ready for me to use." In case Niki/Jessica/Whoeversheiscurrently requires it and things get ugly. Mohinder gives Mara a grateful smile before straightening up, hand on Molly's shoulder. "Let's track them down, I should go find Bob and let him know we might be needing to bring Mrs. Sanders in."

Marcus says, "I will pack a medical kit sir," he grins a little at Molly, "Everything is going to be ok""

Taking Mara's card, Molly gives it a quick once over and then tucks it away. "Okay. I will." She sounds solemn and serious. Because this is solemn and serious business! "Thank you." And she will, because it will help Micah. And that's really what she wants right now.

Mara straightens up and looks Mohinder straight in the eye. "Leave Sanders to me." There's a sort of determination in her gaze. "No need to raise a fuss until we know exactly what we're dealing with. She could be harmless." No way she believes that, but for Molly's sake, she'll suggest it.

Mohinder inclines his head in a nod to Mara. "Quite right.. but she should be approached with caution once we find her." There's no telling which personality may be met with. "Don't worry Molly, we'll help her and Micah as peacefully as possible." No promises should Niki give them a difficult time of it. "Again, thank you Mara, Mr. Brooks.. Molly come along, let's go find Bob.."

Molly nods again at Mara. She'll find them. And Mohinder will help them. That's what she came down here for and that's what's happening. "Okay," she tells Mohinder and reaches out a hand for him to take. She's not too old for that yet. "Thank you," she tells the other two people in the lab before turning around to be led to Bob for their request.

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