2007-04-22: Girls' Movie Night?


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Summary: Elle calls up Candice and begs her to join her and Jane for a girls' night of pizza and movies. Begrudgingly, Candice agrees to come.

Date It Happened: April 22nd, 2007

Girls' Movie Night?

On the phone…

PHONE: Candice answers her phone, "It's your dime."

PHONE: Elle says, "Hey, it's me."

PHONE: Candice says, "Hey! I was just about to call you."

PHONE: Elle says, "Oh, good timing, then. Is something up? Or are you busy tonight?"

PHONE: Candice says, "Nothing major, no. What'cha need?"

PHONE: Elle hesitates for a long moment. "I…was watching movies with my other friend. I thought you might want to watch too." Yes, that's right, she's trying to get her friends together with her. Yay for social development.

PHONE: Candice says, "You have- You aren't trying to get me in the same room as that boyfriend of yours, are you?"

PHONE: Elle says, "No, not Peter! No, it's…remember the woman from the sandwich shop the other day?"

PHONE: Candice actually groans. "Do I have to? She gave me some speech about me having no soul and I just wanna bash her teeth in every time I lay eyes on her."

PHONE: Elle has a little bit of a pleading tone. "I…just think it would be nice…" Someone has totally gone soft.

PHONE: Candice says, "/Fine/. But you have to kick her out early, because I have to tell you about Mallory's day."

PHONE: Elle says, "We're over at her place. I can give you the address."

PHONE: Candice says, "/Her/ place? Oh, Elle. This is just getting worse and worse. You owe me big for this."

PHONE: Elle returns to the pleading tone. "Please? She got me presents."

PHONE: Candice says, "I'm cooler than she is."

PHONE: Elle replies "Well, yeah, but…I just thought it would be nice to get everybody together." The key word earlier was "Presents". Elle is a sucker for compliments. And presents. And attention.

PHONE: Candice sighs with exasperation. "Okayfine!" One word. "I've got the address on file. I'll be there as soon as I can. I have to find somewhere to change."

PHONE: Elle says, "Thanks, I'll see you soon!"

PHONE: The phone call has been ended by Elle.

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