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Date Set: January 19th, 2009


Kitty is up to visit and she and Niki catch up on typical girl stuff: work, life, dresses, men and chocolate.

One Year Ago…

"Girls Night In"

Sanders/Hawkins House

Niagara Falls, New York

It's evening but not too late of an evening and Kitty has come to visit a friend before she returns back to New York, back to work.. sigh. The woman in question looks over at her friend as she speaks, "Been keeping busy, trying not to focus too much on all the bad stuff that's happened." She says softly and looks down at her hands, her hair is pinned up behind her hair and a few strands fall into her face at times.

"How have you been? I've missed you, but work has kept be pretty busy. These execs think they can bully me, I've had to play big bitch to get them to listen." The young CEO chuckles as she tells her friend this.

"…Things've been…" Niki looks over at her friend, considering, and a smile spreads across her lips, settling into a content pose. Comfortable. Something she hadn't been; not for a long time, save in brief flashes. She gives a small laugh. "…Good," she completes the answer. She shifts a little where she sits, bringing an arm up on the ledge behind her. Water ripples gently around her, but the lap of waves is lost under the hum and churn of the hot tub they sit in.

The hot tub, surrounded by dark marble, is situated in the corner of an otherwise unexceptional basement. If it weren't already part of the house, it's unlikely it would have been installed. A fake potted palm sits nearby in a vague attempt to give the hot tub some decoration, but that's about it; the basement itself is a good size, half-finished, half not, the ceiling supported by a few metal poles. It's cluttered with moving boxes that have yet to be moved into any kind of organization, along with shelves housing a number of odds and ends — some of which are pretty random. Unused clothes, bags, vases, toys, a bicycle, sparkly red curtains, hats and what may be a feather boa and a croquet set. It's the basement where junk comes to die.

"I can't imagine you being a big bitch," the blonde says to the other woman good-naturedly. "But then— I can't imagine being a CEO either."

"I can't even imagine myself as a big bitch sometimes. You'd be surprise, I sure as hell have been surprised." Kit says softly to herself and then she chuckles as she moves her hands underneath in the water. "The kids doing ok in school? I didn't see D.L. when I got here." She says softly as she tilts her head and looks over at Niki, the two friends are close. Kitty often comes here when she wants to be away from everything and just relax, Niki hasn't told her she couldn't come over, at least not yet.

"I saw Peter the other day, he's been working pretty hard." She notes softly, though she isn't really trying to make Peter a topic of discussion here.

It's good that Kitty doesn't try to make Peter a topic of conversation; it seems as though Niki ignores it, save for a (somewhat telling) tightening of her smile and glance down. "D.L.'s working late. The kids are good. Cam's in hockey… Micah continues to be a genius… the other kids kind've give him a hard time, but now he's assuring me he can 'take care of himself'." She slides down further until the warm water swirls against her shoulders, bare save for purple straps, obviously seeking the comfort. "Now he wants us to be superheroes."

"You guys would be quite the superhero family. I approve, as long as I get to be your Oracle of All Things Knowing." She jokes as she sinks deeper into the hot tub as well. "He'll grow out of that soon. He'll realize that we can't save everyone, it's.. just not possible." She says softly as she thinks about her parents.

"Working at all? I can't remember if you told me that you did." Bad friend Kitty!

"…I'm not sure that he will." Some people grow up without ever growing out of their need to save everyone. A certain recently bypassed name comes to mind. Niki smiles thoughtfully for just a second, shaking her head. "I dunno that I'd want him to. I just… superheroes— I'm scared he's gonna get himself into trouble." Enough of that. "And yeah. I got a job at a bookstore. Just about two months ago. If that. It's up where all the touristy stuff is. Boring, I know, but it's… it's good." Not a CEO

"Pssh, Niki.. I don't think we can lead boring lives. Honestly." She jokes and then looks around the basement. "You know if you want.." she says with a light grin and then she leans in slightly. "You should take a weekend off and come to one of the dinner parties that the crazy rich people have, they are funny. The music is always good and the food.. is sooooo freakin good!"

Kitty doesn't really have the mentality of someone that's filthy rich, but she does go to the parties and such that many people go to, they are fun and freee food!

"My life is the most boring it's been in a long time and … honestly? I couldn't ask for anything more. Boring job or not… it's perfect." Niki is raw and sincere and that moment. In fact, she realizes how sentimental she's being and, with a quietly self-effacing laugh under her breath, smiles warmly at Kitty. "A dinner party, huh? I can't even remember the last time I was at a party that didn't involve birthday cake."

"I'm glad that you're happy." She says softly and dips her head at Niki before she grins and nods her head excitedly. "We can get you a nice, fancy and sexy dress to wear and get all done up! It'll be sooo much fun, say you'll come. I miss you in the city." she says and gives Niki the pouting look. Nobody can resist Kitty's pouting look right? Well.. Peter can..

Niki is, indeed, swayed by the pouting look. Or maybe not; truth be told, she'd already been on the way to agreeing before then. It's good to spend time with a friend, even when said friend occasionally gets creepy eyes and sees the past and future. "Okay, okay— I'll go. If I'm not working. It's a little too early to start asking for vacation days but… I'm just part-time." More chance that she'll be free, at least from work, to say zero of her other responsibilities. "Sooo." She stretches her arms out of the water, reaching behind her to fix her hair, tearing the elastic out only to entwine the locks of blonde up in a twist that is just as haphazard as it was a second ago. "Are you going to Cass and Lachlan's wedding?"

"Yay! Awesome!" This is gonna be great and then Kitty's thinking about the couple in questions. "I plan on going, you do too right? I hope that they have an elephant there! Or a tiger! Who knows!" she says with a chuckle.

"Though everyone is going to be there and.. something is bound to happen.. like.. the pianos might start falling or something." Kitty thinks about all the friends that are going to be gathered for that day. "I'm pretty excited, I don't know what kind of dress I'll wear. A flirty but nice looking dress.. a slutty looking dress.." she sticks a finger out each time she names a dress.

"A classy, but I'm rich and better than you dress.. or a I'm single and wanting to get married dress since m time traveling boyfriend has ditched me! I like that one." She says with a light chuckle though there is real pain behind those words. Hiro.

Niki dips her head in a few nods — she is going, and she can imagine every one of those things happening around a couple like Cass and Lachlan. She can't help but laugh at the possibilities Kitty lists off for their wedding, and again at the dress options — though her smile does turn soft after the fact. Understanding, to some degree. "So things aaare…" Not so good with said time travelling boyfriend? She trails off with a fading smile, looking on her friend with some concern … and some prying, but it's nothing she'd push.

"I just want to know.. why he left me. Did I say something? Did I not do something?" Which should bring to mind, what exactly the couple did do in the bedroom. Kit looks over to Niki and she's frowning though she's not crying, she will not cry. It's not like her now. She can't cry.

"I mean, maybe he's going through something and couldn't tell me. But he wasn't even here for me when I needed him the most." The young woman can't seem to understand why, "Maybe he thinks I'm ugly now, ya know. Found some hot Asian porn star to hook up with and call Sally." She says with a sigh.
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"Hiro? … C'mon, I doubt that, Kitty." Though the other woman may not be crying, Niki frowns and, with concern, slides closer to lay a (wet) hand on Kitty's shoulder. "If he doesn't have a legit reason, then… you can kick his ass." She shrugs. "I'm just saying… I don't really know him but he doesn't seem like the type."

"Yeah, you're right. If he doesn't have a reason, my high heel is going so far up his as-." Kitty blushes and smiles weakly at Niki, "Sorry." She says and then she smiles warmly and places a hand over Niki's on her shoulder. "Thank you." It's been a stressful time, with her parent's death and her boyfriend just vanishing.

Niki only gives Kitty another warm smile — subdued, this time. "You'll truck through this, Kitty. Hey. What else can we do to take your mind off things while you're up here? Do you want ice cream? 'Cause I have ice cream." A chilly thought, while surrounded by steaming hot water, but chocolate defies logic.

With the thought of ice cream in her mind, she smiles and then nods her head. "Let's eat that shit up, I need some comfort food." She says with a grin and hops out of the hot tub. Kitty's dripping as she eyes Niki, "Hurry! It's calling our name!"

Kit bounces up and down. The Kitten is hungry.

When Kitty abruptly gets out of the hot tub, there's splashing to be had and Niki shrieks a little, laughing as she hauls her own self up and follows suit, hopping out with easy agility. She grabs a small stack of faintly pink-coloured towels from the edge of the hot tub and tosses one at Kitty. Her own, she wraps over the simple purple bikini that was donned for the lounging and heads for the stairs — quickly, because the floor is ridiculously cold.

"Why the heck is the hot tub in the basement anyways?" she asks as she hops up the stairs. She almost slips but catches herself. "Because, I thought hot tubs were romantic things that you looked out at the sky with while with some hot guy or.. girl.. or it.. you know?"

The young woman follows after Niki and smiles, "So, let's do the damage to this cream." Then an idea crosses her mind, "Chocolate ice cream.. chocolate D.L., I'm sensing a theme."

Niki leads the way up the stairs and is sauntering up the top step when, one hand on the rail, she suddenly looks over her shoulder at her younger friend with a flabbergasted gape. It doesn't last more than a second as she just laughs incredulously and shakes her head. "Uh— ah— …hmmmmmm. No comment," she says with a playful tone. "For the record, the hot tub was here when we moved in. Hey, at least it's private."

(If you know what she's sayin'.)

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