Giselle Muldoon
Giselle Muldoon
Portrayed By Yvonne Strahovski
Gender Female
Date of Birth July 28, 1980
Age 26
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases "G" , Gigi
Place of Birth Chicago, IL, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Company Agent
Known Relatives James Muldoon (father), Hyacinthe Muldoon (mother)
Significant Other Vasili Babenkov
Known Abilities None
First Appearance Take That Back

A former barmaid, Giselle Muldoon is a Company agent who cares nothing at all for the sanctity of other people's lives, whether human or Evolved. She is a violent and sore loser.


Giselle Muldoon spent the first eight years of her childhood happily, the only child of a well-off businessman and his wife. The family owned a pleasant residential apartment in Chicago’s north side, and so Giselle didn’t understand why they had to move north to a backwards, tiny Wisconsinite town of barely one thousand people—something that would have drastic consequences later. Little Giselle threw tantrums and cried, and her father’s soothing explanations of why they had moved fell on deaf ears. She began exercising her frustration and homesickness on her schoolmates, partly because “but they talk stupid, daddy.” The violence distended from the playground, where it had begun, into driveways and yards: taller and meaner than most children her age, Giselle found it simple to send girls and boys running to the teachers in tears.

When one of these teachers angrily informed Giselle’s parents, she was given a strict talking to that nearly left her in tears herself, but at the end she was promised a gift from her father—one she would enjoy more than any other (and, as was the thought at the time, keep her occupied and out of the streets). True to his word, the next morning James Muldoon showed Giselle her first taste of firearms. Once he had had time to teach her basic handling, safety habits, and essential rules and guidelines for hunting, he took with her to hunt white-tailed deer one cool fall morning. Though they didn’t down anything that day, Giselle returned to their house wide-eyed, and James allowed her to accompany him in the days thereafter until the season was over. She received a double-barreled 410 shotgun as a present at age ten, soon after allowed to put the shells in herself, and after that to carry it without leaving it open for safety.

Despite her parents’ honest intent, the bullying didn’t stop at school, because at some point it had transformed from frustration management into leisurely enjoyment. As Giselle grew older, it escalated into a juvenile criminal record, mostly for such things as shoplifting, DUIs, and vandalism—the last of which the mild-mannered residents of Ahnapee were hardly used to hearing about, much less seeing in malicious messages on their car windshields. Even her math instructor, who taught the only academic class Giselle was ever any good at, told her with exasperation that if she didn’t shape up, she’d become no better than a barmaid after high school.

Prophetic words, for that is exactly what happened. Continually putting off the thought of college in the years following graduation, she took up mixing drinks, cleaning shot glasses, and listening to idle counter gossip at a dingy bar off Highway 39. To defend herself from inevitable advances from drunken barguests, she asked a male friend to teach her fistfighting, stopping only when she was able to successfully drum her teacher into submission. In this way, she often found herself sucked into bar brawls voluntarily just as often as involuntarily.

So it was that one day, she found herself in the empty lot behind the bar, entangled with a Evolved man— though she wasn’t aware of that fact at the time. In panic and sporting a throbbing nose, the man did what seemed like logical self-defense: he cryokinetically encased Giselle’s arms and legs in icy wedges. As her wrists froze to the bone, the blonde clumsily managed to work her fingers before they immobilized entirely, putting the man out with a shot to the chest that involved far more luck than skill given her physical state. As an agent from the Company exploded out of the woodwork, too late to do anything more than bag the body, a delirious Giselle asked in a whisper what had taken him so long.

It took a long time for Giselle to recover, and not just physically. Her first question, predictably, had to do with obtaining frostbite in July. She was filled in with the truth and the importance of the matter, and the agent, who revealed that he’d been tracking Mr. Ice Hands for the past few days, found himself amusedly impressed by how the situation had been handled. He offered Giselle a chance to join him in the work, for the Company always looked for extra bodies worthy of accomplishing its dirty work. She accepted.

She has been living in New York for several years now, where her whole life has come to revolve around the Company: grueling sessions of physical and aim-training, assignments, even her current boyfriend.



September 2007


  • "Quote go will heer."


  • Giselle boasts an impressive tolerance for alcohol, partly because she actually does have Irish dockworkers somewhere in her bloodline. Though she is by no means a full-blooded Irish, she is extremely proud of what heritage she does have.
  • Thanks to her body's memory of her first encounter with one of the Evolved, Giselle is psychologically more susceptible to cold temperatures than a normal person. In winter, she can be seen bundled up to an almost comic degree.
  • Regrets being born two decades too late for the second wave of the Women's Liberation Movement.



  • Vasili Babenkov: The boyfriend. Though the two have never been partnered together by the Company, both being inconveniently human, they've still had plenty of time and opportunity to become familiar with each other. They've been together for several months.
  • Lawrence Church: As far as this man is concerned, Giselle feels she is in his debt - Church is the Agent who introduced her to the world of the Company years ago. Now, they have been assigned together as partners. She looks to him fondly as a sort of older mentor, although some of his shenanigans cause her to eyeroll.


  • Claudine Salonga: Giselle has never liked this bubbly teenager, because 1) she feels that the Evolved girl is too young to be working for the Company, and 2) she does not approve of her softness and girly sweetness. They lasted barely two weeks as a pair.
  • Mariska Dmitryevna: Though she has heard a lot about her, Giselle has only met Mariska in person once, on Company directions. She didn't seem that bad, but it will take some more familiarizing before a more complete decision can be come to.
  • Candice Wilmer: Secretly, Giselle is a bit jealous of the illusionist's powers. Nothing can beat the old fist-to-flesh when it comes to beating the crud out of people, but Candice can do it with twice the creative possibilities and half the effort. On the other hand, her own damage is /real/.
  • Niel Youngblood: Feminazi gonna getchoo. They didn't do a splendid job of bonding the first time they met, when Giselle found his answers and references to be annoying, if not outright irritating.


  • Felix Ivanov: Vasili hates his guts, and by proxy, Giselle does too. Far more importantly than that, the federal agent used his Evolved powers to stop her from striking him. This, according to her, is the ultimate violation of Fair Play and the worst no-no anyone can ever commit.
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