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Summary: Elena makes her way to the Petrelli Mansion. Thomas is waiting for her.

Date It Happened: October 5th, 2007


Petrelli Mansion — Front Yard

Ten minutes ago…

Binky wouldn't be fast enough. The resounding 'WHAT?!' is all she could really reply to Heidi with any coherence, and then…static, Elena almost dropping her phone at the details she hears. But he's okay. The first reaction? Was anger. When she tells Heidi thank you and hangs up on her, she almost THROWS the jPhone across the room to smash into something. This, of course, does not happen. The jPhone is too important to her. Instead, she calls a taxi, tucks the phone in her back pocket, and flies out the door after grabbing a bag with her. If anything, she's always prepared…

…except for the fact that New York traffic was terrible this evening and she's begging the driver to go faster. And when the taxi turns into aa road where there's a SIX CAR PILE UP with wounded and bodies being hauled out of stretchers, she….just gives up, and hands money to the driver. She opens the door, scrambles out of it, and just…runs. As fast as she can the rest of the way.

Whenever she gets to the mansion lawn, she can see Heidi and Nathan waiting for her out front. Her eyes locked on them, gold, she's been cheating and using her powers so she could push her body to go faster….she's finally felled by Thomas, the Travelocity gnome look-a-like, who manages to exact some level of vengeance. She trips over him, and sprawls on the grass. Don't worry, she's back up. "Where is he?!" she pants, grass on her jeans and hair and on her forearms where she landed but she's okay!

Heidi looks at Elena, looks at her eyes, looks at Nathan, looks at the gnome, then says, "He's upstairs. In the shower. Go have at."

Nathanjfghfdjkhg. And says nothing.

She gapes at Heidi. "What?!" Elena exclaims. "I told him NOT TO— he's in the DOGHOUSE I'm NOT— akrkrhjrhjrhjrgjg!" She palms her face, a grateful expression cast on Nathan. But she'll sing his praises later. She's flying inside again, and up the stairs. So she can throw things at the boyfriend and maybe drown him in the bathtub for not listening to her and turn it into Death #4. Maybe. She isn't sure. She'll wing it when she gets there.

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