2007-11-23: Go for the Gold


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Members of the Gold Ace Gang

Summary: Alex and Ophelia hit the streets to get answers.

Date It Happened: November 23, 2007

Go for the Gold

The Bronx

In an alley not only a few blocks away from the Brawler's HQ, the symbol of a spade spray-painted in gold serves as a notice that the Gold Aces have laid claim to this and any territory within at least a couple miles of it in all directions. That being the case, one can only expect to find a handful of members hanging around with their vests and symbols on the back along with being over the left breast.

"So, Marky, right?" One of the members ask, leaning against the spade. "What do you think of this virus scare they've got going on?"

"Yeah, that's right… I don't know. Sounds plausible, if nothing else, it's just bad meat. But it's not like we have anything real to worry about."

"Right. When's the last time you had a real meal, like that?" They both laugh, others of their kind, hardly listening, and seeming to be more like cowards seeking comfort in numbers.

Alex looks to Ophelia as they arrive at their destination. "They should be able to tell us something, right?" he says, adjusting his coat. "How you want to handle this, you think? Two against three.. or just ask where their coward of a leader is, first?"

"We should see if we can get information from them first. If they don't, we beat up two of them, let the last one go as a messenger if necessary. If we can't go to him, we can make him come to us." Ophelia remarks. She's had some experience in this kind of thing before, so she feels confident enough in the plan.

Alex nods and simply walks up to the group. "Lookin' for your boss," he says, "Where do I go? We got some bidness with him."

The group of guys in the alley with the spade painted at the end are really just occupying space when Alex shows up. Overall, they're pretty annoyed being confronted so bluntly, especially when the guy starts in about their boss, "Whadaya want?" One of them spits at Alex, while the others eye Ophelia for her graces. "The boss dun speak to people without reason."

"What? Do you want to join?" A second Ace jumps in, speaking specifically to Ophelia.

Ophelia folds her arms over her chest, eyeing them again. "Maybe. Depends on if your boss is worthy of being followed. Ain't going to be able to determine that unless we meet him, understand?" She smiles prettily at them.

Alex folds his arms in unison with Ophelia. "And that's why we need to see him. I wanna make sure he's not some coward that hides behind his boys. Had enough of that shit."

The thugs all look at each other before uniformly laughing at the audacity of the two new prospects. "Oh? So that's how you think it works?" One of them speaks up, shaking their head with a broad smile. "No. You don't get to decide if you join or not. Big Boss decides if you're good enough, but…" He examines them more closely, "we real members are more than welcome to figure out any worth." A few members were cracking their knuckles now.

"Yeah! But I'm telling you right now, I've got something else for that cutie pie instead of fighting."

"Right," The first guy adds, "But still. I've got to see some dedication on your parts. Are you in?"

"I'm in," Alex says, right foot sliding back in case he has to drop back into a fighting crouch; he's ready in case the ganger decides to take a punch at him right now.

And out just past the alley goes ambling Felix. He's got a briefcase over his shoulder, and is yammering into a cellphone in rapid-fire Russian, apparently oblivious to most of his surroundings. Until the little gathering has him glancing over, and slowing his pace.

"Oh, I see how it is." Ophelia glances back to Alex for a moment before she looks back at the others, eyeing the one in particular that referred to her as a 'cutie pie'. While Ophelia is not amused, she still smiles, innocently. "Oh, we're in all right." While she doesn't obviously look it, she's ready in case the gang members try anything.

"Whoa, Fighty. What are you doing? Nobody said anything about fighting." The apparent number one of this group. "No, no. Dedication goes much farther than taking and giving a beating. No, instead… you're going to raise some hell…" The guys snicker, the spokesman eying the man going past the alley. "That guy," He points at man speaking some kind of gibberish. "Get his money and… the briefcase." At the last part, the others look at him curiously, he sees this and eyes them back, "What? I've always wanted a briefcase…"

Alex snorts. "So you can take your important papers home from the office?"

Fel …doesn't run, oddly enough. Far from it. He snaps the phone shut and stashes it in a pocket, and proceeds on, slowly….still obviously watching that group in the alley.

Ophelia glances between Alex, the group of gang members, and then Felix as he heads off. "Alright. If that's what you want." She heads over towards him, offering a small smile. "Hi there.. do you mind if I ask for a favor?" She's going to try the straightforward way.

"I don't really think the 'why' matters..? Does anybody else?" The Acer asks out loud, nobody speaks up, "Right, well. You can do it or not, but if you're just going to waste our time, how about you get out of here?" When he sees the girl all ready on her way to deal with the guy, he smirks, "See, now that's a girl who knows what she wants."

"And I'm going to give her everything she needs." The same guy offering up comments about Ophelia. Still, more laughter from the rest of the group.

Alex looks to Ophelia, smiling at what she's doing. He turns and gives the guy making comments about her a hard, hard look then sweeps the men laughing at it with the same look. He stands his ground.

"It depends very much on the favor in question," Felix says, gravely. He's obviously poised, for fight or flight, perhaps - eying Ophelia with great suspicion.

"You don't have to believe a word I say, but I'm sure you saw those guys back there? Well, there's a bit of a sticky situation and one of my friends is in a lot of trouble. Now, I can get out of it by bringing them your money and your briefcase. I'm not going to steal from you, but if you make it look like you're giving me your money, you can keep it and I'll give you $50 for the briefcase, but I'm not going to be able to help my friend unless I do this for those guys over there." Ophelia glances to him. "So would you mind helping me out?"

The lead guy turns to Alex as he shoots off deathglares. He too had been wanting to tell the other guy to shut up, but this guy really had no superiority over him. "Watch those eyes, buddy. We might end up taking them." He offers, looking at Ophelia as she works. "I wonder what she's up to? Doesn't look like any kind of mugging I've seen…"

"Maybe she's offering to sleep with him for it?"

At this, everybody just looks at the other guy. Not angry, but too uncomfortable to laugh.

Alex's gaze stays on the thugs in case they try anything on him or Ophelia. He merely gives a slight smile at the warning from the lead guy, then pegs the loudmouth with his glare.

"That's a really good try," Felix says, blandly, even as he eye Ophelia sharply. "But no, sorry. You can't have the briefcase. You can tell them I'm armed and will hesitate not at all to simply shoot any one of them stupid enough to try and mug me."

Glancing back to the others, Ophelia frowns again. "I'm serious. A hundred for the briefcase, then?" She grabs the money out of a pocket, as well as another hundred. "All you have to do is give me the briefcase, take the hundred, pull out your wallet and pretend the other hundred is yours and give it to me and we'll be cool. I'll even give you my name if you feel the overwhelming desire to hunt me down later or feel cheated or something. Please?"

The lead guy continues to watch the scene with the girl, the man, and the briefcase. He was getting annoyed and looks down the line of guys, deciding something, "… Roscoe…. Go help the girl."

"On it." The guy fourth to his left says as he starts on.

Before he can get to far though, the fifth guy down who was saying all the vulgarities about Ophelia steps up and sprints on over to where the scene was focused, pulling Roscoe back to stop him. "I've got this…"

The Lead Guy, shakes his head and looks at Mark to his right for a moment, "I don't think, Randall's going to be sticking around too long in the Aces. Even the Big Guy dislikes him."

"There's nothing you can really do about, Breaker." Mark sighs and gestures back towards the test.

"All right, Babycakes, Daddy's gonna show you how it's done." Randall spoke up and puffed out his chest towards guy, "Give us the briefcase and any cash you've got on you." He says all ready reaching for the guy's hand with the handle in it.

Then the third guy to Breaker's left started in, this time on Alex, "So what is this? The Chick has the muscle in this relationship, and you're the punk? That's lame my friend, you should probably go home and stick to… what? Crossdressing? I'm just guessing."

Alex shakes his head t the guy badmouthing him. "No, this shit has gone on long enough," he says, and blinks. The eyes of the thugs turn opaque, and Alex quickly steps towards Ophelia and briefcase-guy. "Now, if you ever want to see again, tell me where your boss is so we can go kick his cowardly little ass for him, OK?"

Fel isn't quite gunslinger fast. But he's fast -enough-. The guy reaching for the briefcase is abruptly presented not with the laptop bag, but with the muzzle of a .45. "You really *did* feel lucky, didn't you?" he deadpans. More slowly, with his other hand, he reaches into his overcoat and produces a badge wallet. "Kneel down, hands on your head. Nice job, jackass. Consider yourself under arrest for attempted assault of a federal agent," Surely that's not amusement glittering in the blue eyes. What a day. And then the mens' eyes go that odd flat color, and Fel frankly scowls. "What the hell?" He glances at Ophelia, as if for explanation. The gun doesn't waver, but he looks swiftly at Alex. "This is your doing." Not entirely a question.

Ophelia eyes Randall as he approaches, giving him a deathglare in the process. "No one calls me babycakes." She states, half reading to shove Randall as he approaches. She didn't /want/ this to end in violence. Then Alex steps in. She's a little surprised, but it's nice to know what she's dealing with. Okay, lets do some damage control. Felix has got a gun, Alex is making the thugs go blind, and she's all in the middle of it. Her eyes go back to Felix. "You're welcome to take him in, but we've got the situation under control. I wasn't lying about helping a friend." She glances to Alex, giving him a knowing nod. "I'd advise you listen to him. We just want to have a little chat with your boss."

Breaker stumbles forward in an attempt to grab Alex before he can get away. Nothing. "What the hell is going on here?" He asks out loud. "What did you do?"

Mark shouts, "I can't see, anything. Breaker, what happening?"

"I don't know, crap Crap CRAP!" Breaker shouts in response.

"Don't bump into me." The third guy says to Roscoe when he does.

"Whatever, Edge; I'm freaking out! I can't see."

"Yes, well we're blind… not deaf…" Edge in the third spot says simply, leaning to the guy he presumed still stood to his right, he says, "This is pretty intense though, how do you think it's happening?"

That guy wasn't there though and had instead sprinted forward in fear, "AHHHH!!!"

And out of all the places that guy could have exited the alley, he ran straight into Randall knocking him and his blind self into the apparent Federal Agent. "Oof-what the fuc-!"

Alex was hoping to explain things to Ophelia and that briefcase-guy would just run when the guy came for him. Now, though! Gun!! Dude wasn't bluffing! And rose: the words 'federal agent' ring through his ears like a gong. And Ophelia.. wasn't scared or anything, but still… /federal agent/. He swallows. Forces control. "Tell us where your boss is," he says, louder. "Address. Now." He backs from the fumbling thugs, trying to stay mindful of where that gun is from second to second.

Lucky for everyone concerned - Fel was bluffing enough that the safey is on. So the unfortunate Ace doesn't get a bullet between the eyes. Fel hastily stumbles back, trying to regain enough distance….and he reaches out with his power to stop the one nearest him.

Ophelia is feeling a little useless at this point. Thankfully, it doesn't look like there'll be too much violence, even with the thugs freaking out, but Felix isn't shooting anyone and everyone seems to be okay. "Right. What he said. Address." She's rolling with the plan. Even if it's different than she expected.

The halted fall of Randall as he just hung there mid-freaking-fall, "What are you guys doing to me? I'm not going to tell you who my boss is! I don't care if you're Feds or hot chicks and her looser boyfriend. And get off me Leon, I'm not into dudes!" He would push the guy off if he could.

Edge was standing still while the others were moving around fearfully, "Listen, if you guys just stand still you'll be fine. Do you think you're facing the exit?"

"I don't know, why does that matter?" Breaker asks, reaching out for a wall to help guide him.

"I think he has a plan." Roscoe offers, having known Edge for a while.

Leon falls to the ground twitching and crying.

Alex swallows, watching the thugs. "Doesn't matter what the plan is. Just tell us where your boss is, and you can see again. Otherwise, well…" he says, trying to ignore the hair on the back of his neck trying to rise.

Despite himself, Felix has begun to laugh. "Not bad," he says to Alex, tone rather sardonic. He's even holstered the pistol, and taken out his cellphone again - dialling 911. How he's going to explain mass blindness to the dispatcher, well…

While everyone else might be distracted, Ophelia is not. She catches both what Alex has done with the blindness, and now what Felix seems to have done by stopping Randall from moving. "/Both/ of you?" This is too much of a coincidence, but they aren't out of the situation yet. And Felix is calling the cops! They need to get an address out of them quick. "Right, like you guys are actually gonna be able to get away. Just give us the damn address and maybe we'll actually have pity on you."
"Hey!" Edge shouts, "It doesn't matter you keep asking about our boss. You aren't going to find him and we aren't telling." He then turns and starts speaking in whispers, "Listen for those guys voices and start running in that direction, run that way until you hit them or something and hug the wall, okay?" He figured his suggestion was well under the chick, fed, and apparent freak like in that Evolution book people were still talking about.

"Got it." Roscoe replies, as did Breaker and Mark even if he couldn't hear their responses.

"Yeah, losers. You guys aren't getting anything out of us. We're the Golden Aces!"

"Both of you what?!" Randall is just plain confused, blind and frozen in spot. "Why can't I move?! You aren't going to get anything out of us. Gold ACES!"

"Go!" Edge shouts and untimely tries to run out of the alley, only to be tripped and stumble first into Ophelia and then onto the ground where he lays on his back not looking up at the sky because he can't see. "What the hell, now? Who the hell are you people?

Alex folds his arms and looks to Ophelia. "Well, I officially have no more smack talk left. This just isn't working, is it?" he says to the woman. He keeps an eye on the thugs in case they rush the exit.

The thugs can all dash blindly about like baby chickens. But Fel is keeping Randall pinned. Let them scatter, he'll bring this one in. "I don't know. The ground is sticky," Felix says, innocently.

This isn't working at all. Ophelia isn't quite happy about this. Well.. there's one other option. Whomever looks the weakest, they could always beat them up til they talked.. but that might not work. So, at the very least, Ophelia figures that since they seem to be plotting, it'd be best to take them out. So, really, she heads over to Edge as he seems to be one of the ones plotting, and proceeds to try to kick his leg out from under him.

Roscoe, Breaker, and Mark, however, are all free to get going and they do; Breaker running the wrong way down the closed end of the alley and Roscoe and Mark holding on to the walls.

Randall's still hanging in there, quite confused about why people were yelling 'go' and just why Leon even thought he would be a good thug with his crying, "Oh my god, shut up, you baby. They haven't even hurt you and you're freaking out-…" But he stops talking up, thinking he just gave his would be assailants a tool to their demise.

Leon, however, seems to have gotten a second wind from Randall's beration and gets up and starts running, too; right into Alex, although that happened by some surprise.

Alex oofs as the thug runs into him, and he stumbles back into the brick wall of the alley. He shoves Leon back and tries to turn him, but just winds up pushing him. He keeps quiet, hoping that the man will stay disoriented.

Fel's still on the phone with the dispatcher, and keeping his hold on poor Randall. Someone, at least, is gonna go to jail today. The rest he doesn't feel compelled to chase. Man, this is gonna be worth at least a few beers in terms of stories to tell.

"You okay Alex?" Ophelia calls, glancing back to him as she trips up Edge. They're making breaks for it, but at least they're all hindered in some ways. Randall looks like he'll be caught and brought in by the police, but she's not sure if it's a great idea to stick around that long. She moves to try and keep Edge down, her voice honey-sweet as she tries to talk to him. "Seriously.. you aught to just tell us. We might be nice and have pity on you and actually let you go before the cops get here. You'd like to get out of jailtime, wouldn't you? I honestly don't want to cause any problems, I just want to go see your boss."

Edge was about to tell, the girl making it sound appealing, "You know what they'll do to me if I tell..? I'd.. I think… I'd…" He was struggling and was definitely about to divulge when,-

"Fine! Whatever, you can find the base in Brooklyn, three south from the subway. Now let me see again!" That was Leon.

"You bit-" Randall says enraged at Leon but being dragged off by Felix.

Alex nods at Ophelia. "OK, good," he says. He motions for her, and walks to the exit of the alley. He calls for a cab, and stays by the exit, motioning Ophelia to join him. Once it's there, he'll wait until they're both inside before he drops the power and lets the thugs see again.

Thank goodness one of them told. "No one will know you told." Ophelia reassures Edge. Even if he wasn't the one that coughed it up in the end, she's still not going to stomp all over him. At least make him feel good about what he /was/ going to cough up. She looks quickly over at Alex, making note of Felix and Randall as the federal agent drags the thug off, before offering Alex a nod. She follows after him quickly, hopping into the cab. "Looks like we've got our lead."

The pair exit via cab and leave the three remaining Acers in the alley, they can all see again. Edge stands up. Makes his way over to Leon who he suspects is only too happy to see again and drags his forcefully back down the alley.

Breaker was up too, "You know, Leon. You should have just kept your mouth closed. Now… we've got to follow Ace Code. Now, that you've gone and told about the Base, that is."

"No. No… NO… NO!" Leon cries as his former gang mates teach him a lesson about loyalty.

When they were done, they start carrying the body towards a dumpster and and subsequently dumped him.

"We should call the, Boss-Man." Edge speaks up.

"Right," Breaker says pulling out his cellphone and speed dialing number '2'. "Yo Boss."

"Breaker… What's going on? You're up in the Bronx, right?"

"Yeah, Boss, you're on it. Anyway, we had a run in with some people coming after us… and…"

"And what? *cough*cough* Was one of them a kid, really bloodied up? *cough*"

"No boss, but we think one of them made us blind for a second."

"Blind? What are you talking about?"

"That's just what happened, but it wasn't so much as being blind, I don't think; as it was just seeing something else…"

"You probably just got some dust in your eyes."

"I don't think so boss…"

"Oh, and tell him about that Leon of a failure we had as a member."

"Right, right. Boss, there was also the issue of Leon ratting us out."

"What!? What did he say?"

"He blabbed about the base, but he didn't know anything about you so…"

"That is unfortunate… but it isn't something we can't use to our advantage."

"What are you thinking, Boss?"

"Don't worry about it. *cough*cough* Just be ready at the house in Queens."

"Got it. But are you feeling all right, Boss Man?"

"Yes, sure. Just be ready, I'll be joining you shortly."

"All right, Boss." With that Breaker hung up. "All right, Edge we're going home."

"Sounds good."

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