2007-10-18: God Sent An Angel


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Summary: An exhausted Brian clone leaves the scene of a multiple homicide, and is spotted by Amelia. The two have a chat in the taxi, while heading to a hotel.—NOT LIKE THAT.

October 18th, 2007

God Sent An Angel

Uptown, NYC - Central Park

The Emergency Service Teams have gathered and secured the premises of the park. EMTs and police have spread out through the park, bagging the dead, and taking the injured to ambulances. Police are everywhere questioning different people what they saw. Men in black suits are also present, making a mark.

Walking away from all this chaos is a bare chested young man. Wearing only a pair of jeans the young man is walking hastily away from this chaos in the night. Brian walks swiftly, hoping to avoid the police, moving far away from where all the police and EMTs are, the young man looks down at one hand. He is covered with a few scratches and is left hand, he is holding a gun. His eyes dart hastily around, making sure no one sees him or is following him.

Unaware of what exactly is going on in the park, aside from the fact that a lot of police and ambulance sirens were heard, and there's a commotion going on, a young woman named Amelia is looking curiously in the direction of the park, as she passes by on the sidewalk. She has a bookbag slung over one shoulder, and hefts it as she gets up on tiptoes to try to see over the crowd of rubberneckers who are gathered around, gawking at the police proceedings.
She thought she heard that some kind of magician or something was going to be at the park today. Brushing some hair behind one ear, Amelia turns around and heads to take a different route, since the street is pretty blocked off with reporters and people who can't mind their own business. She ordinarily wouldn't go through the park at night, but there's police everywhere, so it's probably safe, right? No. No, probably not. But Amelia will just stick to the edges and not cross the police tape, and hopefully that will be enough.
While she is in the process of doing this, she glances to the side and spots a man in jeans walking away. A bit cold for just jeans. Maybe he's homeless? Amelia is new to the city, and while she has heard lots of bad things about the Big Apple's population, her upbringing urges her to help the poor guy out. She turns and ducks under any police tape in her path, and waves to the nearly-naked guy, as she calls out, "Hey!" The young woman doesn't approach him, but she does put down her bookbag, and make it obvious that she is trying to get the man's attention.

Taking a deep breath, Brian exhales hastily. A lot has happened tonight. He's exhausted, physically and mentally. Blood and guts were everywhere. Brian leans forward gagging a bit. But he has nothing else to vomit. His stomach is empty by now. To make it all worse, he is still using his power. There is another Brian out there, taking a strange woman to the hospital. But he had to remain replicated, after the destruction this man and woman caused tonight he needed something to even the odds. And the gun he picked off the dead police officer's body was the answer for him.

Brian's head whips around at the call of 'Hey' and his eyes fall on Amelia. He stiffens up for a moment, not knowing what to do. Walking away from a crime scene with a gun probably doesn't look good. Holding it slightly behind and to the side of his leg, out of Amelia's sight, he turns a bit to face her as well as hide the gun. "Yeah?" He asks weakly.

Amelia can see how tired this guy is, and hear it in his voice. Growing more concerned, she picks up her bookbag and walks closer, as she says, "Sorry to bother you, but you look like you could use some warmer clothes." She smiles in what she hopes is a reassuring manner, and puts down her bag again, in order to pull off her sweatshirt. Luckily she has an undershirt on beneath it, but that seems to be all the layers she has added to her upper half. She holds out the sweatshirt, and says, "If you like, we can go to a clothes store. Old Navy or something. Get you some shoes and stuff, you know?"
It's a bit dark for Amelia to tell that Brian is holding something behind him. Really, she's being pretty dumb by first going into the park at night, and then letting it be known she has money. If this guy is bad, she just opened herself up to mugging or worse. This seems to be present in her mind, as she doesn't come TOO close, seeming to be holding out the black sweatshirt with its rose-designs as a lure to come closer to the edge of the park, rather than risking going in further.

Brian stands stiffly for a few moments until Amelia makes her offers. Not a cop, not another killer, or one of those other crzy powers people. Just a nice person. Brian chuckles a little bit at the irony of it all. "You're offering to buy my clothes..?" He repeats softly, with a little smile. He shakes his hands at the sweatshirt. "No,no,no. I'm not homeless. I just.." He motions with his free thumb over to where all the police were and what not. Probably not a good idea to reveal he was overthere, but he's really tired. The gun behind his back is slowly tucked into the back of his pants. Then he thinks again.. actually. "Actually, yeah.. I'll take that.." Though Brian is a broad shouldered guy, pretty big, it is not likely the sweatshirt will fit him. But that's ok.

Brian steps forward to take the sweatshirt. "I'm actually an aid-worker.. I'm usually the one taking people to Old Navy." Brian says with a light, tired smyle.

Now that Brian is closer to the street lights, she does realize how big and muscular he is. Gulp. Yeah, good thing he turned out to be nice too. Too bad the sweatshirt is unlikely to fit him very well. "Uhh… Sorry, I don't have anything larger, but… I can at least get you a cab or something, if you have clothes at home." When she hears the explanation about him being an aid worker, she considers asking about why he's out here in just jeans if he has a job. But then it seems to dawn on her that he must have given the rest of his clothes to someone injured who needed them. Maybe tore up his shirt for makeshift bandages or whatever. What a brave and noble guy!
Poor Amelia. The selfless 'white knight' sort was always her favorite in the books she read. She almost blushes a bit at the memory of the crushes she'd had on some of the fantasy heroes. She finds herself immediately liking and trusting Brian regardless of the questionable circumstances. "My name's Amelia." She offers her hand with a smile.

Taking the sweatshirt, he doesn't expect it to keep him warm, he has always been good at resisting the cold. But the sweatshirt will definitely be put to good use in concealing his new toy. Wrapping the sweatshirt around his waist, he ties the sleeves in the front. Usually a fashion he would look down upon, but given the circumstances, he's willing to take a hit.

"Amelia." Brian repeats softly, raising his hand to take hers. It wouldn't be hard to notice that his hand is slightly shaking from exhaustion. He did a lot of things tonight, and all at the same time. "I'm Brian. Thank you so much for your generosity.. actually. I could use a ride my wallet is with.." his other copy."My friend has my wallet. But.. I'm staying in a hotel. Not too far from here. I'm pretty tired.. I don't know if I could make the walk back."

Amelia nods and grins. "No problem, Brian. You definitely look tired. I'm surprised the medics didn't stop you from walking off." She jerks her head in the direction of the commotion, but doesn't actually ask about it. None of her business, after all. Instead she tries to help Brian by supporting him with her arm, as she puts on arm around him and tries to guide him towards the sidewalk. She isn't sure how weak he is right now, but assumes it's better to help him than not help and let him fall on his face.
Once they make it to the street, Amelia calls for a taxi. She might be new here, but she's not so new she doesn't know how to get a cab. When one finally pulls up, she opens the door for Brian, if necessary, and makes sure he gets into the car safely.

Though he's usually not very physical or affectionate with those he doesn't know, his exhausted state allows him to lean in and rely on Amelia more than he usually would. His arm slides around her shoulders, leaning on her a bit. "I.. well.. They're rather busy. There was a lot of trouble tonight. Murders.. and all that. Murderers.." He repeats, a little venom in his exhausted voice.

Once to the street he looks down at her. "Listen.. I'm new here. I haven't even found an apartment yet. I don't really have any friends here. You seem really nice. If you want to come with me.. and just hang out or something. I don't know, that would be cool. But I really don't want to seem like a crazy creeper guy, I mean we just met. So it's totally cool if you're not comfortable."

Amelia breathes a bit harder under the effort of supporting the large man. But then Amelia's eyes widen at the mention of murders as she says, "Oh no… That's… Terrible." She isn't really sure what to make of it. On the one hand, yeah, it's sad that people died. On the other hand, now she's worried about if there's murderers on the loose. And she just helped some stranger leave a crime scene. Sure, she's a bit worried now, but so far Brian seems to be okay. After all, he is giving a chance to just leave if she doesn't want to go with him.
Thinking about it for a moment, she says, "Oh, no, that's okay. I'm kind of new here myself. I just got here back in late-September, for classes at N.Y.U. I" She pauses, and wonders why she's ignoring all the advice she was given before coming here, about not talking to strangers and so forth. She hopes it's not because she really wants to sleep with a guy. "I have an apartment if you need a place to stay for the night, until you can contact your friend." So saying, once Brian is in the cab, she'll get in with him. She adds on hurriedly, "And if you'd rather not, that's fine. After all, for all you know I'm like a real life version of that girl from 'Audition'. You know, that Japanese movie with the girl who—Nevermind. I couldn't even watch that. It was soooo gross." She shudders.

Sliding into the cab, Brian slides to the far end and leans his head against the window. "Well.. I could get into my hotel room ok." Brian says softly. "Just you know.. I've been through some shit tonight. And I dunno, I just rahter would not be alone for a little bit." He says. "I think I have some cash laying around, I could pay for your cab hare back to your apartment." He offers.

"Audition? I've never heard of it. Japanese movie? I guess I don't get too into foreign movies. But I do collect dvds. Kinda like my thing. We could watch one if you want." He folds his arms over his chest. Looking to the cab driver he gives the location of his hotel. Then he returns his attention to Amelia. "I know exactly where he is. I'll meet up with him later, my friend, I mean."
GAME: Save complete.

Amelia thinks about it and then nods. "Sure, I can do that. It sounds like whatever happened was pretty bad… I hope that… I hope that the medics were able to save >some< people at least." She looks down and sighs. "Yeah, I can come with you. And you're not missing much, with that movie. Unless you like really gruesome movies with torture and gore and stuff, then you probably won't like Audition. I prefer Lord of the Rings, or Aladdin, or other fantasy-type things, where you can really suspend your disbelief, and go deep into some other world…" She seems a bit dreamy when she says all this, before blushing and looking away. "Sorry, babbling a bit there. Do you need anything to eat, or do you just want to sleep?"

"Maybe food would be good. I.. " Maybe admitting how much he vomited would be a bad idea. "I don't have a lot of food in my stomach. But I don't have any money on me. I don't want you to have to pay for me." He murmurs. "No scary movies aren't really my thing. Like monsters and demons, ghosts. Don't like em. I used to watch one every now and then, but only because my ex made me." He explains. "Aladdin? Really?" He shrugs a bit. Fascinating how one can go from facing down a cold murderer to talking about movies. "Yeah I mean, the lady I took, I mean, my friend took to the hospital should be ok."

Amelia nods and smiles. "Well, whatever you're comfortable with. I admit I'm not rich, since I'm a full-time student, but if you did need money for food… Just let me know." Just covering her bases. After all, it's polite to not mooch money and food off of people, even if you happen to need it. It's just a cultural thing, and she wants to make sure Brian isn't just being polite and going hungry because of it.
At the question about Aladdin, she brightens up further and says eagerly, "Yeah, I used to read a lot of fantasy novels when I was younger, and that sort of setting still has a lot of appeal to me. Especially in times like these, where the world seems to be in such poor shape. It's nice to escape it sometimes. Even if it's just for a little while."

As the taxi drives down the street, Brian's comfortable perch leads him to coming in and out of conciousness. Little bits of sleep that seem like they last forever but are actually just seconds long. Drifting in and out leads him to forget about what they were talking about before. "We can eat. I'll order a pizza to my room. You can have some." He murmurs softly and groggily.

"So you're going to school. Where you from? I'm from Northern California." He offers.

Amelia notices how her travelling companion seems to be fading in and out of wakefulness and gets concerned again. "Yeah, sure," she says in response to the pizza comment. Then she nods and smiles. "I'm from California too. Sandiego, specifically. Just going to NYU for some general studies at the moment, until I decide what I want to do with my life." She tilts her head to the side, as a worried brow arches. "You sure you're okay? Don't need a doctor or anything? I know that the crash after a heavy adrenaline high can be pretty bad, and you must have been really pumped up on it with murderers running around while you were helping people… But if there's anything else wrong besides just being tired, let me know, okay?"

Besides just being tired, he is consciously living out an entire different set of experiences in the Mount Sinai Hospital at the saem time. But of course that can't be said. "I'm fine, thanks. I just.. I feel really bad. This woman and this guy.. I fought both of them, and I let them get away. The lady grabbed this innocent girl.. I had the lady, I was beating her but then she grabbed the girl and said she'd kill her if I didn't stop.." Brian folds in and places his hands in his face. He trembles a bit. And.. is he crying? It sounds a bit like it. "And a woman died.. in my fucking arms." He near-sobs. Straightning up, he looks blearily out the window. "I'm sorry, I should really go.. I can walk the rest of the way."

Amelia puts a hand tentatively on Brian's back when he starts to shake, listening to his story. She feels really bad. Here she is talking about Aladdin and where she comes from, and this guy has been through hell. "I'm sorry that happened to you. I wish I could do something to help, but… Look, we're almost there. The hotel is right there. I'll come up with you if you want. We don't have to talk about it if it bothers you. Or if it would help to get it out of your head, then I'll listen. Just…" She bites her lower lip and then hugs Brian, resting her cheek on one of his bare shoulders as she says, "Don't run away, okay? You did your best to protect people. I know me saying it wasn't your fault probably won't change anything, but blaming yourself because some lunatics were out there hurting—killing people, well… That won't fix anything. I'll stay with you as long as you need me to. Okay?"

Wiping his hands under his eyes, he takes a few deep breaths to stabilize himself. He clears his throat and nods slowly. Slowly he raises a hand and gingerly slinks it into hers. A hero he may try to be, he's still a very sensitive guy. And bad things that he failed to prevent will take a toll on him. "Thank you." He whispers. "I think God sent you to me Amelia.. Thank you for being here with me." With that the cab comes to a stop.

Amelia smiles and squeezes Brian's hand, as she raises her head. "Everyone needs help from time to time. No matter how strong you are, it's knowing when to borrow strength from those who offer it, that determines whether you crumble and fail, or recover and continue on to become even stronger." Weird way to talk. Very philosophical and theatrical. But then, she has read so many novels where characters talk like that, that it seems second-nature to speak in a flowery way.
She looks into Brian's eyes and all thoughts of how she is speaking go out of her mind, as she gets a weird impulse. She just sits and looks into Brian's eyes, breathing synchronizing with his, as she starts to move her face closer. Then she stops, and just smiles and looks down embarassedly.
The young blonde-haired woman turns her head and reaches for the door handle, preparing to open it so she can go around the other side and help Brian out. She can pay for the cab, and then they can head upstairs to talk and eat pizza and do whatever else Brian needs to. Unless she's stopped, of course.

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