2010-06-24: Going Down Easy



Date: June 24, 2010


Emily goes down on Ivory.

… What?! It happened!

Going Down Easy


Where The Party At?


The place is practically losing its roof at this particular juncture in time. There happens to be a nice crowd, as well as some nice ladies on the stages and it all just kind of comes together to bring about one kickass shindig of epic proportions. Security is tight, but even they look like they may be having a good time. It's almost the weekend, dammit!

Anyway, somewhere in the middle of all this crazy nonsense is Ivory Wynn. The Master of Ceremonies is making his way through the club, making sure he gets to shake hands with anyone important and poses for pictures with a few hot chicks that have wandered in. It's all very routine, but Ivory makes it look like he's having a good time nonetheless. This should get him nominated for Host with the Most!

Sure, the girls on stage look good, but you could probably find them at any club. The real draw of this place? The atmosphere, definitely. It's probably the only stip club in New York City that can boast as large a female customer base as this one. It's nice, it's new, it's clean…and even though there are naked chicks doing their thing on stage, it manages to pull it off without the sleaze.

This is one strip club where you don't feel like a shower to wash the nasty off when you get home. That's a good thing. Definitely.

Maybe that's why the next person the two huge, hulking WWE-style bouncers admit into the party-all-the-time party-all-the-time is a 6' blonde with legs that just don't quit! The outfit is like a gray business shirt meant for a giant, that ends dangerously high up on her thighs - a scar seems visible on the left thigh, hidden as best as possible with makeup. The buttons end at about the belly button, the collar is unbuttoned down two buttons or so, and the sleeves are hemmed up to look rolled at the elbows. Combine that with some black leather pumps, a big handbag, and hair down past the shoulders courtesy of a great wig shop, and well, you've got the next patron scooting to the bar for a drink and maybe to sneak a smoke.

Stepping out from in front of yet another camera and photo-op, Ivory spins on his heels and makes his way to the bar. He's not really paying much attention to anything or anyone else that may be doing something nearby, as he's getting his usual drink. It's freaking delicious and he doesn't have to pay for it, so that's always a good thing. It's good to own the club.

"Whatever she's havin' is on me." comes out of his lips, as he nods the bartender towards the section of the bar that the blonde has decided to take up residence at. Somehow, the Ivory knows that someone hot has sauntered in and he's not even looking down the bar. He's just that good. Or security told him via earbud. Who knows. Whatever the case may be, it looks like someone may be getting some free drinks tonight.

Ivory takes his drink and turns around to lean back against the bar. He brings the drink up to take a sip at it, whilst making it a point to look everywhere in the club but at the woman he's buying drinks for. Smirk.

The drink order is simple: Cosmopolitan. The bartender has to see about a quintillion of those a night thanks to a particular show about sex in a certain city. In the tall barstool (thankfully, it has a back, to hang a purse strap or something over, and to lean back!), she gets comfy. One looooong leg crosses over the other, and she tap tap taps her fingers on the bar top while waiting for the drink.

Spinning the swivel stool around, she surveys the club. The sights up on stage aren't a problem for her, as she scopes the audience. No slobs here (thankfully!), just suit-wearing hotties all around. These bouncers seem to be doing a hell of a job in keeping the riff-raff out! Imagine the tips when the crowd isn't shy about spending Andrew Jacksons like they were going out of style.

And wouldn't you know it? Eventually, she finds her way around to Ivory. You know, that good-looking bloke down there at the end of the bar. Sure, she gets a little jolt when she looks at him, smiling a bit and brushing some hair away, but she still picks up on the fact that he's trying not to look at her! It's so cute!

Ivory takes another sip of his drink and continues to look at every other female in the room than the newest one. There's a small smirk at the ordering of a Cosmo, but he's not going to say a word. He's seen the show. It's pretty good. And there's usually a chance of boobs. Which doesn't hurt the ratings either. Of course, considering the line of work he's in…

Anyway, Ivory's nice and comfortable with his standing and leaning back against the bar. His drink remains in his hand, because he doesn't particularly trust anyone in this damn club. He's more focused on the fact that he's being approached by a pair of twins. They lean in and have him laughing in an instant about some anecdote! Laughter that ends up in a bright and powerful smile that can be seen by anyone that dares to be looking in his direction. As he flashes those Colgate White teeth, those twins seem to get a bit more handsy and attached. If only there was someone to save him from these vultures!

What the hell do those two have that she doesn't!? The sudden indignant rage at the thought of those two…well, let's say 'loose women with an ambiguous sense of morals' fawning all over Ivory causes Emily to slide out of her bar stool and close the gap between herself and the three at the end of the bar.

Compared to those two, she's got a lot more height. Not so much horozontally, but that's ok! She ahems, off to the side of the group, and interjects. "I was just down there, along the bar a little ways, and I saw you chatting. I just had to come down here and ask…" she starts, looking at that smile, then tearing herself away from it to the girls. "On the way in, I think I saw a guy wandering the street looking for a set of twins. He had on a gorgeous purple velvet suit, a great fur coat, and this awesome hat with the biggest feather in it I've ever seen. Do you know who he is? He kept saying his name was Big Daddy…whatever that means." She shrugs a little, and puts on her own dazzling smile while waiting to see what sowing those seeds will cause.

Ivory smirks a bit and gives both of those twins a smack on the ass, sending them off into the world of the club to do something that they are probably very well versed in doing: Flirting.

"Nicely done." Ivory says, finishing off his drink and holding the glass out for Emily to take. He's pretty confident that she's going to take it. After all, he did buy her a drink, didn't he? It's only right that she help him put away his own trash. "However, let's just leave the Big Daddy commentary about myself. This is, after all, my domain." He sends a wink towards the blonde and then turns slightly so that she may be blessed with his attention. "Ivory. Ivory Wynn." Pause. "And yes. Yes, I do."

"You mean you know Big Daddy? Or that you have the same suit? Either way, it's just amaaaaaaaaazing," she fawns, despite a little sarcasm. Glass offered, she takes it and sits it aside…or tries to at least. She's not looking at the bar, and so when she sets it on the edge, it falls and breaks on the floor. "Whoops!" she exalaims unapologetically.

Ivory gets her name (and a nice looksie down her shirt) when she leans forward a little to brush some glass shards off her shoes. She doesn't give two shits about the glass on the floor. Afterall, the man with the plan can handle it, right? "Emily. Emily Caulfield," she says mostly to the floor.

"Emily Caulfield. I like that. It… goes down easy." Ivory reaches out to snap at the bartender, which has her coming out from behind the bar so that she can get herself down to clean up the mess. She has a broom, at least. Which is always a good idea to have in a place like this. It doubles as a weapon.

Ivory just kind of stays in his position, though, looking down at the blonde. He has this quirky smirk on his face that looks like he's planning something. But then, when isn't he planning something, to be perfectly honest? "Welcome to Therapy, by the way. I don't remember ever seeing you before, so I'm gonna' assume you're a Therapy virgin." Wink.

For the moments when the bartender is out sweeping up glass, Emily just stares her down. She's got that hand-on-the-hip, elbow out, one leg slightly bent, hip and neck-leaning pose going on. Only when she returns back behind the bar does Emily speak. "Yeah, get back in that cage. Just like your home at the zoo." The stink-eye continues until the woman is safely locked behind the counter.

Now! Alone again with Ivory (kinda), Emily grins back at him. "Yeah, you could say there. One of the only things that to which I'm still a virgin, in fact." Gratuitous eyebrow waggle; slight lip lick. Wow, not subtle at all, but her head is hazy, and getting hazier by the second.

Ivory just kind of raises an eyebrow, as if he's not really sure of what's going on right about now. He's so completely and utterly oblivious to anything that may be happening to Poor Emily. All he wants to do is have some conversation. It's not his fault that she's getting all extra hostile with the help. "Hey now. Let her be. She's poisoned drinks before. You don't want to spend the rest of the night in the Ladies' Room, do you?" Ivory holds a hand up at the bartender to let her know he's handling the situation. "My room would be so much more fun, anyway." Is that an offer? Could be.

Did the heat get turned on?

"Do you have a minibar there?" she replies, perking up considerably at the idea of Getting the Eff Out of Dodge…and into his bedroom. "Oh, who am I kidding, you probably do. All the best hotels do. And besides…I'm getting a little warm. Are you?" She's smiling coyly, even as she's tugging on the collar of her shirt-dress thing.

"I've got a minibar everywhere. My office, my apartment… I love to drink." That's definitely an understatement. He's almost always partaking in something alcoholic. Raising an eyebrow, though, he just kind of tries to figure out the best option for this new girl that he hasn't really got to know yet. "Warm? Not especially." Ivory just kind of shrugs, but opens his track jacket a bit more, showing off epic abs. "Why? Do I look hot to you or somethin'?"

Blink. Blink blink. Shut the eyes and press them together for a moment before doing a double-take. Nope. Nope, those abs are still there. It wasn't an illusion or anything. "Well, yeah…I mean…I guess? I mean, I can't answer that without sounding like I'm coming onto you or something." Well, turns out she's already managed to put a foot in her mout regarding that, seeing as how she's stammering like an infatuated schoolgirl. Then again when she practically throws herself at him, pressing close to Ivory's side, one arm sliding around his shoulders, and the other hand making sure those abs really aren't an illusion.

Ivory is a little off his game at this particular moment in time. He can't believe that this girl is throwing herself at him like she is. Though, the moment she's not looking at him, he ends up flashing a smirk. He's that damn good. Moving on, though, he's looking down at her hands and the way they are roaming over him. "Guess your actions speak louder than my words, huh?" Ivory doesn't even begin to stop her. No need to. One hand, though, comes up to press two fingers beneath her chin, aiming to tilt her head up to look at him. Eyes that are pretty hypnotic. Eyes that are very hard to look away from. "Anything else on your mind?" Damn, he's got some eyes. Get lost in 'em.

"I…I don't know?" Emily starts, and only barely manages to stammer out. Her head goes willingly enough with his hands and then, let the staring begin. She just looks. And looks and looks. Then looks some more. "You…pretty eyes…" she says with an ear to ear smile.

Ivory can't really keep himself from looking at her either. She's got some nice eyes. They don't compare to his, of course. But that's all that matters. He's more worried about himself and what he's getting out of this deal than anything else. With her hands all over him, she may feel some other notions running through her. His words just seem like they are epic though. "Why Emily. If I didn't know you any better, and I don't, I'd say you're trying to seduce me. Is that true?" There's a crazy grin that follows those words, as if he's having too much fun playing with emotions that aren't his.

Cue the coy smile. Well, as much of one as she can manage given that her head feels like it's swimming in delicious maple syrup. "Nooooooooo, I'm not trying to seduce you. I'm trying to feel you upppppppp," she replies, cheerfully, with a popping sound on her lips. Man, she's a straight-shooter ain't she? Not shy at all about her very public public display of affection.

Grinning as if he'd just swallowed the last canary on Earth, Ivory just kind of looks around. "We'll have to play this one close. I don't think I trust you enough to take you back to my apartment." He says this in a teasing manner, though he's probably about as serious as he can muster up the energy to be at this moment in time. He's a little distracted, as it were. "Any last words?" There, he has managed to waggle his own eyebrows, before taking a step… bringing Emily with… to start weaving his way through the crowd.

"N-no!" she manages to giggle out as she's dragged along. She's got one hand up under his shirt still to feel the abs, and the other around his shoulder. Advantage of being so tall and in heels? Well, makes it quite easy to rest her head on his shoulder and stumble along beside him. For all onlookers, she might be drunk. Not a big surprises in this place. So when she gives a little stumble, her body crumpling to the ground, and some weird power shenanigans happening, it's not out of the ordinary…right?

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