2010-01-17: Going Goth



Date: January 17, 2010


Fred gets company.

"Going Goth"

Fred's Apartment — Brooklyn

Sydney had managed to slip passed the people watching her apartment with her new hair colour and unusual pregnant belly. She got to the mall via train and had purchased clothes for both her and Jamie — neither of which make either girl appear like they did when they left the apartment. She went to one of her old haunts, somewhere she arguably doesn't belong anymore, but still feels oddly at home.

She'd showed up in the women's washroom with a bag full of goodies. Black fishnets for her, and black stretch pants for Jamie. She purchased black miniskirts for both of them, and black tops and flack jackets lined with silver chains. She'd also purchased Jamie a black wig and black gloves with holes in the fingers. For Jamie she got black runners — likely the wrong size while she opted for ridiculously high black boots complete with five inch heels. These she's used to walking in; she wore similar shoes through most of her teen life. Similar clothes stay in the bag — a change for each of them for later. She'd purchased white face makeup, black lipstick, black eye shadow, and very dark mascara which she applied to the other girls face amid a locked — and empty — women's washroom. After getting dolled up, Sydney had readjusted her fake baby underneath her shirt.

And then the pair took that ride on the train through the bridge and tunnel. Fred won't be expecting them, but Sydney doesn't really know where else to go at this point; she needs to think. And to think, she needs time. This will buy her that time.

The pair show up outside the main door of the apartment, her waddling her fake pregnant belly in her ridiculous heels. All-in-all they look like a pair of street teens, one considerably older than the other. She buzzes Fred's apartment before an elderly woman opens the door for the pair to enter, "Here you are dears. You can't be outside in the cold in your condition."

Sydney shoots a warm smile through her goth makeup and piercings (that she'd thought had laid dormant… she has at least six earrings in both ears — now all she needs is her nose repierced.

A nod is given to the woman as Sydney leads Jamie up the stairs to Fred's apartment where she raps gently on the door. "Just let me do the talking…" she says to Jamie.

Jamie doesn't make a good goth, really. First of all, she seems to find the whole look hilarious, and it's hard for her to stop giggling for them to make the trip. (Apparently, to her, anything without bright colours or shinyness is plain silly.) She shows no discomfort, though, at having the makeup on. She's starting to settle into the whole look by the time they reach the building, but she still says a cheerful, "Thank you!" to the woman who opens the door for them. Dark and moody just isn't her thing. When Sydney knocks on the door she nods to her instructions, "Ok… I'll try."

Fred certainly wasn't expecting any company this evening, and certainly not the pair who he will be opening his door to. When his apartment is buzzed, he goes to the panel near his door and presses the appropriate buttons. "Hello?" He says, listening, only to hear the door closing. He shrugs and goes back to his paperwork. It's only a couple of minutes before the knock on the door comes. When he opens the door, he blinks. "Sydney?" He looks down to see Jamie, as well as the lump at Sydney's belly. He blinks again and looks up at Jamie. "You're pregnant? When did…you didn't show any signs when we saw each other before!" No mention of the goth clothing. He clears his throat and smiles at Jamie. "And who's your friend?"

"Hi Fred," Sydney smiles through her black lipstick (which shockingly isn't on her teeth). "I'm… I'm not pregnant…" she begins with narrowed eyes. He literally just saw her, "I saw you like… yesterday… pretty sure this doesn't grow overnight…" She quietly appreciates the lack of comment about the clothing, but then did she expect anything different? She spent much of her teenage life in some facsimile of this. "This is Jamie." She swallows, "I-I need… we're…" she glances around the hallway, and manages to ask, "Can we come in? It's kind of a long-ish story…"

Jamie obediently stays quiet as Fred greets them, though it's apparently a bit of a struggle at Fred's question about Sydney being pregnant. She can't quite manage it completely, though, as once Sydney introduces her she gives a smile, "Hi."

Fred frowns and furrows his brow. "I…I know. You've just caught me off guard, is all." He says, shaking his head. He smiles at Jamie. "It's nice to meet you, Jamie." With a little nod, he says, "Yes, of course. Why don't the both of you come in. No use dilly-dallying in the hall at all." He steps to the side to allow admittance. "What's going on? I mean…not that I don't appreciate a visit, but you show up out of the blue." Dressed all goth. "Obviously something's going on."

"Thanks," Sydney smiles gratefully before stepping into the apartment and then ejecting the pillow from underneath her shirt. It's warm to the touch, but she holds it anyways. "I'm sorry for not calling first. I just didn't know if they tapped my phone." She shrugs a little. "And I ditched my cellphone at the house." She's now holding a disposable one she'd picked up at the grocery store. No contracts, no credit, no questions. She presses her black lips together as she considers her words carefully, "And I'm sorry for showing up like this, but… Jamie was a client of mine… gosh it's got to be close to a year ago… wow. Time flies. Anyways, she showed up in my apartment tonight." Beat. "Through the kitchen sink. Literally." She blinks. "This government agency. They… they're bad news. They imprisoned Jamie and other children and stuck tubes up their noses!" She pauses as she pieces everything together somewhat nonsensically, "Chi and Lena aren't murderers, Barker lied to me, and I need to keep Jamie safe. So I dyed my hair and am hiding the only way I know how…" She swallows having finished the first bit of the story. It's been a strange night.

Jamie quickly follows Sydney inside once they're invited, looking around with obvious curiosity even as Sydney explains the situation. She looks back to Fred then as Sydney finishes the explanation, just watching to see his reaction. And doing her best to stay quiet.

Fred blinks a little. "She…" He looks at Jamie for a good moment, as if gauging her. "Came through your kitchen sink?" He smiles widely. "That's awesome! So you're another…one of them, aren't you?" He asks of Jamie directly. 'Them' being people with abilities. "That's cool." He turns back to Sydney, becoming serious again. "Why would the government stick tubes into their noses? To what end?" He asks with furrowed brows. "I mean, what kind of medicine could they be using against people who can…can…do stuff?" He shakes his head. "So what brought you to my place then? Forgive me, but…this kind of seems like an unlikely place to go."

"I know," Sydney says quietly. "I have a huge favour to ask… I know how big it is… we're… we're fugitives. Jamie, she was on television some time ago annnnnnd she's very recognizable." Swallowing, Syd furrows her eyebrows, "Look, we couldn't stay at Amy's because, well, I'm sure they'd been watching me ever since that agent lady showed up. And most of my other contacts have fallen off the face of the planet and I don't trust anyone right now." Quite literally. And why should she? Her ex-fiance recently tried to murder her, someone killed him, her roommates disappeared and when they got out of prison didn't think to talk to her… honestly who is trustworthy amongst it all. "You are one of the few people I genuinely trust in this city… can we stay one night? Just one. I swear. We'll be gone tomorrow. I just need to figure something out…"

Jamie nods quickly, and holds up a hand to demonstrate to Fred by changing it to water long enough for him to see, then changing it back. "Can do that with my whole body." Then she answers, "Everybody's been saying it's like the…um… holocast? Something like that. They want to get rid of us, 'cause we're different. They were taking us all on a train somewhere, but we got rescued before we found out where they were taking us. Micah, that's my friend who everybody calls Rebel, he thinks they want to take away our powers with drugs." So much for letting Sydney do the talking. She quiets again, though, as Sydney gives her side of the explanation.

Fred takes a big breath in and sighs heavily. "Wow…just…wow…that's a lot to take in, you know? Fugitives. Being followed." He shakes his head. "A good, heavy lot, Syd! I mean, this is harsh heavy." He nods a little. "Yeah…yeah. It's not exactly like I'm gonna turn you guys away or anything, right?" He looks down at Jamie, tilting his head slightly. "Now that is cool." He gives her a little smile. "I can't do anything, so the fact that you can do that is really amazing." He says. "Holocast? Oh! Yeah. The Holocaust?" He nods in understanding. "Well, that is really horrible of them to do all that! No one should be doing that to people!"

"Thank you. I swear, one night, that's it. I just… need to figure something out." Sydney swallows. She really has no idea what to do. At least Jamie is far less recognizable in the goth gear, but there's other issues. Like where to go? Obviously Hope Hearth, the University, the townhouse, and Amy's apartment are all crossed off the list. What does that leave? She needs to try to get ahold of Lena, Hallis or Gene. With a sigh she shoots Fred an apologetic smile, that transforms into something more genuine, "Jamie is very talented." She nods. "So do you like our new looks?"

Jamie smiles brightly at both Fred's reaction to her demonstration, and Sydney's compliment. "Except I can't take clothes with me, so it's kinda a pain if I wanna go somewhere, gotta have someone bring me clothes where I end up." Then she nods quickly, "It was awful. They strapped us to tables and put tubes up our noses that made us all sleepy and not able to do anything. It was *awful*."

Fred smiles softly. "Of course. You can stay here as long as you need. My couch doubles as a pullout bed. And I can set up an air mattress as well. It may not be super comfortable, but it does the trick." He nods. "And whatever food I have here, the both of you are free to have. Can't have you two going hungry!" He says kindly. "And if you guys need help with anything else, I'll be happy to help. Clothing, more food, transportation. Talk to me, I'm your guy!" He grins at Sydney. "Well, I wasn't shocked at all to see you like this, to be honest." He smiles at Jamie. "Nor you. I mean, if you've dressed that way yourself and had friends for ages who did as well, it doesn't phase you after a certain point." He smiles. "To be honest, it took me back to highschool."

"That was like seven years ago," Sydney considers aloud. "But yeah, I suppose it's not so strange seeing anyone like this." In fact, Syd is incredibly comfortable in her current attire; she virtually lived in fishnets through high school. "Especially me," she shrugs. "The pregnant belly was new though." She's never been in that situation. "And I really am sorry for bringing our troubles to your doorstep, I'll think of something." Eventually. Hopefully. And figure out something to do with Jamie. "And thanks. For everything. I really owe you," the tone is apologetic once again.

"Jamie do you know what they had you drugged with?" She swallows as she presses her lips together again. "How long did they have you drugged for? Do you know?" Ironically, now Syd's ability kicks in for no reason.

Jamie comments to Fred, "*I* think it looks really silly. Not enough colours! Feel like a vampire." She looks up to Sydney and shrugs, "I dunno." Sydney would likely feel the flash of fear as she thinks back. She really hates even the memory of what happened. She's good at hiding it on the surface, though. "Made me sleepy. Couldn't change, couldn't even move hardly. And we were tied down, couldn't feel my arms and legs. And think we were there for weeks. 'Cause it was summer when they took us, but starting to get cold when we got rescued."

Fred grins and chuckles at Jamie. "Well, I admit that it does seem a bit silly, doesn't it?" He grins and winks at Sydney. "Don't you worry, Sydney. I'm more than happy to help an old friend…even if you did go to NYU instead of Columbia." He says with the slyest of grins. He goes serious though, as Jamie explains a bit about what happened to her. Of all the things you'd expect to be sensing from him at present, however, surprised is not one of those emotions. In fact, he's not surprised in even a little bit. He may have been at the beginning when he first saw Sydney and Jamie at his door, but he's not now. It's as if none of this is new to him. Or perhaps he's just heard plenty of stories as a psychologist which have been more shocking than this. What he does feel though is concern, deep concern. And perhaps…what's this? A little regret?

"I…" Huh. Sydney easily picks up on both Jamie and Fred's emotions. And as usual, the flood doesn't exactly leave her vertical. In fact, she becomes a conglomeration of bad feeling. She feels oddly concerned and regretful, afraid, and anxious. Her lips purse, smudging some black lipstick onto her teeth that wears off a few instances later. And all of these ideas, all of these feelings leave her reeling, particularly when mixed under the odd pressure of her own anxiety.

Dizzily she holds a hand to her forehead, effectively smudging her white face paint. "I…" She takes a deep breath, and tries to push her feelings aside, she manages a measure of stoicism, but she's still reeling underneath the pressure of her feelings. Her eyes flit over to Fred with a sense of confusion and her facial expression is all too revealing — it doesn't take an empath to read.

Jamie looks up to Sydney with obvious concern as well as she seems suddenly woozy, "Are you ok?" Probably not helping deal with the flood of emotions. Then she blinks as she looks between Sydney and Fred, and asks, "What's going on?"

Fred rushes in to help Sydney steady herself. "Whoah there." He nods to Jamie's question, wondering the same thing. "Maybe we should get you to the couch to sit down? If you're feeling dizzy, we don't want you standing!" He says, trying to lead her toward the couch. He furrows at Sydney's look. "Did…did I do something wrong? What's wrong, Sydney?"

And no, the concern certainly doesn't help. Underneath her pale-faced makeup her cheeks flush, not that anyone can tell. She's getting very dizzy. "I… I think I need to sit down…" She swallows as she tries to cover for her expression, "Just… a lot going on tonight." She lies. Oh dear, the distrust continues. "Sorry guys, I really am okay. I just … it's been a long day." She smiles weakly as her gaze flits from Jamie to Fred and back again.

Jamie, of course, is clueless to any distrust. She believes every word that Sydney says, nodding quickly and says, "Well, sit down. Even lie down! Didn't mean to mess you up or anything, making you help me."

Fred leads Sydney to the couch in his living room, frowning and looking between Sydney and Jamie and back to Sydney again. "Is this…your ability kicking in?" he asks. "Let me get you some water." He says softly. "Are you sure everything is okay? You can talk to me." He whispers quietly to her.

"Jamie, I'm glad you came to me. I needed some clarity, and you gave it. There's no reason to apologize for that. And then I decided to help." She grins at the teen."I think so. I just… got overwhelmed. It's a lot to feel at once, sometimes," Sydney answers quietly as she sits on the couch. "I'll be fine. It doesn't happen often, but it's been known to happen." She shoots him a very weak, and perhaps (?) fake smile. "And… maybe it's okay." The answer is a little haphazard. "It's unsure."

Jamie relaxes again at Sydney's reassurances, and nods a little again, "Ok." Then at Fred's suggestion of water she says, "I'll get it." She looks around a moment until she finds the kitchen, then runs to get a glass of water from the tap. She comes back and holds out the glass to Sydney, joking, "None of it's me."

Fred smiles and nods to Jamie. "Thank you." He says to Jamie before focusing his attention on Sydney. "If you need to talk later, I'll be up pretty late, working in my office. I'd be happy to hear how you're feeling." He chuckles when Jamie comes back and makes a little joke.

"Thank you Jamie," Sydney says with a warm smile and a suppressed chuckle as she draws the glass to her lips — effectively leaving a black lipstick smudge on the edge of the glass. "Alright, I think we've all had enough excitement for awhile and you need to get to bed, Miss Clancy. And I should get this makeup off, I forgot how stiff it makes my face feel." That said she takes a deep breath and rises again, feeling much less dizzy now.

Jamie smiles back, and then though frowns at the mention of getting to bed. "Oh… alright. But I don't have anything to sleep in, unless you bought me pajamas too?" As if that would be a valid excuse to avoid going to bed.

Fred chuckles softly. "Well, if it's bed time…you two should go get ready and I'll prepare you beds? Should I prepared the second foamy mattress as well as the couch's hide-a-bed or just the hide-a-bed?"

"I do have pyjamas… kind of…" Sydney winces a little as she reaches into her oversized purse and pulls out a ridiculously large t-shirt devoted to a Death Metal band: Acid Bath. Her gaze shifts to Fred for a second before she smirks, "Don't judge me." With a sigh she hmms, "Please do both. I think I'm going to be up thinking for awhile." Thinking. Planning. Same-difference.

Jamie looks to the shirt that Sydney pulls out, and wrinkles her nose a little, "Weird shirt. But it's ok! It'll make good pajamas, even if it doesn't have enough colour." She takes the shirt and then runs off to search out the bathroom to change.

Fred looks at the shirt that Sydney pulls out of the bag and laughs. "Acid Bath? Are they still around? Wow." He chuckles. "Tell you what, Jamie…you can sleep in my bed tonight. I'll sleep on the foamy." He smiles. "I'll start getting the bedding and the beds ready."

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