2009-10-28: Going Steady



Date: October 28th, 2009


Ivory comes home and finds Tracy there. Her obsession starts to reveal itself further.

"Going Steady"

Ivory's Apartment

/Washington, D.C.

Senator Ivory Wynn has had a long night. One of those nights that, well, just seem to never end. And thus his arrival home is one that, well, shouldn't be met with the fact that there's something else going on here. Something is afoot and it's not good. He frowns the moment he finds he can just turn the knob of his apartment and he peeks inside. Glancing around, he's not quite sure of what's happening and his briefcase is set down quietly. He creeps, himself, moving cautiously across the living area to see if he can't make it to the bedroom. Which is one of the easiest places a burglar would hide.

The long day gets longer. The "burglar" is in Ivory's bed. Since it happens, by no coincidence, to be an attractive blonde, maybe that's not a bad thing. However, Tracy isn't exactly herself. The lights are off, having never been turned on when she came in, and she hasn't gone far since the incident with Ms. Sachs not so long ago.

Up against the headboard with bare legs ahead of her, bent at the knee, Tracy has slipped into one of Ivory's white button-downs and she's twirling something — paper, a photograph? — in her hands, on edge and unnervingly out of sorts. Half-breathless, she sits up straighter when she spies the Senator, whatever bits of light that sneak inside the room flashing to her eyes, making them seem manic. Or perhaps they already were. "Ivory!" Finally.

Ivory is immediately relaxing the moment he recognizes the person inside. He barely has a chance to flick on the lights before he's caught in the act of sneaking into his own bedroom. In fact, he stops short of turning on the lights when he spies what Tracy is wearing at the moment. And where she is. "Oooh. Now this is one welcome home that I think I can get used to." And already, Ivory is working to get himself out of his suit jacket and flinging it off to the side. His feet are working on kicking off his shoes too.

A flurry of activity erupts on the bed as Tracy swings her legs around to kneel on the side of the bed to get to Ivory as fast as humanly possible. She tucks the scrap of paper (?) in her hand into the front pocket of the borrowed shirt and reaches out in a way that can only be described as urgent. Someone needs their Ivory fix. "Welcome home," she says, and it certainly does sound welcoming — but there's a shakiness about her whole demeanour. On edge, off-kilter. "I was… waiting… for you," she says, a prelude to an explanation of something not as welcoming, which isn't to say she doesn't try to draw him closer. "Working. And… waiting. And…"

Ivory's in the middle of unbuttoning a shirt that looks like the one Tracy's wearing and revealing his classic wifebeater… when he realizes that something's off. Frown. "Babe? What's up? Something's not right. I like… feel a disturbance in the Force or something." Ivory's eyebrow raises and his hands drop from the buttons on his shirt. Immediately, he's drawn himself over to the bed where Tracy is all kneeling and his smile is kind of fading as he tilts his head to look at her. "Talk to Daddy…" comes from those lips as he reaches hands to those shoulders and rubs at them comfortingly… before one hand slips for that pocket to grab whatever was shoved in there. Hrm.

Ivory is right, something isn't right, but that doesn't stop Tracy from sliding her legs over the edge of the bed to sit next to him. She hooks a finger over the fastened buttons of Ivory's shirt — that is, the one he's wearing — as if poised to finish the job. "I— "

The slip of paper Ivory takes from the pocket is a photograph. Scratch that— it's half of a photograph. Of him. The rest has been torn off.

Tracy says nothing of it. Instead, she takes Ivory's face in one hand and kisses him. Hard. Forceful. What's more, it's atypically needy, for this particular woman. Almost desperate. It's only after that she says, in contrasting cold: "Roberta was here. Bert." Tracy knows Ivory ought to recognize the name, but she watches his face closely for a reaction, ready to gauge just how familiar the recognition in his eyes is. "From… the NSA?"

Familiar. Very Familiar. Ivory may have seen her rack. But he's not really going to look like he's thinking about that, since he's just been kissed by the hottie blonde on his bed. He's even seemed to kind of forget about the ripped photo of him. Frown. He's a little distracted. Kisses and things of such a forceful nature as the one that just happened, tend to throw him for a bit of a loop. A loop that he may not be able to recover from this easily. "Yeah? She was here?" Ivory just kind of shrugs, as if he doesn't care too much about who the hell Bert is right now. "She want anything important? Grandmother die or something?" Ivory's very much distracted by the blonde that's all up in his personal space.

Tracy's hand is planted along Ivory's jaw, and she's still only inches away, but lines of worry agonize the woman's forehead and for a moment … she looks vulnerable. The visit wasn't casual, suffice to say. "No." She stops short all of a sudden, leaning back — away from Ivory, if only just. Reluctantly, at that. "No, she was here for you. She made herself absolutely clear on that. We… had a disagreement. And I took care of it."

"So does that mean you want to go steady?" Ivory has to ask. Especially since he's leaning in to follow the leaning backness of the Tracy. Unlike her, he doesn't seem to even consider Bert to be a threat to what they have. They have some serious history. He's not even worried about what happened. He's too busy plastering on that special smile of his.

Ivory's choice of comment fractures Tracy's serious visage. The smile that inadvertently breaks through is small, uneven and incredulous at his phrasing, but there nevertheless. She laughs quietly under her breath. "No question," she says, her lips twisting up further. "You know I want you all to myself, Senator." Tracy loops her arms over Ivory's shoulders. "There's just one problem. Which… I'm sure won't be a problem for long." She watches Ivory carefully as she continues to speak: it won't be a problem, right? Ivory's looked out for her in the past. "She saw what I can do."

"I'll take care of it." Ivory says, still getting himself into Tracy's personal space. He's much too preoccupied with what they were about to do before she brought up the Bert. He's way more focused on that bit of work than anything else. He's even breathing all heavy again, since he's still moody, in that regard. "Now. Where were we?"

It should be a red flag to Tracy and her morals that her focus has become protecting herself and winning Ivory, rather than the fact that she could have killed Bert. No such flag waves right now. If it did before, it was blown away by Ivory's presence. For now? Done and done. She pulls him down. "Going steady."

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