2010-04-05: Going to the Chapel



Date: April 5, 2010


Hallis isn't the only one deliberately sending false signals.

"Going to the Chapel"

Five Points Restaurant, Lower East Side

"—wore it to the set earlier today, so that ought to get the ball rolling in a hurry. TV crews have some of the worst gossips…"

The concealed room back at the office is good for security, but only for short periods at a time; more than that, and the long absences become difficult to explain to one's other colleagues. For medium-priority secrecy, the order of the day is security through obscurity - in this case, a noisy restaurant, where George's conversation with one of his aides is merely one among dozens. If he's really lucky, then just being seen here with her will feed into the plan. And the congressman does tend to have luck on his side…

One has to keep up appearances. Ophelia's pretty good about that. She's professional as always, and even though it can still be considered secure, she's keeping well-aware of her surroundings. That's one of the things she's paid for. "They do like to blab," she agrees, stealing a quick peek around at the surroundings. Just in case.

KeLyssa has been officially informed of a place to go and meet. Being Fashionably late, or so she things, she makes her way to the restaurant. Once there, and told where to sit and she gets to where Ophelia and George are sitting. "I hope I ain't late none." She says happily. "It's nice ta be seein' ya 'gain, Ophelia. It really is." She's much more chipper than the last time Ophelia saw her. "An' this…why, it's George Dawson!" She winks at him. "My my, it most certainly is a pleasure ta meetcha somethin' awful! I don't know ifin ya'd 'member me none, but I used ta work fer Nathan Petrelli, b'fore he went…went." She say happily.

Aaaaaaand that could very well be his nine o'clock coincidence call right there. He still remembers the last time he was spotted out in public where the female companionship outnumbered him. "I think I do," replies George, turning and playing up his own accent more than usual - something he usually reserves for when he wants to catch someone off guard, but Lyss seems to just bring it out naturally. "Man's had some rough health issues the past couple years— you'll pass along our best wishes for a speedy recovery?"

Well this chipper attitude is an improvement, so Ophelia takes a moment to really study KeLyssa. After all, attitude change has to correspond to an action. She glances to George, falling silent herself. After all, if she brought out any accent herself, she'd have to start speaking Spanish.

KeLyssa grins widely at George. "Awww, now, ya sound like the people right 'round Louisiana, who I might jus' meet on any ol' street!" She comments to George, taking a seat. "I'll be sure ta let 'im know when I see him, surely." Is said with a nod. Facing Ophelia, she says, "An' how're you doin'? Ain't seen ya since the park. Though, 'course, there's been e-mail. But there ain't no way o' tellin' how no one is by an e-mail." Of course, this sudden chipperness and happiness compared to when Ophelia last saw her could be all an act…or it could be the result of something else. Who knows.

Under normal circumstances, that would be George's cue to hang back from the conversation for a moment and let Ophelia speak up for herself. But these are not normal circumstances. Especially if that guy a few booths down with the camera sticking out of his pocket is more than just a tourist. "Actually," he offers, just a little too loudly, "we've been discussing wedding plans."

An act or not, there was some kind of change. Ophelia offers a warm smile all the same. "I'm doing just fine, thanks. Good to see you out and about and looking well. Keeping busy, I'm sure." She lets her comments lie, glancing between George and KeLyssa as George speaks up. She simply smiles, taking a subtle glance around the room again.

KeLyssa bows her head to Ophelia, but smiles widely at George's comment, though sure it's fake, considering how loudly he said it. "OH! Weddin' plans! How marvellous! I absolutely love weddin's! They're m'favourite things, b'sides baby showers!"

Oh, KeLyssa. When it rains, it pours— and the guy with the camera is happily drowning, snapping off one shot after another, while George rests a hand next to one of Ophelia's and pretends not to notice. No one identified her as the fiancee - and his relationship with Hallis is relatively well-known - which should give the gossip just the right hint of schadenfreude to really push it to critical mass.

"Well, I don't know that I can promise you one of those," he replies, leaning forward and switching to another accent he knows well: the sort used by self-proclaimed moral guardians with an audience, usually about a week before they turn out to have been indulging in the same vice they were just railing against.

Oh, it's funny how those media gossipers seize onto anything and everything. Ophelia's hand remains where it is, innocently close. After all, there's nothing there… or is there? She gives George a winning smile that she holds just long enough in case there were any cameras looking before looking back to KeLyssa.

KeLyssa giggles softly. "Well now, maybe ya ain't able ta…but a gal can't help but dream 'bout organizin' one of 'em, can she now." She says with another giggle leaving her lips. "Now, I certainly ain't never been to this restaurant b'fore, but I know I'm hungry. I ain't eaten nothin' since breakfast this mornin', so I'm hungry as a hippo in that li'l child's game. If ya'll have been here before, is there anythin' ya'd suggest?"

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