2007-07-08: Going to the Dogs


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Crazy happens when a power-negator and an animal telepath meet with a pack of dogs between them in Central Park. Add to that a man dressed as a Transformer and it's a fine day in New York

Date It Happened: July 8th, 2007

Going to the Dogs

Central Park

"Transformers, more than meets the eye," Gene offers in a sing-song tone. Currently waiting at one of the public buildings for the restroom, the young geek is waiting for his friend to make his way out. While girls are able to talk in the bathroom and hang out together, the Code of the Man determines that a man goes in, does his business, and comes out. That's it.

Currently, Gene is dressed in his costume, which is an Optimus Prime outfit. The chest chassis is actually made from a light metal, likely aluminum or some sort. It has windshield wipers, headlights that appear to have realistic covers, the works. It's put over clothes to make it comfortable… Or as comfortable as such a get up can be in the summer heat. Holding his helmet in his hands, Gene tries to cross his legs to look cool as he waits, only to find that the bulky material make it impossible to do that.

"Transformers was so awesome! Shia has gotten so hot!" Kitty says into the phone to her mother as she walks through the park, just after seeing the movie. Kitty is dressed for the heat with denim booty shorts and a white tank top. Today there are no fingerless gloves on her hands. Her hair is down and is extra wavy today. She is letting it grow. As she nears the restroom area, she spots Gene. "Hey you're the guy from the gym! Nice costume" She winks at Gene.

A cloud of cigarette smoke wafts from around the corner of the public bathroom, the perfect place to make a date if you're a hooker. A gray eyed young man looks around the brick partition and is astounded at the sight he sees, usually he would be able to say that he has seen weirder, but the guy dressed like a walking sci-fi convention takes the cake. He shakes his head and continues to keep his eyes peeled for an opportunity to make a few extra bucks. However the sound of his best friend's voice ruins any chance of him being able to perform his professional duty and he steps out from behind the bathroom and slaps Kitty on the butt, "Ya look like yer workin' the park, suga," Dorian says with a raised eyebrow.

When it comes to minding her own business, Rochelle does it quite well on regular days. On days where she intentionally subjects herself to small crowds of people, it gets a bit harder. Her ability to do this today is virtually nonexistent, for the addition of a three-foot, two-hundred pound animal makes one pay far more attention to everything. The day finds the woman out walking her dog—a large, fawn-colored Great Dane, with uncropped ears and an undocked tail. Oedipus walks with his big black nose to the sidewalk, whip-like tail wagging and dark, wet lips leaving little drool-marks when he pauses to snort at any smells along the way. Rochelle is wearing a pair of black basketball shorts, tennis shoes, and a black and red sport camisole, with her hair tied up through an unfortunate-looking navy baseball cap. Unfortunate, because it seems to have met the dog's mouth recently. Oh well. The buzz of a music player comes from her pocket, the faint chirping of music escaping the fabric. As the two near the public restroom buildings, it is not entirely difficult for her to notice the man in the costume. If there was ever an expression for an ellipses, Rochelle is now wearing it.

Dogs, dogs, dogs, everywhere. But it's a park, so it's not unheard of. Lachlan has lots of dogs today: four, to be exact. And they're all Rottweilers. He just loves it when clients give him a lot of dogs to work with at once. These particular dogs are supposed to be used on an upcoming movie set, so it's a big deal for the Scotsman. With his hand around the ends of all four leashes, Lachlan makes his way toward the bathrooms. He's not within Rochelle's range yet, but it's really only a matter of time.

"Thanks… Yeah, that's me," the young man admits to Kitty's words. He's surprised, not thinking that the woman would talk to him after seeing him in the gym, much less compliment him on his costume. "Just a little something I whipped up. Figured it was good as a Holloween costume this year so I made it now to keep for later… Take it you're a Transformer fan too?" He rubs the back of his head, clearly feeling a little unease at a stranger coming up to him and talking to him out of the blue, even if it's a cute girl. Cassanova, he is not. For the time being, he doesn't notice Lach or Roch, but that's likely to change in the next few minutes.
"Hey it's hot! I was wondering where you were today. I didn't see you at home" she comments and looks to Gene, "Yeah, I use to watch the cartoon when I was a kid. You are really creative" she smiles and then looks down at her phone, obviously she has hung up on her mother. "I gots to be going!" she sighs and looks to Dorian. "Coming? Or do you have /other/ things to do?" she narrows her eyes a little and then smiles back at Gene. "I'm Kitty by the way, hope to see you soon. She throws in another wink and begins to walk off.

Dorian flicks some of the ash off of his cigarette, getting a small amount of it on his tight black t-shirt that has 'The Help' written across it in script. He sticks his right hand down into the pocket of his faded blue jeans and pulls out a pair of sapphire stud earrings and hands them to Kitty, "Here, this is for lettin' me couch surf at yer place." His head spins when he sees what he thinks is a muscle bound gym bunny and his jaw drops when he notices that the stud with the dog is actually a her. "Ya know this town jus' keeps gettin' weirder and weirder," he says directing his statement to the guy dressed like a comic book geek's dream. He smiles at Kitty, "I'll givya a call later, hun, I gotta run." He flicks his cigarette to the ground and takes off to shower and get ready for a long night.

Rochelle is actually heading for the water fountain on the side of the building, but indeed - she has to technically cross paths with Lachlan to do it. While Gene in his robot costume is naturally distracting and she can't help but look(hey, even /she/ thinks its cool, and she probably doesn't even know who Optimus Prime /is/), the fact that Oedipus rears his head up, ears flapping and body leaning is sort of distracting too. The leash wound around Rochelle's forearm tugs her torso sharply when the Dane spots ALL THOSE OTHER DOGS. He doesn't bark, fortunately - he just REALLY WANTS TO BE OVER THERE, alright? His owner seems to not like that idea, judging by the gurgle of noise when she is tugged, and the pulling of the leather leash closer to her as she pauses within viewing distance of Gene. Maybe he'll get a show. Oedipus, meanwhile, lets out a childish whine, a charming stream of drool accompanying this.

Returning from being indisposed, Eric Walker comes strolling back up to Gene the master of the Autobots. Not nearly as decked out as Gene, the young man is wearing a pair of black jeans, a grey shirt with Grimlock on the front, and a black overshirt with the autobot symbol on it on the back. With a shake of his head he just laughs as he walks slowly up to Gene. "…man Gene…I still can't believe you wore that thing." Pause. "Wait. Yes I can…what I can't believe is you made one for me too." He almost wore it too, but he figured that might be just /too/ much on the geek meter.

So many dogs. Lachlan spots the Great Dane more by signals than by actual hearing or seeing alone. He starts sending calming signals to the larger dog while simultaneously placating his Rottie pack, which has begun to show a really great interest in Oedipus. Unfortunately, it's around this time that he comes within range of Rochelle and suddenly, all communication stops. It's like watching someone get a jolt. Lachlan gives a start and, with all communication goes all sense of order. Suddenly, the Rottweilers surge as one body toward Rochelle and her canine companion, stubby tails wagging wildly. They want to say 'hi'. Lachlan doesn't want them to say 'hi'. He manages to keep hold of the leashes and stand his ground, but it's rough. "Jesus," he growls. "Stay." They're not really listening.

"I made you MEGATRON and you didn't wear it. If I ever made Grimlock, I'm never letting you pilot him. You have lost The Touch." Would Gene ever try and construct a giant flame throwing dinosaur? …It's likely best not to tempt such a mind as powerful and dorky as Gene's. When you can make almost anything you want to, it's hard not to make things just for the hell of it, after all.

Hrrming as he notices Lachlan and Rochelle, Gene blinks as one of them triggers his attention. "Eric, Eric… That's um… the guy that's… you-knowing Cass, right?" Gene's trying to remember his new 'friends'. Really.

"…you made me the /villian/ I hate being the villian, besides, two of those outfits would never have fit in the car!" Eric explains once more, though he just grins. "Besides now you can trick me into wearing it later or something." He says with a laugh before he blinks. "Dude. Can you really make a giant Grimlock. That would be…amazing…" Eric is just imagining it. Right. Shouldn't be imagining it. He pauses for a moment and then just shakes his head. "Nevermind…if you do though I'm at least riding in it…"

He blinks a moment then as Gene calls attention towards the cursing Scotsman. "…oh…yeah! Thats Lachlan!" And Eric waves a hand to try to get his attention, though after a moment he does pause. "…he looks like he's got his hands full."

Now is the time for making faces—they are worried faces. Rochelle grimaces a bit and yanks a bit harder on the Dane's leash. He shuffles backwards a little bit, but THEY ARE COMING TO SEE HIM. Hello! Who are you? Resigning to the fact that the other guy doesn't look like he's going to be able to keep the Rotties back for long, she is at least making an attempt to keep Oedipus closer to her and take a couple steps back. If they're coming closer regardless, she can still be in range to stop them if they get mean. …Let us hope that Lachlan isn't silly enough to bring unsocialized dogs to a park. "Eddie! /No/." He's not listening much either, and Rochelle seems indignant. "AGH."

Never let it be said that Lachlan doesn't get points for effort. He doesn't notice Eric or Gene in spite of it all (though sure, he initially noticed Gene in his suit). He's a bit busy trying to control four Rottweilers. It's a good thing they're well-socialized. Despite his best efforts, though, the dogs are slowly, slowly dragging him toward Rochelle and Oedipus, and the Scotsman is panicking because his communication with them has been entirely cut off. As a last-ditch effort he calls out, "They're nice!" Maybe it's some bit of reassurance for Rochelle.

"I can see that. You should help him or something. I mean, I would, but you know… Geek in costume," Gene offers in a 'matter of fact' voice. He pauses as he looks to Rochelle. There she is, the mighty woman he saw in the gym. Perhaps if Lachlan is too busy walling Cass, she might be able to be THE ONE. The Doc Louis to his Little Mac, the Mickey to the Rocky… The Yoda to his Skywalker. She defintely looks like she could beat up most people one would encounter in a dark alley. Except Mr. T. But well, he's fricking Mr. T.

"Yeah yeah, Geek in costume, I understand," Eric says with a shrug. He really does. He might not be a cosplayer, but if he was he wouldn't want dogs to trample over all of it. Besides. Its Gene. The dogs would likely take /him/ for a ride. Instead he just shakes his head and starts striding over towards Lachlan. "Hey Lachlan! Need a hand!" He calls out to get the man's attention…entirely unaware of the thoughts that are passing though Gene's mind. Because if he was, he wouldn't be able to walk for laughing.

It's the mentality of a 'pack' that worries her more. Perhaps. Oedipus decides that now he has to squirm to get away, backing up under his owner's legs to the point where she has to swing a leg back over his hindquarters to stand up. It's at that time that he lunges forward again to sniff the new dogs(he knows her and her balance issues, you see), tugging the woman along while she is literally only on one foot. Lucky for Rochelle, she does manage to hop after the Dane on that same foot and not get turned ass-over-heels from it. It looks awfully silly, but at least she hasn't faceplanted! Sidewalks tend to be very… hard.

Shit. Lachlan can't help but half-chortle at the ridiculous display of Rochelle's. And then the dogs meet and there's lots and lots of sniffing and tail-wagging. OH HAI OH HAI OH HAI OMG HAI HAI. The Rotties are very excited. When Eric appears to offer his assistance, Lachlan looks a bit relieved. "Yeah, bloody— Take these." He passes over two of the leashes, keeping a careful eye on the dogs and looking very, very rattled.

Gene the wonder geek does nothing for the time being but watch and wait. After all, he needs to wait until the threat of eager dogs is away before moving toward either of the possible Mean Gene trainers. After all, the movie showed dogs like to pee on Autobots.

"Alright," Eric says before he tries to get the tangled leashes away from the crazy Scotsman. As soon as he does they nearly pull him right over himself before he gets a handle on how they pull. "…how in the world did you manage to get all four of thease monsters on a walk without them pulling your arms out?" He asks with a laugh. A blink then as the Dane comes trotting over with Rochelle in tow. "…um…you alright?" He asks of the woman.

Now surrounded by sniffing noses and wagging tails, Rochelle fully resigns once it is clear that the dogs are okay and Oedipus is absolutely thrilled. She unwinds the leash from her forearm so she can grasp it, half smiling towards the two men. "I didn't fall over, so I'd have to say 'Yes'." The brunette glances at Eric, then Lachlan, then down at the five dogs. "Jeez Louise, Eddie." One of the Rotties has a puddle of Dane-slobber on his face, by the way.

The Rottie doesn't seem to mind in the slightest. She's totally thrilled, actually. Meanwhile, Lachlan is starting to feel extremely nervous and uneasy to be with dogs and yet not hear them in his head. It's showing very well. "They're no' monsters, they're …" He trails off into nothing. He got them here because he had control of the leashes and of their minds, but he's sorta lost both of those. It's daunting and more than a little upsetting. Oh God, did he lose his powers? Just like that? What's going on? "Uh … I … I need ta … uh … ta go home." Now that the dogs seem to be calming down, it's probably a good bet he'll be able to wrestle them back to the client's.

The young inventor watches as Rochelle, Eric, and Lachlan begin talking. As they do, Gene seems more than willing to wait… until something feels like it's pounding his head trying break free from his skull. Gene has gotten himself a little more used to pain these days, so he doesn't double over, but it's enough to cause him to rethink making a late night. Slowly, he begins to make his way out of the park. As he does, he manages to shoot Eric a text. Unlike most people, he likes to type his out with proper caps.

'Get Lach's and Muscle Girl's info and tell them to meet me at the Starbucks where you introducted me to Elena in the next week or so from noon to one. I need them for stuff and will reward them accordingly.'

But Gene hasn't decided which of the two will get the honor of being his trainer! Thankfully, he knows what to do to solve that problem… Cue Amok Time fight theme from Star Trek.

"…alright then…" Lachlan gets a very odd look from Eric before he hands the leashes back to the older man. Ah well, maybe Cass has something cooking for him at home or something. "I'll see you around then Lachlan, take care of yourself!" He adds cheerfully before he smiles towards Rochelle. "And good, glad your alright then—-" And he gets cut off by the sound of his phone getting a text message. Which he pauses, and reads, and rereads. "…do what?" He just asks out loud.

Rochelle chuckles, for lack of better things to say right now. Laughing is okay, right? She does look at Lachlan, though - as in the way of watching someone else swallow a bug. "You alright, man?" One eyebrow lifts under the short shadow of her cap, her head tilting forward just a bit. When Eric responds verbally to the message, that gets her attention again. Oedipus decides that it is a good time to sniff Lachlan too. Hi! I'm a dog! Sniffsniffsniff.

Lachlan can't hear Oedipus. He can't hear the Rotties either. Woe is the dog trainer whose telepathy is blocked! Woe! "Yeah, yeah, 'm fine," he states to Eric and Rochelle as he starts backing away, dogs in tow. "Just, uh. Feelin' a bit, uh, just a bit sick s'all. No' a big deal." He has to talk to Cass about this. Eric's response to the text message gets a blink. Normally, one doesn't talk to a text message.

Gene doesn't respond, he's busy walking away toward the nearest exit out of the park. He's holding his head lightly due to the pain, figuring that Eric is a bright man, he doesn't need clarification from Gene on what the text means.

Eric just shakes his head before he takes a step back. "…oh Lachlan, I'll get ahold of you later, got a message to pass on alright?" He asks before he just ruefully shakes his head. He's not gonna go ask random women for their number and things dangit! Thats Jaden that does that not him! He does though start to look around…just…where did Gene get do dangit…

Rochelle has at least gleaned the Scot's name from this? One possibly good thing. "If you're looking to get fresh air, don't look for it here." She smiles a little as Lachlan backs away, tugging Oedipus back a few steps herself. When Lachlan does reach the edge of the bubble—it'll literally come back on as if flipping a switch. It may be obvious where it came from, or it may not be. Rochelle is blissfully unaware.

"Yeah, sure, Eric. 'll be seein' ye, eh?" And with that, Lachlan makes his getaway. As soon as the telepathy comes back, he's much more relieved, but he hasn't quite pinpointed the source yet. Maybe when he sees Rochelle in Starbucks again. For now, it's just a troubling moment in time that he wants to get home to discuss with Cass as quickly as possible.

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