2007-12-14: Good Guys and Bad Guys


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When a group of thieves force their way into Bat Country, the line of good guys and bad guys is crossed. Who is on which side?

December 14th, 2007:

Bad Guys and Good Guys

Bat Country Labs

Book held in front of him, glasses hooked behind his ears, Gabriel Gray continues with the books Peter left for him, having finished all but the last one. Being alone and locked up lends itself to moving through reading materials rather quickly. Aside from that, it gives him something to focus on. The pills Peter left him have worn off, and the man hasn't returned with new ones. The hunger is slowly beginning to creep in, despite Gabriel doing his best to ignore it. Fortunately, the books somehow help him, keeping his mind focused on lighter, better things.

Still nervous about Sylar being in their room - he's still Sylar to her, possibly always will be - Cass is out in the main room. Strangely enough, she's in almost a parallel position. The thick framed glasses are hanging on her nose, not exactly on the edge, but not pushed all the way up to the bridge. A book is open in her hands and she's curled up on one of the comfy chairs, trying to keep her mind on it, but her focus isn't in it. That's made all the more clearer by glancing at the door where he's being kept every page or so, nervous.

You know what the bad thing is about stealing something? Sometimes you steal the wrong thing…or you steal part of something and you need an extra part to make it work. Or. OR. You steal a highly volatile virus and you need to steal the cure and notes of a doctor from a highly secure medical facility.

Ah well. Thats the breaks isn't it?

At the door to Bat Country a young man strolls up to the buzzer. He's dressed as one of the many go-fers and delivery boy from the hospital and has a small brown box in his hands. The face is known even. Reaching over he hits the button for the buzzer. "Hello?" His voice breaks…but hes a teen. Its natural to do that right? "Delivery!"

Gabriel continues to read his book, unaware of Cass in the next room nervously glancing at his door every page or so, or the delivery boy at the door. He turns the pages of his own book quietly, one elbow on the table, propping his head up with his chin in his palm, eyes pointed downward at the book.

It's not unusual for Bat Country to get packages. Normally, they're all signed in and vetted by security at the front of Seville Medical and maybe Cass should be more careful, but her head is more on the serial killer in the other room as opposed to who it is that's delivering her latest shipment of beakers (Petrellis). Carefully, she puts her book pages down to keep her place and moves toward the door. Seeing that it is, indeed, just a deliveryman, she starts unlocking and opening the door enough to allow him to hand her package and so that she can sign whatever it is he may need her to sign. "Hey there. Just a sec. There we go. Hi! How're you doing?"

Yes. Its little Bobby the Delivery boy. The door squeaks open and thats the first point that Cass might figure out something is wrong. There are more people out there in the hallway than just the deliveryman. Flattened up against the walls, kneeling near the floor. Three men were hiding out of sight of the cameras and the peepholes in the door. As Cass opens the door the largest and closest to the door surges forwards and sets his shoulder against the door and pushes intending to open the door wide enough for one of the figures to get in. All are wearing black, black masks and carry silenced automatic pistols, at least thats what it looks like.

Bobby? He crumples to the floor. Shot in the back by a tranquilzer dart that puts him right to sleep.

Though Bobby's not her most regular delivery boy, Cass has seen him here and there. "Hey Bobby, what's wrong? You look like—-" Unfortunately, the woman doesn't get a chance to tell Bobby what he looks like or let her suspicions come to fruition by themselves because a large man that shoves the door open almost right in her face. Luckily, she had the door mostly resting against the shoulder - figuring out what exactly is lucky about that is relative - so it mostly just sends her flying backwards into a heap on the ground. With a cry of pain and surprise, she doesn't move to get up right away, that hurts. Looking up, she tries to find the young delivery boy, "Bobby?!" Why do the black masks always seem to come and find her?

The three men are inside almost before Cass finishes bouncing. The first is the big one he reaches down to grab her by the front of her shirt and haul her off her feet. The second one turns and drags the unmoving body of the delivery boy inside the Labs before he slams the door behind him. The third one just…strolls inside. Cass can almost hear the smile on his face. "Good evening Doctor." He murmurs towards her. He has a soft cultured voice.

Nodding to the second one there, a whip thin and wirey one, he sends that second one out to make sure any other security in the Labs are quietly taken care of with tranq darts.

"Now…I'd like to do this the civilized way…but…I really don't have the time. So. You tell me where all the notes on the virus are and I'll tell him not to break your fingers."

Cass' cry does not go unheard by Gabriel in the next room. After all, with the Haitian pills having worn off, his superhuman hearing is fully functioning… and that didn't sound like a cry of pleasure. At the sound of it, he turns his head to the left, eyes falling on the door. He stands up, leaving the stool he was sitting on, and makes his way towards the door, pressing his ear against it. He hears every word of the man threatening to break someone's fingers, and it doesn't take a genius to deduce something wrong is going on on the other side of the door. Gabriel steps back from it, watching it, wondering if perhaps he should do something.

As her glasses fell off in the tumble, it's a good thing that Cass doesn't actually need them to see. Of course, that's not really much of a comfort in this situation. Wincing as she's dragged up off the floor, the woman stares at the masked face of her assaulter before chancing a quick look at the talker. The leader, perhaps, as he's the one talking and seems to be in control. Though Cass really likes her fingers - all of them, she doesn't play favorites - she's not about to give up her virus notes to anyone who is about to break her fingers for them. Even at the cost of her fingers. She doesn't even correct the man to tell him that she's not actually a doctor. Think think. Try to get out of this will all digits intact. For now, she goes for the simple, "No." It belies nothing of how scared she is of this situation. Or, hopefully it doesn't.

"Mmmm," The leader says and shakes his head slightly. "Very noble of you." He says easily enough. "However you do realise we are only using you to get in and out faster. The more you help the less trouble we will cause…and even if we don't help we will find what we want anyway, it will just take longer. Be sensible won't you?" He asks.

Meanwhile, the wirey one has gone a-prowling in the Labs. He's looking in files, poking around samples. Weapon still at the ready but obviously trying to do some quick scrounge work to find exactly what they want. Going room by room. He'll be into Gabriel's room in a few moments.

The leader though crosses his arms across his chest. "…you're too noble though to help aren't you? Well." A pause. "Maybe incentive. Break her little finger."

The big man just grins to himself and slams Cass against the wall, trying to pin her against it before reaching a huge paw for her hand.

Placing his ear against the door again, Gabriel continues to listen to the exchange happening between Cass and the men outside. Both palms flat against the door on either side of his head, Gabriel pulls back a bit when whoever seems to be in charge gives the order to someone to break her little finger. Well, we can't have that. It's not every day that Gabriel goes and actually tries to save someone, but he's trying to change, isn't he? There's no reason he should let Cass get hurt, despite what may have happened between them when he woke up that first time.

There's a soft flick of the wrist, fingers pointing upwards. The door unlatches itself, the lock keeping Gabriel jailed free through the use of telekinesis. Door swinging outwards, Gabriel steps through, pulling his glasses off of his face and folding them, setting them down on a nearby table. "Hi," he says, the bare hint of a southern drawl in his voice as he smiles at the men. "Is there something I can help you fellas find?"

The men can search all they want, all of Cass' files are coded in a way that only she can read them. All the pages they open are only filled with numbers and nonsense words, only the tell-tale diagram of chemicals giving any sort of indication that they involve science in some way. "If you're going to get whatever it is you want," she says breathlessly, tightening her grip on the other man's arm. "Then why should I help you?" Not a sensible person and, yes, unfortunately noble, she feebly attempts to fight against the big man. Kicking and scratching, it's only when she's slammed against the wall that she stops. That knocks the breath out of her and she takes wheezing gasps to try and fill her lungs again. The door opening up and Sylar exiting is the last thing that she expected. Eyes widening in fear and confusion, she doesn't quite have the fight in her again, yet. Nor can she do anything other than gasp at his appearance. "No," she says quietly. It's all she can manage.

It's a bunch of nonsense. That's it. The smallest of the group of assassins growls and just starts to pile files into a bag. The others both have their attention on Cass. A raised eyebrow before the leader sighs slightly. "You know just once I'd like to find one of you people that is pragmatic instead of noble. It would make things so much easier. I guess you don't get pragmatism in your line of work though do they?" He asks of Cass, not really expecting an answer.

Her fighting against the big man is ultimately futile as he already has his hand on her. He's a professional, and even though he's sure he has the upper hand isn't interested in getting kicked in the sweet spot by any lady tonight. His hand reaches down to grasp her pinky and he begins to bend it back slowly, paying great attention to making it hurt as much as possible.

Then Gabriel shows up.

The leader spins slowly to look at him and his eyes narrow. Oh he cought the look on Cass' face. She's more scared of this man than she is the one that is currently slowly breaking one of her fingers. A bare seconds pause before he nods his head once towards Sylar. "No, but you can help us by going to sleep." He murmurs softly as his hand snaps up holding a compact tranq gun that he fires towards Sylar's chest. Two shots just to make sure.

The smile on Gabriel's— or is it Sylar, now?— face disappears as the man turns towards him, telling him he can go to sleep. You see… the man doesn't want to sleep. And he has no intention of doing so. The shots fired from the tranq gun speed their way towards him, only to come to a sudden stop in front of him, the two darts spinning rapidly as they hover in the air, just inches from Gabriel's chest. "I don't think so," he says, reaching his hand up to take the two darts into his fist, ice spreading over them before he shatters them into tiny, frozen pieces. He wipes his thumb over his fingers, getting rid of all the loose pieces of ice still clinging to his skin, and he looks back up at the man. "I think it's time you left."

That's right, Cass is much more afraid of Sylar (Gabriel?) than she is of these men that broke into her lab. They've only threatened her with breaking fingers and ransacking. Sylar loose with his powers is much worse. So much worse. Already, the finger being pulled backward starts to hurt and she cries out and kicks, trying to get it to stop. Unsure of what to do in this situation, the woman just tries to get her breath back, tries to get away. What do you do when you're stuck against a wall with on one side thieves and violence and the other a known serial killer? In Cass' case, she does nothing, because she can't do anything else.

Well. That wasn't expected. In fact that was downright shocking. The man stares for a moment as the darts slow then stop and then freeze over and shatter. He stands there for a moment then begins to back away from this strange man and his strange powers. A subvocal communication to his friends that Gabriel can still hear. 'We are leaving. Get what you can and we are leaving. Right now.'

An almost imperceptible nod from the big guy before he spins on his heel and flings Cass like an overgrown missile right at Sylar's face. Here! Catch!

Even as she's flying in the air the three men are all drawing their weapons and starting to back towards the door.

Gabriel takes a step forward, a hand held out in front of him, directed at the leader. He raises it, just the tiniest bit, but he doesn't need to follow through. The leader's words fall on Gabriel's ears, and he lowers his hand, waiting for the people— oh, hey, he has a Cass flying at him. The three men ignored, Gabriel focuses on the woman flying at him, managing to catch her. It sends him tumbling back a bit, hitting the wall behind him, but he manages to stay on both feet. He immediately lets go of Cass to set her down (as she's most likely going to try and scramble away, anyway), and even as the men are leaving, he looks to her. "Are you okay?"

Whatever it is that the leader does, Cass can't hear it, she doesn't have the crazy good ears that Sylar does. Instead, she's taken completely by surprise when she's flung at Sylar. Maybe even more surprised when he tries to help her. He's quite right that she's going to scramble away of him, or as much as she can. It's more like a limp and then slide down the wall to a sitting position escape. "They…" those what? She can't get the words fully out just yet. Holding onto the hand that almost sported broken fingers, she tries to slowly get away from him, unsure of if she can get away quickly enough. "You…"

Well its a good thing that she's scrambling away from him it is. As they start to move to the door the wirey man bursts out of the back labs with a full satchel over one shoulder. The big man shoulders open the door and dashes outside. The leader waits for the wirey man to cross the room before he starts making his way back as well. As he starts to back away though his other hand snaps up, the thick pistol in his hand barking out three shots aimed towards both Sylar and Cass to keep their heads down as he tries to make his way out.

"I what?" Gabriel responds, straightening himself after he pushes himself away from the wall, still focused on Cass. He turns his head back to those leaving, wondering who they were and why they were here. When the wirey man bursts out of the back labs, Gabriel's head snaps in his direction, his eyes falling on the man and staying there. He follows him across the room, eyes darting over to the leader as his hand snaps up. Three more shots fired. With a wave of his hand, the darts completely miss their objective, changing course mid-flight, smashing into the wall to he and Cass' right, the glass from the darts falling to the floor. He takes one step towards the man, but decides he shouldn't pursue him. This is where he needs to be. Not necessarily for Cass or anyone else, for himself. If he goes back out there into the world… he can't guarantee he'll come back.

Turning back to Cass, ears listening intently for the sound of more shots and/or one of the men creeping up behind him, he takes two steps forward, pausing in front of her. "You're not crying, screaming, or bleeding. I didn't hear the sounds of bones breaking, so I'm assuming you're okay." With that said, he heads back to his room.

The wave of the hand, the rescue, the help from Sylar. Cass doesn't know what to make of any of this. She doesn't even know how to finish her sentences. What…just happened here? Why are people trying to steal her virus notes? Why is Sylar actually helping her and then going back to his room - without provocation - when he has his powers and could easily have killed her and left? She's not broken or bleeding, nor is she crying or screaming, but that doesn't mean that she's alrigt or okay at the moment. Taking breaths, deeper each time, she tries to work through the events in her head. There's no answer to Sylar's question, nor does she thank him for what he's done. She doesn't even explain that she's physically fine. Once she can find her feet, she'll get up to try and figure out what was stolen, what has to be cleared up, and almost certainly, to lock the door to Sylar's room once he's back inside of it. This has all thrown her for a very big loop.

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