2008-03-10: Good News and Bad News


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Summary: Cam visits Kory's place to catch her up on recent events, only to find not everything's going so well with her.

Date It Happened: March 10th, 2008

Good News and Bad News

Kory's Apartment

It's been a couple days now, since Kory felt recovered enough to try to dreamwalk and contact Peter…and couldn't. And after Lee drove her into a rage, and she spent the night crying in Nima's room, she tried again … and couldn't.

She still can't.

And now she's sitting on the sofa, trying to be brave about it, and not doing so well with that effort either. Her eyes are puffy from crying, and she's clutching the bottle of SmartWater like a security blanket.

Having not spoken to Kory in a few days, KeLyssa doesn't know what is going on with not being able to dreamwalk. But, wanting to see her friend, she heads up to her apartment. She had baked a pie earlier, which she has brought along with her as well. Might as well have your pie and eat it too. So there comes the knock to the door of Kory's apartment.

"Just …just a minute." Kory hasn't been around the Lair much. Nor her apartment much. This is, after all, where Leslie kidnapped her from. She gets up and peeps through the peephole. KeLyssa. A friend. She opens the door, and lets her friend in, backing up and then going to flop right back down on the sofa. "Hi. Thanks for coming."

Just as Kory's sitting back down, there comes a buzz from the intercom, from the front door of the building.

KeLyssa smiles sweetly at Kory, giving her a one armed hug upon entering. "Here there, hon. Been a few. Wanted to see how you were doin' though. How've ya been holdin' up?" She asks, voice full of concern. "I…brought some pie. It has um…oh, it's some kinda berry I ain't heard of before. Saskatoonie? Saskatoon…yeah. Saskatoon berry pie." She says with a tiny smile.

"Sorry. I'm okay. Mostly," Kory says. "I …don't spend the night here, mostly. It's too …freaksome." She blinks. "You bought me another pie. And what's a Saskatoon berry? It sounds like something they eat in Toontown."

KeLyssa nods a litle bit. "I kin understand that, some, Kory. Wouldn't wanna spend night here either if I were you." She nods, placing the pie on the counter and getting a couple plates out. She chuckles a little. "Yeah, Saskatoon Berry. Popular in Canada an' some parts of Alaska an' the northwester States. So I read, leastways." She says with a little shrug. "Want me to get the buzzer?"

Kory blinks. "Was it going off? See who it is, first, huh?" She huddles on the sofa. "Randall, of course, gets to come up, but if it's Lee, tell him to …you know what and die." She's really angry at him; you could almost hear her use the F-word in that pause before she softened her words.

KeLyssa nods a little to Kory. "Right. If it's Lee, tell 'im to eff off an' die a horrible an' painful disease ridden death. Got it boss." She doesn't question, she doesn't know why, but if Kory's angry at him, she can think of some nasty things to say. She goes to the buzzer and presses the talk button, her southern twanged voice speaking into it and on the other end. "Hello. Who is it?"

Cam's voice comes over the intercom, "KeLyssa? Hi! I'm here to see Kory, she there?"

KeLyssa smiles hearing Cam's voice. "Yep, sure's me hon. Yeah, Kory's here. C'mon up Cam." And with that she buzzes the door to unlock and thus let Cam in.

Kory smiles tightly and goes to open the door for Cam because she figures he bounds up the stairs two at a time.

KeLyssa goes back to the kitchen to pull out a third plate, in case Cam wants some. Who doesn't like pie in general? "Cam certainly can bring a ray of sunshine 'round, can't he?"

And, indeed, only a momet later he comes in, a little flushed and out of breath from the run. But he smiles, waving to the two as he steps in, "Hi."

Kory drops to one knee and hugs Cam tightly, as if he were her very own little teddy bear. "Hey. You wanna help me think of a good name for a puppy?" she asks. "Get yourselves some pie, and help me think of a good name for a puppy."

KeLyssa grabs a knife from the drawers, placing it beside the pie before scurrying over to Cam and Kory, kneeling down as well to give Cam a little hug. "Hey, hon. Want some pie?" She says with a little smile, giving a glance toward Kory."

Cam blinks, but hugs Kory back, and then moving to hug KeLyssa too. "Sure! You're getting a puppy? What kind? What's it look like?" Then he looks towards the kitchen at the mention of pie, and grins, "Yes please."

"I dunno yet," Kory says. "I'm doing all this research on the web, about which ones like people, and are smart, and loyal, and can be trained. I mean, I walk lots of dogs, but this one's gonna be for me. To sleep at the foot of my bed." Because nights are scary now, and Randall usually works the night shift.

KeLyssa smiles down at Cam. "I hope ya like the pie. Made it m'self. Saskatoon berry pie." She says. "Oooh, namin' a puppy. Bet you're good at doin' that, ain't ya, Cam? Me, I ain't so good at that."

Cam shrugs at that and says, "I dunno, never named one before. You asked Lachlan yet, about what kind to get? Bet he'd know." He goes to get himself a piece of pie and then comes back out.

"Not yet, but that's on the agenda. I'm still sleeping half the day, so…don't have a chance to call him at a sensible hour," Kory admits, embarrassed. "Hopefully after I finish my scrips, I'll be able to stay awake for mre than a few hours at a go, and then I can call him. Plus, I don't wanna get a dog until I'm ready to move. It'd be too much of a pain to move with a new puppy who just got settled here, don't you think?"

KeLyssa cuts of piece of pie for herself and Kory as well, bringing them out and handing one to Kory. "I head Labs an' Golden Retrievers are mighty fine dogs. Good companions an' guard dogs. Loyal. But they don't totally freak out at your everyday stranger. Ya can train 'em to figure out who is friendly an' who ain't."

Kory takes a piece, even though she didn't ask for one. "That's about what I'm looking for, yeah," she confirms to KeLyssa. "But the move comes first." There are a few boxes sitting in front of her bookcases, already, waiting to be packed. "I want to be sure I'm making a good choice, too."

Cam blinks at that, "You're moving? Where?" Then, remembering why he came, probably at the mention of moving, adds quickly, "Oh, I'm staying with Niki and Micah and D.L. again."

KeLyssa nods in understanding to Kory. That discussion had not come up, but is one that KeLyssa had thought made perfect sense. "Do ya know where you're going to move to yet, Kory?" She asks, taking a bite out of the pie. She smiles widely at Cam. "You are? Why, that's wonderful!" She pauses, thinking over something. "Um…who's D.L.?"

Kory nods at Cam. "Yeah. Hiro bought a building and it has some apartments. He said I can move into one of them when they're ready in a few weeks." She takes a bite of pie. "This's pretty good, KeLyssa. I wanna try the recipe for my grandmothers." She returns to Cam, raising a brow. "Oh yeah? Well, that's good…what happened with the foster family?" She's curious, even if she thinks Niki's family is a better fit. And is glad Niki seems to be safely home again. "DL's Micah's dad…isn't he?" She glances at Cam for confirmation.

Cam blinks, "Really? Cool." Then he nods quickly to what Kory says about D.L., and says, "He was in jail for a while, but he didn't do it and they let him go finally." Then, answering Kory between bites of pie, he says, "My power went off and my foster parents flipped. Thought I was the devil or something. Niki rescued me."

KeLyssa smiles a little bit at Kory. "Gimme a list of the recipes ya want, Kory, an' they're yours." She says with a nod. "Ah, the kids dad. Okay." She says with an affirmative nod. She scoffs and shakes her head. "Typical." She mutters under he breath, looking at Cam with loving eyes. "Well, I'm glad ya ain't with them no longer then. Ya don't need to be with people who freak out because of your power. Bein' with other people, people who love ya just the same an' who know what you're goin' through, is better."

Kory stares. "They thought…" She shakes her head, horrified. "I'm glad you're with Niki, then," she says, shivering from nothing having to do with the two cold-generators in her apartment. "And I'm glad Niki could come help you out. I'm sorry I didn't know."

Cam nods quickly to both and says, "Glad too. Dunno how long I'll be able to stay, but D.L. said he's gonna try to fix it so I can." He then nods to Kory and says, "Only had time for one call. Know you're still getting better and didn't want you to worry or anything. And didn't have my cell phone, left it at school, could only remember Niki's number and yours."

KeLyssa nods a little bit, listening. "Well, the important thing is that yer safe. That's all we all want for ya." She says softly. "You're our special 'Ice Boy'." She says happily.

Kory grins as KeLyssa gives Cam a superhero nickname. "What she said," she tells Cam. "I am glad you're okay." Too much not-okayness happening in her life just now.

Cam smiles happily at the name he's given. Then to Kory he nods quickly with a smile, "Yep! I'm fine. Didn't hurt me at all. All they did was spray me with water and talk in a weird language." He eats a bit more of the pie and says, "This is good."

KeLyssa giggles a little and nods. "They were probably 'speakin'' in 'tongues', they were. If they were them kinda Christians. Really, just sounds like gibberish to me, but hey. They seem to believe it does somethin' important, I ain't gonna infringe on them there beliefs."

Kory just shakes her head in response to what Cam says. "Just be careful," she tells him solemnly. Unlike KeLyssa, she is more dubious. "People like that …fanatical…can do crazy things in the name of what they believe." She shudders. "You remember how freaked out Lee was when he found his parents' secret room, Cam? They believed in what…what people like you and KeLyssa can do. And tried to make Lee and Nima like that." There's an air of confidence around what she says, as if this is a secret she's sharing…something she'd prefer never left these four walls.

Cam nods quickly to Kory at that and says, "Not going anywhere near them again. They said they were trying to save me, you shoulda seen how quick they backed off from Niki."

KeLyssa listens intently, looking at Kory as she talks. When she hears Kory just say 'what people like you and KeLyssa can do', she picks something up and gives Kory a strange look. She leans a bit and whispers to Kory. "Don'tcha mean what ya can do too?" Before looking back to Cam. "Well, whatever Niki did, I'm glad yer back with 'er."

Kory smiles sadly and shakes her head. "Uh uh. Not anymore."

Cam blinks, looking up to Kory curiously, "What do yu mean?" He looks to KeLyssa and back over to Kory, looking confused.

KeLyssa furrow her brow. "Not any more? How's that possible? I mean…ya can't just have it an' then not have it, right?" She looks down at Cam. "I…wish I could explain. But this is way b'yond my league."

Kory shrugs. Shakes her head. "There are people who can take powers," she explains, but doesn't go into how. "But that didn't happen to me. I think I just pushed too hard last time I used my ability. While I was still under the influence of the tea Leslie was giving me. I guess I pushed so hard I broke it." She shrugs, looking helpless. "So I guess it's like breaking a bone. Lee says it'll come back." She isn't sure, though, and she is trying not to get her hopes up.

Cam's eyes widen and he says softly, "Wow." He looks up to KeLyssa and says, "It's like you said. Using a power, you can pull it like a pulled muscle." Still, he thinks a moment and looks back to Kory and says, "How do you know it's not working? Who all'd you try? Maybe they were just out of range."

KeLyssa nods a tiny bit at Cam, smiling softly. "That's right. That's a way of lookin' at it." She thinks for a few moment. "Just…try to relax. You've been real stressed lately, an' that ain't gonna help none. 'Specially not with your ability none."

Kory shakes her head. "The one person who's never out of range. Peter. He can dreamwalk too. And he knows when I'm reaching for him." After a moment, "And Randall. Who doesn't go very far away from me these days." Understandably, of course. "I hope you're right. I've had it for so long, it feels like somebody cut a part of me off to be without it."

KeLyssa nods a bit. "It can't be nice, none. It's…I can't even imagine bein' 'thout mine." She shakes her head, leaning on Kory, wrapping an arm around her. "We'll getcha fixed up an' right as rain in no time, there." She says with a tiny, coy smile.

Cam nods quickly and says, "Maybe it's the drugs you're taking too?" He shrugs a bit and says, "I guess. I dunno. Know you'll get better, though. Powers don't just go away."

"Yeah, Lee said the same thing," Kory confirms, yawning. "When he wasn't congratulating me on being free of them." Which might explain why she's so ticked off. "Speaking of which…I'm still supposed to get some rest," she admits, picking up the pie plates. "Thank you both for coming to see me. The company really helped…but I'm gonna go hop in a cab and spend the night at the Chrises."

KeLyssa smiles a little, standing. "Any time. Gimme a call whenever ya need to talk, 'kay?" She says with a small smile. "Have a good nice, Kory."

Cam nods quickly and moves to put the plate down and then steps to hug Kory. "'k. You'll be ok, know you will." Then he steps back with a smile and moves to follow KeLyssa out.

Kory murmurs, "Scuse me," realizing she's started yawning, and offers both friends a hug before she grabs her keys and walks with them to the door.

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