2009-11-26: Good People



Date: November 26, 2009


Lena's emo makes a triumphant return.

"Good People"

Sydney's Apartment

It has been a particularly trying day for Miss Grey. This is true beyond a shadow of a doubt. After a fun, action filled afternoon stuffed with tasers, hostages, and mind fucks to every degree, the bottle blonde has finally been taken home for some much needed rest.

Well. As close to a home as they have.

After carting Lena over the threshold of their temporary bedroom and depositing her on the mattress, Tiago proceeded to murmur reassurances in her ear and coddle her, as he is known to. But, soon afterwards, he excused himself under the guise of going to pick up from their favorite Chinese place - sensitive as he is to the idea that she might need some time to herself. It is only now, near a half an hour later, that the Brazilian returns to their haven, a handful of food cartons in his arm. "Babe? Babe, I'm home."

Lena was either dozing or pretending to be comatose on the way home, offering no encouragement or response to the cuddling that occurred once they were in their sanctuary. The time between Tiago's departure and his subsequent return was filled with one thing: curling up in a little ball and putting out vibes so miserable, the curtains in the room don't even need to be drawn to make it seem gloomy.

Oh, and one quick trip to the bathroom, because a girl's bladder has no respect for fits of self-pity and depression.

When the door opens, the teenager is shown to have transferred her pity party from the bed to a far corner of the room. She's seated there on the floor where the walls come together with her knees drawn to her chest and her arms wrapped around her legs. Her blue eyes remain fixed to a blank point on the opposite wall before slowly shifting to Tiago. No attempt is made to get up.

"Hey. I'm not really hungry right now."

It's disconcerting, to say the least. When Tiago doesn't find her curled up beneath the covers, there is a brief moment when panic overtakes him, only for him to relax when her voice speaks out, and then that heart wrenching anxiety returns once again as he looks at her current state. This girl is a proverbial roller coaster ride, she really is. "Oh…well, yeah, okay. But you gotta eat later, alright? I'll…put it over there." He moves his bounty over towards the bedside table even as he approaches her with that gentle, but firm, tone. Once the plastic bag has been deposited, Tiago turns to really survey his girlfriend. Eyes narrow and lips purse as he gives her a quick apparel, and his sounds almost…blank as he offers this.

"How're you feelin', Lena?"

Lena's head sinks until just her eyes and a bit of her nose can be seen above the shield of her knees. She's staring at the carpet now, moody as can be. But on the bright side, she's not a sobbing wreck! "I was gonna cut that guy, how am I supposed to be feeling? Cut him, kill Hallis…I'm a shit, Chi. A royal shit. I should be locked up." It might be better if the blonde sounded angry but it's just depression now; the anger left her when Sydney got herself under control again.

A glance is flicked up at the young man. "Why'd you stay with me in Florida? After I told you how I got all those guys hooked just so I could be more popular."

Tiago shuffles uncomfortably on his feet as he watches the ray of proverbial sunshine from his spot in the middle of the room. His heart clutches in his chest, and he swallows thickly. There's pressure on him now - pressure to say the right thing, to coax the woman out of her self-loathing. "D-don't say that, baby…" He pleads gently, voice almost lost in the gloom of the room.

It's her most recent inquiry that spurs the man to action, however. For a moment, he freezes, his brows furrowing darkly as he attempts to work out his answer. "Why did I stay with you? S'that what you want ta know? I…" After a moment, he stalks over to her solemnly, crouching down in an attempt to level their eyesight. "I saw somethin' in you, baby. You weren't like the rest of them kids - you were jus'…lost, that's all. You're a /good/ kid, Lena. You're a good woman, you're a good person. I /know/ you are. You jus' get lost."

"Yeah? And what happens when someone gets hurt 'cause I'm a fucking nutcase? Will I be a good person then? You heard what they said that chick is calling me. A rapist. And how many junkies are out there right now with the shakes 'cause I used what I can do just to get by? I could have stabbed that guy, Chi. In the fucking neck." Lena avoids meeting Tiago's eyes, keeping her own fixed firmly to the floor while ranting against herself. "What's wrong with me? I don't wanna be angry all the time," she adds plaintively before turning her face against her knees to hide her expression.

This is a delicate situation, but Tiago knows /one/ way to attack the situation. Something she mentions catches his attention specifically, and he latches onto it. "Whoa, wait a second. You're lettin' that blonde bitch get ta you?" He points out, quirking his brows upwards. "Seriously? A chick who makes a fuckin' livin' off of gettin' as much fuckin' attention as she can? You didn't do anythin' bad ta her - you made her black out. Big fuckin' deal. She's fuckin' trash anyway, God knows it aint the firs' time she's done it. She's jus' sayin' shit like that ta get attention, /again/. Jus' like she did when she pretended like she did /anythin'/ of use in that store that day, and was hailed a fuckin' hero by the papers. I don't believe you even fuckin' listened ta that. 'Cause if you're a rapist, well - then so is Sydney. She gets in our head whether we want her to or not too, so you two are like the same."

Of course, once this heated refutal is addressed, the lad breaths in deeply, closing his eyes. Once he opens it once again, his eyes are rather dark, and he reaches his arm over, looking to run his hand down her back soothingly. "Don't do this ta yourself, baby. Don't. You /didn't/ stab the guy, and it wasn't jus' you, Sydney was fuckin' with all of us. I coulda shot Gene, remember? I almost did - and I didn't even have Sydney mind fuckin' me that time. Does that make me a bad guy?"

A low sniff drifts up from behind her knees. "No…but you thought I got shot, you were looking out for me. You got me out of Florida, got us set up here…I just try to hurt people." Lena turns her head just enough that one agonized eye can peer at Tiago. "I mean, everyone we know right now, they're all fucking heroes, right? You, Jade, Sydney, Eric, even that Gene guy…he was just looking out for Syd when he tased me. And what do I do? I pull a knife on some stupid kid working minimum wage. I was already pissed before Syd did her…whatever she does. And…and maybe the rich bitch is dumb but I loaded her up with shit not even knowing what it'd do to her. That's not normal, Chi. I feel like I'm going crazy. I'm not safe."

There's a pause while a deep, shuddery breath is drawn. "I think…I think I'm gonna ask Gene to make me normal. To turn this shit off."

"Stop, right there." Tiago exclaims suddenly, the moment she finishes her stint. He is crouching there in a rather stubborn manner, and he reaches for her face, trying to grasp her chin and force her to look up at him. "You /are/ a hero. You are absolutely a hero, Lena. /You're/ the one that got us outa that store alive, and you were the one that was hurt the most. And /I/ was the one who convinced ya ta use your power for money, it aint like that was you and proof that you're a horrible person or somethin'." He takes in a deep breath before falling onto his behind and shaking his head slightly. "C'mere. Please?"

Needless to say, his arm are held out in her direction, hopeful. "…You're not goin' crazy…you're jus' in a crazy situation. No one - no normal person has ta deal with all this shit. No one's goin' ta hold it against ya, 'cause you got all this pressure, baby. /I'm/ not goin' ta hold it against ya…" And really, he's the only one that matters. When she comments on how she wants her power to go away, he falls silent. "…If you want to? I'm goin' ta be behind you, one hundred percent. But…don't make a decision like this now. You're upset, man. And if he takes it away, we dunno if you can get it back. It's…it's a /part/ of you, baby…"

"I was the one who almost got us in worse! If I had stabbed him? Then we'd have cops looking for us too, more than they already are. They're all gonna think I'm like some crazy killer just waiting to go off. Sydney's gonna kick us out, Eric and Gene won't help anymore." Lena doesn't seem inclined to accept the comfort on offer, at first. But after another brief look at him, she finally relents and uncurls enough to be drawn into Tiago's arms. She sets her head to his chest, ear pressed above his heartbeat, and closes her eyes.

"What have I done with it that's good? Maybe it was your idea to sell it but…it's my drugs. I hurt a lot of people, Chi. Every single fucking day. It's a bad thing," she says quietly. "I was a good kid before I found out I could do this. I can be good again if it stops."

"Lena!" Tiago exclaims, clear exasperation in his tone. "You weren't the only one! The dude Eric nearly looked like he was goin' ta punch the kid in the face - Syd made us /all/ whack! Plus, you were fuckin' tasered like, 10 minutes before. It was a hard day for you, baby - you wouldn'ta done it if everythin' wasn't so fuckin' shitty." He is consoled, if only momentarily, by the fact that she has given into him and drawn into his arms. Tightly his arms snake around her person, as if afraid to release her. "No one's gunna hold it against you…"

When she asks what she's done with it, his brows lower to furrow thoughtfully. "…You made me forget my pain, remember? You…you did that thing for Syd. That thing with the the Senator. You /are/ a good kid, you still are."

Lena counters with, "Yeah, and I got Jade on the run now too, Syd knows she got raped 'cause of me, and I knocked you out 'cause it was convenient. I'm not seeing that it really balances, Chi. You believe in God…you think I'm really gonna get into Heaven, all the shit I've done? They'd fucking laugh at me if I showed up there." But that appears to be the end of tirade, as an exhausted sigh is given immediately after and she sinks against him. Maybe she's a horrible person, but even they need comfort some of the time. "Everyone else can do stuff that really helps, Chi. All the time. Even Syd…yeah, she slips but look what she's trying to do with it."

Tiago purses his lips slightly as she brings up Jade. "…You don't got her on the run. /We/ got her on the run, when we decided ta involve her. All 'cause I wanted ta fuckin' tell her about you. That's as much on me as it is on you. And you don't think it's a good thing that she knows? Y'heard 'em, that guy…he /does/ things ta women. She woulda still been obsessed with him, if it weren't for ya. Now she knows - you've /saved/ her. You didn't only knock me out - you made the pain go away. You make the pain go away, every night, baby. You're the only reason I can fuckin' deal with any of this shit." With this grumbled sullenly, he proceeds to press his lips against the top of her head lovingly, running his hands up and down her back in a slow, soothing manner.

"I hate that you're goin' through this, baby. I hate that I can't help ya. But you've got ta fuckin' believe me, you're /good/ and you're doin' good. You're not a horrible person - and fuck, even if you are, then I am too, so I don't give two shits. I'm as bad as you are. And…God still cares 'bout me, so he still cares 'bout you, too." Beat. "Baby…I love you. You know this, righ'? You know I'm goin' ta be here for you? So…so, please, don't hate yourself. 'Cause it breaks my heart that you can't see how incredible you are."

So they are at something of an impasse: Tiago is standing fast and Lena…well, Lena doesn't believe a word of it but she's calming anyway. It would be too much to manage a smile for the young man but her arms do curl around him and draw snug. Maybe that will be reassuring. "I know, Chi. I swear to god, if you or Jade get hurt though…" Pause. "Did you get broccoli beef? I guess I could try to eat something now."

There's nothing like a change of subject to break up a pity party.

Lena releases him in order to rub at her eyes, although she still hasn't cried yet. Then she sits up and looks towards the plastic bags. "And extra noodles?" You know she can't get enough of the noodles.

"Wait…" Tiago begins, licking his lips gingerly as his green eyes fix on the woman who's attempting to draw away from him. "I think you…should take advantage of the fact that we're livin' with a therapist, babe. I think you should talk ta her…not for therapy, but maybe she can help with the…the feelin' crazy thing. Okay? And nothin's goin' ta happen ta me or Jade." It is only then that the lad quirks his head to the side, smiling faintly at his broken princessa as she tries valiently to put herself together. "Oh, snap? You like broccoli beef and extra noodles? Damn…I must've thought you were my other girlfriend, and got /her/ favorites." He's clearly teasing, attempting to lighten the mood. "'Course I did, baby."

"But…what if she freaks out and says we have to leave?" Lena's brows scrunch down over her eyes. "I mean…fuck, you gotta tell shrinks everything, right? You think it's okay, everything I've done but she hardly knows us. And it's not like I can take anything for it." Pause. "But…I guess. If you want me to." Anything to get him off the subject of her possible mental instability. There's take-out to consume, after all! She pushes herself up off of the floor and goes to fetch the plastic bag to dole out their meal.

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