Goodbye Horses


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Guest Starring:

MrMuggles_icon.gif Angela_icon.gif and Serotonin

Summary: Sylar's brain is a scary place.

Date It Happened: 6th of May, 2008

Goodbye Horses

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Sylar says, "… No. I— I just had the worst thought and now I want to throw myself off a bridge."
Sylar says, "Be glad you're not in my head. :("
Megan says, "….."
Ando says, "What was the thought, Sylar?"
You say, "…"
Max says, "Is Freddie Prince Jr. singing on your TV again?"
Megan says, "Now I want to know."
Sylar says, "Trust me."
You say, "Tell me."
Sylar says, "You don't want to know."
You say, "I do."
Ando does.
Clyde says, "Say it,."
Sylar (Sylar) pages: Have— have you seen Silence of the Lambs?
Clyde says, "You can't leave us hanging like that"
You paged Sylar with 'yeah?'
Sylar (Sylar) pages: You know the Goodbye Horses part?
Ando only looks cute and innocent on the outside. On the inside I'm dark and gooey like Venom.
You paged Sylar with 'Remind me?'
Sylar (Sylar) pages: … Where did gets naked and tucks himself back?
You paged Sylar with 'OH GOD'
You paged Sylar with 'Yes.'
Sylar (Sylar) pages: what— what if that was Sylar
You paged Sylar with '…I…'
Long distance to Sylar: Nathan twitch.
From afar, Sylar (Sylar) goes to drill his temple and /bleach his brain./
You paged Sylar with 'It hurts me.'
Sylar (Sylar) pages: I know. I was watching Clerks II, and the part where Jay does it came on, and the thought just came to me and aaaaaaaah
You paged Sylar with 'aaahhhhh'
You paged Sylar with '…because Sylar /is/ that fucked up.'
Sylar (Sylar) pages: sdjkasdfl;jkasdfw23rdasf
Sylar (Sylar) pages: NO HE IS NOT XD
Long distance to Sylar: Nathan XD
Sylar (Sylar) pages: HE MAY BE TWISTED BUT NO XD
Long distance to Sylar: Nathan laughs and laughs
From afar, Sylar (Sylar) makes it happen IC.
Long distance to Sylar: Nathan diiiies
You paged Sylar with 'Mr. Muggles can be there'
From afar, Sylar (Sylar) DIES.
You paged Sylar with 'OMG'
You paged Sylar with 'THE DOG'
Clyde says, "I think he's a stupid idea."
Sylar (Sylar) pages: LET'S DO IT
You paged Sylar with 'HE HAS A DOG'
Sylar (Sylar) pages: LET'S GO DO IT NOW
You paged Sylar with '…………………………….OKAY'
Sylar says, "Nathan and I are very bad people. XD"
Nathan dying.
Sylar is dying so bad.
Clyde says, "Tell me, dammit!"
Megan says, "…"
Megan says, "WANNA KNOW."
Muggles has arrived.
Muggles says, "Sylar."
Sylar says, "Let's go, Muggles."
Mara says, "Bitches better all hail."
Muggles >:)
Ando marks Muggles as his territory. "Tell me Sylar."
Sylar says, "Goodbye hooooooooooorseeeeeeeeeeeees~"
Nathan diiiiiiiies.
Mara says, "AAAAUGH!"
Mara says, "MY EYES!"
Sylar says, "I'm flying over yooooou~!"
Clyde says, "I don't know this goodbye horses…"
Mara says, "I HATE YOU SO MUCH."
Sylar says, "Have you seen Silence of the Lambs, Clyde?"
You say, "Think Silence of the Lambs, y'all."
Clyde says, "Nope."
Sylar says, "Have you seen Clerks II?"
Clyde says, "Well, I've seen the end."
Mara says, "AAaaaaaauuuuuuuugh."
Clyde says, "Yeah."
Sylar says, "You know when they come out of the restaurant and Jay is naked, and he's tucked back, and that song is playing?"
Clyde says, "Yeah."
Clyde laughs.
Clyde says, "That's the song?"
Sylar says, "That's out of Silence of the Lambs."
Megan …….
Muggles says, "I'd f-k me."
Clyde says, "Well, I knew that but I didn't know the song. :D"
Clyde laughs.
Sylar says, "Yeah. That part just came on TV and I pictured Sylar doing it for some /fucked up reason./"
Clyde says, "Would you f-k me?"
Clyde says, "I'd f-k me."
Mara says, "AUGH."
Megan DIES.
Ando says, "I'd me /so hard/."
Mara says, "STOP."
Max facedesk.
Sylar says, "And then MUGGLES, THE DOG. XD"
Muggles says, "YES"
Ando says, "LOL"
Muggles says, "ahahahaha"
Max says, "I hope you die."
Sylar is dying all over again.
Ando cackles
Muggles says, "Precious."
Mara says, "Sylar is too HOT for me to be picture doing something so FUCKED UP as that!"
Ando falls over.
Angela has connected.
Nathan dead.
Angela says, "What."
Ando wipes tears from his eyes. "It puts the lotion in the basket or it gets the hose again.."
Sylar says, "We're talking about Sylar and Muggles doing the Goodbye Horses bit from Silence of the Lambs, Angela."
Mara sobs and curls up into a fetal position.
Angela says, "I-"
Muggles says, "Mara, you can be the girl down the well /if you really want/."
Sylar says, "I can see Sylar just danciiiiing."
Mara says, "DO NOT WANT"
Muggles says, "aaaaaahhhhhh"
Sylar says, "Ooooh my god. It's such good times."
Mara says, "DO. NOT. WANT."
Clyde is watching that scene on YouTube RIGHT NOW.
Muggles XD
Sylar puts on lip gloss.
Sylar says, "Nathan! We need to figure out how to do our one scene that will rock the world."
You say, "Wait, which?"
Max no longer finds Quito intimidating.
Ando says, "A faithful re-creation of the tent scene from Brokeback Mountain?"
Mara sooooooooobs.
Mara says, "Stop it. Oh my God stop."
Sylar says, "GC!"
You say, "YES"
Sylar says, "Goooooolf."
Ando cackles
Angela says, "Give Claire her lipgloss back. :("
You say, "GOLF."
Serotonin has arrived.
You say, "Okay."
Mara says, "SERO."
Mara says, "MAKE THEM STOP."
Serotonin says, "PEOPLE."
Serotonin says, "WHAT."
Sylar …
Mara cries like a baby.
Serotonin hugs Mara. "What are they doing?"
Clyde says, "YELLING."
Muggles says, "Sylar would —- himself so hard. :("
Serotonin says, "What-"
GAME: Sylar has rolled GOODBYE HORSES and got a result of GOOD.
Muggles says, "I know. I've heard it."
Angela snork.
Muggles DIES
Megan …
Muggles says, "SYLAR"
Serotonin says, "HORSES. :("
Ando laughs. So very very hard.
You say, "aaaahhhh THE LEVELS OF HILARITY"
Sylar says, "Greatest MU* ever? I THINK SO."
You say, "INDEED SIR"

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