2007-08-26: DF: Goodbye, Nicole


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Summary: Previously, on Heroes MUSH… Peter left D.L. and Jessica, both hurt, to deal with one another. Now, D.L. wants to say goodbye to his wife. His efforts bring him face-to-face with the tangled reality.

Dark Future Date: August 26th, 2009

Goodbye, Nicole

Headquarters, The Syndicate

Time is pushing on the night into the next day, well into the wee hours of the morning it's so late by now. Time. A funny thing, time. Two years can go by and seem like yesterday just like that. But in some ways, it seems like it's been so much longer.

Peter's gone. D.L. is left alone with Jessica, who hasn't moved in the last few seconds: she's exactly where she fell, prone and sprawled. Spatters of blood in mark the floor in interesting patterns from three different bodies. The unconventional officespace is mostly dark. It's not like anyone bothered to flip a switch. A singular lamp has been left on, glowing ambiguously with dim light from somewhere, washing everything it touches in blue. No light comes in from the large window. Even if there were sparkling skyscrapers or clear moonlight outside, it would do no good. The tinted glass is impenetrable.

"I've been waiting a long time for this."

D.L. has been watching, standing and watching Jessica. While she's down, D.L. doesn't take his eyes off her. There's always the fact that this could be a trick. Playing ossum possum or something like that. And… god, she looks like Niki. This isn't helping. Not helping his case at all.

He moves over to where Jessica's sprawled out, standing above her head and looking down. His tone is something of a calm one, less anger than before. "… I wanna' talk to Niki."

At first, the woman on the floor doesn't move, save to slowly and steadily breathe. In… out. In… out. In… out. In— there's a twitch of trim musculature underneath the blue satin at her shoulder and ever-so-slowly, she starts to push herself up with her hands and arms. Halfway through her efforts, she gives a moan of frustration (more than pain), sounding too bored for her own good with the constant appeals for Niki. Peter, now D.L. When will they just give up? Jessica's movements are slow and guarded, once she's on her feet - she doesn't stand up all the way. She looks through her hair like a wild animal. "Yeah? No can do."

D.L. narrows his eyes, shaking his head a bit and trying to figure out what in the hell he's dealing with here. He knows she's in there somewhere. And he's not going to stop until he does. Not for anything in particular, more than likely. But who really knows. D.L.'s never really has in mind. He's been dead for a long time.

"Listen. I don't want to be in your way. I couldn't care less about this Syndicate bullshit." And here comes a little honesty. "I didn't get to say good-bye to our son. But I want to say good-bye to Nicole."

Jessica starts to back away slowly in the direction of the wall. The wall with the door in it. All the while, she stares unwaveringly at D.L., her stance becoming taller and stronger despite the fact that she's been battered. "Go right ahead," she tells him, but, of course, it sorely lacks any real generosity. "You'll be talkin' to yourself. You really wanna know what happened to Niki?"

D.L. may or may not be letting his guard down. Who knows. He could just be calm for this for no reason. Or he could, well, just be trying to fight a losing battle to save the sanity of the woman he loved. "I'm listenin'." is all the big black man says, keeping his arms crossed over his chest. Whether he's phased or not is hard to tell, since he's just standing there. Glaring. He's ready to listen to bullshit.

Jessica laughs for a split second, but whatever perverse amusement she could possibly find in this situation is shoved to the side. She takes a bold step toward him, shattering her backtracking, but she's got no tricks up her sleeves. This time, there happens to be no bullshit. What she tells D.L. is cold and hard and real. She tips her chin, with its double rivulets of blood, up toward him in abrupt gesture. He wants to know? Well, here it is. "She found the son of a bitch responsible for killing our son and she got even. Makes you proud, huh. No one coulda IDed the body after she was through. Thing is— " Here, she starts to smile. "She liked it."

D.L. blinks. He… really has no idea how to take this. In fact, he has to actually be quiet for a moment while he's trying to figure out what in the heck is going on. This, well, definitely cannot be the truth. Niki's not like that. She never was. Never will be. "So why are you still around? You got what you wanted. You turned her into you." He's not going to be too broken up about the whole 'death of whomever', since he did kill their son. "Shouldn't that make the lesser Niki go… poof?" Is he really asking or trying to play mind games. Which, well, he tends to fail at.

The blonde rolls a shoulderin a shrug. "Who's to say she didn't?" Did someone say mind games? She steps ahead again. Closer, closer. Danger, danger— probably more for her than the nearly untouchable man in front of her. "Didn't work that way," she says coolly. "She's dead because the Niki that you knew? Doesn't exist anymore. For that matter…" the woman glances to the side, off toward where the light is, casting both of them in blue wash. Those familiar eyes settle back on D.L. and stay there. "Neither does Jessica."

Shock. Awe. This is… not a very good thing. Especially, well, since there's nothing more that he can do. "So that's it, then?" D.L. is hiding the fact that he's going crazy in his head right now. This could all be a trick. But then, it might not be. He's been watching for months. Waiting in the wings. And in that time he never really saw any hints at Nicole. Things may fit together in his head. Or it could be just because, well, he wants them to fit together. Who really knows the truth here. "I've got nothing left." Even though his head lowers a bit, slightly somber, he keeps himself phased. Jessica.. Niki… whomever it is? Too close. "Looks like you win after all. You get… all of this. No husband, no son. No nothing." Smirk. "Congratulations."

Yeah. Congratulations. Guess that's how the cards fall. "It didn't have to be this way." Now, that's not something Jessica would say. Is it? "Peter says he's gonna go back and change it all. Maybe, if he stops the war he'll save Micah. Maybe the Syndicate'll never be … built," she says the word strangely, as if knowing she's choosing the wrong one. "Maybe it'll all just disappear. You win."

D.L. just narrows his eyes before he starts to sink into the floor. Oh yes, the ghost without hope is now leaving the building. There's no other reason for him to be here. Everything he's ever had is gone. He's lost everything. There's nothing for him here. "I'm not holding my breath." There's one last look into the eyes of whomever is supposed to be his wife. "Goodbye, Nicole." And he doesn't even wait around for a response before he sinks the rest of the way through the floor so that he can get the hell out of this place.

Left alone with herself — herself, singular — the woman stands completely still. She didn't even watch D.L. sink away. After the last hint of him disappears, she's left staring at an insignificant spot on the wall next to the blot painting of the helix. "Bye." Her voice is hollow.

A few moments later, she stalks across the empty room and, with a rage-filled shout, shoves one of the wood-and-paper room dividers aside. It's the first step in tearing everything to pieces.

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