2008-06-08: Goodie Goodie


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Summary: Daphne attempts a little espionage but comes up against the model of model employees.

Date It Happened: June 8th, 2008

Goodie Goodie

NYU Library

Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, New York University's main campus surrounds Washington Square Park. Instead of just one area, given that the city isn't particularly forgiving in terms of space, the center of NYU's campus, instead, is broken up into several buildings surrounding the park. Northbound, one can find the main undergraduate admissions building. Southbound, the Bobst Library stands next to the Kimmel Center of University Life, which is just a few blocks east of Vanderbilt Hall.

Students can be seen milling about, either at the park, or the buildings surrounding it. As always, this area seems alive with activity as professors and alumns alike roam through the streets and halls of one of the oldest private universities of the United States.


It is late afternoon, early in the week in the University library. Though it is summer, there are still plenty of people around reading, online, and studying. Sophie is in the stacks, refiling some books.

Ah, the library. Not /specifically/ Daphne's favorite place, but she's taken a certain liking to how a speedy breeze through the magazine section leaves things… Now, however, is not the time for that. Now, she's on business. So she strolls through the aisles of books and students, occasionally glancing at her side. When she swings around Sophie-side, the agitated expression on her face might warn as to how well her search is going. A studied look at the other girl. "Hey. Over there. You'd better be Hannah."

Sophie looks around, behind and to the sides, in the classic 'Who, me?' pose. Then she shakes her head, saying, "Oh, I'm afraid not. I'm Sophie Petrov, I work here, though. Was there something you're looking for?"

Daphne's mouth opens in a silent noise of frustration. She takes a last lingering glance at her hand - on which is written a full name, presumably Hannah's - and then closes her palm and forcefully smears the lettering. "Yeah, some bozo tells me I'll find a Hannah in here. Don't even ask me how many people I've had to walk up to today just for zilch. Forget it."

Sophie glances around the, frankly, huge library. She nods, "Well, people do like to meet here. No harm in that. But.. its a big place, and lots of people. Maybe next time you can pick a spot IN the library to meet. Like the information desk." she offers, with a friendly smile. She is dressed a touch eccentricly. Maybe she's modest, very modest? She's in a full turtleneck and gloves.

"I'm not the one who set this shebang up," Daphne retorts sharply, though the other girl's quiet helpfulness makes it difficult to be /too/ cruel. In fact, she's almost a little intimidated by the pleasantness. Although, the girl said she worked here. People do that for jobs, doesn't Daphne know. "But, sure, why don't I keep that in mind." Her gaze drifts to the large stack the employee still has to go with a speedster's curiosity. "Seriously, how long does that take you? And for some crap pay, too."

Sophie chuckles, "Even less, actually." the same cheerfulness exhibiting itself. More than an average employee, but she explains, "I'm sort of interning. I want to be a librarian, myself. But yes, this part takes some time, but its for a good cause. We actually ask people to keep the books they look at out, that way we know what people are wanting to read."

Daphne doesn't understand taking time. The whole idea wrinkles her nose. She strolls right up to the waiting stack and picks up the first book there, flips it over in her hands. "Seems a little backwards for a library. I thought the point was the whole deadline deal. If you keep it up, nobody'll return anything ever." She selects the next one off the pile and drops the first carelessly back.

Sophie ohhs, and she says, "I don't mean when they take them home. When they pull them off the shelves to do research here." she clarifies. "We can't keep track of that sort of usage, otherwise."

"Oh, I get'cha," the speedster makes a clucking noise with her tongue. It'd probably fit right in if she had bubblegum to snap right now. Alas, none. "So instead you're just monitoring every move they make in here. Sure. Nice little set-up. Got anything on robots?"

Sophie says, 'Well, we have no way to know who is researching or reading what, only that it was pulled from the shelves. So if there's a lot of, say, vegetarian cookbooks being read, we know they like them and to get more. Now, robots? Robotics or fictional works about them?"

"Or could just be one person yanking yer chain," Daphne says, at first absent-mindedly and then - oh! She has an /idea/. But not now, no. This'll have to wait till she's put some distance between them. "Robotics," she clarifies as if Sophie should've known that, "The whole geeky art of making them. I'm riveted." No, she's not.

Sophie grins a bit at that, murmuring, "Or the robots are. Hmm, sure, I can help you find that section." walking toward the computers.

Daphne strolls leisurely after her, stretching her arms above her head lazily - even dropping them there to rest, crossed, on top of her head while she walks a few paces. "Neato. Alright, so, tell me. What's the most used section here in higher education land?"

Sophie says, "Well, actually, the academic books, as you might expect. It varies, really. History, economics, some biographies." as she gets to the computer.

"That's boring," But not entirely unusual, "Don't you people get out or anything?" Daphne could never stay in one place too long, much less to study. When nobody wanted to give her an honest job, she just moved on from that, too.

Sophie smiles, "Well, when I'm not taking classes, or at my job, I manage to keep busy doing other things." as she taps in the search. She says, "Here we go." moving to give you a look at the list.

Daphne drapes herself onto the counter to lean heavily towards the computer screen. Her eyes breeze over the title and then she yawns - either mock or real. "Shucks, girl, there were more interesting sounding titles on the internet. This place really is learned. Hey, by the way, can you see who was the last person to check something out? You work here and all…"

Sophie hmms, "Well.." she glances at the line at the counter. "It could be possible, but what would be the point of that? And it would invade someone's privacy."

"The point," Daphne drawls wearily, "Would be to shove it to that bozo I mentioned who can't schedule a meeting right. I could just read one name off your list. Can't be all that incriminating, a book in a local university, you'd think." She's bluffing a little bit, but, gosh, she's so darn casual about it.

Sophie says, with that same disgusting cheeriness, "Well, I could check with the head librarian. But after the whole Patriot Act thing, she's pretty sensitive about censoring and tracking patron usage." thoughtfully.
So much for /that/. Do-gooders. "Yeah, sure," Daphne assures more than she feels like it. "I'll just have to come back here some /other/ day. Hmmph. Point me to the robotics, chick. Let's see just how boring these boring titles can be."

Sophie is a full service wannabe librarian, as she personally escorts you toward that selection. Some are more boring than others. She pulls the ones from the list off the shelves. "Here you go. I'm afraid I don't know enough about the subject to offer much advice."

She's, like, attached! Daphne doesn't do full-service unless she gets full-pay. Seems like this library intern should never step anywhere near the speedster's way of life. It'd probably break her friendly brain. "I know someone who is," Daphne assures her with a dismissing tone. "In fact, I'll ask about it first. Come back and knock off it and Hannah at the same time. How's that for efficiency?" Sounds like a plan. The speedster would… speed. But she has the decency to wait until she's alone today.

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