2007-08-02: Goods And Services


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Summary: Brooks is on business (as usual) and runs across Stefanie trying to conduct some of her own.

Dark Future Date: August 2, 2009

Goods And Services

Dark Future - NYC - S*Y*N Club

[{>:::::::::::::::::::::{Dark Future - NYC - S*Y*N Club}:::::::::::::::::::::<}]

Chaotic at first glance, the main level of this massive, ebony New York skyscraper is a full scale den of iniquity. A red carpet catwalk, in deep crimson, is the only way inside the inner sanctum: from there, everything spreads out. Club, bar, casino — it's all wide open on the same, massive level. Dancefloor, bar, gambling, places to sit and scheme and plenty of things to watch, it's all here. Dark reds, rich purples and black dominate the decor, giving it a boudoir feel.

In front of a silver-curtained wall is a prominent stage with three distinct catwalks, all illuminated from underneath by a glowing white light, all affixed with metal poles. S*Y*N does not skimp on the strippers. Rock music intermingled with heavy electronica from the club setion resonates into every atom of the place.

No one checks the doors to monitor who goes in and out, but security slinks through the club — some obvious, some not so much. Violence erupts every now and then, but rarely does anyone blink an eye. It gets taken care of. Winding stairs of black metal lead to the second floor of the club where things presumably get a little hotter and a little more illegal. There's also an elevator up there, but it's manned by very imposing security and seems to require security check passes to enter, or at least the go-ahead from the intercom beside it.

Welcome to the Syndicate's headquarters.

[{>::::::::::::::::::::::::::::{Available Exits}:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::<}]
Elevator <EL> NYC - The Syndicate - Upper Level
Basement <B> NYC - The Syndicate Basement
Out <O> IC Nexus


It's a Saturday night. Lately, though, that makes no difference as opposed to any other night. A Saturday night only matters to people who have lives. People with jobs, or classes. People who get up every morning and go to a job from 9 to 5 and come home to relax with their family in the homes surrounded by white picket fences. There are no picket fences anymore. No normality for anybody. Stefanie is doing her best to cope and make some decent money. Not for herself, but who knows what she could trade it for to keep her and her own safe and alive for another week or so. It's Amateur Night at the SYN Club, so to speak. A group of ambitious young women wait backstage for their turn to come out and audition. A blonde number is out on stage now, incorporating an Evolved-based light show into her routine, as she writhes on the pole. Stefanie will be up next, a bit nervous, though her expression is blank.

Brooks is not here for the entertainment, he's here to pick up a dead drop message, he finds a seat, the one his instructions said to find, and waits for the delivery. His eyes don't wander too much, he's on the job, and looks it, which is of course bad tradecraft, but very Marcus.

The Blonde finishes, a decent round of applause. The spotlight goes to the curtain as Stefanie makes her entrance. Long Auburn tresses are done up, tendrils sweeping down the side of her face. She wears a long white gown of some diaphonous material, a plunging neckline giving hint of ample cleavage as the music begins. "L.A. lights….. never shine quite as bright as in the movies…. Still wanna go…" (OOC Note: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlzzvqzDx_4) She comes out and begins a slow dance, more of a performance piece then something you'd try at a strip club. A few of the impatient patrons yell, urging her to take off her clothes, and other such rudeness.

Brooks frowns at the reactions of some of the less genteel patrons, but what was he expecting after all? He keeps an eye open for his pickup, his eyes don't even wander to the entertainment as yet, not noticing it's someone he knows.

Stefanie smirks to the crowd, a chastisement for their impatience. She undoes a belt and the skirt comes off, leaving a pair of tight shorts, the kind that have some form of urban nickname to them. Her legs are long, and a bit paler then they used to be. the top remains, and a rose grows in her hair just above her right ear. She wraps a leg around the pole and slides, performing with the slowness of the music. She eyes the crowd, giving attention to each patron personally. Some faces she recognizes, others she doesn't. None of the faces she sees could make her embarassed about her actions.

Brooks is tapping nervously on the table, a waitress comes by to ask him if he wants a refill, he jumps a little, then apologizes and places an order, give her a large tip, he tries to settle down some, to act less like an amateur. His eyes wander to the legs of the woman on the stage for a moment, then look away, a little bit of a blush to his features. He still hasn't noticed who she is.

The crowd applauds at the show of skin, a few have singles out and wave them at the girl. She makes her way over on her hands and knees, letting the top droop down, showing a bit more as she accepts the bills. As she turns, showcasing a firm behind, vines begin to twist up her legs from her ankles, small leaves coming off of the vines. Some of the patrons place their ones into the vines, for the sheer oddity of it. She goes to the pole once more, her legs wrapping around and supporting her weight as she takes off the top, a white bikini top holding in her ample assets. This brings more noise from the men, whistles and calls and more dollars being flashed.

Brooks finally looks up, just as she turns away, watching the show of plants growing from her body he frowns a little, shaking his head, he takes a sip of his drink. Goind back to scanning the crowd of the club before she turns back around. If she is actually scanning the crowd, he may be the only one appearing to not be paying attention to her at all.

Stefanie does notice Brooks, and humphs to herself. The man who was all but lewd to her and Claudine at the Orphanage seems to be quite the altar boy tonight. She continues to dance while undoing both her top and bottom deftly tossing them aside. Her nethers and peaks covered by leaves coming from the vines that have worked their way up her legs, to her torso and along her arms. They don't cover much skin, mostly there for affectation. The near-total nudity raises the cheers once more, and even higher. As she panders for the attention of the men around the stage, she wrinkles her nose at Brooks' table, a group of near twelve roses begins growing on top of the table in front of his seat.

Brooks is dense, but not blind and when roses begin growing on his table, he scoots back a little in alarm, before looking up to see just who is the cause, his eyes flash a little shock at recognition when he identifies who it is, and a little bit more of a flush colours he face.

Stefanie smirks and gives Brooks a wink, a small celebration of her victory. "These L.A. lights, no no, They don't shine quite as bright as back in Frisco. Do you wanna go? Still wanna go….." The song ends and Stefanie stands, waving to the cheering crowd as she heads back to the curtain. Some jeer at the fact that she didn't show all, though others argue that it may've been a smart move on the dancer's part. Stefanie doesn't care either way, she ends up with a decent wad of singles and who knows what the establishment might think of her performance. She emerges from the back a few minutes later, dressed, and makes her way to Brooks' table. "Can I buy you a drink, or are you on du…" She stops herself and smirks, clearing her throat.. "Official business?"

Brooks blinks, and the flush comes back, "No…not exactly on duty, please have a seat." He bites his lip and grins, a little of the boy coming back from before the war, then he blinks, and tries putting the cold agent mask back on "What brings a nice girl like you to a place like this?" Wow not only an old line but a bad one, though oddly approriate.

Stefanie laughs and takes a seat. "Goods and Services, my dear man. The Economy. The stuff that makes the world go 'round." She chuckles as she flags down a waitress, ordering a drink for the both of them. Her age? Who cares at the moment. The waitress nods and goes off to fill the order. "Men show up with money to see a bit of Tits and Ass. I provide the goods and services, I take their money. It's as simple as that. The more important question is, what brings YOU here? Unless you're looking for.. " she clears her throat… "..some goods and services yourself?"

Brooks nods, the stern face firmly set, "Yes, that's it, just out for an evenings entertainment" he did he get himself into this, now the drop point is likely compromised, "So Stripper by night, guardian angel to orphans by day?"

Stefanie giggles… and sings… "If I went crazy then would you still call me Superman…" She laughs to herself at some amusing inside joke and then her face clears. "It's not that poetic. We're all doing what we can to exist. Some try to spread that help to others, if they can. Everything we do is a means to an end." She smiles.. "And by the way, you're looking thoroughly entertained." She jokes as she looks to the stage, a brunette with obvious implants takes the stage and has the men nearby enthralled. Stef rolls her eyes..

Brooks glances at the brunette, and then looks back at you and shrugs, "Most the talent here is not to my tastes, too little clothes" he smiles a little, "And iI've always had a weakness for redheads, much to my dismay, since they are normally more trouble then they are worth.

Stefanie looks incredulously at the man as the witress arrives with the drinks. Stefanie pays and leaves a decent tip as well. "Too little clothes? Then you're obviously no good at picking the right venues for your form of entertainment… And Trouble? Is that what you think i am? I seem to be the least of your worries."

Brooks grins, "So your saying your not trouble? That your nice and sweet and innocent? I see a little tarnish on the halo" he takes the drink, saying thank you as he does to both the Waitress, and Stef, "Nobody is innocent any more, and all relationships are trouble. My last girlfriend…." he sighs, "Not that she prolly even remembers me anymore, is working in DC ecstatically happy at the new world order, while her parents are in Arkansas"

Stefanie cringes at the mention of ex'es.. "Well, at least you can still talk to yours…" She says as she stares off blankly and takes a sip of her drink. She grimaces slightly and then just finishes the rest in the next gulp. "Hardly a halo, but I try not to be trouble, not to anyone but myself, that is."

Brooks says, "I havn't talked to her in a year and a half. If I saw her today, I would consider shooting her, if it wouldn't bounce off." He shakes his head, "So you looked like you made some good money tonight, they seemed rather appreciative." he leans forward and smells the roses."

Stefanie shrugs. "They applaud anything above a B-cup. It's not them I'm trying to impress. I'm just auditioning. If the establishment doesn't like me, then that'll be the only time you'll ever see me naked." She smirks to herself at that, ordering another drink.

Brooks chuckles, "Wow, shot down before I even got off the ground, thats a pretty final ultimatim" he sips his drink, "So your saying I need to use my influence to get you hired here?" Yeah right like he has any influence.

Stefanie laughs. "No, not at all.. I just wanted to see how you'd react." She pays the waitress when she returns, drinking down the drink quickly and stands. "Catch ya later.. I've gotta get home." She says before she winds through the crowd, making her way to the exit.

Brooks watches her go, tempted to follow but he has to stay, about 5 mins later he gets the hand off and heads out himself, shaking his head. He does check the street to see if she's still around, or just if he's being followed in general, a little wary and a little hopeful, he whistles to himself as he heads back to Hartsdale.

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