2007-04-22: Goon Samaritan


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Claudine checks up on her sister in the hospital, Jenny worries about a mysterious problem, and Orion is a goon.

April 22nd, 2007

Goon Samaritan

Hartsdale, NY - Primatech - Hospital

It took a while, but Claudine eventually got here. She had classes still afterall, and then there was the meeting with Bennet, and that was nerve wracking. After the good news though, the elder Salonga sister dropped by the hospital wing to check on Marilou who was sleeping. Sighing a little to find that her sister's asleep, she eases on down in one of the chairs next to the bed and just looks over the younger girl while chewing on her bottom lip.

Jenny finished filing a report on her activities last night, and went to the gym for a bit. Finding it empty, she cut loose with her powers at full blast. From the treadmill planted in one of the walls, and the three different shatter points in the floor, Jenny has come to a conclusion: She's scaring herself.
She has been training hard to learn to control her powers, true, but she has improved so quickly in such a short period of time, that it seems almost as though there is something else going on. Like something has changed inside of her… Jenny walks through the hospital as she thinks about these things, wondering if she should check in with a doctor to make sure she didn't injure herself training… But she knows she didn't, so what's the point? Instead she just stops and leans against a wall in the hallway, arms crossed.

Marilou stirs just a little, and Claudine almost jumps out of her seat to start asking a bunch of questions. But when Claudine realizes it's just movement from REM sleep, she just sighs and shakes her head for a bit. It's then that she feels her stomach grumbling, and she winces as she hasnt really eaten all day. That's not a very good thing actually, and so she eases on up to step out of the room. Hopefully, her younger sister doesnt wake up while she's gone.

Upon stepping out of the room, she raises her brows and spies a familiar face, smiling warmly towards the other woman. "Hey!" she chirps brightly, always ready to put on a cheery demeanor, even if she's all emo on the inside.

Jenny looks up and just nods at first, as though greeting someone who is passing by. But she doesn't even smile! She must be really distracted. Then she blinks when she realizes it's Claudine, and smiles slightly. "Hello, there. Get hurt doing something you shouldn't? Or are you here for different reasons?"
All channels have been gagged.

When asked the question, that's when her cheery demeanor disappears and she just sighs, revealing her true feelings. SHe's worried. "My..my younger sister. She was here to visit to check out a few schools in the area, but it seems she's manifested abilities recently.." Claudine explains while motioning towards one of the rooms down the hallway.

Jenny nods. "Interesting. A good one, I hope? Something easy to control?" She ponders Claudine's expression and says, "She's not hurt, is she? Some powers can be really dangerous if you lose control… As you already know, I suppose. But we can teach her control, and then that won't be an issue anymore."

"She controls the winds. She didnt hurt herself, but she was freaked out, and she accidentally lifted a boy from the pier into the water.." Claudine says with a bit of embarassment about the whole situation while she scratches the back of her head. "Fortunately, the boy was saved by a bunch of good samaritans and Orion, and from there we brought her here.."

"What? I don't count as a good samaritan?"

Orion exits his hospital room a moment and a half later, pulling his overcoat atop his suit shirt and tie, which have finally dried from the night before. Granger looks to be in good spirits and no longer faintly green around the gils.

Jenny winces. "Oh, I see. Well, glad no one was hurt, at least." She ponders divulging that she met Omega Man last night, but given she already posted a report on it, and doesn't want to burden Claudine with more to worry about if she doesn't know, she keeps quiet. Instead she waves to Orion when he emerges. "Hi. And of course you don't. You're just a goon," she teases, and then grins.

"well, I dont know their names. You're just a good person.."

Claudine says with a wry smile as she turns around and looks over him, making sure he doesnt look sick anymore. "Are you feeling better? No infections from drinking that nasty water?" she asks curiously while giving him a squeezy hug.

She then looks back over to Jenny and nods while taking a deep breath. "Yeah, I was glad too in the end. And Mr. Bennet said they're going to have to adjust 'Lou's memories.." she mentions in the end, more for Orion than anyone else. "Oh! And I heard you met Drake.." she says while looking over to Jenny.

"I'm fine. The doctors here are exceptionally competent, Claudine… And I'm not a goon."

Orion shoots Jenny a faux-frown/serious face. He folds his arms across his chest and leans up against the door frame, yawning softly for a few moments before he returns to his job of being quiet.

Jenny waves a sorry to Orion, as she keeps smiling. When Claudine brings up Drake, she pauses, looking uncertain for a moment. Then realization dawns. "Ahh… 'Omega Man', right? Yes, I met him last night. Went out looking for him actually. Decided it was time to see how willing he was to help us. I made sure the option was as attractive as possible, and even offered that he could not have any official ties with us, and we could just help each other as-needed. He didn't want any part of it. Not sure why he was so insistent on doing things by himself…" She shrugs.

"I know they are, but I can still worry, cant I?" she asks Orion. Then, she looks back over to Jenny.

Facepalm. Claudine oyes and shakes her head a little as she nods, "He's rather jumpy. I've been trying to get information, and I got close because his friend Brad has a crush on me.." she explains while looking over to Orion with an apologetic smile. "Not like I did anything with Brad, cause he's an idiot, but from what I've gathered, Drake is a goodie goodie to the extreme and can quote stuff out of the bible and such.."

"He sounds like kid trying to play the role of Peter Parker. If so, I imagine he will be a continual annoyance until we have saved him from himself for the seventeenth or eighteenth time."

Granger looks at Claudine for a moment and offers what seems to be an understanding shrug. You can almost hear him saying 'These things happen. It's a guy thing. Don't worry about it.' when he shrugs. Orion keeps leaning against the doorframe, quietly contemplating this information.

Jenny nods. "I didn't see him use his powers… You said he was fast, but he walked at normal speeds around me. Do you know anything else about his powers?" She pauses, then looks to Orion. "Actually, he says he does what he does because it's the right thing to do, and that he doesn't want to be a super hero."

"If he doesnt want to be a superhero, then why does he dress in that ridiculous outfit? And of course he didnt move at normal speeds around you, he didnt want to use his powers, right?"

Claudine hrmms for a few moments as she chews on her bottom lip once more, trying to remember stuff about Drake. "He's on the varsity soccer team, and refuses to use his abilities to gain advantage. At least that's what he told me. So far, he just thinks I'm just a girl he happened to save, so I dont think he suspects anything..unless I got mentioned somehow in your conversation with him?"

"That would be what trying to be a Peter Parker is."

Granger's tone is faintly cold, as if he were speaking of something anathema. Or perhaps he's just seen people try precisely this a number of times in the past. Orion idly shifts his jaw back and forth, staring into the space between him and the floor behind Claudine's feet.

Jenny shrugs towards Orion. "I thought Peter Parker was trying to use his powers for personal gain at first. To make a name for himself. Sure, that changed later on… But I'd rather this Drake doesn't have to lose someone important to him before he picks up the hint that he should stop this."
Towards Claudine, she says, "Yeah. Actually all I did was mention I worked with you. I didn't say who we worked for, or that you had any reason to be bugging him, or anything like that. Still, he's being brought in for memory modification, so soon it won't matter, right?"

There's another facepalm at that last statement. "He knows we work together now? He's just suppose to think I'm your average college co-ed!" Claudine says with a shake of her head while looking over to Orion as she heads on over and leans against him for a bit. "Oh well. Maybe I should avoid him for a bit, lest he start questioning me.."

Orion smiles thinly at Jenny's knowledge of comic book history. He shrugs a little, lightly hugging Claudine against him with one arm as she leans on him, and for a moment doesn't respond. For that moment, Orion seems inordinantly thoughtful, eyes glinting as they shift about with the random motions of his thoughts.

"Technically, yes, Peter Parker was originally seeking personal gain. He is better known for doing the right thing in the face of overwhelming temptation and for many kids with powers, that model is what they try most to emulate… Unfortunately if he's aware of this, then he may well come looking for more direct answers… Which will require some method of capturing him and catching him unawares."

Jenny shrugs helplessly. "Sorry. I thought dropping your name might make him trust me a bit more." She nods towards Orion. "You're right… But I tried to use that angle on him. That there were people out there with powers who were scared, and thought they were freaks. That they felt alone… And that if they could just be taught how to use their abilities properly, they could help themselves and others in need. He still didn't want to join us. It's weird. He wants to help people, but he doesn't want anyone else helping him do so."
Jenny shakes her head, with her hands on her hips. "Well… I'd like to stay and talk some more, but I have an… Issue I need to take care of before it gets worse." Smiling to hide her worry as it returns to her mind, she waves to the couple.

Claudine sighs a little and leans against Orion, just listening to the two converse about Spiderman for a little. "I understand where you're coming with the Spiderman thing, but this guy..he has delusions of grandeur. He wants to help people, but you can do that in lots of ways. Really, I think he's just doing it from some fantasy that boys tend to have about powers or whatever. I think he's read too many comics really.."

Granger nods to Jenny. He doesn't seem upset or terribly surprised by Jenny's explanation. He seems as quiet and pensive as he ever does when pondering work.

"Presumably he is either trying to keep other people out of perceived trouble involved with being a vigilante or he knows more about us than he is letting on; both scenarios hold potential to be unsettling."

Orion looks at Claudine for a moment or two before smiling; oh if only Claudine knew about the comic closet in Orion's apartment. Oh if only. Granger doesn't say a word, just smiles, mostly to himself, before he waves to Jenny.

"Good luck clearing that issue up."

Jenny nods, smiles, and then heads off. She may not have been injured, but she wants to be retested. There HAS to be something wrong with her… There just HAS to be…

Claudine feels bad now as she watches Jenny head off and she sighs, turning around to bury her face in Orion's chest. She wraps her arms around his chest and gives him a squeezy hug so she can calm herself down as it seems she's been stressed as of late.

A few moments pass and she looks up towards him once more, "Well, things make sense now. Drake was sort of jumpy around me today when I ran into him in the subway. Maybe he does know more than he lets on.." That's just something she's throwing out there, but she says it in hushed tones. "Oh well. Oh, and I spoke with Mr. Bennet today. He wants me back on full training schedule..so you up for it?" she asks.

"Of course. Shall we begin?"

Being full of metal must make you impervious to the after-effects of being sick. Orion is clearly ready to pick up where he left off with Claudine's training, slowly righting himself from his leaning position against the door frame.

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