Grant Fitzpatrick
Grant Fitzpatrick
Portrayed By Greg Kinnear
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1973
Age 33
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases N/A
Place of Birth Huxley, IA, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation University Professor, Feminist Theory/Media Studies Academic, Aspiring Writer
Known Relatives Graham Fitzpatrick (father), Meredith Fitzpatrick (mother), Charlie Fitzpatrick (older brother), Rebecca Fitzpatrick (twin sister)
Significant Other Gwen Louis (kind of girlfriend)
Known Abilities Glucokinesis
First Appearance To Chinese Slavers

A university lecturer who shoots lasers from his eyes. Ish.


Goodbye, Iowa

Grant was born, raised and went to highschool in Huxley, Iowa, the "Heart of the Prairie", with his mother, father, brother and twin sister. To him, it seemed like the most detached part of America he could possibly have been brought up in, and never really gelled with the sense of community that seemed so important to everyone but he.

He spent most of his time in the library, at the local film archive or on the computer, a stark contrast to his athletic, popular, conventionally successful older brother whom he was supposed to live up to. And never did. He was too thoughtful, too quiet, too interested in things that didn't seem useful, and he also had a sarcastic streak that always seemed to crop up in the wrong time.

Moving to New York City was a relief. Accepted into Columbia University, Grant moved there with barely a glance back. If he was going to do things wrong, he wanted to do them in a city where no one cared.

The Myth of The Warrior Princess

Upon graduating with an utterly useless PhD in Media Studies, Grant never really left school. He stayed on to work as a tutor, doing a few freelance writing jobs to pay the bills, but it was his ambition to be an academic. When he got there, he was met with a few lifted eyebrows as he brought out such essays by the titles of The Female Negative, Sexual Politics in Spandex and lastly, The Myth of the Warrior Princess.

This last essay was turned into a book, which launched… not much, actually, save for a little recognition, a few radio show interviews, but more importantly, a blip on the radar that smoothed the path a little into his position with the university. Not a year after it was published, he started giving lectures on feminist theory in a media context, and has ever since.

The Not-Girlfriend

Perhaps his life got boring, because fate decided to throw in a wrench, and it came in the form of Gwen Louis. Meeting her at a semi-ritzy party of academics and writers and such-like, wherein he felt the need to make an appearance, he really has no idea, in hindsight, why the heck she wanted anything to do with him. But at the time it seemed like mutual attraction, and that was fine by him.

From there, it was… turbulent, to put it mildly. She came, she rocked the boat for a few months, she took off, and Grant is still a little dazed, as well as still paying off a credit card bill.

Current status: …who the heck knows.


March, 2007

April, 2007

June, 2007

  • 13th - Neither Fish Nor Fowl. Grant meets a potential student, Kasey, over coffee. The issue of gender and identity is brought up, and he earns himself a nickname. Maybe.


Glucokinesis. The power of psychic manipulation over… sugar. What the hell, fate?

  • One Lump Or Two is the ability to create sugar (specifically, sucrose)… out of nothing. Because the world needs more? It's actually the stunt that comes easiest to him when done in small quantities. The sugar manifests wherever Grant happens to be touching, forming in easily-crumbled crystals. He needs to hit an Average to achieve this - anything below will be inadequate.
  • Sweeten the Deal represents the ability to psychically infuse sugar into another substance - sweetening coffee or cake or whatever he wants. He needs a Great or above to achieve the accuracy he wants. Mediocre through to Good will get him varied degrees of success either too much or too little. Poor or below will be ineffectual, failed attempts. He can also choose to infuse a substance with a poisonous amount of sugar - he needs a Superb to achieve this.
  • Gimme Some Sugar is the telekinetic manipulation of sugar. Probably the most difficult stunt - he doesn't have too much control over this yet. He needs to hit a Superb or over to achieve exactly what he intended. An Average through to Great is a very shaky imitation of what he intended Poor to Mediocre is SUGAR GONE WILD and anything below that is ineffectual.
  • Menergy is the ability to up someone's blood sugar or glucose. He can only do this if someone is within five feet of him in order to psychically pick up on their blood sugar levels, but he doesn't have to touch them. The effects will make someone feel very active and giddy, but can have long term negative affects like nerve damage. This takes a lot of willpower to achieve in any dramatic way. Suckage to Average are failed attempts. Good through to Great result in mild effects. A Superb through to Fantastic will give the more dangerous side effects of either (if that was his intent) and a Godlike would kill them (again, if that was his intent).
  • Down and Down Again is the opposite. Grant can also reduce blood sugar levels which can lead to a drop in the victim's mood and energy, even rendering them unconscious. This takes a lot of willpower to achieve in any dramatic way. Suckage to Average are failed attempts. Good through to Great result in mild effects. A Superb through to Fantastic will give the more dangerous side effects, including unconsciousness/coma'ing (if that was his intent) and a Godlike would kill them (again, if that was his intent).



  • Watch this space.
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