2007-06-28: Grateful


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Summary: Peter calls Elena after his drunken binge on the 27th, and accidentally lets Elena know that he doesn't remember anything.

Date It Happened: June 28, 2007


From One Cell to Another

PHONE: Your phone begins to ring. The Caller ID says 283-1407.

PHONE: Elena picks up the phone. The faint sound of music is in the background, and the sound of movement as she flips over another page of the issue of American Scientific she is poring through at the present moment. "Hi, how are you feeling?" she asks. Peter has Binary Sunset for a ringtone, she knew who it was before she even picked up.

PHONE: Peter sounds a little hesitant, but definitely an improvement from the night before, "Hey, Elena…" It seems he's surprised she knew, but he shouldn't be. Most phones identify the caller if someone has them in a phone book, even if his phone doesn't reveal his identity on the caller ID. Or maybe he's surprised at her question, "I'm— okay, I guess. Slept most of the— how did you know?"

PHONE: There is a pause, and Elena wills herself not to take too much of a breath. He doesn't remember. Unsure as to what to feel about it, she goes on, slowly. "You called me last night…." she continues, gentling her tone. "You were drunk. I went to get you. You told me about…" She fades off there. She doesn't know if he wants to talk about that or not. "….but I took you back to your apartment. I figured Heidi wouldn't want the boys to see you in the state you were last night. And I was at Cass's earlier so….she mentioned you called in sick. Are you feeling better?"

PHONE: "Oh," Peter responds, and there's a moment of silence as if he's taking the phone away from his head to look at it briefly. When it returns, she'll know, because he's speaking, if hesitantly, "I didn't— even think to check if I called anyone. Thought I got a cab or something— Don't remember much after leaving Jack's." It's probably not the nicest thing. "Thanks— I— I'm sorry you had to see me like that." If anything, he sounds embarassed, and probably is. "Yeah, I'm fine now— I just slept most of the day. Had a pretty bad headache. Probably could have made it go away, but…" He's not always the best at people's abilities. "Figured sleep was better anyway…"

PHONE:"It's alright. It was difficult….you weren't very happy through it all," Elena confesses softly. "But I'd rather you feel free to call me than not. I actually…" She pauses, and she laughs again. "I actually told you that last night but it seems you don't really remember how you -got- to your apartment, let alone the things that happened. But yeah, I put you to bed and I left. And….sometimes letting your body's natural defenses fight off an ailment is good. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. So…..did you want to tell me something?"

PHONE: With a hint of a humorless laugh, Peter says, "Sorry about that… Was— did I…" He trails off. Of course he explained some of why he was upset, but he's hesitating about going into that again. Instead… he's just glad she's talking to him. "Yeah— I just— it sounds like Nathan's home," he says with a little more humor. Haven't had a chance to talk to him yet— sounds like he's busy." There's emphasis to that word. "I just wanted to talk to you— since I thought I hadn't for a few days. Make sure everything's okay on your end…""

PHONE: Elena can't help but laugh. "Well, we talked last night…..our conversation was pretty long, and you kept me up. But I suppose it doesn't count if you don't even remember it." Is she teasing him? Of course! It was the way she was. "And….Nathan's…..wait, he just got back, right? Why would he be so busy ag— " She pauses, and then… "…….ooooooh! Right." Awkward silence, but when he continues on… "I'm okay. Nothing really bad's happened save for some crisis at work and killer on and off headaches. I think I about finished my third tiny bottle of aspirin this week. I visited Cass earlier today, though. She's doing much better….not one hundred percent but she anticipates she'll be fully recovered in the next week or so."

PHONE: There would be a frown. But the phone doesn't covay that very well. It could still be heard a little in his voice, though, as Peter avoids apologizing (barely), or talking about his brother's lovelife anymore, and focuses on something else. "You still have headaches? Can't you— do anything about those?" She's a walking pain killer, right? "Maybe you should see if your father can… I don't know— maybe he messed something up when he tried to make you immune." That's when they started, and he'd suffered mind-reading headaches before, but this sounds pretty bad."

PHONE: There is a pause, and then… "Sometimes," Elena confesses. "But usually the effects of my abilities are temporary, and I have to consciously keep things going if I want the effects to last. So when I get distracted, or if I'm studying or….regardless the aspirin works so…. I think that's what happened to be honest. Maybe Papa can fix it." She smiles just a bit, though he can't really see it. "I'll be okay. They're really not too bad, just annoying. Besides….you've got a lot of things to worry about on your own." She hesitates, and adds, softly, "….with what happened with Elle and everything."

PHONE: "I'd still worry about you," Peter says softly, settling back into the bed as he looks up towards the ceiling. None of which she can see, but she might notice a relaxed tone to his voice, as if he'd settled down a bit. It could imply he'd been sitting up before. "As long as you ask him to try. I'm just sorry I kept you up late… it probably didn't help your headaches." And… Elle is a topic he seems to wish to avoid. Or at least he doesn't continue that thought on any. "Guess I shouldn't keep you up tonight too…" There's definitely a tone of guilt, and perhaps even regret, in his voice.

PHONE: Elena smiles a bit, even if he can't see it. There's the sound of rustling, the young woman rolling over on the bed and onto her back, closing her eyes when her head rests on one of her pillows. "I know…" she says quietly. "I can't really prevent you from doing so. I'm glad you care, Peter. I really do, even when it's over something small." She chews on her bottom lip softly. Should she tell him? Then again… "Alright, I'll ask him. Never say I don't do anything for you, right?" The last is in a quiet, teasing tone. "And it's alright….I don't work tomorrow anyway. But you do need your rest, if last night was bad enough for you that you had to skip work today."

PHONE: There's a long pause from Peter's end. It's almost as if he's trying to decide on something. He wants to continue talking to her, but the only thing left to talk about… "I should try to sleep," he reluctantly says, before there's another small pause. "How about we get together in the next few days— go and do something. Maybe we can invite Heidi." There's a lot they could do that's simple, and just friends, after all. And having Heidi join along would allow him to still protect her. Full proof, right?"

PHONE: "Sure….the boys too maybe, unless Heidi wants a break. I'm sure we can come up with something fun, I'll see what's going on around town in the following few days." Granted this is New York, there's always a lot of things going on. "Go to sleep," she murmurs, unconsciously using the same words she told him last night. "And have sweet dreams, I'll see you soon." And probably talk to him sooner.

PHONE: After the last time they watched the boys she still wants to try it again? "I'm sure we can think of something, yeah," Peter says, seeming to be for the idea, at least. There's a pause, at her good night. With a more whispered tone, he responds, "I will. You have sweet dreams too, Elena." That could be the hang up point, but instead, he adds on something a moment later. "I'm really… grateful." And it sounds like it, too. Another pause, as if tired. "To have you as a friend. Hope you know that. Talk to you soon." At this, he'll move to end the phone call, only giving her enough time for a short response.

PHONE: Elena closes her eyes a bit. The headache was returning. "I know….." she says softly. "But remember what I said before….it's never about debt or anything like that. So long as…" There's a pause, but she doesn't continue it. "Goodnight, Peter." And then, she hangs up.

PHONE: You end your current call.

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