2010-05-11: Great Minds





Date: May 11, 2010


…get kidnapped by Roberto to fix his brain. Yeah…

"Great Minds"

Undisclosed Location — NYC

The blindfolds were put on Sydney and Amy's eyes so that they wouldn't be able to see where they were taken. Their things taken as well. Cellphones, purses. All of it. Roberto didn't say anything else after he offered the pair some skittles and then when they got to the warehouse. The two women were man-handled and then thrown into a room, unbound. They would be able to look around. Someone was prepared.

It's a fairly large room, with two beds and a TV so that the two can have some entertainment. "This is horse shit! How the fuck.. did Harley end up their? Or.. or.. her?" Roberto's voice can be heard behind the door and then it's silent for a moment. He's screaming down the hallway, a thud can be heard but silence after. Maybe he just hurt one of his minions?

All that Sydney and Amy would know is that they are trapped.. and it doesn't look like they are getting out anytime soon.

The room is not feng shui, and even if it were, it would never calm down Sydney at this moment. Her panic is palpable, even without her ability, but with it, her panic is freakin' infectious. After essentially being thrown into the room, she'd kicked off her high heels — which were just annoying sounding on the pavement — and paced barefoot for several minutes.

The silence doesn't last. She bangs on the door with all of the force she can utilize. "ROBERTO!!" she calls loudly. "You brought me here for a reason!! Can't we talk about this?" Backing away from the door she begins pacing again murmuring to herself more than Amy, "Shit. Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! SHIT."

Everything has been a blur of colorful twisted faces, then darkness. Movement. Chaos. Amy can barely recognize what's happening to her. It's chaos, panicked and sharp and confusing. She fell against the edge of a bed after she's unbound, only to skid onto her knees, and she's still there — maybe if she were by herself, or someone with less infectious panic, she'd be more on top of things, but right now? She's a mess, hands shaking as they reach up to brush sideswept red hair to get it out of her way now that the blindfold is gone. Already, her eyes are red-rimmed, tears streaking down. Good thing her mascara is waterproof.

Amy mumbles something that sounds like a choked "Ohchrist— " before drawing her knees up and curling on the floor against the end of the bed. The bed. Where are they? "Who is this guy— you know him?! Sydney, what the hell?!"

A sound can be heard at the door and keys can be heard rattling and then the door opens to reveal Roberto and two men behind him. "Stay." He says to the two men and then they close the door. "Syd.. Syd.. Syd." He says as he leans against the door.

"Long time no see.." he says with a wide grin and then he pops a skittle in his mouth. "Do you remember what you told me, all that time ago?" He leans in with a wicked smile and his cold blue eyes study the pair of women. While Roberto is obviously crazy, something about his eyes.. his stare..

He's smart and that's just deadly as him being crazy.

Amy is shot an exasperated look and the blonde opens her mouth to answer, but is interrupted by the opening door. She twitches a little as Roberto enters the room and she attempts to get a handle on her ability.

"Doctor Falkland," Sydney corrects as the colour drains from her face and she sits down on the bed. Crossing her ankles she stares blankly at the wall before turning to face Roberto. "It has been a long time," she agrees while setting her hands in her lap. "If I recall I told you a lot of things," she says evenly. "You were the one resistant to talking. To everyone else, anyways." She swallows and side glances Amy.

In her panicked state, it's hard for Amy to use the reason and judgment of character that comes naturally to her. She sees the look in the man's eyes, sees the instability and the intelligence, but all she interprets is that he's the bad guy. He might be talking to Sydney, but Amy flinches, curling up tighter with her forearms in front of her face, looking around them and trying to focus on what Sydney and her— former patient?— are saying. She starts to calm but there's no hiding the fact that the older of the therapists is flippin' scared.

"You," he says loudly while his eyes narrow on Sydney. "Said you were going to help me reach all of my potential. That I could work through this.." he walks closer to Sydney and leans in, "And that's exactly what you're going to do now." He says with a wide smile. Then his gaze points to Amy.

"What's your name? Doctor Falkland hasn't been polite and told me." He extends a hand towards Amy and winks. "Name's Roberto Harlin." He grins widely and if circumstances were different.. then maybe Amy would think he was charming.

"You didn't want my help — don't want my help! That's why I was removed from your case, remember?" Sydney shivers as Roberto closes in; it's terrifying. There are no words. But she's dealt with him before; people like Roberto can smell fear. She presses her lips together and closes her eyes, trying to get a handle on her ability. SHe fails. The fear is like a cold — ready and able for anyone to catch. "I don't understand what you're talking about!" her voice is a whisper, but it's forceful regardless. "Oh, I didn't introduce her because — " Beat " — because I don't know her." Liar. "Look, you should let her go — I'm here. You wanted to talk to me, right? I'm listening… will help you reach your… whatever…" she shivers again.

Amy looks sharply, suddenly, to Sydney. Her surprise might be telling, but then, it's almost washed out in her constant expression of fear. She stares at her friend, trying to get her attention, trying to make sure Sydney sees her when she shakes her head no. Whatever's going on, she's not leaving Sydney in it alone.

"… Dr. Masterson," Amy replies stiffly, antagonism coming to the forefront of her gaze as it returns to Roberto. It seems like a fight, against her fear, to keep her eyes on him — they waver, but stay true in their focus. There's zero doubt now that this is that guy from the breaking news story. "What do you want from us? You want her to reach your potential— for what," she tries to put on a brave face, betrayed by her trembling hands, "being a crazy kidnapping bastard? I don't think you need help with that." Maybe not the best tactic. She'll regret that later.

"To lie to me is a bad thing, Doc." He throws some pictures out from his pocket. They are of Amy and Sydney. "Now, no more lying." He shakes his finger and then he's looking around the room before he's staring at both women.

"I have this thing.. I can do." He starts and he cracks his knuckles. "It's simple, I look at you. You listen to me, anything. I say." He says to the therapist and he grins, "Like now. Louis!" he calls and the man walks in and then Louis looks at Roberto. The blonde man stares Louis in the eyes and then he smiles as Louis pulls a knife from his waistband and slices two cuts across his arms, the blood spilling on the floor. Not a bit of pain is seen on his face but Roberto claps his hands. And then Amy is sent a glare, "I'm not a bastard.. bitch." he says in a childish manner.

"That's all." And as soon as Louis shuts the door, his screams of pain can be heard. "Like that, but the thing is.. I can only have a set number of people under my.. control. Until my mind breaks.."

He bows and looks over to Sydney. "Which is why I was put in that lovely hospital.. now I need you to help me stable.. so that.." he looks around the room with a brief snarl. "So I'm not limited anymore." He grins and then holds his hand out, with the- "Skittles, want any? Tasting the rainbow keeps me calm." He tells the women.

Catching Amy's look, Sydney frowns just a little. "Fine. No lies," she crosses her arms one over the other as she peers up to meet his gaze. Her eyes widen, however, at the mention of 'something he can do'. Crazy sociopath is bad enough, but a crazy sociopath with an ability is far scarier. She swallows as she tilts her head, forcing her ability under her control. She clamps a hand over her lips, suppressing a shriek, as the minion cuts himself. Her cheeks flush a bright pink while her eyes continue to widen.

The man leaves and Sydney shakes again, drawing her knees to her chest. She's talked to criminals before but always in a CONTAINED situation, this is anything but contained. She side glances Amy. Syd had lied. Oh man… she had lied. "You think I can help you?! Really?! With that?! W-w-why?!"

Amy's face twists in horror, her eyes wide as they roam over Roberto and the man who so robotically slashes himself. Sydney may have suppressed her shriek; Amy doesn't. She lets out a shrill cry and brings her arms up over her head, blocking all from view except Sydney, who she looks at between her raised limbs. The bulk of her confusion will come later. Right now, the woman is just terrified and having a hard time comprehending what the hell is going on.

"Because.." and then his tone gets desperate as he gets down to his knees and grabs Sydney's hands. "You are the only one that can help me.. the only one I trust." He says and then he's backing away and popping another skittle in his mouth.

"Besides, you know you can help me." With that Roberto begins to walk away to the door and then he looks back over his shoulder. "Look, this can go by really easy. Just think it over, you help me.. and then I'll let you and your fellow doc go. Simple." He doesn't say what will happen if he doesn't get their help. His self-cutting minion should be an example enough.

"W-why do you trust me?" Sydney's eyebrows furrow. She stares at him, her face paling again. Damn her ability, if that's the reason! She closes her eyes, "I don't know how to help you — " and even if she did… " — What do you want me to do?! I'm not some… miracle worker!" She frowns distinctly before turning o face her friend again.

"And how should I know how to do what you ask?! I'm just a therapist — we talked about problems, about feelings, and everything under the sun, if I couldn't help you then, what makes you think I can now?" She twitches, her terror bubbling tot he surface again and spreading through the room.

The expression of the therapist on the floor starts to is an amplified version of her horror, over-the-top desperation. Amy's face happens to be expressive and it could be her own personal The Scream but it's nothing but authentic terror. She grips at her hair as she blocks much of her face from view of Roberto, long fingers tight with anxiety. Suffice to say, even though she can't see him, she knows where he is. Through her fear, she tries to send Sydney a determined look. "Syd," she hisses. "Syd— maybe— you should listen to him," she says in a harsh whisper, sending a pointed roll of her eyes from her colleague to the psychopath. Being as he's a psychopath. They don't want to make him mad.

"Don't worry, we'll find a way." Roberto says as he opens the door. "I didn't want help before. Now it's necessary. Before he kills me." And that's all Roberto says before begins to shut the door. But then he's opening the door again. "Anything you want to eat.. just hit the door and ask. They'll get it for you."

A look is throw to Amy, "Don't worry my little croissant. I won't hurt you.. if you do what I say." Then the door is shut and he can be heard walking down the hall. "I need a new bag of skittles!! Two minutes!"

Sydney is white as the door closes. Standing from the bed, she shakes her head and begins to swear again, "Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit." Turning to face Amy, she shoots her friend an exasperated look. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry — " yup, she's sorry. "SHIT!" she never swears. This is one of those occasions when swearing is the only way. Her fingers are tangled in her hair as she desperately paces the room.

Amy flinches at the sound of Roberto outside. Sydney's panic does nothing good for her, whose own panic only intermingles and rises more. She scrambles to her feet with the help of the edge of the bed, pushing into the mattress. Still in her high-heeled shoes, she staggers toward the other therapist. She reaches out, a gesture meant to be calming, she trembles. "Shhh— shh, hey." Amy isn't especially reassuring, hands shaking, voice unsteady, all the blood seeming drained from her face. "I don't— I don't know what is going on, here, Syd, I mean… oh my God— " she gives an out-of-place, sickened laugh. "But— b-but— we'll figure out way out of this, right? We'll— we'll sit down before he comes back a-and you'll tell me everything you know about this guy and… we'll…"

As Roberto walks into his office and sits down at his desk. He crosses his ankles and then looks out the window while he presses a button on his cellphone. A moment then,

"Yeah, Aedan. We're taking the other one.. Sydney's other friend. This week. I think he could help as well. Yeah.. what's his name.. Fred?" Then he hangs the phone up and is looking down at a photo of Sydney and Fred together. Whistling something that sounds vaguely like the Flintstones themesong, he tosses the picture onto his desk.

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