2010-02-17: Greek Letters



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Date: February 17, 2010


A doctor is implicated in the worst type of crime that can ever be committed and two ex-airmen find a common bond.

"Greek Letters"

Building 27

There's always something going on on Governor's Island these days. Usually it's closed during the winter, but things are different now. It's open all the time, and there's now a whole group of people living there. Ferries may not run back and forth, but they do land and go occassionally. Helicopters airlift people and things as well. And there's rooms that always have lights on, always have people in them. This is one of the smaller rooms, though.

A well built man stands with a headphone held against one ear, leaving the other one bare. Justin's squinting as he listens in, a few files sitting on his lap in front of him. They look normal enough, for the work they're doing. Lists and reports of people, personale files, prisoner files. It seems like someone's snooping in on what the other people in this group are up to…

And for the moment he's mostly alone, in one of the lesser used staff room. Even if the door happens to be open.

Second shift is just going off the clock and third is just coming on. This always means that the main hallways are bare as the new shift gets report from the one going off. This is the time that Cody Barker uses to move from her little hidey hole and into one of the other rooms. Though her little secret spot was found by one agent, it hasn't been found by all, so she still uses it. Carrying a few copies of files, she slinks along the hallway, always ducking her head around corners before turning them fully. She's in the middle of doing a quiet jog down one hallway when the tromp of many feet alerts her to the change of guard. So she ducks into a room that has an unlocked door.

Pausing just inside the room, she eyes the men passing by before turning around… To find the well built man with his earphones, his reports, and his files. She freezes. Then she pops on an easy going smile and folds the things she is carrying under her arm and raises her free hand in a two fingered salute. "Agent, I wasn't aware someone was in here. I'll find somewhere else."

"Ohmigosh, ohmigosh, ohmigosh!" Janet exclaims to her agent escort as the pair step into a room off the beaten path. "Huge fever. Cough, sore throat, I think it's the flu which means it could go viral," she beams at her pun, "very quickly. Don't you think Timmy?"

Agent Morris just shakes his head before he steps away from the doctor he accompanies through the building. "Dr. McCarty. First: I told you to call me Agent Morris. Second: that wouldn't be good. You shouldn't be happy about that."

"I'm not. I just thought it was a funny pun!" Janet exclaims defensively as Morris steps out the room and continues down the hall — the doctor is finished rounds so he doesn't have to act as her personal bodyguard anymore. "And you can call me Janet if you like!!!" She hmmms before she even notices the pair of agents standing there, "Why… hello! I'm sorry about that, I really don't think the flu is funny. Honest. I'm a doctor…" her cheeks flush an involuntary pink that clashes with her salmon coloured scrubs.

Not the only one sneaking around, it looks like. Justin looks up, the headphone he holds in place dropping down as he does, a whispery voice able to be heard through the tiny speaker. It's barely audible, just enough to know it's a recording of people and not music or something. A moment later he turns off the recording entirely. "Don't worry about it. I'm not on duty right now. Just taking a break." More than enough room.

As would seem obvious when one of the doctors walks in, punning at another Agent. Eyebrows raise a bit. "Sometimes the flu is funny," he offers, unhelpfully. "Though usually not to the person who has it."

Nodding slightly, Barker opens her mouth to say something when the doctor and her escort nearly bowl her over. She stumbles forward and then twists quickly on one foot, hand at her hip, eyebrows furrowed low over her head. The easy going woman is a little bit on edge, apparently. Recognizing 'Timmy' her lips curve up into a small smirk and the relaxes. "Timmy, good to see you again." Then her blue eyes shift to the very red doctor and she gives the woman a nod, "Doctor — glad to see you're finding humor in your job. Even if an epidemic means you'll be living here until it's over."

Taking two steps backward, the curly haired redhead leans against the wall and hugs the files to her chest. Then she gives a narrow eyed glance at the doctor, one of the only medical staff that she hasn't questioned yet. "Doctor. How much involvement do you have with our residents? I'm looking into something and I'd like a copy of all of the patients you've treated along with diagnosis and what medications were prescribed. Do you think you can manage that in oh…" She flicks her wrist to take a good look at her watch and then lifts her gaze back to the doctor. "…Let's say fifteen minutes?"

Janet shoots Justin and then Cody a grin. "Everyday I try to make that man smile, and everyday I fail miserably," she says of Agent Morris. "I picked up his cellphone once and it was his mom and she called him Timmy. I thought it might cheer him up." It hasn't. It's only made him surlier towards his medical escort.

"I'm a doctor, I'm pretty much involved with sick residents everyday." She wrinkles her nose. "In fifteen minutes?! You expect me to do that in fifteen minutes?" Janet nearly chokes on a chuckle she attempts to suppress. "Considering the condition you all bring them in, it would take at least a day if not longer. And I deal with sick residents so their medications are pretty extensive some of the time. Even with the flu." Her eyebrows furrow. "And why are you demanding my records anyways? If you want to know meds, go to the patient files themselves. It's all dotted and crossed. We all have to fill out the paperwork attached to their files…"

Cody nods very slowly as Janet goes into her hyperactive rant, not reacting at all to the woman's words except to look down at her watch and eye the seconds ticking by. "Well it seems that you're implicated in the overdose of one of our residents. So how about you stop wasting your precious minutes on making excuses on why you can't do it, and give me the information I want." A polite smile is directed at the doctor as Baker finally puts her arm down. "Tell you what… I'll make it extremely simple for you. Your signature was the one on Nathan Petrelli's file ordering the extra doses. Look into it, if it's not your signature, find out who did it and get back to me. 'Kay?" The redhead's tone of voice is nothing short of antagonistic, it's very clear that she's talking down to the medical professional in salmon scrubs.

"Who?" Janet asks with her eyebrows furrowed. She hasn't seen the Senator, hasn't talked to the Senator, and didn't even know he was here. "You people think Senator Nathan Petrelli is a terrorist?" She wrinkles her nose again before she shakes her head. "I had no idea he was here." It's the honest truth. "But fine, I'll check my apparent signature. I can already tell you I didn't do whatever you think I did. In fact, I don't order anyone else to dose out drugs. I'm not so busy here that I don't have time to do it myself."

And then she adds, "You know, you could try to be civil and have just asked me and extended that professional courtesy. Unlike yourself, I'm not military trained. I'm not fully aware of the nature of your operation. And I'm certainly NOT doing anything other than patching up what you've caused." She presses her lips together and then adds, "You may want to find out what happened to that poor woman in room twelve and why her doctor saw fit to let the skin grow over the bullet they so kindly left in her leg." That Janet removed. "She's lucky she kept it." Beat "The leg. Not the bullet."

"There's someone ordering overdoses on those who are here?" Justin asks, interrupting them for a moment. Was he still there? Oh yes he was. And he looks a little confused by this turn of events. "The Senator…" He trails off for a moment, a curious narrowing of his eyes as he glances toward his stack of paper work and personale files.

"Thank you Doctor, I'm not familiar with all of the medical staff. I would appreciate all of the help you could give me in the matter." Then the soldier turns to Justin and gives him a single nod, "I was in the room when he started going into seizure. The nurse …" Cody flips open one of the files she is carrying and begins to read through it, "… by the name of Wallace, claims that she was ordered to give him an extra dose." Flipping the file closed, she offers it to the doctor and then flips it Justin's direction.

Janet openly frowns, "Wallace is… incompetent. But she follows directions and listens well to them. I don't think she'd lie either. I just know I didn't tell her." She presses her lips together again reaches for the file to glance it over before handing it back. "Why would someone want to overdose one of our residents? I don't even understand the motivation."

"Especially that one," Justin says, voice tense for a moment, before he shrugs his shoulders quietly. "Unless it was someone with an outside motivation. I wasn't aware they could overdose— which solution was it? Delta solution isn't supposed to cause an overdose. You can shoot then with that as much as necessary to keep them down." And it was one of the only missions he was on, even if he's not a doctor, he was the one who had to shoot them.

"Whether or not he's a detainee, he's still a Senator." Cody says, she's not enthused, her rigid stance, her hostile posture, her outward display of cool calm all confirm this one fact. "Whoever ordered this… extra dose of whatever he was given.. committed an act of treason against the United States." Then she turns to the doctor and her escort, "If you could find out what he was given and when, it would be very helpful." Then she flips her file open and reads through her notes, all meticulous and (for once) in English. "In the meantime, I will continue with my investigation." Turning to Justin, she raises her eyebrows slightly in curiosity, "Your thoughts, sir?"

"I'll figure out what I can," Janet says with a shoulder shrug before she turns tot he door. "And I'll talk to Wallace. She's… kind of afraid of you military types." Although Dr. McCarty can't blame her. She turns and heads out the door. "I'll be in touch with anything I figure out."

"I don't think the people in charge here care much if he's a Senator or not anymore," Justin admits quietly, with a small shrug, but he's not supporting the situation. The doctor walks off, he watches her for a moment before looking back at the woman investigating. "Has this happened a lot, miss? With the overdoses? I wasn't aware there was much of a situation with such things in the operation. Or are you investigating this one because of who it happened to?"

The redhead's eyes follow the doctor out of the room and she quickly jots another series of notes down in the file. "Baker, Cody Baker," The Agent says in introduction. "Senator Petrelli is the only overdose I've been witness to. I'd be investigating no matter who the detainee, after all, I do believe we're still bound by the Geneva Convention even if the people here are labeled as terrorists. This isn't Guantanamo, we're still on US soil." Even if they are bound, there already may have been several infractions, including the one mentioned by the doctor.

"You'd think the Geneva Convention would still be binding here. I understand the Patriot Act opened up some leniency, but…" Justin looks past her toward the door, as if trying to check and see if they're being watched, before he looks back to meet her eyes. "Do you know that half the personale who are in major positions are retired military? Basically the same as hired mercenaries at that point— myself included, actually. I'm retired Air Force, but I got a call from one of my old superiors, also retired, who got hooked into this. Why would an official government program need to find so much outside help?"

"I think the other half are still active military and CIA, unless you are already including those." Then the right corner of her lips twitch into a little smile, "I was a pilot in the 82nd AAHB, so I'm lumped in there too." Looking around, Cody finds a chair, pulls it up and then promptly takes a seat. The folders are tossed on top of Justin's, she seems rather unconcerned whether they get mixed up with his or not. "Plausible Deniability maybe? If we're not official military personnel whoever is in charge can lay the blame on private contractors if things go wrong. It happens all the time in the middle east. Weapons go missing, people get shot…" Her voice drifts off as though she could go on and on about it.

"Possible," Justin says, agreeing with the observation, but a little curious sounding. "One of the senior most people involved— I… heard him discussing something with someone else." For a second, his eyes flitter toward his recorder. Maybe he heard it, maybe he spied on it, either way! "They're…" He pauses for a moment, looks past her again. "Have you ever heard of Eta Protocol?" he asks, a curiosity in his voice, but also a suspicion. Eta.

Cody's eyebrows twitch just a little then she freezes, "No… not Eta. I've heard of… a few others but not Eta." Slowly, her tongue reaches out to lick her lips, her eyes flickers toward the door before they settle on Justin again. "What did you say your name was?" He didn't, she knows that much, but maybe it was just an oversight. "And what is Eta doing? Alpha is the gathering…" Her voice drifts off as her mind begins to work. Delta. There's a man that she needs to find that was a member of Delta. Epsilon is the monitoring, but it's been compromised, and then finally there is Kappa.. well they are known to a certain group of terrorists with whom she has a score to settle. "I suppose if there's an Eta, then there's one of every Greek letter in between too. You don't just name programs randomly."

"I know of Delta— that's what I was on, testing and designing Delta Formula. They wanted something that could dampen powers, but could be counteracted instantly by a second drug," Justin states simply, looking away for a moment. "I also know of a couple others. Epsilon. I also heard mention of an Iota Protocol during the conversation. He says without Iota being active, they'll need to move to Eta more quickly. I'm not sure what they are, but… He's wanting to hire more people before they do it. A lot more. Like enough to double their numbers."

"You were on Delta? You wouldn't happen to know Justin Law, would you?" Cody asks, using the same kind of tone that one would use if they were asking about an old friend. Then the conversation continues and Cody's eyebrows hood her eyes in a furrow of deep concentration. "Iota, Eta, Delta… That means there's at least a Beta, Gamma, Zeta and Theta out there." Not to mention Kappa.

Slowly, Cody pulls her notebook from the side pocket of her cargo pants and flips it open to withdraw a very weathered photo of a man of middle eastern descent. "You wouldn't happen to know this man, would you?" She passes it to Justin and should he take it, she lowers her hand, if he doesn't she will return it to the book. "His name is Adham Sayf Udeen, he's the leader of a terrorist group in the middle east."

"Oh, yes— sorry. I should have introduced myself. Justin Law," he says, relieved that she didn't mention his code name that people still occasionally toss into conversation. Law is bad enough. Justice is worse. "I haven't heard the others mentioned. I'm half expecting there to be an Omega Protocol out there…" The final protocol. But what would the final one be, if all these others lead to…

Wherever this is leading. "I don't think I do. I haven't been deployed for quite some time. Do you think he has a connection to what we're doing here?"

"I think so." Cody's very blunt answer is full of worry, "I was his hostage a year ago, actually, the anniversary of my escape was two days ago. When he was holding me, he mentioned something about human weapons. There are some very dangerous abilities out there. Any ability has the potential to be very dangerous, if the person who has it is trained." For instance her own (very comical) ability. Slowly the woman reaches into her pocket and pulls out a chocolate bar. With an almost methodical reverence to the candy bar, she unwraps it and takes her first bite. "Mm.." The sound isn't meant as a testament of how good it is, something more along the lines of having him wait for her next thought. "Do you suppose we're in the middle of another contra affair? Weapons trading happens all the time, sometimes our government gets into bed with bad people in order to put worse people down… unfortunately Sayf Udeen is more along the worse than just the bad."

"Well, if they are, than certain people are going to have to find out and stop them before this does turn into another contra affair," Justin says, looking serious before he gathers up the papers into a box. The recorder drops on top, with the headphones. "I'd be careful, Baker. We're used to not being told a lot about what we're doing, but there's something more about this."

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